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Some of us need to upgrade to a higher-class crossbow model because it’s time to do so - and some are looking to switch from a rifle or vertical bow to the reverse crossbow.

The reverse crossbow is your top choice as it ensures more power, better balance, and less draw weight when hunting.

They are an excellent option for many hunters, even those dealing with some sort of physical limitation.

So, we’ve compiled a detailed list of the best reverse crossbow reviews. Now:

Best Reverse Limb Crossbows:

Best Reverse Crossbow Reviews:

1. TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow:

TenPoint Carbon Nitro RDX Crossbow Package with RangeMaster Pro Scope, 6 Carbon Pro Elite Arrows, 3-Arrow Instant Detach Quiver





34.25" L x 15.5" W (uncocked)


385 fps

Draw weight

165 lbs


7.8 lbs

Cocking Mechanism

TenPoint is a household name in the world of crossbows - without a doubt.

The Carbon Nitro RDX is our top pick, and it’s perfect for someone that wants to get into an upper-middle ground crossbow.


What truly makes this crossbow stand out is its lightweight feel.

Carbon Nitro RDX weighs just 7.8 pounds without the accessories, and with the carbon stocks, it comes with an adjustable butt plate - whether left or right,  up or down.


Another advantage of this crossbow is how narrow and compact it is.

Uncocked, the dimensions of the crossbow are - 34” length by 15” width.

When cocked, it’s 10 inches axle to axle, making the crossbow very convenient to bring to woods or tight spaces such as ground blinds or treestands.


The crossbow is very well-balanced because the weight is centered on the barrel rather than the front end.

The crossbow hits the mark every time, with consistent grouping within 1 inch.

Powerful crossbow

The Carbon Nitro RDX is super fast with a speed of 385 FPS and pretty accurate, thanks to the fantastic scope.

The scope is an Illuminated RangeMaster Pro - highly accurate, but it takes a while to sight in properly.

Even more

It has a heavy draw weight that can easily take down the buck.

The crank cocker does help a lot since the ACUdraw Pro cocker reduces pulling pressure to 50% - which is neat since this crossbow has 122 ft. lbs of kinetic energy.

Nitro RDX cocking



Safety first, right? There are many things to ensure using this crossbow is as safe as it can be.

The auto-engaging safety trigger is a nice touch along with a DFI - which keeps the crossbow safely cocked when it’s not loaded.

The rubber safety wings prevent your thumb from moving onto the shooting rail.

We love the extra safety features on this crossbow because it ensures both adults and kids won’t get hurt during a hunting weekend.

Weaver-Style Dovetail

The weaver-style dovetail, along with an arrow retention brush, is an extremely nice touch on the Carbon Nitro RDX.

They improve the aero grip and alignment of the crossbow and reduce noise and vibration, helping you be more successful harvest every time you go hunting.

Custom String

The string on this reverse crossbow is highly durable because it’s a D97 custom-made string.

The string stop at the end of the barrel reduces noise and vibration even more for a whisper-quiet experience.

custom string


Awesome Arrows

The arrows included in the package are of exceptionally high quality and durability.

The included arrows are 20-inch Pro-Elite Carbon arrows, which are lightweight but still very strong.

Other great features

In the package, you’ll find:

  • Stirrup
  • Quiver
  • Scope
  • Rubber sling

The sling is rather convenient because it enables the hunter to carry the crossbow more easily from one hunting site to another.


The only flaw of this otherwise fantastic crossbow is that the finish is easily scratched, despite the crossbow being made out of very durable materials.

Also, the Carbon Nitro RDX is relatively expensive, so keep that in mind, as well.


  • Powerful
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Included accessories
  • Very fast
  • Arrows included
  • Safety features


  • The finish can get scratched easily
  • Very expensive

2. Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow:

Wicked Ridge RDX 400 Crossbow with ACUdraw Pro, Multi-Line Scope, Package





33.25" L x 15" W (uncocked)


400 fps

Draw weight

175 lbs


7.6 lbs

Cocking Mechanism

Acudraw Pro / Rope Sled

Wicked Ridge’s RDX 400 is not a high-end bow by any means. It’s a medium-range crossbow that has plenty to offer to the user without breaking the bank!


This crossbow is a bit lighter than the Carbon Nitro RDX, weighing only 7.6 pounds. The lack of extra pounds is ensured by the lightweight stock design.

Slim Size

The RDX 400 is not large for someone with a more petite frame of 33 inches in length.

The crossbow is slim, but it’s still not as narrow as the Nitro RDX because it is 9 inches axle to axle when cocked.

Well Balanced

Compared to the forward draw, this reverse-limb crossbow is far better balanced.

The patented reverse-draw technology eliminates the weight at the end of the bow, ensuring the crossbow stays smooth and balanced with the longer power stroke.

Medium Power

As for the power, it’s worth noting that the RDX 400 is extremely powerful and heavy pulling. With a 175-pound draw weight, this will be great to fill your deer tags or bear hunting.

What’s more, the crossbow has an astonishing speed of the shot - 400 FPS - which enables the hunter to harvest big whitetail deer.

quiet crossbow



Thanks to the unique String Stop system integrated at the end of the bow, this crossbow is whisper quiet.

This system reduces noise and vibration to a minimum, allowing you to hunt unseen and unheard.

2 Cocking Options

A great thing about the RDX 400 is that you can choose between two options for a cocking mechanism.

First, we have the ACUdraw Pro, which is perfect when dealing with an injured back or shoulder issue.

It releases the cocking effort to 8.5 pounds which is silent and easy to recock on a treestand.

The other option is the ACUdraw Rope Sled, which does make everything easier for the hunter - but it only unloads 50% of the draw weight.


The RDX 400 is highly accurate, as it can shoot repeatedly and group bolts at 2 inches at a 50 yards distance.

The multi-line scope is not too bad, enabling you to easily sight in at 20, 30, or 40 yards.

It features illuminated color in low light conditions - red, green, and black.

But you should upgrade to a more accurate scope later on, to reach out further.


The safety features include:

  • DFI prevents firing without an inserted bolt
  • Auto-engaging safety
  • Finger safety grip to protect your finger from the arrow line
safety features

Arrows & Accessories

There are 3 aluminum bolts with field tips and quiver included that shoot straight.

Note that you need to use the “alpha” nock to avoid voiding the warranty. But I advise you to replace better arrows for more accurate shots.



Assemble easily

Most accessories are pre-assembled, except the scope and the front handle. You can easily attach them within 10 minutes.


We didn’t like parts like the arrows, the string, and the trigger are not high-quality.

Also, the instructions manual could be better.


  • Best value on reverse crossbow
  • Super powerful
  • Very accurate
  • Two cocking mechanism options
  • Accessories
  • Very fast
  • Compact
  • Lightweight


  • Low-quality parts
  • Poor instruction manual
  • Limited alpha nocks
  • A bit noisy
  • Not durable string

3. TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow:

TenPoint Vapor RS470

Via TenPoint




31" L x 12" W (uncocked)


470 fps

Draw weight

225 lbs


8 lbs

Cocking Mechanism

Acuslide System

Some hunters, when they’re looking to try the reverse-limb crossbow, are looking for something over-the-top.

For those of you, we present TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 - our premium pick!


The Vapor RS470 weighs only 8 pounds because TenPoint reduced the stock by half a pound.

That is great if you’re a saddle hunter and need mobility, but it is still heavier than other models on this list.


With a length of 31 inches, and 6.5 inches of width when cocked, this crossbow is convenient to maneuver. It’s also easy to use in narrow spaces like a pop-up blind or a treestand.

Reverse Draw Design

reverse draw design


The design enables a longer power stroke - an impressive 17 inches, much longer than a traditional draw crossbow.

It generates a more robust and pretty incredible speed of 470 FPS.

Because of that, this crossbow is one of the fastest available on the market.

With the Vapor RS470, you can hunt big and small game - bears, elk, or hogs. The crossbow is adaptable.

Low draw weight

However, it does come with a lower draw weight of 225 pounds, which is no problem with the new ACU Slide system.

The arrow nock is engaged with the string, giving you an extra 4 inches to help your shots be more accurate.

Well balanced

The crossbow is also well-balanced since the risers are put at the center of the crossbow. It allows the crossbow to be held more steadily, improving accuracy as a result.

If you are shooting practice, however, I recommend you use field points and a solid target. I advise you to use a Rinehart 18-1 not to bury the arrows as deeply.

Newest Acuslide system


The newest Acuslide system enables you to cock or decock safely, quietly, and effortlessly - without worrying about damage or losing control.

Forget about spooking bucks again. You can even cock it in a treestand and don’t need to fire it to discharge the bolts into the target, either.

Besides that, it decreases your loading weight to 5 lbs only.


The crossbow is very accurate, ensuring smooth and precise shooting. It repeats your shot over and over again, with consistent grouping within 2 inches at 50 yards.

The scope is an Evo X Marksman Scope, which provides bright and clear image quality. It also gathers lots of light in dark conditions and is easy to zero in.

Safety Features

This crossbow is very safe with:

  • Auto-engaging safety
  • DFI that disables firing without bolts
  • Safety swing that separates your fingers from the shooting lane.

Super durable string

The string is super durable. Thanks to the Micro-Trac Barrel, it enables up to 1,300 shots that reduce the string-to-rail contact by 50%.

Highly accurate carbon arrows

There are 6 included Evo-X CenterPunch carbon arrows that are highly accurate 20”.

They ensure consistent flight with 0.001” stiffness and are tough enough to pass through the deer’s shoulder.

Amazing 2 stage trigger

trigger control

Other notable accessories are two-stage triggers that keep your shot steady, a scope, and a stirrup.

Lifetime Warranty

With the lifetime warranty, you can use your crossbow without any worries about potential damage.

Mostly Preassembled

This crossbow comes almost pre-assembled, except for the scope and stirrup. Meaning, you can assemble the rest and start shooting within two hours!

But...Limited nocks

The flaw of this crossbow is that you’re limited to using the alpha nocks. If you use other arrows, you need to change the nock type.

Not clear manual

The instruction manual could be better for such an expensive crossbow - as well as the quiver.

Easy to lose cocking handle

Also, you can lose the cocking handle, as it tends to fall out quickly - so bring a backup one, keep it in your jacket or simply secure it with a cord.

The bracket attaching quiver is not good

The bracket attaching the quiver is not suitable as it can fall off while you’re climbing to your treestand, so it’s better to take it off and hang it in your backpack.


  • Newest Acu slide system
  • Accurate
  • Good accessories
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra-fast
  • Safety features
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Mostly preassembled


  • Pricey
  • Limited to alpha nocks
  • Poor quiver
  • Unclear manual
  • Easy to lose cocking handle

4. Scorpyd Deathstalker LT Crossbow:

Scorpyd Deathstalker LT Crossbow





32.5" L x 16.1" W (uncocked)


415 fps

Draw weight

130 lbs


6 lbs

Cocking Mechanism

Rope/ Sled coker

What is so interesting about the Scorpyd Deathstalker LT is that it is a reverse limb and draw crossbow.

It’s one of the best medium-price crossbows you could find on the market!

Lightest xbow

Out of all the crossbows in this list, this is the lightest one - it weighs only 6 pounds.

Thanks to the one-piece carbon composite frame, this crossbow is extremely easy to carry around for hours.


The Deathstalker LT is extremely powerful, thanks to the inverted cam technology. It comes with a light draw weight - only 130 pounds.

You’d think that this crossbow is not too fast. However, it comes with the speed of the shot of 415 FPS - based on 375-grain arrows.


Once you dial in the crossbow, you can shoot rather consistently at the distance of 50 to 60 yards.

Even more, you can still shoot accurately after 3 hours cocked.

You can leave the crossbow on the shooting stick and wait for the deer in the treestand.

Thanks to the high-end scope (Hawke XB30 Compact), the accuracy is even better.

Narrow Width

This crossbow is relatively narrow but still wider than TenPoint’s Nitro RDX. It’s 9.1 inches wide when cocked, so it’s not too maneuverable in the field.

Safety Features

As for the safety features, we have silent (manual) safety, which is a cool thing because it’s quiet when turned on and off. From now you can worry-free of scaring the turkey.

It also features anti-firing protection, along with a separation for your finger and the foregrip.


Out of all the crossbows in this list, the Deathstalker LT is the quietest.

The carbon frame of this crossbow sucks up noise and vibration, and with the string dampener, there’s virtually no noise whatsoever.

Built to last

What we liked the most about this crossbow is that it’s built to last. With the titanium fasteners, this crossbow is strong, light, and never rusty.

Easily Replaceable String

What we like is how simple it is to replace the string. All you need is a wrench or an Allen key, and you can replace the string on the field.

Cocking Mechanism

The Deathstalker LT features a short sled cocker, which requires a strong upper body to cock the crossbow.

Even if you have a larger frame, you should still consider upgrading the cocking mechanism to the ACUdraw Pro for less pulling pressure.

Lightest trigger pull

Another thing that makes this crossbow stand out is the lightest trigger pull - it is less than 2 pounds.

High-end arrows

The crossbow comes with 6 Deathstalker arrows, which are high-end Black Eagle crossbow bolts. Its .001 straightness ensures your bolts fly straight consistently.

Convenient quiver

Moreover, you will get a snap-off functional quiver that can hold five arrows at a time. You can take it off and snap it into a hunting backpack.

Made in USA

This crossbow, with all its parts, is made in the USA.

Steady butt pad

Another great accessory you get is the rubber butt pad, which prevents the butt pad from sliding around once it’s shouldered and in place.


We didn’t like the short cocker and the wider cams - especially given the relatively high price tag.


  • Lightest crossbow
  • Great accessories
  • Excellent scope
  • Very quiet
  • Silent safety lock
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Super-fast
  • High-end arrows
  • Made in USA
  • Lightest trigger pull


  • Short cocker
  • Wider cams
  • Very expensive

5. Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow:

Bear X Crossbows Archery Bruzer FFL Crossbow





34.5" L x 18" W (uncocked)


335 fps

Draw weight

125 lbs


9 lbs

Cocking Mechanism


If you are looking for a budget-friendly reverse crossbow that still does the job perfectly, we present the Bear X Bruzer FFL to you!

Compact Size

This crossbow is tiny; it will be perfectly suitable for a smaller frame with 34 inches long, 18 inches wide, and 15 inches when cocked.

The crossbow is so compact that it’s suitable for two-man stands or bigger blinds.

The Bruzer FFL is still wide when compared to other models we’ve listed and reviewed. So, it’s not too convenient to carry to the hunting spot.


Unlike many crossbows in this review roundup, this crossbow is a bit heavier, weighing 9 pounds.

It is pretty stable - although the stock and the foregrip have been cut out.

Well Balanced

Thanks to the FFL technology, this crossbow is very well-balanced and easy to use.

It features reverse draw technology, which ensures success hunting.

Light Power

This bow features a long power stroke of 14 inches, generating more power.

The draw weight is a bit low at 125 pounds, meaning that someone with a smaller frame (like children or women).

Of course, this reverse draw crossbow still has a high speed of the shot - 335 FPS. That is more than enough power and speed to take down a deer.


It’s so accurate that it has a nice tight grouping with 1.2 inches at 30 yards.

However, the scope is cheapo - a Trophy Ridge XF42, a fixed 5-reticle, with a range of 20-60 yards.

We strongly advise you to upgrade to a higher-end scope.

Safety Features

As for safety, this crossbow has an anti-dry-fire lever for protection, which is excellent.

It also comes with a safety wing to protect your hands from entering the arrow flight and getting hurt.

Open hook style stirrup

The Bruzer FFL features an open-hook style stirrup, which is easy to step your foot in and cock or hang to tree limb.

Power V system

It also comes with a Power-V system to support the riser, which stores the energy and easily bend.

Adjustable trigger

The adjustable trigger is a neat detail - since you can adjust the trigger to 3-5 pounds to ensure you don’t miss the shot with a too-light trigger.

Almost fully assembled

What’s even better, the crossbow comes almost fully assembled - except for the scope, quiver, and foot stir up.

But...manual cocker

The issue is that the crossbow only comes with the pulling rope cocker, which is not a good choice if you have physical limitations.

Cheap arrows

The three Trophy Ridge X-Ray arrows are cheap. You can’t expect consistent arrow flight with +/- 006 stiffness.

A bit loud

Besides that, the crossbow is noisy due to lacking a string suppressor.


  • Very accurate
  • Powerful risers
  • Strong enough to take down a deer
  • Well-balanced
  • Compact-sized
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Open hood stirrup


  • A bit heavy
  • Cheap scope and arrows
  • Wide axle to axle
  • Only featuring a rope cocker
  • Have to fire to discharge bolts
  • Loud

Reverse Crossbow Vs. Regular Crossbow:

reverse vs regular crossbow

For most hunters, having been in contact with a regular crossbow is truly nothing new. However, the reverse crossbows are a different breed entirely - starting from appearance to performance.

So, let’s see all the pros and cons of both and help you decide if the regular or the reverse crossbow is for you.

Comparison Features

Reverse Crossbow

Regular Crossbow


More balance

Less balance







Draw Weight

Less heavy



More compact

Less compact


A bit noisy

A bit noisy

Number Of Manufacturers

Limited choices

More choices


Balance is a big deal in the crossbow world, mainly because the regular crossbows are usually very front-heavy, making them difficult to get used to as a hunter.

But for the reverse crossbow, the cam design allows the middle part of the crossbow to be the heaviest, making the crossbow more stable in your hands.

Because of the better balance, the reverse crossbows are more accurate, as well. The center of gravity is moved closer to the shooter, compared to the regular crossbows.

Power Stroke & Speed

power stroke comparison

The reverse crossbow is called that way because the assembly is reversed - the riser mounting position is changed to extend the string’s position by a couple of inches.

That increases the power stroke, giving the crossbow more power to shoot out bolts at breakneck speeds.

Because of the reverse assembly, the reverse crossbows will generally have more power than regular crossbows - and, therefore, are faster.

Draw Weight

Cams, longer power strokes, and pulley systems exist in reverse crossbows to relieve the tension from the crossbow limbs.

It effectively reduces the draw weight in reverse crossbows, making them easier to cock and use in general.

The lower draw weight means less noise when firing, which is just another advantage of reverse crossbows.


Regular crossbows such as recurve can often be way too bulky for someone with a more petite frame.

That is a common reason why people with a smaller frame opt for other options rather than crossbows.

That is where the reverse crossbows excel: They are much more compact.

Modern reverse bows hold significant power - but are still much smaller than regular crossbows, making them easier to carry.


The main thing about each crossbow is its accuracy. Without it, using the crossbow defeats its purpose.

And while regular crossbows’ accuracy is decent - they do their job, and that’s it - the reverse crossbows certainly stand out.

Regular crossbows are very front-heavy, so hunters have to use lots of energy to keep it steady in place - sometimes missing out on a great opportunity.

The reverse crossbows are very well balanced and much more energy-efficient, helping you be more accurate.

In the end, both types of crossbows are very accurate, but reverse crossbows are a bit easier to use.


Every weapon out there has to be extremely quiet if you want results. You see, fast-moving prey will have enough time to move out of the way if the noise spooks them.

Regular crossbows have a shorter power stroke, but they still make plenty of noise when firing because the parts vibrate after shooting.

Reverse crossbows use less energy for shooting, but both types of crossbows can be noisy if they don’t have decent noise suppressors.

Cost & Number Of Manufacturers

Of course, nothing is ever perfect - the reverse crossbows may excel in many points, but being affordable is not one of them.

Reverse crossbows are often far more expensive than regular crossbows, primarily because of their outstanding performance.

What’s more, there aren’t too many manufacturers that make reverse-limb crossbows.

Regular crossbows are produced by every crossbow-making company, while the reverse crossbows are only made by Scorpyd, Barnet, Bear, and TenPoint.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, the market for reverse crossbows is small, but it still has some great offers.

TenPoint’s Carbon Nitro RDX is our best reverse draw crossbow for the money.

Editor's choice:

editor's choice


It’s lightweight, compact, well-balanced, and extremely powerful

Without a doubt, the Nitro RDX stands out from the crowd with its extra features and astonishing scope!

What’s your pick for the best reverse crossbow? Let us know in the comments!

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