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I have a cousin who has back and shoulder issues. One day he asked me: “how to pull a high poundage crossbow with the least effort?”

I told him to pick the best crossbow cocking device which can reduce his drawing pressure at least 50%.

And here the deals:

Best Cocking Device for Crossbow:

Best Crossbow Cocking Device Reviews:

1. Barnett Archery Universal Crank Cocking Device

Barnett Archery Universal Crank Cocking Device


Reduce 93% cocking effort

What is so great about this universal crank cocking device is that it reduces cocking resistance by as much as 93%.

That means you will need the force of 13 pounds at most to turn the crank.

And with the Barnett Archery cocking device, you can stop worrying about tweaking your back in winter.

It’s suitable for use with the left and the right hand.

One-hand operation

What I liked is that I don’t have to stand up after every shot - and with a great tripod, this crank is easy to do one-handed.

Plus, the ability to use it in a treestand is excellent, too.

Simple setup

It’s a breeze to install; it takes less than 30 minutes to do, using the instruction manual or one of many YouTube tutorials.

The handle is easy to remove before the trigger.

Compatible List (most Barnett crossbows):

  • Assault
  • Avenger
  • BC Droptine XT
  • Black Raptor FX
  • Black Raptor FX2
  • Blackspur
  • Blackspur TT
  • Brotherhood
  • Brotherhood M4
  • Buck Commander
  • DOA < 2016
  • Droptine
  • Droptine STR
  • Droptine STR Eclipse
  • Droptine STR Strata
  • Droptine STR Terra
  • Droptine XT
  • Finality 360
  • Finality 390
  • G350C
  • Ghost 360
  • Ghost 375
  • Ghost 385
  • Ghost 410 Camo
  • Ghost 410 Carbon
  • Ghost 415 Mono
  • Ghost 415 Mossy
  • Ghost 420
  • HeadHunter Reverse
  • Kryptonite
  • Lady Raptor
  • Lady Whitetail Hunter
  • Raptor FX
  • Raptor FX2
  • Raptor FX3
  • Raptor FX3 MO Brush
  • Raptor FX3 Pro
  • Raptor Pro STR
  • Raptor Reverse
  • Razr
  • Razr Ice
  • Recruit Compound
  • Recruit Tactical
  • Recruit Terrain
  • Recruit Terrain CXB
  • Recruit Terrain XT
  • Recruit Youth 100
  • Recruit Youth 100 Pink
  • Recruit Youth 30
  • Recruit Youth 60
  • Veloci Raptor
  • Vicious
  • Vindicator
  • Whitetail Hunter
  • Whitetail Hunter II
  • Whitetail Hunter II DSG
  • Whitetail Hunter II Kanati
  • Whitetail Hunter Pro
  • Whitetail Hunter Pro FX
  • Whitetail Hunter STR
  • Whitetail Pro STR
  • Wildcat C6 Black
  • Wildcat C6 Camo
  • Wildcat C7
  • Wildcat Q6


However, I didn’t like that there is no spot to rest the sled when retracted.

Besides that, it adds more weight to your crossbow and takes more time to cock than a cocking rope.

I also don’t like that the device is all-black which is hard to see in low light. You should mark 4 holes with yellow for easier use.

It is a bit pricey, but you pay for what you get - and that is a best crossbow crank.

Its click noise when cocking can spook your buck. You’d better pre-cock it before climbing to the stand.


  • Light cranking
  • Easy to remove
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for both hands
  • Easy to cock and decock
  • Suits most crossbows


  • Black color
  • Nowhere to rest the sled
  • Kind of heavy
  • A little bit noisy
  • Not clear manual
  • Pricey

2. Excalibur Charger EXT Crossbow Crank Cocking Aid

Excalibur Charger EXT Crank


Light draw weight for your back

This cocking device reduces the draw weight to super-lightweight 12 pounds.

It makes pulling back the crossbow string a piece of cake - no matter how old you are.

This cocking device is handy for high-velocity crossbows (above 370 fps).

It’s designed for the Excalibur Micro, the Bulldog, and Katana series.

Removable cocking aids and handle

Taking the crank off or putting it on is effortless in 5 seconds. And you can remove it easily after cocking.

The handles go back to the crank without a rattle, and they are removable for both hands, with zero pressure on your back.

What’s better, the handles are easy to remove for storage.

Silent cranking

The cranking is ultra-silent, but every rotation has a click that can scare a buck or doe when staying in a ground blind or the tree stand.


There is a big issue: blue color - which can be sensitive to deer eyes and give you problems in the woods.

The device is hard to decock as it has no clutch, so you’ll have to hold the handle. We advise you to use the included wrist strap.

Other cons include:

  • It takes more time to cock manually
  • The cocking device is quite expensive
  • There is a bit of a learning curve
  • The 2-rope may have uneven issues because they work independently


  • Reduces the draw weight
  • Designed for Excalibur crossbows
  • Easy to take it off and put it on
  • Silent cranking
  • Removable handles


  • Hard to decock
  • Blue color
  • Expensive
  • Long time to cock manually
  • Learning curve

3. TenPoint ACUDraw PRO Cocking Device:

TenPoint ACUdraw PRO Cocking Device


Release drawing pressure to 8.5 lbs

This cocking device is fantastic because it reduces draw weight to an astonishing 8.5 pounds.

It is rather suitable for all ages and for those that have sustained a shoulder injury.

The crank is relatively quiet, so it won’t disturb your doe.

Fast cranking

Also, fast cranking reduces the number of cranks to 12.

That makes this crank cocking device 43% faster than the previous ACUDraw model - which is rather convenient because you can redraw before deer take off.

Lighter previous model

The cocking device is very light - 4 ounces lighter than the previous model.

The best part?

It even comes with an upgraded mechanism - a new auto-engaging lever and an ACUTorq crank handle to prevent over-cranking.

Convenient store

The crank is stored nicely in the buttstock, something I liked a lot.

Compatible models

I didn’t like that the crank cocker is not compatible with ultra-narrow or reverse-draw crossbows and pre-2018 Wicked Ridge crossbows.

The crank mainly supports TenPoint, Horton, and Wicked Ridge models only - something I feel could be improved to fit more crossbow models.

Other cons:

  • It’s not suitable for uncocking
  • It doesn’t include the ACUTorq crank handle. So you will have to order it separately
  • The PRO cocking device is costly but very high-quality, as well.


  • Reduces draw weight
  • Quiet crank
  • Fast cranking
  • Lightweight
  • Prevents over-cranking


  • Not for uncocking
  • Very expensive
  • ACUTorq handle not included
  • Not many compatible xbows

4. Parker Red Hot Deluxe Roller Cocker

Parker Red Hot Deluxe Roller Cocker


Simple cocker

For one, it’s extremely easy to use in the field. There is no need for maintenance - and better yet, it reduces up to half of the draw weight.

However, this best crossbow rope cocker doesn’t reduce the weight enough, and it’s still only suitable for strong hunters without shoulder injury.

The Deluxe Roller cocking device is suitable for most crossbow models.

Smooth cocking

The unique roller glide hooks enable easy, smooth cocking effort. There is no scratch barrel finish on your high end crossbow, which is just great and adds an aesthetic appeal to it.

The proper string alignment improved the accuracy and consistency for maximum success.

Extra long rope

I liked the extra-long rope of 48 inches, and you can adjust it to fit all lengths of Parker crossbows - definitely something to keep in mind if you’re serious about this cocking device.

Moreover, the cocking device is compact, lightweight, and simple to store in the jacket pocket. It’s made in the USA and has T handles for a solid grip and pull.


  • Easy to use
  • Reduces the draw weight by 50%
  • Works with most crossbows
  • Unique glider hooks
  • Extra-long rope
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Suitable for stronger backs only

5. TenPoint ACURope Retractable Cord Crossbow Cocking Device

TenPoint ACURope Retractable Cord Crossbow Cocking Device


Less 50% pressure

The most important thing about this cocking device is that it reduces the effort required to cock the crossbow significantly - up to half of the draw weight.

If you don't have physical limitations, then it works flawlessly.

Compact coker

Using this crossbow cocking device is very comfortable, as well.

That comfort is thanks to the retractable rope that ensures no tangles or a floppy rope.

Plus, the entire cocking unit is compact, giving you very convenient storage in the belt-mounted holster or a fanny pack.

Fits most crossbow

This cocking device will fit most modern crossbows on the current market. In fact, it will fit all the crossbows wider than 16 inches axle-to-axle.

It won’t fit narrow or very narrow crossbows, though. For this, I recommend using the ACUSled, the device meant for narrower crossbows.

Super strong material

The main selling point of this cocking device is the construction material.

It is 15 times stronger than steel, and it’s made of heat and abrasion-resistant SPECTRA 1000 fiber.

This one is a great buy - because it won’t be damaged with the usual wear-and-tear.

Save your weight

Also, I liked that the cocking device is very lightweight, so it doesn’t add too much weight to your crossbow.

However, using this cocker can make your crossbow camo wear out - and it isn’t too durable, either.


  • Fits most crossbows
  • Very strong material
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces draw weight
  • Comfortable


  • Not very durable
  • Can wear out the camo

Types Of Crossbow Cocking Devices:

There are a few different types of crossbow cocking devices. They all work to make your life easier - but in a different way.

So, let’s check out each type of crossbow cocking device.

Rope Cocking Device

Rope Cocking Device

This type of cocking device is also called a standalone rope cocker.

It consists of:

  • Rope
  • Hooks
  • Handles

And it’s the simplest design out of all three types of cocker devices.

Here’s how it works:

It works to leverage the cord in the back of the trigger hooks.

The hooks are attached to the bowstring to anchor the front to the ground and pull on the handles until the trigger picks up the string.

Since the cord is leveraged in the back of the trigger box, the rope cocking device will reduce the power needed to pull on the string by at least 50%.


If your crossbow has a draw weight of 180 pounds, and you use a rope cocking device, you will need not more than 90 pounds of force to cock the crossbow.

People with a strong upper body should use this type of cocking device without any issues.

If your crossbow has a narrow limb, then you should use a rope cocker with a horseshoe sled rather than hooks, though.

Stock-Integrated Rope Cocker

The stock-integrated rope cocking device’s mechanism is similar to the rope cocking device. It uses rope, hooks, or a horseshoe sled, and handles to cock the string

However, the difference is that it is designed to be mounted in the stock.

Let me explain:

The ropes will retract back into the machine when you are not using the crossbow - and the hooks and the sled will mount away securely.

Just like the rope cocking device, the stock-integrated rope cocker reduces the draw weight by at least half.

However, it is much easier to use as it’s always mounted on the crossbow.

It gets better:

As a plus, the cords are never exposed, and they cannot get tangled in the crossbow or other mounted accessories.

Moreover, this type of cocking device works faster; you’re always ready for a move.

For most shooters, it will make pulling back the crossbow a piece of cake!

Stock-Integrated Crank Cocker

Stock-Integrated crank Cocker

The crank type of the stock-integrated cocking device uses a rope-mounted sled that engages the string - but it comes with a separate crank-like handle.

When inserted into the cocking device and turned on the side, the handle will pull the bowstring up the rail and into the mechanism of the trigger.

These devices have an internal gear system, making them entirely different from the previously 2 devices.

The best part?

What’s so great about the stock-integrated crank cockers is that they reduce the draw weight by 90% - much better than the rest.

It’s much easier to use the crank cocker than the standalone or stock-integrated rope cocking devices.

Even more

The crank allows people of all ages, with or without back issues - to load your crossbow with ease and no pain.

The mechanism draws the string back into its natural position every time, putting it back in the same spot.

Because of that, the crank mechanism is the best type of crossbow cocking device for achieving the most accurate shots on your targets.

Bottom Line:

There are some decent options for a cocking device on the market.

I enjoyed reviewing each item in the list above, but only one is the absolute winner - and that is the Barnett Archery Universal Crank Cocking Device!

Editor's choice:

Barnett Archery Universal Crank Cocking Device


  • It’s great because it reduces the draw weight by an astonishing 93%
  • Eliminating the risk of pulling your back out
  • Works for most Barnett crossbows
  • And it’s worth every cent it costs!

What is your best crossbow cocking device in your opinion? Let us know in the comments!

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