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If you are struggling with holding your crossbow stable while shooting, then this guide is for you.

These best shooting sticks for crossbow will stabilize your bow in a ground blind or on the lock-on stand where there is no shooting rail.

There are 3 different types: tripod, bipod, and monopod. Let's get into it...

Best Crossbow Shooting Sticks:

Best Shooting Sticks For Crossbow Reviews

1. Bog DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod:

BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod


The Bog DeathGrip Aluminum is undoubtedly the best tripod for crossbow out there. It does the job of getting you more accurate shots, thanks to the patented clamp.

More accurate shots

The clamp tightens and keeps your crossbow steady, no matter the size. If you experience tremors because of shoulder surgery, for example, it will still stay stable.

What’s more, this shooting stick frees your hands to use a rangefinder, hand warmer, or rattle. If you’re hunting from a ground blind, just set the tripod and relax.

This shooting stick allows you to get a faster and more accurate shot - just lean a bit forward and shoot.

Free and great range movement

Free range

Free and great range movement - Via

It allows an extensive range of movement with 50 degrees of tilt - but it’s a bit hard to tighten.

The head pans allow a swivel of 360 degrees with tension adjustment. If your bucks appear in your back, just rotate the stick, and you will be ready for the next shot.


The tripod is made out of aluminum material, robust yet lightweight, making the tripod weigh just over 8 pounds. Because it’s so light, it’s easy to pack and hang around.

Of course, the shooting stick is still rock solid and can lift 10-pound crossbows without any issues.

Adjustable height

The three legs are adjustable and can adjust the height; you can lock it standing up or extend it to different positions:

  • Prone
  • Kneeling
  • Sitting

On that note, you can adjust the height to anywhere between 7 and 59 inches.

There’s no worry if you’re under 6 feet or going hunting with kids since they can be comfortable to twist.

Stable on unlevel terrain

Spike legs

Spike legs - Via

The leg locks and steel spikes secure your bow on unlevel terrain.

The bubble level enables you to keep everything lined up and ready to shoot.

Easy to set up

The tripod is easy to set up - it takes less than 5 minutes.

Extremely quiet

It’s extremely quiet. The rotation is super smooth; the rubber strap secures your shooting rest - no rattling or any noise.

And it’s suitable for crossbows and rifles!


The issue with this otherwise excellent shooting stick is that it’s more suitable for sitting instead of stalking.

They don’t include the bag, which you must purchase separately. Pick a wide size enough if you need one: 30" H x 6.5" W.

Also, you cannot remove the clamp if you want to replace the ball head, and the tilt lock is a bit hard to tighten.

The shooting stick is heavy to tote around (but still worth it) and narrow for ground blind use.

Last but not least, it’s pretty short for tall hunters (above 6').


  • Adjustable height
  • Robust and durable
  • Quiet
  • Easy setup
  • Large range of movement
  • Lightweight


  • Not for stalk hunting
  • Heavy
  • Cannot remove the clamp
  • Bag not included
  • A little short
  • Narrow for popup blind

2. Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen-3 Tripod:

PRIMOS HUNTING Trigger Stick Gen 3


Primos Hunting Trigger Stick Gen-3 is one of our favorite crossbow tripod stands to get by.

And since it’s a Gen-3, it was updated and perfected compared to its predecessors - and we loved reviewing it.

Simple to use

New Leg Angle Lock

The first thing you'll notice about this tripod stick is how simple it is to use.

It’s relatively easy to manipulate it with only one hand.

And thanks to the New Leg Angle Lock, you can quickly adjust it and hold your crossbow stable when on unlevel terrain or downhill.

Also, you can twist the shooting stick like a bipod or a monopod.

For ground blind

As for use in a ground blind, meaning it can be used without an issue.

You can quickly move it around the ground blind if you look to shoot out of more than one window.

The tripod can also get low enough to use in a ground blind, which is fantastic.

Get your sights ready with minimal movement

The swivel allows a 360-degree movement left or right.

However, you cannot tilt it up or down. And you will have to adjust the leg to do it.

It works well in a blind; you can walk with it or use it in a sit-shooting kind of situation.

1-year warranty

The warranty for this tripod is 1-year, which is pretty neat.

Adjustable height

sit stand knee

You can adjust the height between 24 and 62 inches, and it’s easy to do by squeezing the trigger stick to change to stand, sit or knee position.

It’s 38.5 inches in height when standing, which is excellent for taller hunters.

Lightweight for spot and stalk

Also, the tripod weighs a mere 3.5 pounds, making it very easy to carry around.

That’s especially neat for spot and stalking hunting when you need a quick setup within a few seconds without any noise.

What’s more, you can take this tripod to the airplane if you need to.

Replaceable head

replacable head

This tripod is a great buy in the Quick Detach Yoke System, meaning you can change the head by attaching the mount for a camera, spotting scope, or binoculars.

Because of this mount, you don’t have to carry another tripod and save your weight.


What we didn’t like is that the tripod is quite expensive and not too rugged. Also, it is pretty high for short hunters.


  • Simple to use
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Good for taller shooters
  • Adjustable height
  • Lightweight
  • 1-year warranty
  • Quick detach yoke system


  • Very expensive
  • Not too rugged
  • Not great for shorter people

3. BOG FieldPod Magnum:

 BOG FieldPod Hunting Rests Including the FieldPod, FieldPod Max, FieldPod Magnum, ChairPod, and TreePod with Maximum Shooting Stability


Trying out the BOG FieldPod Magnum, I was impressed by how well-built and steady it is.

Great for Introducing Hunting to Kids

These shooting sticks are the perfect solution to introduce hunting to your kids. It holds all the heavy lifting, leaving your hands free and ready for the shot.

Versatile Rest

The rest is versatile, allowing the hunter to adjust the height from 30 to 60 inches, which is fantastic if you shoot standing upright.

The tension knob allows you to control the 45-degree tilt. With the knob, you can swivel up and down, left and right, without an effort.

The dual tube rest can be changed to fit your crossbow or rifle. No need to worry about the size of your crossbow; this rest can fit all sizes.

Keep Steady, Accurate Shot

Keep Steady, Accurate Shot


The shooting sticks allow the hunter to shoot accurately.

You can independently adjust the legs up/down.

The spike legs keep your shot steady no matter the terrain - ground, dirt, or rocks. The integrated bubble level improves your level setup, which is also a nice touch.

Easy to Use

easy to use


These shooting sticks are relatively easy to use and figure out.

The tension knob is placed well for maximum convenience, allowing you to touch up everything quickly according to your style.

The whole construction also folds up in a breeze, so you can pack up and leave within minutes.


Note that these shooting sticks are pretty heavyweight. They weigh 13 pounds, so they are the perfect option for a stationary setup in a tower blind.

However, the sticks are a pain for long hikes because of the sturdy aluminum frame.

You can fold up the sticks to 30 inches and pack them into a carry strap to haul them to your hunting spot.


What I didn’t like so much is that they were relatively expensive but worth it.

They are also heavy, so they aren’t the best choice for constant moves during hunting.

When installing and setting up the shooting sticks, they can make plenty of noise due to many moving parts.


  • Great for introducing hunting to kids
  • Versatile rest
  • Enables accurate shooting
  • Sturdy frame
  • Integrated bubble level


  • Expensive
  • Heavy weight
  • Noisy setup

4. Bog Adrenaline Switcheroo Bipod:

BOG Adrenaline Switcheroo Shooting Rests


Sometimes, hunters who are looking for shooting sticks for mobile hunting want exceptional help and service. And this is precisely what the Bog Adrenaline Switcheroo Bipod offers!

More steady shots

more steady shots


The head features a 360 swivel, and it eliminates crossbow shaking to get a much better shot.

Also, the rubber padding protects your crossbow from any damage.

Interchangeable mount

The interchangeable mount features the Switcheroo mounting system, allowing you to effortlessly change from a Y to a U-shaped head.

You can also purchase plenty of accessories separately, such as:

Even more so, the head is compatible with all the Switcheroo mounting systems.

Fully adjustable

This bipod is fully adjustable from 22 to 62 inches of weight.

You can change your shooting form from sitting to kneeling and standing as the bipod extends quickly without making a sound.

spike legs

spike legs - Via

The metal spike legs keep your crossbow stable on unlevel ground, and the lever leg locks keep the bipod legs secure when folded out.

Super lightweight

mobile packing


The bipod is exceptionally lightweight, only 2.5 pounds, as it’s made out of aluminum.

That makes this bipod highly portable and suitable for mobile packing when chasing turkey or elk.

Even more

You can even carry it with you when traveling because the collapsed length is only 24 inches without the yoke.

Quiet presence

The bipod is also very quiet, thanks to the rubber feet and foam cover.

Not only ensure stability, but it keeps your presence silent, too.

All the connections are covered with the all-weather damping grease to ensure that everything is running smoothly, and more importantly - without any noise.


What I didn’t like so much about this bipod is that it comes without a carry case.

Also, the plastic grip is kind of cheaply made and can be broken.


  • Interchangeable mount
  • Very quiet
  • Fully adjustable
  • 360-swivel
  • Super lightweight
  • Built like a tank


  • No carry case
  • The plastic grip can break

5. Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick:

Vanguard Quest T62U Shooting Stick. Tripod, Bi Pod, Gun Pod


The Vanguard Quest T62U shooting stick is the ideal option for those hunters that cannot settle for one type of shooting stick.

For those of us having trouble picking just one, the T62U shooting stick is the best since it’s an all-in-one kind of deal.

Superb 3 in 1 shooting stick

3 in 1 shooting sticks


This shooting stick is a 3-in-1 kind of stick, meaning you can easily, without any hassle, convert it into:

  • Monopod
  • Bipod
  • Tripod

All you need to do is unscrew, and that’s it!

What’s even better, you can use this shooting stick as a walking stick when hiking around.

More accurate and clean shot

360 swivel


It gives you a more accurate, clean shot thanks to the U-shape yoke and the 360-degree pan.

You can shoot from any angle, and this stick will provide you with a sturdy platform for a heavy crossbow and a night vision scope.

And thanks to the rubber fin, your high-end crossbow is protected from any scratches and similar damage.

Replaceable mount

The shooting stick also features a universal ¼” thread bolt if you need to change the scope or camera mount.

Pretty lightweight

Vanguard’s Quest is very lightweight, weighing only 2.2 pounds. The aluminum material is built to last.

Quick adjustable

The height is adjustable from 27.5 to 62 inches. All you need to do is pull the flip lever leg locks.

That is versatile if you want to lay on the ground, sit on a ground chair, or shoot while standing.

Prevent wobble

Prevent wobble


The anti-slip rubber feet prevent any wobble.

The leg-spread strap supports the legs from moving around. If you switch it to a bipod, you can extend the legs as long as you need them to be.

For roomy usage

You can use this shooting stick in a two-man ladder stand or a large enough ground blind.

If you wish to use it in a narrow blind, I advise you to remove one leg to make movements easier and help you shoot your target.


I didn’t like it so much that the legs don’t have spikes, making this stick unstable on uneven hills.

no spike legs

no spike legs - Via

Also, it can take a bit more time to extend the legs, and you cannot use the shooting stick hands-free.

Another con of an otherwise excellent product is that the carry case is not included.


  • 3-in-1 shooting stick
  • Very accurate
  • Rubber fin
  • Very lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Versatile usage


  • No spike legs
  • Extending the legs takes time
  • No hands-free use
  • No carry case

Types Of Crossbow Shooting Sticks:

There are several types of shooting stick with crossbow that have advantages and disadvantages:

  • Monopod
  • Bipod
  • Tripod

And it all comes down to your preference. They are called this way based on how many legs they have.

Now, let’s check out tripod vs bipod vs monopod for crossbow:



First up, we have the monopod - a shooting stick with one leg.

When it comes to the direction of shooting, the monopod allows you to fight forward and back, in addition to left-to-right movement.

My tip for using the monopod is to lean forward while holding the stick. That will enable you to raise the crossbow or rifle.

On the other hand, if you lean back, you will lower the crossbow a bit.

Both ways don’t involve repositioning the monopod’s placement.

Common mistake

The common mistake for using the monopod is that it can be a problem if they protrude into the bowstring path - unless you place them way forward, that is.

The monopods are very lightweight, and they are ideal for stalking, but not all shooting sticks are meant for this hunting style.



Now, we have the bipod - a shooting stick that rests on two legs. Unlike the monopod, the bipod allows the hunter to fight with a forward and back movement.

However, there is the option for the left-to-right movement in some cases and some bipods.

The issue is that the swivel head can make it difficult to complete both moves simultaneously.

Common mistake

When it comes to mistakes when shooting using a bipod - there are none. A bipod can eliminate up to 50% of errors that you could have made shooting without one.

Extra weight

The main flaw of the bipod is that it adds plenty of weight to your crossbow set.

It’s excellent for use while standing or sitting in a chair or tree stand - and even for support while walking.

Easy to adjust height

Adjusting the weight is not easy, though, because you will require some space to do it, and tree stands aren’t exactly roomy.


Even more so, bipods can make plenty of noise when sliding off the front of the crossbow.

Lastly, you’ll need an extra hand to hold the bipod and keep it from falling. Otherwise, it’ll make a lot of noise when moving your bow.



Tripod is the last type of shooting stick, and as the name says - it features three legs.

As for the fighting direction, the tripod is stable, allowing no movement whatsoever.

That doesn’t mean that the tripod is the worst option of all - just the opposite.

Most stable

Tripods are best used for sitting in a ground blind or a tree stand - since they cannot move, they give you the stability to hunt from these cozy spaces.

With that said, a tripod shooting stick is only intended for these purposes - hunting while staying still, more or less.

For stalking, you will find that the tripod stick is only slowing you down.

Adjustable legs

Of course, the tripod is still adjustable according to your liking. It’s easy to adjust the legs.

But there is a particular disadvantage when you want to get it relatively low. To do that, you’ll have to spread the legs quite a bit, which doesn’t work in a pop-up ground blind.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, using a shooting stick can make a very positive impact on your shooting.

There are several types of shooting sticks - and luckily, a long list of models out there are designed to give you more success during hunting season.

Of course, only one of all the shooting sticks can be just the best. Without a doubt, our winner is the Bog DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod!

BOG DeathGrip Aluminum Tripod


  • It tilts and gives you more accurate shots thanks to a patented clamp
  • It frees your hands to use other things
  • With the DeathGrip tripod, you get more accuracy with a great range of movement.

So, what are your best shooting sticks for crossbow? Let us know in the comments!

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