This calculator is basing on IBO Standards:

  • 30 inch draw length
  • 70 pound draw weight
  • 350 grain arrow

The bow speed from manufacturers is far different from reality.

How do your adjustment affect arrow speed?

  • +/- 1 inch change in draw length ~ +/- 10 FPS
  • +/- 10 pound change in draw weight ~ +/- 18 FPS
  • +/- 3 grain change in arrow weight ~ +/- 1 FPS
  • +/- 3 grain change in string weight ~ +/- 1 FPS

Why Do You Need This Calculator?

It you don't have a chronograph, above bow speed calculator can help you to estimate how fast your bow is.

How Fast Should You Shoot?

If you're hunting or target shooting, we recommend you get 275 fps (with +/- 5) which provide provide a stable flight.

If you're shooting 3D target, go with 290 fps (with +/- 5) as you'll need high speed to hit the vital area in the tournament.

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