Picking up the best 2 man ladder stand for your son is a big challenge.

In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you the SAFEST, most popular, and most comfortable tree stands available on the market. They are all tested and qualified for The Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA)’s standards.

So say goodbye to treestand falls (as long as you wear a safety harness, haha). Here they are:

Top Rated Two Man Ladder Stands:

Best 2 Man Ladder Stand Reviews:

1. Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladder Stands:

(Best 2 man ladder stand for bowhunting)

Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladderstand, Black

Via Amazon.com

Brief Specifications:

Seat size (W x D)

37" x 18”

Platform size (W x D)

40" x 33"

Backrest Size (W x T)

37" x 18"


88 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Lightest Weight

If you are looking for the best 2 person ladder stand, Muddy Partner’s performance-driven features will amaze you.

You can count on the expanded D-force metal platform; three single rail bolted ladder sections and an adjustable support bar to provide you with a rock-solid stand.

Muddy 2 man ladder stand

Our real test - Muddy 2 man ladder stand

Don’t worry, the sturdiness of Muddy’s model doesn’t make it heavy.

On the contrary, weighing only 88 lbs, this model has one of two lightest weights in this group of products which makes it super convenient. You can easily pack in your truck and set it up in the woods.

Spacious room for 2 people

Platform-Muddy Double Ladder stand

Via gomuddy.com

At the same time, both platform and seat are quite large, so you can bring your buddy, spouse or child to make you company, while you hunt.

Even though it is incredibly lightweight, this 2 person ladder stand has a weight capacity of 500 lbs, which is a big plus.

It comes with two full-body safety harnesses.

Treestand Accidents: Can We Stop the Insanity?

Ladder stands consistently account for 20 to 25% of treestand falls based on my data.

That would be a significant reduction in the number of treestand injuries if we could simply get ladder-stand hunters to wear a safety harness.

Zero noise

This 2 seater ladder stand features Muddy Silencers Technology. What does that mean?

This innovative tech, including washers at every section and heavy-duty powder coating, is used to eliminate any metal on metal contact, protecting your equipment and making it as quiet as possible.

In addition, the shooting rail is covered in peach skin fabric, which makes it totally silent.

Flipped Rail and Seat

Flipped seat-Muddy Double Ladder stand


Also, if you plan to use this 2-man ladder stand for bow hunting, you will be glad to know that you can flip both the rail and the seats all the way back.

That will create serious space for drawing the bow, and allow for a silent, yet deadly shot.

In conclusion, all of these features, combined with Flex-Tek Zero-Gravity seat and padded armrests will let you sit motionless in complete silence while waiting for your prey.

No Cushioned Seat

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback of this two-man ladder stand is the comfortability it provides, or to be precise - the lack of it. The seat is not cushioned at all, which makes it both hard and cold.

Also, the back bar of the seat will cut into your back, which can be really painful as you’ll probably spend long hours sitting on it.

The gun rest may be too high, even for tall people.


  • Rock-solid stand
  • Lightest weight
  • Silent
  • Spacious room for additional gear
  • Easy to swinging around
  • Flip up seat and shooting rail


  • Uncomfortable, non-cushioned seat
  • Gun rest may be too high
  • A little wobbly

2. X-Stand Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladder Stand Hunting Tree Stand:

X-Stand Tree Stands The Jayhawk 20' Two-Person Ladder Stand Hunting Tree Stand, Black

Via Amazon.com

Brief specifications:

Seat size (W x D)

39" x 17"

Platform size (W x D)

42" x 34"

Backrest Size (W x T)

39" x 19"


122 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Tallest Two Man Ladder Stand

Highest 2 Man Ladder Stand

Via Amazon.com

When you ask hunters which height of a two-man tree stand is optimal, they will usually tell you – the taller, the better.

This might not always be the rule; sometimes an average height ladder stand will offer you better results than a taller yet flimsy one.

However, in the case of X-Stand Tree Stand Jayhawk, you will get both – quality and height!

Measuring 20’, this is the tallest model in this group which means it will offer you an exceptional view of your surroundings while you are waiting for your prey.

Deadly silent

fold up seat

Via Amazon.com

What blew me away while reviewing this 2-man ladder stand with fold up seat were the stealth silencers.

These self-lubricating nylon washers are here to make sure there is no metal on metal contact anywhere on the product.

Along with X-Force expanded metal which provides added strength, durability, and traction you can be sure you will get the most silent hunting experience ever.

Another feature that helps eliminate all the possible sound is the manufacturer’s special powder coating called Weather Defender.

Except for assuring absolute quietness, it will protect your equipment from the weather elements.

Added Accessories

Added Accessories

Via Amazon.com

What makes this model special are different accessories it comes with.

First of all, there are two drink holders and two accessory hooks which make it versatile and ideal for long hunting hours.

Jaws of Shark

Via Amazon.com

Also, it features the Jaws of Shark which can bite to the tree and offer you superior stability. Don’t forget that the shooting rail is adjustable and padded, as well as the armrest.

But Heavy and Non-adjustable

Unfortunately, the fact that this 2 man ladder stand is 20’ tall makes it the heaviest model in this group as well.

Heavy weight can be a significant downside when you get it up or down. You will need at least 2 people to finish it.

Also, its height is not adjustable, so if you need a shorter ladder stand, you will have to buy another one which means you will spend twice as much money.

I ended up choosing the 20’ X-Stand Jayhawk and I don’t regret it. It’s a well built stand and very comfortable. I like every thing about it except the weight. I had to buy one of those ladder stand hoist to put them up.


  • Great view
  • Quiet
  • Well built
  • Stable stand
  • Easy to follow instruction
  • Drink holders and two accessory hooks
  • Adjustable, padded shooting rail and armrest
  • Fold up seat


  • Heaviest weight
  • Not adjustable height

3. Millennium Tree Stands L220 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand with Folding Seats:

Millennium Treestands L220 18 ft. Double Ladder Stand with Folding Seats (Includes SafeLink Safety Line)

Via Amazon.com

Brief specifications:

Seat size

40" x 17"

Platform size

40" x 32"


103 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Most Comfortable Backrest

If you looking for the most comfortable two man ladder stand, I would recommend you to take a closer look at Millennium’s. The first thing that caught my attention was the design of the seat.

It has the largest backrest which makes it most comfortable for hours of sitting. Also, the folding footrest is another feature that’ll help you relax while you are hunting.

Padded Armrest and Spacious Platform

Both shooting rail and armrest are padded, so the whole construction is soft to the touch while being sturdy and silent at the same time.

Also, if you take a look at the platform size, you will see it is spacious enough for two people to stand on it.

The seat is foldable which increases its flexibility and offers even more room for standing.

Adjustable Height and Shooting Rail

Adjustable seat and shooting rail

Via Amazon.com

In comparison to the previous model, this one has an adjustable height which means you can choose how tall you want it to be, but its maximum height is 18’.

When it comes to adjustability, you can also count on adjustable shooting rail which makes it quite versatile.

It means you will have an opportunity to use this 2-man ladder stand for both gun and bow hunting and different shot angles.

Extremely Sturdy

Extremely sturdy

Via Amazon.com

Millennium’s double-rail rigid ladder is made of one-inch steel tubing, requires no brace and such design eliminates any sway as you stand or climb up and down.

Steel TOUGH construction will offer you stability and safety.

You will also get sturdy, nylon tree straps that will keep your ladder stand tightly fixed to the tree without any movement.

With all of these features, you can be confident that the stand can bear 500 lbs without any problem.

Of course, two full body harnesses come with this model as well.

Expensive and Quite Heavy

You should have in mind that this model is quite heavy. Weighing 103 lbs, it is not easy to put up and down if you're a solo hunter.

At the same time, it is relatively expensive in comparison to other tree ladder stands from this group.


  • Comfortable for sitting all day
  • Plenty of room for 2 person
  • Highly adjustable
  • Will last for many years
  • Well built and stable
  • Breeze to setup


  • Expensive
  • Quite heavyweight

4. Rivers Edge RE665 Twoplex 2-Man:

Rivers Edge RE665 TWOPLEX 2-Man, Black

Via Amazon.com

Brief specifications:

Seat size

37" x 14"

Platform size

40" x 26"

Backrest size (W x T)



86 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Rivers Edge RE665 is one of the top 1.5 man tree stands you can find on the market today! Continue scrolling to find out everything I liked about this ladder stand.

Sturdy Stand

It is a pretty stable ladder stand, as it features dual-tree blades that go against the tree.

Thanks to the steel material, it can withstand up to 500 pounds of pressure.

Fold-up Seat

fold up seat

Via Amazon.com

The seat features the TearTuff mesh seat and backrest so that you can stand up quickly to draw your bow.

When you need to sit up, you can just fold up the seat for extra space, and that’s it.

Also, the platform is pretty broad - 40 inches, but it isn’t as comfortable to stand on compared to other best ladderstands on this list, as it has a small depth of only 26 inches.

However, getting in and out of the 2 man ladder stand is pretty easy.


roomy space

Via Amazon.com

The seat is comfortable and large enough for a big guy with accessories or one adult and one kid. Keep in mind that it is small for two big hunters - 37 inches wide and 14 inches deep.

It has a full-width seat instead of a bar in the middle like other models.

However, you should get an extra cushion to sit all day long without discomfort, as the seat isn’t too soft.

Adjustable Shooting Rail

adjustable shooting rail

Via Amazon.com

The adjustable rail allows you to raise it up or down for 2 levels. It is perfectly suitable for supporting your crossbow or rifle.

The two-person ladder is lightweight, as it weighs only 86 pounds.

Easy to put together

It’s easy to assemble as the instructions are clear. However, you will still need two men to set it up.

Pro Tips:

Do note that you will always have to attach the safety harness to the tree.

You can add a blind around the stand for better concealment and stop the wind on the days when the weather is incredibly challenging.


The real downside of this 2 seater ladder stand is that the space is quite tight for two big guys.

Also, it’s not too comfortable for standing - so it’s not the best option for standing for extended periods.


  • Sturdy stand
  • Fold-up seat
  • Large platform
  • Roomy
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Lightweight


  • Tight space for 2 adults
  • Not too comfortable

5. Ol’Man Assassin 18’ Dual Ladder Stand:

(Biggest 2 man ladder stand)

OL'MAN TREESTANDS Assassin 18’ Dual Ladder Stand

Via Amazon.com

Brief specifications:

Seat size

42” x 17”

Platform size

42” x 32.5”

Backrest size (W x T)

42” x 16”


110 lbs.



Editor’s Rating

Comfortable Seat

What we liked is that this ladder is designed for two hunters, so you don’t have to sit alone up in the trees.

Moreover, the seat is very comfortable, because it’s a Millenium Style ComfortMax design for seating.

What we didn’t like that much is that you can’t lift one seat separately.

You will either have to lower or raise the seats together, so it’s likely that both hunters have to use the same equipment.

We do like that the seat is adjustable, though.

Generally speaking, this is the same great product from Millennium Outdoors but the seats can only go lower than the pre-made setting, you can’t lift the seat up to see better, for example.

Robust Build

When you do opt for buying a similar product, you expect your ladder to last you a long time. Nobody wants to buy a 100+ lbs ladder from time to time, it’s inconvenient and useless.

So, Millennium Outdoors recognized the need to make a robust ladder that withstands the challenges of all weather conditions.

They made this ladder rock solid, thanks to its steel construction.

We loved that the shooting rail can fold up and down depending on your needs. So, you can adjust the rail according to the hunting bows or rifle you are using!

Highly secure

Safety is an important part of the whole ladder because well - who wants to climb up and hunt in the treestand if it’s not completely safe?

What we liked is that all the ladder sections are connected. That makes this ladder safe as all the pieces can’t come undone at some point.

The connected sections also limit noise while you are climbing or moving around the seat, so it’s less likely that you will scare off the prey with excess noise.

Another thing we liked is that this product comes with two safety harnesses for the two hunters. They give the hunter a feeling that this ladder is truly a safe place, despite the height!

Convenience & Easy Installation

When we’re talking about all things hunting-related, it all comes down to the ease of installation and ease of use.

As for the ease of installation - many pieces of hunting equipment come unassembled, so they need to be simple to put together, with clear instructions.

In our opinion, this is where this ladder fell short. The assembly of this ladder can take over 2 and a half hours, which can take too much time out of your hunting weekend to put together.

Moreover, this ladder isn’t very convenient, either.

Weighing 110 pounds, this ladder is one of the heaviest out there, and you will need a truck to pull it up to your spot in the woods.

Another thing is that this ladder’s height isn’t a full 18 feet.


  • Comfortable for sitting for hours
  • Sturdy for two man
  • Adjustable shooting rail
  • Great steel construction
  • Highly secure
  • Quiet to get in and out


  • The seat cannot be lifted up
  • Very heavy ladder
  • Shorter than the advertised 18’ height
  • Not good latter brace
  • Take some time and effort to set it up

6. Hawk 18’ Denali 2-Man Ladder:

 Hawk 18' Denali 2-Man Ladder w/

Via Amazon.com

Hawk 185 Denali double man ladder is one of the top choices in this list. It is, by far, the most comfortable platform you can find today.

Brief specifications:

Seat size

24" x 24"

Platform size

47" x 19"

Backrest size (W x T)



96 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Most comfortable base

With 47 inches in width and 19 inches in depth, this platform is more than spacious for two more prominent hunters.

However, it is rather tight for additional gear due to its low depth (19”), and it would be better if the platform are extended a bit.

Because of the central padded armrest, you are locked to one position. If you hunt alone, you cannot move around freely, which is certainly a downside.

Comfy Seat

comfy seat

Via Amazon.com

The seat is so comfortable for sitting that you might even fall asleep on the stand.

The MeshComfort seat is 24 inches wide and 24 inches deep, making it one of the smaller but more comfortable seats on this list.

The seat is highly durable and water-resistant but does not fold up for archery hunting.

So if you need space for bowhunting, this ladder stand might not be the optimal choice.

Padded Shooting Rail

The shooting rail can be flipped up and down to give you plenty of room. The rail allows you to steadily and silently hold your rifle.

However, it is not great for a crossbow hunter, as it is not straight, which can be challenging to shoot closely.

Pro Tips:

You should remove the padding post-season, as the squirrel can damage or shred the padding.

Flippable Foot Rest

The footrest can be moved up and down where you put your feet up during hunting time.

It also prevents fatigue from sitting all day.

Durable stand

The stand is relatively durable, as you can leave it in the woods for up to 5 years without sustaining any damage.

The ladder is whisper-quiet - all ladder sections are bolted with a nylon washer between the moving metal parts. Thanks to that, the clanking and various noises are reduced to a minimum.

Highly Safe

The wide Safe-tread steps for you to quickly get up or down. All stands are tested to TMA standards, including the safety harnesses.

highly safe step

Via hawkhunting.com


Thanks to the 2 ratcheting tree straps, and one crossing strap, you will feel very safe when climbing up or down.

Breeze to put all together

The ladder is a breeze to put together - you can finish within 3 hours if you read the instruction before doing anything.

Tip: you can divide the parts into groups beforehand to ease your ladder assembly.


The seat does not fold, which is undoubtedly a flaw, along with noise when you enter or exit the stand.

The double ladder is also quite heavy - 96 pounds, so you will need at least two buddies or a tractor to set the ladder up against a tree.

The shooting rail is also relatively high, and the platform isn’t comprehensive enough for additional gear.


  • Most comfortable platform
  • Comfy seat
  • Padded shooting rail
  • Foldable footrest
  • Very safe
  • Stable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Quiet


  • The seat doesn’t fold
  • Makes noise upon entry or exit
  • Quite heavy
  • High shooting rail
  • The platform cannot fit extra gear

7. Bolderton 18’ Two Person Tree Stand:

(most comfortable 2 man ladder stand)

 Bolderton 18’ Two Person Tree Stand, Ladder Stands for Deer Hunting

Via Amazon.com

If you need a most comfortable 2 man ladder stand, consider the Bolderton two-person tree stand.

Brief specifications:

Seat size

19.5" x 18"

Platform size

42" x 34"

Backrest size (W x T)

18.5" x 19"


122 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Most Comfortable Double Stand

With the foldable mesh seat, the ladder provides room for standing or getting in, and it also remains dry during winter.

The seat is 19.5 inches in width and 18 inches in-depth, which is very comfortable for two men. It can withstand the pressure of up to 500 pounds.

two independent seats

Via Amazon.com

There are two independent seats; you can flip one up and sit on the rest.

However, remember that you should cover it with rubber roofing to prevent squirrels from damaging it in the off-season.

Flip-up Shooting Rail

The rail is padded for your comfort, and it’s adjustable to your bow height and preference.

Flip-up Shooting Rail

Via sportsmansguide.com

Oversized Platform

The oversized platform has dimensions of 42 inches in width and 34 inches in depth, so it allows for plenty of hunting gear.

The backrest is also pretty large - 18.5 inches in width with 19 inches in height, so there is no fatigue on your backside.

The footrest also flips up, so you can sit for a long time or flip it up to move it out of the way.

flip up footrest

Via Amazon.com

Nice Height

It is 18’ in height and offers an excellent view for sighting deer. If you want your ladder to be shorter, you can simply remove one ladder.


This 2 person ladder deer stand is water-resistant and made of steel to last for many seasons.

It offers safe and noise-free climbing thanks to the Grizzly Grip Safety System to grip the tree at the back.

You will feel secure in the first step you take.

Stable & Silent

There is no noise or dangling around, as every bolt has plastic washers to prevent metal-on-metal contact.

plastic washers

Via Amazon.com

Easy to put it up together safely

The ladder is relatively easy to put together with the help of 2 people. It will likely be done within two hours.

Pro Tips:

You should assemble the ladder at home instead of in the woods to save time.


The downside of this tree ladder stand is that it is pretty heavy to take up and down. It weighs 122 pounds, so you would better hang it out.

This is one of the most expensive ladders stands on the list, but you get what you pay for.


  • Most comfortable stand
  • Foldable seat
  • Flip-up shooting rail
  • Large platform
  • Large backrest
  • Flip-up footrest
  • Durable
  • Safe and quiet climbing
  • Stable
  • Silent
  • Easy to assemble


  • Very heavy
  • Rather expensive

8. Guide Gear 20' 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand:

 Guide Gear 20' 2-Man Ladder Tree Stand with Hunting Blind Climbing Hunt Seat, Hunting Gear Equipment Accessories

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for the best price on two man ladder tree stands, the Guide Gear is the go-to ladder. Continue scrolling to see what else this two-person ladder can offer to users.

Brief specifications:

Seat size

36" x 14"

Platform size

55" x 14"

Backrest size (W x T)



90 lbs



Editor’s Rating

Largest Curve Platform

curve platform

Via Amazon.com

This is the largest curve platform on the list, with dimensions 55 inches in width and 14 inches in-depth. This is the largest curve platform on the list.

It is ample for 1 huge guy or 2 average hunters - but it can be snug for two men.

Camouflage Blind

Camouflage Blind

Via Amazon.com

A camouflage blind is included in the package and is the ideal accessory for hiding your movement.

However, remember that the material is quite noisy in cold weather as the wind blows the blind sound.

Getting in can also be a problem, as you will need to unzip it to enter.

The material is cheap nylon, so it isn’t too sturdy.

Great Height

With 20’ to the shooting rail, this ladder provides an excellent view of deer from a far distance.

Large Seat

This is a rather large curve seat with 36 inches wide and 14 inches in-depth.

The seat is padded with cushions, and the backrest doesn't only mesh material like other models on this list.

padded cushion

Via Amazon.com

However, the seat is quite noisy and thin, so you should bring an extra fleece cushion to make it comfier.

Pro tips:

You can remove it after the season ends to prevent bears from chewing on your seat.

Heavy-duty & Safe

With the robust steel construction and a double rail ladder, you can lay back knowing you are safe.

double rail ladder

Via Amazon.com

Also, the ladderstand can withstand up to two 500 pounds of pressure without issues.

Flippable Shooting Rail

The shooting rail is excellent and enables bow hunters to stand and shoot.

There is plenty of space to maneuver your moves, but it is too low compared to the seat, so it is not the best for gun hunting.

The ladder is a breeze to install - two people can hang it up in less than two hours.


The ladder works without a squeak, and there is no noise when climbing up.


With two ratchet straps sewn onto the blind, nothing moves when you’re climbing the ladder or sitting.


The seat is not foldable, and there is no particular footrest - you will need to use wrap around the blind as a footrest.

The blind can be noisy on windy days, and the camo cover can be challenging.


  • Largest curve platform
  • Camouflage blind included
  • Great height
  • Large seat
  • Quiet
  • Steady
  • Good shooting rail
  • Heavy duty


  • The chair is not foldable
  • No footrest
  • Noisy blind
  • The camo cover is hard to use

How to Choose a Good Two-Man Ladder Stand:



Via sportsmansguide.com

There are two parts of your 2-man ladder stand you should consider - seat and backrest.

The seat must be wide enough to accommodate two adults and leave enough space for flexibility to shoot on your deers. It should also be foldable to offer you additional space for shooting if needed.

Cushioning is always a plus. Make sure you don’t go for a metal seat, because it will be uncomfortable and cold.

The backrest is a necessary part of your seat, don’t even consider a model that doesn’t have it. It is essential to avoid hurting your back in long hunting sessions. It should be comfortable and not dig into your body.


2 man ladder stand platform

Via Youtube.com

The platform needs to be big enough to enable two, full-size people to stand on it at the same time, independently. Also, the platform should be designed to allow you and your partner to lean your back against the tree for maximum stability, precision, and comfort while shooting.

Make sure you get the 2-man ladder stand, that has a full platform. This means it should accommodate your feet. Avoid the models with small platforms that get your feet swinging in the air while you are sitting.

This feature is essential as it can prevent you from dropping your equipment on the ground, which is the common case with a half platform ladder stands and can be dangerous.



Weight is a factor you should consider when it comes to setting up. Huge ladder stands with extreme durability and stability are often too heavy to move around, and take more than one man to set it up (2-3 people).

Be mindful when combining different features of a best two man ladder stand, it should be tall and durable enough, but not too heavy to move.

Weight limit

As it is designed to accommodate two people, weight limit should be double the one on a regular ladder stand. Most models have a weight capacity of 500 lbs which is more than enough.

Shooting rail

Shooting Rail

Via sportsmansguide.com

The best 2 man ladder tree stands usually have a shooting rail that is optional. However, you will come across the models that don’t have it at all and the ones where this feature isn’t adjustable or removable.

Remember, shooting rails are here for your security, comfort, and gun rest, especially when you are sitting.

However, if you are a bowhunter, a shooting rail can be a significant downside, as it can limit your range of motion. In this case, make sure you choose the ones that are removable or adjustable.

Safety first

Safety first

Your safety should always come first. In case of a 2 man ladderstand, you have to take care of both your own, and safety of your hunting partner. So, here’s how to do it:

What’s the Bottom Line?

Choosing a 2-man ladder stand for your hunting sessions could seem a bit tricky to cope with at the beginning, but with the proper research, you can assure you’ve selected the best piece of equipment for yourself.

Editor’s choice: Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladder Stand

editor's choice: Muddy Partner 2-Man Ladder Stands

Via Amazon.com

I picked this model as the best double man ladder stand because:

  • Lightest weight
  • Safe and spacious for 2 people
  • Super quiet
  • Flipped rail and seat

In you opinion, what is the best 2 man ladder stand?

Which model is the top one in your opinion?

I’d love to hear what you think, make sure to leave me a comment!

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