5 Best Crossbow Scope Reviews (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Today I’m going to share with you 5 best crossbow scope reviews. Besides that, you’ll also know how to choose a scope for crossbow hunting.

The best part? Crossbow scope vs red dot comparison is the last section in case you’re still confused. So check it now:

Top Rated Crossbow Scopes:

5 Best Crossbow Scope Reviews:

1. Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles, Matte

Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles, Matte

Via Amazon.com

As a high-performance unit, the Hawke crossbow scope has been approved and tested to be one of the best illuminated crossbow scope to shoot deer at 81 yards and get an accurate aim at the target.

Cross Illumination

Cross Illumination

With a red and green illumination, the Hawke Crossbow scope offers you a lot of flexibility on its sleeve.

Even in a low light condition, the Hawke has been skillfully illuminated to give more contrast so you can see moving deer or elk more clearly and quickly.

Another sweet perk is that this scope has red and green crosses to help you aim at any target and hit the bullseye.

Speed Dial

Hawke speed adjuster

Via hawkeoptics.com

One key feature that deserves massive praise is the speed dial and the multi-reticle to give you a precise and accurate view of games.


Hawke turret

Via hawkeoptics.com

This crossbow scope also comes with a low profile fingerprints turret cap to give you angular measurements of distances.

It offers an elevation increment of 1⁄2 MOA and Elevation Adjustment Range of 120 MOA so that you can zero your crossbow scope and engage targets at different distances.

Included also is Windage Increment of 1⁄2 MOA and Windage Adjustment Range of 120 MOA to give you the right Minute of Angle on your target.

Crossbow Scope with Speed Adjustable

Hawke magnification

Via hawkeoptics.com

The Hawke also houses a combined speed adjuster and magnification to work smoothly with your bow speed. If you want to adjust the Hawke Crossbow to allow the reticle to have an exact match with the ballistic profile on your crossbow. You can easily do that with the included speed adjuster.

All you need to do is to Tune the XB1 to work with the bow speeds of 250fps - 425 fps.

For example, if you set it to the max speed, it will give you 5x magnification, and minimum speed will produce a magnification of 1x. That means you can’t adjust the velocity and power separately.

Large Power (5x)

Another gorgeous feature is that the Hawke Crossbow has a 5x large power zoom to give you a good target on games, which is great at aiming a relaxed deer.

Fully Multi-Coated Optics

Hawke lens

Via hawkeoptics.com

Featuring 1" optics, Hawke Crossbow also brims brilliantly among others by sporting 11 layers multi-coated optics to give you excellent clarity.

It delivers one of the best light gathering capabilities to not only help you in low light conditions but also provides a dual color (red/green), and light transmission to help you aim at games when they are most active.


One of my gripes with this product is that it is made in Made in China. Another downside is that you can't zoom it, but you can adjust it as a crossbow speed.

Another complaint I have is it has no rings included, meaning you have to get a separate ring for the setup.


  • Fast focus eyeball
  • Fully multi-coated optics
  • Adjusted Speed rings from 250 to 425 fps
  • Standard 2032's batteries for long-lasting use
  • Illumination works excellently in low light situations


  • Can't zoom
  • No rings included

2. Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm

Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm

Via Amazon.com

If you think the Hawke Crossbow is the only device with gorgeous and outstanding features, wait till you see the Excalibur Tact-Zone crossbow scope.

This absolute beast dwarfs its competitors by offering a 6x magnification zoom power, which is more than enough for hunting and ideal for long-range shooting.

It offers a red and green illumination to let you adjust the brightness of the device and give you unprecedented clarity to hit the bullseye.

Best Crossbow Scope for Low Light Hunting

excalibur tact Zone scope - illuminated

Via tillsonburggunshop.com

The Excluber has a reticle with dashes and dots for 20 yards with included numbered chevrons for 30-60 yards.

It also has dashes and dots in between for continuous hold over guides which ranges from 20 to 60 yards in a 5-yard increment.

All this makes it perfect for all crossbow applications (especially in a hunting terrain where a shot past 60 yards will give a deadly blow on prey).

Does this scope zoom in?

While this unit may sound amazing, this scope does not zoom in, but only offers adjustments for elevation.

The amount of zoom depends mostly on the speed of your crossbow. So if your crossbow is fast, then the level of power you will use will be high.

A pro tip is always to set the speed dial based on how fast your crossbow shoots. Then try and lower down at 20 yards, move your target out to 60 yards and hit on the bullseye.

Extremely Compact

Even though Excalibur offers a minimal design, it also did a good job by delivering a rugged design to last you longer.

 Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm - 4

Via Amazon.com

32 mm Lens With Clarity Sight

The optics of this unit are crystal clear, and the triangles light and dots are as bright as you'd love them.

Featuring 32mm lens, this unit gathers light like a champ and delivers a superb illumination to give you the most precise view on your target.

The Yardage Marker

This is one of the best crossbow scopes on the market that offers a yarder marker by the side which adds to the ease of sight in. It comes with a lifetime warranty which makes the product trustworthy and worthwhile.

Are Batteries included?

Yes, the 2032 3v flat cell battery is an added goodie to give you a long-lasting use.


Unfortunately, the Excalibur is not an adjustable scope nor does it offer an attached ring. We also noticed that even at a 1.1lbs weight, the Excalibur scope is a bit heavy compared to others on this list.


  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Durable construction
  • Water/Fogproof
  • Shockproof
  • Included yardage maker
  • Clearest view on the target


  • Not adjustable
  • No attached ring
  • A bit heavy

3. TenPoint Crossbows Illuminating Rangemaster Pro Crossbow Scope (HCA-09811)

TenPoint Crossbows Illuminating Rangemaster Pro Crossbow Scope (HCA-09811)

Via Amazon.com

My bet is that you will shoot like a pro if you use the TenPoint Crossbows scope. This crossbow sight comes with high-end Etched glass (ED) reticle, and premium multi-coated 1.5 to 5x optics to give you crystal clear view on prey if there is a loss of light transmission.

This bad boy also features a 30mm tube light-gathering perfect for large and good target shooting.

Compact and Lightweight

This device offers a Compact 8.22-inch, and 1.2 lbs, lightweight design to make your target more accurately. It also gives you the ability to adjust the speed of the bolt, which is its main selling point.

Illuminated Dots

TenPoint Crossbows Illuminating Rangemaster Pro - Illuminated Dots

Via tenpointcrossbows.com

The TenPoint is illuminated and comes with each yardage that easily lights up. It also sports non-illuminated black dots, which you can quickly turn on for either green or red rheostat-controlled, color dots as well as 5 light intensities.


One drawback is that the scope does not allow you to adjust the zoom. The speed setting solely depends on the zoom setting.

Meaning the zoom you choose, depends upon the speed your bow shoots at any distance other than 20 yards to get an accurate shot.

Even though this is an illuminating scope, deer can easily spot the green or red light from the front lens.


  • Much better in low light
  • The adjusted speed of bolt to a reticle
  • Increased visibility even in low light conditions
  • Rock solid design
  • Distance is super accurate


  • The zoom cannot be adjusted
  • Deer can spot the illuminated light
  • Expensive

4. Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

Nikon 8461 Bolt XR Crossbow Scope

Via Amazon.com

One would expect nothing else, but quality crossbow scope from Nikon. Right? The truth of the matter is that the Nikon did leave up to expectations by offering a lot of high-end features that could do what other brands couldn't.

The Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

The Fully Multi-Coated Lenses

Via Amazon.com

For starters, the fully multi-coated lenses come with superior brightness and contrast and can transmit light up to 92℅ in order to give you the best target on prey.

You will be confident with your shot due to the superior optics and accurate distance markers.

Zero-Reset Turrets

The zero-Reset Turret is another groundbreaking feature that makes field adjustments a piece of cake.

What it does is to let you sight-in prey at 20 yards, and allows you to raise the spring-loaded adjustment knob, then rotate it to "zero", and then re-engage.

Parallax-Free @ 20 yards

Unlike its competitors, the Nikon offers a zero parallax error feature, which means the scope is most accurate at its preset @20 yards to give you the exact and clean shot on target.

As you move slowly away from this distance, your accuracy decreases.

Wide FOV

large FOV

Via Amazon.com

To even boast optimum accuracy, the Nikon also houses a large ocular to give you a 3.4-inch wide-field view of your prey and a Quick Focus Eyepiece for maximum comfort while viewing your game.


My deepest complaint is that Nikon did not make this scope illuminated, which would have been great for those late afternoon shots.

Another downside is that it doesn't have a horizon line. It has only dots, which makes it hard to target quickly.

We also noticed it has a small power (3x), but enough for hunting (< 40 yards)


  • Waterproof/Fogproof/Shockproof
  • Durable and sturdily designed
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Offers maximum brightness
  • Lightweight and compact Design
  • The optics are bright and clear in low light conditions
  • Draws in a lot of light


  • No horizon line
  • Small power (3x)
  • No illuminated light

5. TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X32 With Rings APG

TRUGLO Crossbow Scope 4X32 with Rings APG

Via Amazon.com

The Truglo crossbow is a reliable and well-made scope with superb clarity. Once sighted in, it is dead on and remains that way.

It has intuitive crosshairs of 20 yards, 30, 40, and 50. If you use the 20 yards, the following yards will be in alignment.

While it's designed as zero at 20 yards, you will harvest tons of deer with this bad boy in less than 20 yards.

Realtree Camo

Truglo Realtree camo

Via truglo.com

The Camo coating design is a unique addition that gives you perfect concealment when aiming at prey.

Non Lighted Reticle

truglo compact crossbow scope reticle

Via webyshops.com

It comes with a unique range finding with no frills and non-lighted reticle scope to give you the best field view.

It adopts the same style of the horizontal line to measure the distance of the deer for a fluid last minute adjustments.

Is This Crossbow Good In Low Light?

Yes, it works great in low light conditions. You won't have a hard time sighting in with it.

Big Eye Relief

Big eye relief

Via Amazon.com

The 4” big eye relief optics are generous and will give you a comfortable view on prey, with its maximum clarity.

In addition, this crossbow still features a rubber eye-guard with elevation adjustment and fingertip windage to give you all that you need to get an accurate shot on target.


Please, ensure you torque down the scope on the rails firmly, or else it will wobble. While we admire its crystal clear design, our test still shows that the glass is not so clear and tiptop like Nikon.

While I may have a little worry that it is made in China, the unit is still not as adjustable as others on this list. Similarly, it also fogs up and it is non-illuminated.


  • Durable and accurate
  • Scratch resistant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Elevation adjustments
  • Durable, and scratch-resistant, and non-reflective matte finish
  • Good in low light


  • Not so clear glass compared to Nikon
  • Made in China
  • Not adjustable
  • Fog up
  • Non-illuminated
best crossbow scope

How To Choose The Best Crossbow Scope For Hunting:

In this part, you'll find out which criterion are important when choosing a best sight for crossbow. So keep reading:

What is the Purpose of the Scope?

If you want to choose a crossbow scope, the first thing you want to consider is the purpose of the crossbow scope.

If you're going to be using it for hunting, we recommend you go for a crossbow specific coupled with multiple aiming points. Make sure it is something you can adjust to fit your arrow trajectory.

multiple aiming points

Via crossbownation.com

If you want to buy a crossbow for targeting, then get at least a 6x scope setup, depending on the distance.

You want to make sure the bow comes with fixes HHA optimizer to make your shot more precise and accurate.

HHA opitmizer-scope-x

Via hhasports.com

Does Your State Allow Scopes On Crossbows?


There are a few states that do not allow scopes on crossbows. Hunters there tend to rely on peep sights or open sights to do their hunting.

Issues like depth field will become a severe problem in this state, so many people will have to rely on bifocals as a means of hunting.

So, ensure you know what is required by law in your state whether they allow the use of scopes on crossbows. With this, you will only make use of what is permitted without breaking the law of your state through ignorance.

The Scope Clarity

scope clarity

The last thing you want to do while shooting a game is complaining about the clarity of your crossbow scope. Having a scope on your crossbow that is clear is one of the key factors you want to consider when choosing a crossbow scope.

Make sure that the brand you’re buying is made of the highest quality and does not have targets or crosshairs that are blurry or are a complete trash.

If you have vision problems, then having a crossbow with a crisp and clear quality is what you should even first consider, so you won’t get frustrated when you’re busy hunting.

Power (zoom)


If you’re buying a scope, you’ll see something like 4×32 scope in the description. Note that the number that appears first is the magnification.

So, if your scope has 4x magnification power, then it means your images will look 4 times closer compared to when you view it with your naked eye.

As a hunter, we recommend you go for scopes with low magnification if you are hunting down small games like turkeys or aiming at small targets in a competition.

Why did we say small game?

running white tail

The reason is that the higher your magnification, the higher the amount of time it takes to use the optics. A general rule of thumb is that; as the magnification increases, the image brightness, image quality, and image steadiness decrease.

That is why we advise relying on a very low magnification or even a reflex site if you’re going to be targeting running whitetails or you are going to be at a quick point & shoot situation.

A lower magnification will also come in handy if you’re going to be shooting from your head without the need of a crossbow scope.

But if you’re going to be shooting at a relaxed position, or you want to take out a deer at a comfortable position from a stabilized platform, then using more than 4x power magnification will be a perfect point for you.

This also applies if you take 40+ yard shots on a regular basis (hunt way west of the Mississippi River for instance).

Objective Lens

Objective Lens

In a 4×32 scope specification, the second number is the diameter of the objective lens. Meaning, the scope features 32mm objective lens.

The general rule of thumb is that the wider the lens, the more light it will collect and the brighter the light to the eye.

What does this imply?

It means you will get a crisp and better image clarity and low-light performance if you choose a scope with a broader objective lens. Shooters that shoot at dusk and dawn benefit from a scope with a broader objective Lens.


illuminated scope

Via truglo.com

When buying a scope on a crossbow, consider picking an illuminated scope. The reason isn't far-fetched; illuminated scopes will give more contrasts for better aiming and also give you a clear view of nighttime target acquisition or any low light conditions.

As a hunter who hunts at night, the illuminated lighting will come in handy in low-contrast situations.


All scopes will have an aiming reticle. The best illuminated reticle scope will have range markers that show the arrow’s trajectory at various distances, such as 20 yards, 30 yards, and 60 yards.

A scope without range lines usually needs to be adjusted to match the range of the target. So a scope with range lines is best for archers who need to take quick shots at short or fixed known ranges.

Crossbow Scope Vs Red Dot:

If you're confusing between crossbow red dot or scope, then this comparison chart is for you. Here's  the deal:

Crossbow Scope Vs Red Dot

Via Youtube.com

Crossbow Scope

Red Dot


Can work without a battery

Can’t work if out of battery


Thick nasty areas

Field edge and open timber






Long range


One of the reasons we will choose scopes more than red dots is that you can use them without a battery. Meaning, no battery will go dead on you while in the woods.

Unlike scopes, red dots can't work without a battery and there chances that the battery may run out of power while you're busy stalking a prey. So, a huge downside is they can't be trusted while hunting with them in the woods.


A crossbow scope will work well in thick and nasty areas due to its multiple aiming points, and variable power.

On the other hand, Red dot won't work on a thick nasty area due to its blurry images. You won't be able to even shoot a target more than 20-25yds.

But if it is an open field edge or an open timber area, where you can easily track a deer that is feeding on an ear of corn, then a red dot will still do the job.


Most crossbow scopes work pretty well over a wide range of distances that is less than 40 yards.

But on a good note, red dots will work fine at a longer distance that is more than 40 yards.


In terms of weight, crossbow scopes are usually in lightweight design than red dots.


You will be able to harvest lots of deer this season if you use any of these best scopes for crossbow hunting. If you choose any of these scopes, you will never want to buy any other scope again. The question is; which crossbow scope is the top on our countdown?

Well, after taking a closer look, the Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm became our clear winner of the top crossbow scopes on our countdown.

Editor's Choice:

Excalibur Tact-Zone Illuminated Scope, 2.5-6x32mm - 3

Via Amazon.com

  • Red and green illumination to let you adjust the brightness of the device and see targets more clearly.
  • A 30mm tube, updated reticle, red/green rheostat illumination, and fully multi-coated lens to give unprecedented clarity.
  • Dashes and dots in between to continuously hold over guides which range from 20 to 60 yards
  • Adjustments for elevation.
  • Extremely compact and rugged design to last you longer.
  • Crystal clear optics and triangles, light and dots that are as bright as you'd love them.
  • Illumination to give you the clearest view of your target.
  • A yarder marker by the side which adds to the ease of sighting in.
  • A lifetime warranty which makes the product trustworthy and worthwhile.

What more can a hunter wish for? The Excalibur crossbow scope has it all. If you use this device, you won't want to use another crossbow scope again.

If you have any question or you think we left out any of your best crossbow scope, let us know down in the comments.

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