Finding the right cocking mechanism is not easy - even if you stick to one reliable company like TenPoint.

They have so many great products - it can be so difficult to pick just one.

To make it easier, we will do a detailed comparison of ACUdraw vs. ACUdraw 50 Sled vs. ACUdraw Pro to see which one offers the solution to most situations!

If you’re in a hurry:

  • If you are looking for a budget-friendly cocking mechanism, the ACUdraw 50 Sled is the one.
  • If you are looking for exceptional adaptability at a good price, take a look at ACUdraw.
  • But, if you want the best of the best with extra features - ACUdraw Pro is the cocker you need to take a look at!

Continue reading to find out which one tops them all!

What are Tenpoint Acudraw, Acudraw 50 and Acudraw Pro?


TenPoint is a household name in the world of hunting and playing with crossbows.

Being in business for over 27 years, this company prides itself on the quality and hunting safety they deliver to their customers.

All of their products are engineered, designed, and made in Ohio, USA. That is precisely the reason why this company is well-known for its outstanding quality!

Before we dive into the technical details and features comparison, let’s get to know each of these cocking mechanisms!




First up, we have the ACUdraw. This crank cocker has been a popular pick for a while, mainly because it reduces the drawing weight to 5 pounds.

ACUdraw features a crank mechanism, meaning the hunter uses a handheld crank to cock the crossbow.

With 12 pounds of weight, it weighs quite a bit - but it’s still a great option for every hunter out there.


  • Reduces pressure to 5 pounds
  • Suitable for all hunters
  • Integrated to the buttstock
  • Easy to use


  • Heavy
  • Makes noise

Acudraw 50 Sled

Acudraw 50 Sled


Next up, we have the ACUdraw 50 Sled. This rope cocking mechanism is super lightweight, silent when in action, and very affordable.

The ACUdraw 50 Sled uses a rope cocking mechanism, meaning it has two handles and a rope that helps the hunter draw the string.

Reducing the draw weight by half, it’s only suitable for people with a stronger build, but still a good pick for anyone that needs decent cocking speed!


  • Super lightweight
  • Silent
  • Retractable cord
  • Works fast


Acudraw Pro

Acudraw Pro


And lastly, here comes the Acudraw Pro. This update makes a point by being 43% faster than ACUdraw, and reducing pressure to 5 pounds.

The Acudraw Pro cocking mechanism features a crank, which is used with the dominant hand to draw the string.

This cocker is suitable for all hunters, it’s lightweight and silent when drawn - but for the rather high price, you get what you pay for.


  • Very fast
  • Reduces pressure to 5 pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Silent


  • Very expensive
  • Not suitable for narrow crossbows

ACUdraw vs. ACUdraw 50 Sled vs. ACUdraw Pro Comparison:

Specs At Glance:



ACUdraw 50 Sled

ACUdraw Pro


Reducing pressure to 5 lbs

Reducing pressure by 50%

Reducing pressure to 5 lbs

Cocking speed

Kind of slow


43% faster than ACUdraw


12 lbs

6.4 lbs

8.5 lbs



For people with a stronger upper body


Cocking mechanism

Crank cocking mechanism

Rope cocking mechanism

Crank cocking mechanism


Kind of loud




Medium cost

Lowest cost

Most expensive

While these three products all work to do the same job of making the cocking of a crossbow easier - they are all quite different.

If the price is the principal factor, then I strongly advise you to consider the products on sale currently.

Here, we will discuss each feature in detail so you can see for yourself which product truly stands out from the crowd!


The pressure reduction is the most important part of a cocking mechanism because that is the sole point of this accessory.

That being said, ACUdraw and ACUdraw Pro are featuring the crank cocking mechanism - which is far easier on the hands than the rope cocking mechanism, featured in the ACUdraw 50 Sled.

Because of the different types of mechanism inside, ACUdraw and ACUdraw Pro reduce the drawing weight to only 5 pounds.

These two options are a great choice for every hunter, no matter what their physical limitations are.

Even kids, women or hunters that have had shoulder surgery can use the ACUdraw Pro without any issues, making it a clear winner for this feature.

On the other hand, the ACUdraw 50 Sled only reduces the pressure by half. That makes it a suitable choice for people with a stronger build only.

Winner: ACUdraw and ACUdraw Pro

Cocking Speed

When discussing the speed of the cocking mechanism, we are talking about how fast does the mechanism cock the crossbow.

Naturally, the faster - the better, because it ensures you don’t miss out on a second chance to catch your prey.

In terms of this feature, this is where the ACUdraw Pro stands out from the rest. The ACUdraw is pretty slow when it comes to cocking, and the ACUdraw 50 Sled offers a decent cocking speed.

However, the ACUdraw Pro is 43% faster than the ACUdraw, meaning it will ensure you don’t miss out on any target whatsoever.

Winner: ACUdraw Pro

Cocking Mechanism

Cocking the mechanism is the essential part of the deal - and it should be happening as smoothly as possible.

When hunting, hunters don’t have a lot of space to maneuver, or even two free hands to do so - and that is precisely why cocking should be pretty easy.

ACUdraw and ACUdraw Pro come with a hand crank, making it very easy to cock while in a treestand with the ACUdraw Pro being a bit better at it.

hand crank

hand crank - Via

The ACUdraw 50 Sled, on the other hand, requires the use of two hands when cocking, which could be a tad too difficult to do in a treestand or ground blind.

Winner: ACUdraw and ACUdraw Pro


Naturally, your cocking mechanism needs to be as quiet as possible.

If it is too loud, it could spook your game and make you lose sight of them in a matter of seconds.

That being said, this is where the ACUdraw falls behind because it makes a clicking noise when cocking, so you should pre-cock it before heading to your ground blind.

ACUdraw 50 Sled and ACUdraw Pro are very silent in action, making their features better - with the Pro still a bit quieter than the 50 Sled.

Winner: ACUdraw Pro


The adaptability of the cocking mechanism is related to what kind of crossbows the mechanism can be used on.

ACUdraw, the oldest model of the three, can be used on all the TenPoint crossbows, and most of the Wicked Ridge models.

The ACUdraw 50 Sled and the Pro model cannot be used on the reverse limb or very narrow crossbows, making the ACUdraw a clear winner here.

Winner: ACUdraw


Weight is another feature that can make a cocking mechanism worth a shot or not.

Crossbows can be heavy as is, so you don’t want to add on too much weight with various accessories.

Unfortunately, ACUdraw weighs 12 pounds, which is pretty heavy, especially compared to the ACUdraw 50 Sled, which weighs just over 6 pounds.

The ACUdraw Pro weighs 8,5 pounds, which is rather lightweight too!

Winner: ACUdraw Sled


ACUdraw 50 Sled is the most affordable cocking mechanism out of the three - with the ACUdraw being a bit more pricey.

The most expensive one is, naturally, the ACUdraw Pro, as it comes with various useful features.

Winner: ACUdraw Sled

Stand Out Features:

Here, we will discuss all the features one cocking mechanism has, that others don’t. So, let’s begin!


  • Maximum adaptability - this cocking mechanism comes with the plates needed to install on any crossbow out there!

ACUdraw 50

  • Automatic Rope Retraction - rope cockers can be dangerous because the rope can get stuck anywhere, but with automatic rope retraction, that is no longer an issue.

ACUdraw Pro

  • Auto-Engage Lever - this novel lever is there to activate the gear system at the same moment as the cranking begins to make your life so much easier.
  • ACUTorq is a neat detail that eliminates the possibility of over-cranking and potentially damaging the mechanism or crossbow.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, all three cocking mechanisms are great. They all do a great job of cocking the crossbow.

Acudraw choice



If you want an affordable choice that reduces pressure a lot and works on most crossbows, but still weighs a lot, stick to the ACUdraw.

final choice: Acudraw 50


ACUdraw 50 Sled

if you are looking for a quiet experience at the expense of lesser pressure reduction, the ACUdraw 50 Sled is the clear winner.

final choice: Acudraw Pro


ACUdraw Pro

If you want it all - great pressure reduction, a lightweight feel, great special features while being silent - splash out for the ACUdraw Pro!

What cocking mechanism did you like best - ACUdraw, ACUdraw 50 Sled, or ACUdraw Pro? Let us know in the comments

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