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If you're finding a best crossbow target which:

  • Can stop the field tips or broadhead shots greatly for a long time
  • Pull the bolts out easily
  • Replace your old ones

Then you'll love this guide. But first:

Top Crossbow Targets On The Market:

Best Crossbow Target Reviews:

Best Crossbow Target For Field Points:

1. Spyderweb ST18XL

SpyderWeb ST 18XL Field Point Crossbow Block Target

Spyderweb ST18XL is one of the best crossbow targets for the money out there - and for field points. We mean it:

Practicing with field points was never easier than with the Spyderweb ST18XL!

Withstand powerful crossbow

Withstand powerful crossbow


What is so great about it is that it can withstand high-speed crossbows, up to 500 fps. Luckily, the fastest crossbows today only reach the speed of about 470 fps.

Easy bolt removal

Easy bolt removal


This block stops bolts smoothly, and what's more, the bolts are easily removed with only two fingers, which is rather convenient.


Thanks to the revolutionary woven Spylar facing, the target is durable and almost self-healing when you discharge bolts.

The holes fill up slowly, and you can go about your day - without any damage.

You can shoot over 100 shots and save money because you won't have to replace the whole new one and the broken bolts so often.




Weighing just 38 pounds, it's effortless to carry around and has a handle to make it extremely easy for you.

SpyderWeb ST has a high contrast color, making it easy to zero in low light conditions with fewer missed shots.


The foam target is also weatherproof; moisture has got nothing on one of our favorite targets.

These are made in the USA, which we liked, as well.


What we didn't like, though, is that you can only shoot two faces.

But you can put white cardboard on the face and continue using it for longer.

Another con is the price; this target costs quite a bit of money.


  • Very durable
  • Stops bolts smoothly
  • High contrast color
  • Weatherproof
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight


  • Very expensive
  • Can shoot only two faces

2. Bulldog Targets Doghouse FP Archery Target Plus:

Bulldog Targets Doghouse Fp Archery Target Plus


Bulldog Doghouse is a crossbow target for 350 fps crossbow.

It makes fantastic, high-quality targets, and because of that, it's no surprise that their target made it into our review roundup!

Lifetime warranty

The first thing we noticed about this target bag is the lifetime warranty.

The manufacturer will replace any part that breaks, even the face, when these parts wear out.

Not many top brands offer a lifetime warranty, which is why we liked the Bulldog Targets so much.

Affordable price

Everyone would think that this crossbow target must be expensive because it comes with a lifetime warranty.

However, it isn't - it comes with a pretty affordable price tag, especially if you consider all the impressive specs.

Easy bolt retrieval

Another great thing is that it's a breeze to retrieve bolts with two fingers, and it's even easier after you fire a few shots.


The bag itself is tough, and it stops bolts shot from crossbows up to 350 fps!

Furthermore, it is relatively quiet when stopping the arrow.

That is rather convenient if you use the target at home or indoors - since it won't disturb your neighbors or housemates.

Extremely light

So, the Bulldog Targets target is exceptionally light, weighing just over 27 pounds.

That makes it perfect for backyard shooting but also for carrying to a more appropriate shooting range.

Also, it will be a breeze to move it when you're changing range from 20 to 40 or even 60 yards.


However, what we didn't like about it is that it's limited to two sides only.

The plus side is that you can pin target paper to extend the target's life.


  • Very tough
  • Super lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to remove bolts
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Limited to two-side use

3. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-425:

Morrell Yellow Jacket Archery Target


Morrell is a known brand to all the hunters - but their targets are far more popular than anything else.

The Yellow Jacket is so incredible; we enjoyed reviewing this best non-broadhead crossbow target in extreme detail!

On the other hand...

Heavy-duty target

The first thing you can notice about the Yellow Jacket is that this is a heavy-duty target.

It withstands bolts shot up to 425 fps, making it suitable for most medium-high crossbows out there.

Withdraw bolts like butter

With the Yellow Jacket, you will never again have to worry about your bolts being stuck in the target again because they are super-easy to remove.

There are 54 layers of arrow stopping power, thanks to the MLDD (multi-layered density design).

To remove the bolts, you will need only two fingers - and the bolts will come out like butter.

There's genuinely no need to use the arrow puller or ripper, even when older people or children use it.

Medium weight

The target weighs a medium weight of 32 pounds, which is not too bad.

It comes with a handle to make it easier to carry it around or hang on a target stand.

But do note that the handle can hurt your hands if you're transporting it for long periods.


The target is weather-resistant from rain and heat, so nothing will happen if you leave it outdoors.

No weak zones

It has two sides for shooting, and there is no weak zone - the corners are the same as the middle.

Replaceable outer shell

The outer shell is replaceable after wearing out instead of a whole new target, so it saves you money.

But too colorful

We didn’t like that it's too colorful - the middle cartoon bee is too big to hide the bull's eyes.

Also, the craftsmanship is poor, especially the top strap and bottom staple.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy to withdraw
  • Medium weight
  • Weather-resistant
  • No weak zone
  • Replaceable outer shell


  • Poor quality of parts
  • Too colorful

4. Big Shot Extreme 500:

BIGSHOT ARCHERY Big Shot Iron Man Extreme 500 Target


The Big Shot Extreme 500 is one of the best high-speed crossbow target bags. It does its job very well, but let's see what this amazing option is all about below!

Designed for crossbow hunters

What we liked the most about this target is that it's designed specifically for crossbow hunters.

Its stopping power will stop bolts shot up to 500 fps from the crossbow, covering all the crossbows currently available on the market.

The best part?

Also, there's the deer vital in the backside to practice your hunting kill zone even more!


The target itself is solid, and it has a sturdy plywood frame. The frame limits the tunneling effect seen in most targets from repeated abuse.

Also, you can screw the frame into additional accessories like eyelets - and you can even add wheels to the target to move it with ease.

The material is high-quality cotton, and it can withstand thousands of shots without any damage.

Super easy to get bolts out

The bolts are easy to get out using only two fingers.

That is still the case, no matter what top crossbow brands you use, such as the Ravin, Ten Point, Sub One, or Scorpio.


The target is weather-resistant, and there is no worry if you leave it out for days.

The UV rays may harm a lot of things, but not this target.

Plus, the interior of the target expels water to prevent any water or snow damage.


The only flaw of this otherwise great target is the higher weight.

Weighing a bit over 78 pounds, it's simply not convenient for carrying around.

We advise you to put the target on a stand and screw in wheels - if you wish to move it.


  • Weather-resistant
  • Easy to get bolts out
  • Solid
  • High-quality materials
  • Designed for crossbow hunters


  • Very heavy

Best Crossbow Broadhead Target:

5. Rinehart Rhino XL Target:

Rinehart RhinoBlock Target


Out of all the top spots, the Rinehart Rhino XL is arguably the best crossbow target for broadheads. Let me explain:

6 shooting sides

The first thing we liked about the Rhino XL is the six shooting sides - so much better than most other targets.

  • Two sides have 3D whitetail vitals for broadheads, which are excellent for deer hunting practice
  • Four sides for field points
  • Also can use for best expandable and broadheads

So, this target is the best of both worlds!

Here’s the kicker:

The core is replaceable so that you can extend the target's life for many years.

However, note that you will need to replace the core soon if you use the broadheads too much into the target.


The target is sturdy but still pretty lightweight - weighing just over 23 pounds, it will withstand years and years of use.

We liked the self-healing foam, which will hold over 2,000 fixed blades or mechanical broadheads without damage.

Pulling out like a breeze

There's no massive hole after pulling out the broadhead, which is just amazing!

The bolts are easy to pull out. But you shouldn’t use aluminum bolts instead of carbon (more on that later).

It's better to get help from the bolt puller.

The target is made in the USA, and what's more - it comes with a rope handle for easy transport.


The only flaw of this otherwise excellent target for broadheads is that it comes with a high price tag.

Still, this target is worth the money since it's so durable and high-quality!


  • Easy to pull out bolts
  • Sturdy build
  • Made in the USA
  • Easy transport
  • Six sides for shooting


  • Quite expensive

6. Rinehart 18-1:

Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target


Rinehart target 18-1 - was great for broadheads and had to be included in our list. Here’s why:

Rugged and heavy-duty

The build of this target is rugged and heavy-duty, making the target durable and able to withstand years of use.

The target is stiff when it's still new, but the withdrawal will be much easier once you fire a few shots into it.

It gets better

You should still use a gripper and arrow lube for the first 50 shots.

18 sides

The best thing about the Rinehart 18-1 is that it comes with 18 sides to shoot, meaning you can shoot at different shooting points.

That makes it excellent for shooting angles from a treestand. And the target will last you two to three years, at the very least.

High contrast

Plus, it comes with a high-contrast background which helps to increase your accuracy when zero in.

For mid-power crossbow

This very quiet target will support field points, and broadheads shot at speeds up to 500 fps - but you should still shoot with a mid-power crossbow only, up to 400 fps.

The self-healing foam of the crossbow target is a nice touch, as well.

1 year warranty

The target has a 1-year replacement warranty if it wears out.

Also, it's pretty lightweight and has a carry handle for traveling on the truck back. But it’s stable enough for retaining after hitting.

Not weatherproof

We didn't like that it's not weather-proof, so it shouldn't be left outdoors.

Small surface

It also has a small surface of just 15 inches; it's possible to miss the shot entirely. You’d better set up a hay bale behind it.

What's more, the bolts are not easy to remove - and it's rather expensive.


  • Heavy-duty
  • 18 shooting sides
  • Self-healing foam
  • 1-year warranty
  • For mid-power without burning your fletching power


  • Not weather-proof
  • Small surface
  • Expensive

7. Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 Dual Threat

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-380 380 FPS


We have talked about the Yellow Jacket - but the Yellow Jacket Dual Threat is entirely different. This crossbow target for broadheads offers much more than its predecessor!


First of all, this is a very durable crossbow target.

It can stop bolts shot up to 380 FPS, meaning it's perfectly suitable for mid-power crossbows - but not the most powerful ones.

4 shooting sides

It comes with four shooting sides, which we loved - many targets only come with two sides, which is not enough to practice everything.

  • 2 big black sides
  • 2 yellow sides

For broadhead only

The Yellow Jacket Dual Threat is suitable for field points and broadheads, which is just amazing.

However, personally we recommend that you reserve this target for broadhead only - and get another target for field points.

Super lightweight

The best thing about this crossbow target for broadheads is that it's super lightweight.

Weighing only 14 pounds, it will be super portable for practice sessions from different distances.

Great for moving

Also, the transport is a breeze:

The target comes with a carry handle, so you can always pop it in your trunk and carry it with you!

Weather resistant

The Dual Threat is weather-resistant, but you shouldn't leave it outdoors too much.

If you want the target to last longer, you should store it indoors to prevent degradation.

Not for daily shooting

We didn't like the fact that Dual Threat is not budget-friendly and durable enough for daily shooting.

Not easy to discharge

Also, the bolts are not easy to remove - you should use the arrow extractor and arrow lube to prevent arrows from getting stuck.


  • Lightweight
  • Weather-resistant
  • Suitable for field points and broadheads
  • Durable
  • 4 shooting sides


  • Expensive
  • Not for powerful crossbows
  • Not for daily shooting
  • Bolts aren’t easy to remove

8. Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target:

Block Black Crossbow 4-Sided Archery Target


Block Black is well known for making archery equipment, and therefore, their target had to be one of the affordable blocks we ever tried.

So, let's see what this fantastic target for broadheads is all about!

Nice target

The Block Black crossbow target has a sturdy, durable build, thanks to its PolyFusion high-density core.

It has efficient stopping power if fired from a crossbow at a speed of 400 FPS or less, at 30 yards' distance, without burning your fletching.

Block Black is made in the USA, and it has high-contrast colors - black and white. It can handle broadheads and field tips alike without any issues.

Smoothly get bolts to slide out

The bolts are easily pulled out with one hand only, and the target is very durable.

4 sides

The practice time generally goes smoothly, thanks to its four sides for shooting.

One side features the deer vitals, and it can be convenient for sighting in the broadheads and preparing for the opening days of the hunting season.

Light to move around

The foam block is lightweight and can be moved around for distance practicing without breaking a sweat.

However, when the target is still new, it can be stiff - and you might even need supporting tools like the arrow extractor to remove the bolts.

But not too durable

We didn't like that the bolts, especially broadheads, can leave holes after the shot, damaging the target.

Because of that, the target might not last more than one season.

Not for high KE crossbow

Another thing we didn't like is that it's not suitable for high kinetic energy (KE) crossbows that fire shots at speeds over 400 fps.


  • High contrast
  • Made in the USA
  • Lightweight
  • Four sides
  • Sturdy


  • Not too durable
  • Bolts aren’t easy to pull out
  • Not suitable for powerful crossbows

Types Of Crossbow Targets

The truth is, not all crossbow targets are the same. Depending on the material used, the target can be suitable for different types of bolts.

So, let's go over the types of crossbow targets together.

Hay Bales Targets

Hay Bales Target

Hay bales, or the bull's eye target, is the traditional, most common type of crossbow target out there.

The colored circles in the front are the identifying part of the bull's eye target. The largest rings are white, then black, blue, red - and yellow in the center.

The hay bales can be seen everywhere and are extremely popular for every hunting practice out there.

It is the ideal way to measure how accurate of a hunter you are.

The bull's eye is great for beginners, too.

Because newbies can practice accuracy, while the more experienced hunters can practice for competitions using this type of target.

Block/Cube Targets

block target

Block or cube targets are shaped so that they don't have an actual cube shape - but instead, they might have up to 18 sides.

The purpose of cube crossbow targets is that the hunter can practice shooting at different angles - which is especially important for beginners.

Ideally, a hunter would practice on a cube and a 3D model to prepare themself better, as the cube target helps you develop excellent hunting skills.

Generally, block targets are lightweight since they're made out of foam. Also, they're super easy to carry around.

Bag Targets

bag target

Bag targets are perhaps the best type of crossbow targets out there.

Their main advantage is that they're highly transportable because they are usually lightweight.

Bag targets can hang out in your trunk, they don't take too much space in your garage, and they can last forever.

Rain, time, or other elements have nothing on bag targets, and best of all - they don't need a stand like the bull's eye targets.

The only downside of the bag targets is that they're smaller than the other types of targets we mentioned here.

So, the bag targets are great - but beginners would benefit more from other types of crossbow targets.

3D Targets

3D target

3D targets are designed to look exactly like a particular type of prey, be that deer, elk, turkey, boar, or whatever else.

These 3D targets are true to the game's actual size, and they can be an excellent investment.

The 3D crossbow target can help you practice firing ethical shots.

If you shoot at a 3D model first, you'll figure out where the vital organs are in your game and, in turn, have more success shooting.

These targets have outlines of the heart, lungs, and so on - so you'll know where to shoot to deliver a kill shot.

What To Consider When Buying a Crossbow Target:

If this is your first time picking a target to practice on, you can easily get lost among all the features and specs.

That's why we have dedicated a complete section to help you pick out a target for yourself.

Keep reading:

Target Performance

When it comes to target performance, you should always check the manufacturer's details about the specific target.

Check if they:

  • Make for crossbow targets
  • The maximum speed the target can take
  • Whether the target is suitable for field points or broadheads

Shooting Frequency

Shooting frequency is principal for sighting purposes.

Also, if you're a shooter that tends to take hundreds of practice shots every year, your shooting frequency is much higher - and you will need a target that can withstand that easily.

Easy Removal

The best crossbow target should stop all the bolts - considering that the bolts are removed easily - no matter of broadheads or field points.

Aluminum Recommended

Bolts should be aluminum, while we don't recommend carbon bolts - because there's a risk of foam bonding, as well as hard arrow removal.

Also, aluminum dissipates heat, while the carbon bolts generate heat, which can cause foam in a target to bond to the arrow shaft.

The faster the carbon bolt will fly - the harder it will be to remove the arrow from the target.

Another reason why you should avoid using carbon bolts is because they're delicate and can get damaged needlessly when target shooting.


Generally speaking, you should focus on heavier targets. Heavier targets have more stopping power and will therefore be more durable - but they come with some unique disadvantages.

Larger crossbow targets tend to be heavier; the largest ones can weigh over 50 pounds overall.

That can make the crossbow target rather challenging to transport to the desired hunting camp and unload.

So, when looking at the weight, keep in mind that it should weigh as much as you can carry. Otherwise, it will be a pain to transport it, and it will not be of use to you.


Penetration of the arrow doesn't depend that much on the target, as much as it does on the crossbow's speed of the shot, measured in FPS.

On that note, crossbows shoot faster when they have higher kinetic energy.

If the penetration is more prominent, it's more likely that you will need to replace the target sooner - perhaps even annually.

All in all, the target has to withstand 50 shots per season, at the very least.

My recommendation is to invest in a better (and higher price) target that can save you in the long run.


We strongly recommend that you practice shooting at the target at an effective range shorter than 50 yards.

When shooting at real targets - small or big game - you'll always be closer than 50 yards, anyway.

You'll need to take an ethical shot - and ethical shots are commonly taken from 30 to 40 yards away.

So, while you're free to practice further away from the target, there's no need to in general.


When buying a target, you quite literally get what you pay for - so, here's our advice:

If you want your target to last you a good while, don't go cheap!

How To Remove Crossbow Bolts Stuck To Target?

Removing bolts will not always be a piece of cake. Here’s the deal:

  • We recommend you use a rubber grip arrow puller to assist you. The stuff you need is a Danny Miller plier puller and Woody's arrow lube.
  • Also, you can use the Magnum grip arrow puller by Double D's archery
  • Removing the arrow graphics using acetone made the removal so much easier for us
  • What's more, you can spray some lubricant on your arrows, and they will pull out easier compared to using regular soap


Are crossbow targets different?

Yes, there are many different crossbow targets out there. In fact, there are four different types of crossbow targets - and their use can vary quite a bit, too.

Some of the targets are only used for crossbows, while some are suitable for compound bows, as well.

Check out our section about the types of targets above to see more!

At what range is a crossbow effective?

Crossbows can be accurate and effective in a range from 10 to, let's say, 100 yards. When using a scope, the crossbow can even be effective at more than 100 yards.

However, for firing ethical shots, stick to distances no more than 40 yards.

Can you shoot a crossbow at a compound bow target?

No, not at all. If you're looking to target practice for crossbows and all you have is a compound bow target, you'll have to figure out something else.

Consider paying a visit to your nearest shooting range and practicing there, or simply investing in a crossbow target to have your own practice space.

What is inside a crossbow target?

The target can be made out of:

  • Hay
  • Straw
  • Plastic foam (this is very popular)
  • Foam scraps
  • Several different lakers
  • Cloth rags...

As for DIY crossbow targets, they're usually made out of clothes, paper, or cardboard.

How long will a target last?

There's no exact answer to this question. Crossbow targets can last you a long, long time - but it all depends on the quality of the crossbow target itself.

At the very least, your target should last you a year. If you want it to "survive" longer than that, you will have to spend a bit more money on it!

What’s the Bottom Line?

There are many great crossbow targets out there, but only one is the best.

Our editor's pick is the Rinehart Rhino XL target, a total game-changer in the archery world!

Editor's choice:

editor's choice


It’s easily the best crossbow target with six shooting sides, a replaceable core, and a sturdy build.

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