You're going to find out some best hang on treestand for bowhunting reviews.

Later in this guide, I'll share with you some tips to choose and install lock on tree stand faster. Sounds great? Let's dive into it...

Top Rated Hang on Treestands:

Best Hang on Treestand for Bowhunting Reviews:

1. Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand

Millennium Treestands M100U Ultralite Tree Stand


If you're a hunter who is constantly on the move, the Millennium tree stand is something worth considering.

This treestand offers a ComfortMAX backrest for maximum comfort, and it is water repellent.

With the adjustable system in place, you can easily attach the Millennium M100U stand to trees that lean as much as 15 degrees off vertical and adjust it so that you can sit upright.

The Cam Receiver is probably the feature I love most in the Millennium M150. It allows for multiple stand locations to be preset.

This way you can easily change positions quickly and easily.


On the downside though, the Millennium M100U comes with a seat strap that makes drawing the bow a bit uncomfortable.

That said, this hangs on treestand weighs about 14.5 lbs, thanks to its V-brace technology, which makes up for its lightweight design without compromising the strength and durability.

It has a 300 lbs weight capacity and provides a platform size of 20” x 38” and a seat size of 20” x 16”, which is pretty convenient with enough space to move around conveniently.


  • Comfort with backrest
  • Foldup for backpacking
  • CamLock Receiver system
  • V-brace technology makes up for its lightweight design
  • Exceeds TMA safety standards


  • Quite heavy

2. Lone Wolf Assault II Hang-On Treestand

The Assault II platform is specially designed in a teardrop shape. It has a large platform size of 26” x 19.5” with high capacity.

 Lone Wolf Assault II Hang - on Tree Stand


The bow holder is another handy feature of the Assault II that makes it stand out. It accommodates almost every type of bows and crossbows you could think of.

Bow holder  - Lonewolf


As a large capacity hang on Treestand, the teardrop shape makes setting it up or removing it very easy. The design also lets the stand fit small areas like trees in groups or thick stands.

With that said, you can still raise or lower both the seat and platform as you like. This comes in handy when you're not comfortable with the default height.

Lonewolf - raise or lower both the seat

But, the lightweight design is a pretty spot on. Weighing about 11 lbs, this happens to be the lightest hang on treestand I could lay my hands on.

It's pretty easy to carry about and take up a tree. The best part is that it can hold up to 350 lbs weight capacity, even at a lightweight design.

The Assault II stand is dead silent. No squeaky, grinding or pop noise.

You can change your position while on this best lock on deer stand even when a deer is very close without worrying about scaring it away as the stand won't make a noise.


However, one of its major downsides is the small seat size of 14” x 12”, which is a bit small and uncomfortable, especially when you sit on it for all day hunting session.

But the seat is pretty comfortable due to its padded design, but not ideal for long sitting.

If you plan on hunting for a whole day, you might want to purchase a more comfortable padded seat for this stand.

Also, this treestand doesn't come with a footrest, which makes it less comfortable for resting your legs.


  • Super lightweight
  • Large platform
  • Bow holder
  • High capacity


  • Small seat
  • No footrest

3. Hawk Cruzr Hang-On Treestand - Bone Collector:

The Hawk tree stand is made of a steel material, which is a bit heavy and may not be comfortable to move about with. But the good news is that it is rock sold and can last you for a lifetime.

 Hawk Cruzr Hang-On Treestand - BONE COLLECTOR


As a rock-solid material, the stand is welded at all contact to provide a sturdy platform to stand or rest your legs. It sports a 22 lbs lightweight design and can hold up to 300 lbs weight capacity.

With a platform size of 24” x 30”, the Hawk Hang on Treestand offers a lumbar MeshComfort seat, which has a shorter backrest as well as a sleek curve to fit your spinal curvature.

This technology allows for easy setup and removal. As such, you can sit comfortably without feeling pain or discomfort.

bracket system


But, the downside to this is that the CRUZR Bracket technology is not included in the package. So you have to buy it separately.


  • Solid
  • Lumbar mesh comfort seat
  • Very quiet


  • A little bit heavy
  • The Cruzr Bracket is sold separately

4. Rivers Edge RE554 Big Foot XL Classic Hang-On Stand

The Rivers tree stand makes the waiting more comfortable. Unlike the Lonewolf, this Stand features a largely fixed footrest.

This removes the awkward sitting position common with small footrest stands, make it a most comfortable hang on treestand in our list.

But the issue with this is that it’s less flexible as it can’t be removed if you don't want to use it.

Rivers Edge RE554 Big Foot XL Classic Hang-On Stand


The noiseless strap system of the Rivers tree stand is really amazing. When put in place, it holds to the tree very tightly.

And what makes it even more secure is your weight: thanks to its weight capacity of 300 lbs and a lightweight design of 20 lbs.

The more your weight pulls it down, the deeper it digs into the tree and the more secure it becomes.

It also features a large platform size of 24” x 36.5" that provides enough space to stand or change your position.

Comfortable Seat

The removable padded seat is worthy of mention here. While it houses a 16" x 10" seat size, the padded seat is extremely comfortable and can be used for long hunting sessions. It's also portable and easy to move around.

Though you might want to avoid long hunting sessions with this stand as it does not feature a backrest.

Super Quiet

Another impressive feature of the Rivers tree stand is its noiseless attachment system. This system eliminates metal on metal grinding noise.

This makes the set up very quiet and you don't have to worry about making noise that will scare away your deer or hog.


  • Removable padded seat
  • Noiseless Strap System


  • Fixed footrest makes the stand less flexible

5. Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On TreeStand

The Guide gear adds luxury comfort to hunting like no other hang on tree stand.

A massive shout out goes to the well-thought-out armrest, which is extremely comfortable and gives you the comfortable feeling of sitting on a couch.

Guide Gear Deluxe Hunting Hang-On Tree Stand


Both the armrest and seat can be flipped over. This way they won't be an obstruction when using a bow.

In addition, the Guide gear features an extra large platform that's extended to provide more space for your legs.

The extended platform lets you sit comfortably without awkwardly bending your legs. Also, the footrest is large enough to keep you comfortable.

Guide gear is made entirely of steel and weighs around 30 lbs as such may be a bit too heavy for some users.


  • Comfortable armrest
  • Big platform


  • Slow bit heavy
Best Hang On Treestand for Bowhunting

How to Choose the Best Hang on Tree Stand

Hang on a tree stand, no doubt is one of the most popular and versatile type of tree stand.

They are relatively easy to use and since you'll have to carry them about, most are built compact and lightweight to make the job easier for you.

Follow my guide in this review section and learn how to find the right Hang-On Treestand for yourself.

What is the Weight Design?

hang on treestand weight

When choosing a best lock on tree stand, you might want to consider its weight. Get one that's too heavy and every hunting session will become a challenge.

Hang-on stand is designed to be carried about and since you'll probably be packing climbing sticks, it's necessary you look for a tree stand that's very light - below 20 lbs is recommended.

It's pretty easy to tell if a tree stand is very heavy or not. The material from which the stand is made from often is a good indicator of its weight.

Aluminum is lightweight while steel stands are usually heavier. You can also check the labels if you want to be more precise.

Is the Hang Treestand Comfortable?

You'll be spending more time on a tree than than the ground while hunting.

If you're like me, you probably will be sitting there for hours at a time, as such you'll want to look for a stand that offers good comfort and is very sturdy so you can stretch your legs.

How To Tell If A Stand Will Be Comfortable:

  • The seat should be big enough. You should avoid going to a stand with a seat measuring less than 15”x10”.
  • Your seat should be well padded to avoid buttocks pain. You might go for a stand with a large seat and then purchase better padding for it.
  • The good backrest is an added bonus though often not necessary. Armrest makes the chair more comfortable for you to wait longer in for your hog or deer.
  • You shouldn't ignore the seat platform, smaller platforms are uncomfortable while bigger platforms are more comfortable but may not be portable.
hang on treestand


Rock Solid

Hunting from a tree stand is more comfortable when I feel like you're standing on a platform as sturdy as the ground itself.

Check material on the platform of any stand and ensure it's rock solid before paying for it. Aluminum and steel are preferable.

Is it Easy to Hang?

No one wants to spend half the hunting time setting up or removing a tree stand.

If you want more hunting time, then you should look for a tree stand that you can set up within 5 to 10 minutes.

# Pro Tips:

A few hang on tree stand features the bracket technology. It allows you to preset many brackets during the initial setup.

This way you can easily change your hunting position without actually removing the whole stand and then setting it up again.

Going for the bracket type of hang-on stand may cost a few dollars more but in the long run, they are always worth the extra bills as they increase your efficiency and saves your time.

Is the Hang On Quiet?

To avoid scaring away your prey with noise while trying to change your position or moving around on the tree stand, you should look for a hang on tree stand that's dead silent.

Does it come with Gear?

While climbing sticks are necessary gears for using a hang-on treestand, they are usually not included in the tree stand package, as such, you'll have to purchase them separately.

A safety harness is another gear you should consider getting for your hang-on treestand as it makes it safer to be on the tree stand.

How to Install a Hang-On Faster and Easier

If you'd ever install a tree stand then you're probably familiar with the whole process.

It's a bit difficult since you'll have to hold the stand in one hand while trying to secure the strap with another.

This often gives a little awkward position that is at the same time and very dangerous.

You can, however, follow these steps to make everything easier for yourself and less dangerous too.

Step 1:

Simply tie a loop in the pull-up rope. This should be about a foot above the stand.

You can then install a screw-in step on the tree about the same distance (as the pull-up rope) above where you want to set the seat of the stand at the hunting level.

Step 2:

Then simply pull the stand up with the rope and set it on the screw-in step. This way the step holds the weight of the stand and you can use your free hand to secure the straps.


All the above hang on treestands are outstanding in their unique ways with the top of the line features.

But a must-have hang on treestand for bowhunting is the Millennium M150.

This appears to be our editor's choice as it offers so many impressive features that set it apart from other tree stands in the market.

Editor's Choice:

Millennium Treestands M150 Monster Hang-On - 2


Here are a few of its unique qualities:

  • An adjustable seat that lets you adjust the seat to a height you'll be comfortable in and also when used on a tree which leans away from the vertical
  • You can adjust the seat level to make your seat upright
  • Very comfortable to sit in
  • The CamLock receiver lets you present various positions during initial set up
  • Offers a backrest for maximum comfort, and an adjustable seat height of 17-20”
  • Large platform size of 24” x 37” and a seat size of 20” x 17”, which is pretty convenient with enough space to move around conveniently

So, what's your thought of the best hang on treestand for bowhunting? Do you have any experience with Hang on Treestands?

Leave a comment below, and we will be right in time to respond to it.

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