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Whether you prefer to hunt on a privately-owned ranch or deep in the country forests, having a best hunting vehicle often plays a crucial role when pursuing game animals.

The right truck is what gets you to the trails head and your kill safely back home to your family.

best hunting vehicle

1. Jeep Wrangler:

This is an ideal jeep for hunting with lots of upgrade options.

  • It is exceptionally efficient for off-road terrain
  • An addition of a small utility trailer
  • Capable of carrying adequate gear and game animals

The Good:

This vehicle comes with an excellent shock absorber and independent suspension that is capable of smoothing out the pumps making it much comfortable to drive in rugged terrains.

With this machine, you can be sure of a quiet and smooth ride during your hunt.

The interior of this vehicle is magnificent.

Sound Stereo

With a sound stereo system that can provide you with the quality audio for a country song while on your hunting expedition.

Air Conditioner

With jeep, you don't have to worry about the changing temperature within your surroundings.

It comes with a well functional air conditioner that automatically switches on and off based on your standard settings.

The overall cargo space for this beast is spacious enough to at least carry two fully grown dear, so no worries whenever you have a good hunting day.

Besides, the rough-and-tumble nature of this jeep can be improved with few modifications to suit your needs and preferences.

Add some right tires and other mechanic fixes, and you’ve got an excellent vehicle for your hunting expeditions.

Why jeep wrangler?

If you want a sturdy and classy vehicle that can go anywhere, the jeep wrangler 2013 delivers.

2. Ram Rebel 1500:

It is a light truck with all-road and all-weather capabilities of taking hunters anywhere in the country at any time of the year.

The Good:

This locomotive is one of its kinds and is the next generation truck ideal for a hunter.

The truck has a rear 4-corner air suspension and Bilstein shock absorbers that provide a cushioned ride while on an off-road hunting adventure.

Furthermore, it has a 1-inch suspension lift that drastically improves its ground clearance.

With this truck, you can be sure of maneuvering through swamps and rocky grounds without the fear of clogging or knocking vital machine parts.

The rebel engine is modified to deliver more power with better fuel consumption than the previous model. As a result, it’s economically ideal for hunting purposes.

Not to mention, it has an ample storage space on its truck. This can accommodate all your mechanic gears, plus a few game bags full of fresh meat.

Why RAM Rebel 1500?

This tamed beast will run, and run, and run. It’s pure legendary.

3. The Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter:

Whenever I look at this vehicle, all I see is a gentle giant. The Mercedes-Benz Gruma hunter is a must-have in the wishlist of all hunters.

This might be the best truck for hunting.

The Good:

This vehicle boast of having an off-road beef tire that can get you to any hunting location of your choice.

Gruma Hunter is painted jungle green to perfectly blend into the surrounding bushy terrains giving the riders the much camouflage needed for making a kill without notice.

The truck has a dog box in the bed. So, you don't have to leave your dog behind while going hunting.

Not to mention, it has an ammunition compartment for the safekeeping of your hunting guns.

This machine is far more capable of hunting than the alternative hunting vehicles currently in the market.

With Gruma hunters, you get all the hunting packages from comfortability to easy access to almost all the hunting terrains in any area.

Why Mercedes-Benz Gruma Hunter?

The vehicle is a good alternative for hunters and perhaps the best truck to use for off-road adventures.

4. Subaru Outback:

This is a state truck mostly used in snow prone areas like Colorado and Idaho.

With the all-wheel-drives, this little beast is a solid performer on modest off-terrain roads but entirely a beast on snow.

It is also efficient in operation, spacious enough, and can run forever.

The Good:

This machine is excellent in fuel consumption than the previous vehicles reviewed.

Though not well suspended off the ground, they make up for its inefficiency and sheer ruggedness.

They also have a decent clearance and can swiftly maneuver through different terrains.

At first, I thought this machine was not up to standard for any hunting vehicle. But it ultimately changed my view when I started driving it around hunting trails in early last year.

Besides, it has lots of back storage that can hold a decent amount of meat from a freshly harvested deer, or even sleep comfortably.

With this machine in your hand, you can be sure of getting your friends to the backcountry trailhead, a long-hurl surf trip, or a secret fishing hole.

Why Subaru Outback?

These are great trucks that are multi-purpose for the excellent hunting experience.
It is specious like most SUVs yet sit much lower with decent gas consumption.

With Outback, you are guaranteed of a trouble-free ride so long as you avoid over-heating the engine.

5. Toyota Land Cruiser (1980-1997):

The Land Cruiser is a real outdoorsman classic vehicle built for off-road adventures.

It was extraordinarily rugged and capable of taking any terrain. Though a little bit hard to find in this current generation, it is one hell of a vehicle worth using.

The Good:

Land cruisers have been to every corner of the world. Getting one of these vehicles marks your admission to the ranks of legions of globally devoted fans.

To me, this is a second home when it comes to hunting trucks.

It is highly suspended, thus improving ground clearance, enabling hunters to cross swampy and rocky terrains with no problems at all.

It’s a four-wheel-drive with a powerful engine that can effortlessly climb a hill without a significant hiccup. With this machine, you are assured of getting anywhere you want.

Land Cruisers have had a long-standing relationship with outdoorsmen since the beginning. It is well spacious enough to carry your hunting gears and up to 200kg of game meat.

This vehicle is a tried and true hunting machine. It is easy to fix with minimal tools and parts. Additionally, this beast is open to endless customization, depending on needs and preferences.

Although there are modern vehicles that may be preferable for hunting, this machine earns its spot on this list for its masculinity.

It also offers excellent performance when it comes to outdoor activities like hunting.

Why Land Cruiser?

Land cruiser is a sweet ride. Its genuine off-road capabilities and iconic good looks are enough reasons for hunters to love this tamed beast.

6. Toyota 4runner:

The 4Runner is a good build and reliable SUV designed to concur the off-road terrains.

This vehicle as a long-lived life of rugged adventure, and truly performs efficiently on outdoor environments like mountains, swamps, deserts, and plains.

The Good:

This gentle beast comes with a 1-inch suspension lift and upgraded shocks and spring which provide cushion while maneuvering through the rough terrains.

It also has a hill-start assist control that can help you steadily drive uphill without any significant difficulty.

Besides, it has a downhill assist controls that help you in automatically driving the machine while down climbing a hill or a mountain.

It also has an ample storage system for your mechanic tools and game animals. You won't have to worry about leaving parts of your game in the bush for lack of space.

The 4Runner has multi-terrain select systems, which automatically adjust the amount of permitted wheel slip for various terrains.

Practically, with this vehicle, you can hunt anywhere in the United States.

Why Toyota 4runner?

This automobile as a well-built reputation for reliability. With this machine, you will never feel stranded in the wilderness.

7. Suzuki Samurai (1985 – 1996):

Suzuki Samurai is a little beast that can almost fit anywhere.

It’s an under-sized jeep 4-wheel drive that when slightly lifted and customized, can go just about anywhere.

The Good:

Suzuki is a tiny 4-wheeler that can transverse places where most 4×4's won't fit.
This jeep is small enough to be used by hunters to crawl rocks and move deep in the forest.

It has ample storage space for both mechanic tools and your game.

This tiny machine is well-spaced and open. And if you want to be in close contact with nature while driving through the hoods, then this is the vehicle for you.

Why Suzuki?

If you want a laid back hunting experience and super fun drive, then this guy will give you exactly what you want.

8. Volkswagen Amarok:

Whenever I think about a hunting truck, I always imagine something muscular, comfortable, rugged, and spacious.

These are the qualities that you will enjoy if you take this sensitive giant for a hunting trail.

The Good:

If you are looking for a truck that performs remarkably well both on the tarmac and off-road, then that it would be the Nomad.

It is built with a dual-rate spring that ultimately gives the truck the much need pliancy and control when on an off-road adventure.

The truck can also maneuver through rough terrains at supersonic speed and still maintain excellent stability due to the much-lowered center of gravity that it is built on.

This machine is perfect for hunting and speed maniacs.

I adore this truck for its warm and exclusive interior design. I would typically refer to it as a private jet that never flies above the runway.

Additionally, it has spacious enough to carry all your deer hunting equipment, camping tents, bags, and still leaves enough room for keeping your games.

Why Volkswagen Amarok?

If you are looking for a fabulous, stable, and speedy vehicle, then this beast is the truck for you.

9. Ssangyong Rexton:

Ssangyong Rexton is one of the most iconic and historically legit SUV models.

It is effortlessly a workhorse that can perform exemplary well on any off-road terrain.

The Good:

This is an upgrade old-timer vehicle with suitable body fittings, and that is extremely durable.

It is among the most rugged hunting vehicles currently in the market.

It is well raised, giving it a proper clearance.

For this reason, this machine can effortlessly pass through swampy and rocky terrains without any significant trouble.

The interior of this machine is very comfortable and cozy. It has leather seats with automatic air conditions that are adjustable according to your settings.

It is also spacious enough to carry all your bow hunting equipment, machine tool, and still have enough space to store your game meat.

Accurately, the SUV can carry up to 3.5 tons of luggage without any effect on the suspension capabilities of the truck.

Why Ssangyong Rexton?

This is a vehicle with no surprises, its efficiency is top-notch and can be very good for hunters.

10. Chevrolet Colorado:

This is a midsized pickup truck offering way much that it looks.

It is a turbo-charged truck that gives hunters the much needs speed and stability on off-road terrain.

The Good: 

This truck has a super quiet interior that gives its users the peace on hunting expeditions. The interior also offers fine-snitched seats and dash covering.

It additionally has an excellent audio system incorporated with a touch screen display. You can jam your favorite music while heading for your hunt.

This machine also has a high suspension giving it excellent ground clearance.

With this truck, you do not have to worry about getting stuck on a swampy ground or unable to pass rocky ground surfaces.

Why Chevrolet Colorado?

If you are looking for comfort and style, then this is your piece of machine you need to have.


Hunting is a very exciting outdoor experience.

And when you have the top hunting vehicle to facilitate your adventure, it becomes even much easier.

Try out one of these best hunting vehicles today and enjoy your hunting.

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