5 Best Tripod Deer Stand Reviews (2021 Ultimate Guide)

Today I’ll help you pick the best tripod deer stand easily with our detailed reviews and buying guide. They allow you to set up a tripod stand in a cornfield or soybean plot quickly.

The best part? Some FAQ and tips for using a tripod stand are also included in the last section. Check it now:

Top Rated Tripod Deer Stand:

Best Tripod Deer Stand Reviews:

1. Millennium Treestands T100 10 ft. Aluminum Tripod Stand

Millennium Treestands T-100 Tripod, 10 ft

Via Amazon.com

It is a well-known fact that Millennium makes one of the best portable tripod deer stands on the market. And the T100 10 ft. Aluminum Tripod Stand is no exception.

With a 36 lbs weight design, the Millennium will hold your weight like a steel even as the most lightweight portable tripod deer stand on our list.

Easy to setup under a minute

The lightweight design of the millennium T100 paves the way for easy setup which only takes under a minute.

You can easily fold this tripod for easy transports in the woods and swiftly move into a new hunting ground that looks promising. Thanks to the legs and seat that lock together for easy transport.

Sturdy Design

While the Millennium boasts a lightweight design and an easy setup, it didn't fail to sport a sturdy design to carry your weight.

This tripod is very sturdy and well made--take my word for that.

Seat Swivels at 360°

swivel seat 360

Via millenniumstands.com

Featuring a 20" x 17" x 17" seat size, the seat of the Millennium is on board to give you a comfortable feel to sit in for extended periods.

The best part is that it swivels at 360° to let you maneuver to any direction of your choice.


adjustable legs

Via millenniumstands.com

With a 10' height to keep you hidden from deer, the height of this amazing stand is adjustable.

One leg of the tripod stand can be adjusted to any height to let you stay leveled if the ground you're mounting the stand is uneven.

Flip Up Footrest included

Another sweet spot about the T100 10 ft is that it allows you to flip up the footrest, which is great for rifle and crossbow hunting.

Apart from this, did you also know that the footrest features a cottonwood padding for added comfort? You read that right.

This lets you to unobtrusively and easily turn the seat to as far as you need with great comfort and less hassle.

Non-sink, no-slip feet

Non-sink, no-slip feet

Via cabelas.com

Even with a platform size of 20" x 17", the Millennium does not make noise and the feet on it does not slip or sink.

While this stand walks for rifle hunting, it is also perfect for bow hunting. You will shoot many deer with a bow when sitting from this tripod stand.


Now to the bad side; one bitter pill we had to swallow about the Millennium Tripod Stand is that has no camo to conceal it from deer.

While it features a Platform Size of 20" x 17", and a 10' height, the Millennium tripod appears to be the smallest platform on our list.

You will need to buy an extension if you want to make it taller.

That said, the Millennium is quite expensive and even though it is lightweight, it is not as portable as a hang-on stand.


  • Lightweight design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Features a tough frame
  • Most comfortable
  • 10 ft. eye height
  • Footrest included
  • No-slip feet
  • Seat swivels at 360°
  • Adjustable height
  • Quiet, and easy setup
  • Easily folds for transportation


  • No camo
  • No gun rest
  • Shortest tripod
  • Smallest platform
  • Expensive

2. Rivers Edge 14' Perimeter Pod

Rivers Edge 14' Perimeter Pod

Via Amazon.com

The Rivers Edge appears to be among the few tripods stands with a pod curtain to help you stay hidden as you take out deer.

This stand acts as a well-built platform for those who want to maximize stability and visibility without compromising safety.

The camouflage cover in this bad boy will save you a few bucks you'd have spent on buying a cover.

20" Ladder Stance

20" ladder stand

Via Amazon.com

The Perimeter Pod comes with a 20” ladder stance, which is large and secure to carry your weight conveniently without wobbling.

With a 14” height, this pod offers the perfect solutions if you want to make use of a higher hunting point.

Even without attaching it next to a tree, the Rivers Edge Stand will still work fine in any situation. Thanks to its Rock-solid "X" cross bracing, which delivers full stability.

Swivel 360 Seat

Featuring a 20" x 12.5 seat size, the Perimeter Pod delivers superb comfort alongside a TearTuff mesh seat, alongside a chair that swivels at 360 degrees on an angle to give you a clear shot at any direction.

Apart from that, the mesh seat that swivels 360 on a quiet, smooth ball design.

As if that isn't enough, the seat sports built-in armrests for added comfort in case of long hunting sessions.

Did I also mention that the seat is breathable? Yes, it is, and this is perfect for all weather conditions.

Swivel 360 Seat

Via Amazon.com

Flipped up shooting rail

The flip-up shooting rail is an impressive feature that rotates alongside the seat to add to your comfort while targeting prey.


I found out that this Stand is pretty heavy due to its 145 lbs weight. Meaning, this tripod is hard to move around.

I also noticed that the tripod is kind of tough to climb into the seat and its platform size of 36" x 36" leaves a small room for gun and bow which is a bit small for big guys.


  • Well built "X" cross bracing for stability
  • TearTuff mesh swivel seat turns 360-degrees
  • Padded Flip-up shooting rail
  • Included Camo cover


  • A bit heavy
  • Hard to move around
  • Difficult to climb
  • Small room size

3. Big Dog BDT-300 4837-0010 Command Tower Fishing Equipment, 16'

Big Dog BDT-300 4837-0010 Command Tower Fishing Equipment, 16'

Via Amazon.com

With a padded seat, a padded backrest, and armrest, the Big Dog tripod Stand was able to make it to our list as one of the best tripod stands hunting.

With a 14' height design, you will get an excellent view of your environment and get a perfect look at the deer below.

Padded Shooting Rail

The stand comes with a comfortably padded shooting rail for maximum comfort to reduce noise.

While it didn't include a camouflage skirt, you can purchase it additionally with the stand to give you a perfect concealment without being spotted by deer.

Tallest Tripod Deer Stand

With a 14' height design, the Big Dog BDT-300 4837-0010, appears to be the tallest on this list.

While that is true, this tripod also happens to be the biggest platform with the most comfort on our list--thanks to its platform of 37" x 37" design.

While this seat boasts a 19″ x 11-3/4″ platform size, the stand features a custom intrusion defender guard to deter the unit from being stolen in your absence.


  • Assembly is relatively easy
  • Easy setup
  • Feels sturdy
  • Padded backrest cushion
  • Padded shooting rails
  • Non-skid
  • Bolted leg design
  • Padded swivel seat


  • No flipped up shooting rail
  • No camo
  • The seat feels a little uncomfortable

4. BIG GAME TP9000 13' Apex Tripod, Camo/Black

Big Game Treestands BGM-TP9000-BIT

Via Amazon.com

The innovative design of the Apex is made to give you optimal comfort in any location of your choice without the need for any tree for setup.

Padded and flipped up shooting rail

The padded and flipped up shooting rail allows any gun hunter to take any shot in different directions.

Thanks to the fact the shooting rail flips out of the way for gun and bow hunting. In my opinion, this is a best tripod stand for bow hunting.

Padded and 360 swivel seat

Padded and 360 swivel seat

Via biggametreestands.com

While it comes with a seat size of 9” x 2”x 14, it also offers a padded seat design that quietly swivels 360° to give you an optimal view to shoot in every direction without spooking your game.

Adjustable arm rest and leg

The Apex tripod did not only offer armrest for maximum comfort but also houses adjustable legs to ensure leveled installation on uneven ground.

It also has included stakes to deliver rock-solid stability.


Interestingly, the Apex Tripod sports a coverall you can buy alongside the Stand to give you a complete closure when added to apex tripod.

Even the coverall blind moves 360° simultaneously with the stand.

The covers also feature a roof down to let you use the stand while standing or sitting. You can also use the roof up, to provide the most concealment possible.

The best part is that when the roof is up you can use the see-through windows to have an easy peek in any direction.

Height Extender Kit

While the Apex displays a 10-inch height, it also offers a height extender kit you can buy separately to raise the stand to 17 feet if you want more height.

The height extension kit has extension legs and support bars, giving you an additional four feet without jeopardizing the strength and safety of the stand.


We also noticed that the ladder is actually under the platform instead of on the side, making it hard to get in or out of the stand.

Apart from that, turning around on the platform to climb down is quite terrifying.


  • Flip up Shooting rail
  • Padded seat and armrest
  • 360 swivel seat
  • Full ladder for easy access
  • Rock-solid adjustable legs
  • Included overall
  • Height extended kit


  • Harder to get in and out
  • Turning around and climbing

5. Guide Gear 13' Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand

Guide Gear 13' Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for a tripod stand that comes in handy in areas where trees are scarce, then the Guide Deluxe Tripod comes to mind.

Large platform

large platform

Via sportsmansguide.com

The nicely 34" x 34” foot platform gives you plenty of space to stretch out and use your gear with all-day comfort.

While that is true the included Trapdoor design enhance easy entry and exit.

360 swivel cushioned with pad

A comfortable and whisper quiet 34" x 34" padded 360 swivel seat is on board to give you the maximum comfort all day long while you take the perfect shot.

The thick pads on the seat and backrest pave the way and make it the most comfortable tripod deer stand in this list.

Adjustable height

The 13” inch height of the Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand delivers the vintage point you need and the features to make your deer hunt a breeze.

Heavy duty steel frame

Guide Gear also did a great job by featuring a fully welded steel frame that supports up to 300 lbs.

This stand is strong and well-built to carry your weight for a very long time.

6-position adjustable legs

6 position adjustable legs

Via sportsmansguide.com

With 6-position adjustable legs, this stand is perfect for hunting in open areas with sparse trees to keep you steady in uneven terrain.

It also comes with easy entry and exit when climbing up and down the stand.


However, the few complaints about the Deluxe Tripod Deer Stand is its heavy-duty design due to its 112 lbs weight.

This beast is gigantic and takes a hell of a time to assemble due to lack of clear direction.

While this Tripod may be sturdy, I find the shooting rail good for rifle and crossbow, but not so great for compound / recurve bow.

But to make it more convenient for horizon bows, you can remove the shooting rail if you want.

Another downside is that the Deluxe has no camo, and it is a bit noisy.

Also, the seat size of 34" x 34" is quite uncomfortable for big guys but suitable only for middle guys.

Interestingly, while the Deluxe Tripod offers a Powder-coated finish design to prevent it from rust and corrosion.

Our test revealed that this stand is still susceptible to rust if you leave it under the element often.


  • 360° swivel seat
  • 6-position adjustable legs
  • Underside platform door
  • 300-lb. weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty
  • Rock-solid steel construction
  • Comfortable backrest door for easy access


  • Packaging is terrible
  • Heavy-duty design due to its 112 lbs weight
  • Lack of clear direction for easy installation
  • Shooting rail not great for compound / recurve bow
  • No camo
  • A bit noisy
  • Small seat size
  • Susceptible to rust

How To Choose a Best Tripod Tree Stand:

Before pressing the buy button on a tripod Stand, there are a few critical factors you want to consider to help you make the best choice.


360 rotate swivel seat

The first thing you want to consider when choosing a tripod Stand is the comfort of the seat.

You want to make sure the Stand comes with a 360 rotate swivel seat to let you turn unobstructedly to any direction of your choice.

Apart from that, ensure the seat offers a padded design alongside a sturdy ladder to give you all-day comfort and reliability.


tripod stand platform

Via biggametreestands.com

After taking note of the seat, the next thing to look out for is if the tripod stand is roomy enough to let you stand up with a bow.

This is important because having a platform which provides you with enough room will allow you to change position when needed, which translates to less muscle fatigue or cramping.

If you're a bigger sized hunter, a stand with a large platform size will bring you much comfort and allow you to stay in the stand much longer, leading to a successful hunt.


durable tripod stand

Via millenniumstands.com

While you are considering comfort and the platform size, do not forget about durability.

Your tripod stand should be sturdy and rock-solid to last you for years.

Also, figure out if the stand you want to buy is also durable enough to carry your weight without being prone to wear and tear.

When all this are in place, then you can beat your chest that your stand will last you for a long time.


tripod stand height

Via millenniumstands.com

The main reason you are getting a tripod stand in the first place is due to the height advantage it offers.

Make sure the tripod stand comes with the required height to keep away from the deer’s sight and perfect for you to quickly shoot down the deer.

A Tripod Stand that features a 16' height and above will definitely keep you away from the deer's sight and put you in the right position to take down deer.

So, take an intent look at each tripod stand and see if they feature the perfect height that suits your hunting style.

Easy to Move

easy to move

Via millenniumstands.com

Another crucial factor to consider when choosing the best tripod stand is how easy it is to move around and assemble.

A lightweight tripod stand will come in handy if you want something that is easy to transport and pack with you on the go into a new hunting location.

But be careful; if a tripod stand boasts a lightweight design, ensure it is durable and well-built to carry your weight without being flimsy.



When hunting down deer with a tripod stand, you need the one with a whisper sound.

The last thing you want to think of is a stand that displays a squeaky sound while you're on it or climbing it.

best tripod deer stand

FAQs & Tips:

Are Tripod Deer Stands Safe?

safety first

Yes, tripod deer are safe if you should consider some certain factors.

First, they are easy to get in and out.

The best thing about them is that they are stable, unmovable, and have a comfortable seat that swivels you to all direction.

For best performance and to maximize your safety while using a tripod stand, ensure you push your tripods near a group of trees or a tree.

Then you can easily connect a tether or put up a bow holder that way on it.

The idea is to have them positioned in a place where you can strap them on a big branch. You can also decide to use a seat-belt to prevent you from rolling out if you fall asleep.

How To Hide A Tripod Deer Stand?

hide tripod stand

Via pinterest.com

If there is no tree to cover your tripod, there are a few things you can do to conceal yourself better in order to shoot from up there with your bow.

Put a Camo Net Around you

Try and have a camo net around you and brush it in without getting skylined. This will definitely keep you away from the deer eyes, but it will also limit your shooting up to 180 degrees.

You can so decide to scale this up by attaching the artificial Christmas tree limbs over to the entire stand for perfect cover without fading away.

Setup the Stand close to a big Ceder

If you have your tripod setup into the center of a giant cedar tree, then you will get enough cover from deer.

Artificial Leaf Vine

You can move a step further and buy some artificial leaf vines and wire them on the stand to give you concealment from deer.

How To Anchor A Tripod Deer Stand?

How do you tie down a tripod deer stand for maximum support? Here are a few tips to keep in mind

  • Have a 3' eye hook sunk in a hunk of concrete in the center of the stand. After that tie it with cables for firmness and support.
  • Another tip is to try using an auger kit from the bottom of the base up to the ground to secure each leg.
  • You can also tie them down with wires from the corners.
  • Eye hook the stand into the ground with a ratchet strap or tie the stand and screw it under the seat of the tripods to snug the tripod into the ground.

Pro Tips:

Make sure you climb light and lift stuff with a string or you’ll get trouble.


With all the incredible features and accessories all these tripods Stands have to offer, you will be hard-pressed to find a better tripod on the market.

The reason is that they all deliver tip-top features to give you the most hunting experience.

But if you’re looking for the top for tripod deer stand on this list, then the clear winner is the Millennium Treestands T100 10 ft. Aluminum Tripod Stand.

Editor's choice:

Editor choice: Millennium Treestands T-100 Tripod, 10 ft

Via Amazon.com

The main reasons why it wears the crown as the best tripod hunting stand because:

  • The tripod is easy to set up under a minute
  • It comes with a lightweight design that let you easily fold this tripod for easy transports in the woods.
  • A sturdy design to carry your weight.
  • The Seat Swivels at 360° to let you maneuver to any direction of your choice.
  • It has an adjustable 10' height to keep you hidden from deer
  • One leg of the tripod Stand can be adjusted to any height and let you stay leveled if the ground you're mounting the stand is unleveled.
  • The flip-up footrest can be used as a gun rest.
  • Non-sink, no-slip feet
  • The Millennium does not make noise

If you want to be mobile and flexible with where you hunt, then the Millennium Treestands T100 10 ft. Aluminum Tripod Stand is the best tripod deer stand for the money for you.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this guide, please leave a comment below.

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