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Have you been finding rain to be putting a “dampener” on your backcountry hunting experience?

This guide will walk you through the 5 best rain gear for hunting, to keep you bone dry from light drizzle to full blown rainstorm.

Ready? Let's get started:

Best Rain Gear for Hunting Reviews:

1. Sitka Dew Point System:

SITKA Gear Men's Dew Point Waterproof Lightweight Hunting Jacket


Sitka Dew Point is the best lightweight, packable rain gear for hunting. It’s 100% waterproof, windproof, and extremely durable.

Hunting with this jacket will make being in the backcountry a lot more fun, since it’ll keep you totally dry even under frequent heavy rain.

You can’t go wrong with it.

Key Features:

1. Built to keep you dry:

Unlike standard rain gear with one layer of material, the Dew Point features Gore-tex 3-layer fabric.

The top layer works like a shield to protect you from unforeseen “rain showers.”

Sitka gore-tex

Gore-tex 3 layer keeps you bone dry

totally dry through rain showers


What does the fabric include?

It includes:

  • The outer layer made of ripstop nylon
  • A Gore-Tex membrane sandwiched in between
  • An inner layer which holds firm against you thanks to exclusive GORE® C-KNIT™ backer technology.

The complete system creates a super comfortable, breathable, and durable coverage, keeping you totally dry through any downpour.

Imagine how miserable it would be if you were to find yourself wet for 5 days during a goat hunt in Alaska.

Once you put the Down Point system on, rain no longer becomes an issue.

Is it breathable?

Definitely, yes.

Unlike conventional plastic rainwear that is heavy, stiff, and uncomfortable, this Gore-tex rain gear gives you a lightweight, soft, and bone-dry feeling.

Since the Gore-tex membrane lets your moisture get out while stopping water from getting in.

So you’ll never feel overheated when the sun is up after rain.

minimal design


How windproof is it?

The rain gear prevents even 20 mph winds from cutting through.

Although the fabric is polyester, it keeps you pretty warm on rainy and windy days, once layered adequately.

2. Minimalistic design:

This is the only rainproof system with a minimalistic design, AND with a cozy feel.

The Sitka team is able to cut down the weight without sacrificing comfort.

Here’s how functional it is:

  • The zipper pockets on the jacket make access to your hunting gear easy, without interfering with backpack straps or harnesses.
  • The hood is highly versatile. Once cinched up, it keeps water out, and allows you to move your head freely without limiting your vision.
  • The adjustable hem, velcro cuff, and snaps block the rain from seeping in.
  • The zips under the armpits release a ton of heat if you need to vent while hiking or climbing.
handy armpit


adjustable hem


Is it heavy?

Nope, it’s as light as a feather. The system weighs only 23 oz.

Although it is not the lightest rain gear on our list (a bit heavier than Cabela’s Space suit below), it saves you some weight to allow you to pack out other hunting gear.

Is it packable?


After rolling up, it’s as compact as a water bottle and can be easily stashed away.

So you don’t have to worry that it’ll take up a lot of space in your pack.

And, it dries out quickly, so you can always be prepared for your next hunt.

packable dew point


durable dew point


How durable is it?

The 20D fabric can battle through thick brush or thorns without even a scratch.

Although it’s not as heavy-duty as the Kuiu Kutana (mentioned later below), it will last for many years before degrading.

Dewpoint set passes muster

“Packed up in the rain with a long way to go and a lot of tough miles. While it let up a few times, I had precipitation all day- sometimes heavy. 15 hours (and 26 tough miles) of precipitation.

Add to that climbing through blowdown, fording swift streams, navigating off trail to avoid fording, especially swift streams, and generally tough conditions.

I can now say with confidence that the Dewpoint set passes muster!” (Montana, mtwarden - Super Moderator of Rokslide forum).

3. Rainproof pants:

The pants incorporate full YKK waterproof zippers running from top to bottom.

It ensures full access, whilst still remaining waterproof.

When it rains, you can open the zippers, slip them over your boots, and close the zippers.

It’s that easy.

full zippers running from top to bottom

full zippers running from top to bottom (Via

full zippers



Pretty noisy

The rain gear is pretty noisy for spot and stalk hunting. You have to trade off the lighter weight for the noise.

However, it’s not that big of a deal on rainy days. Why?

Under the rain, there are other noises covering your sound, such as noise from the rain hitting the ground or branches. Usually your noise will be pretty well dampened in these conditions.

Wears off over time

The waterproofing of Gore-tex will be less effective over time, especially if the seam deteriorates.

Once this starts to happen you should look to replace your suit.

Not Made-in-USA

The shame is that it’s not made in the USA, since it comes with such a high price tag.

A high price tag

Its price is a bit on the high side.

However, considering how lightweight it is, how dry you stay, and how comfortable it is on rainy days while hunting, it’s worth it.


  • Ultralight rain gear for hunting
  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Ultra durable
  • Breathable fabric
  • Minimalistic yet functional design
  • Packable into a pouch
  • Pants are easy to slip over hunting boots


  • Pretty noisy
  • Wears out over time
  • Not made in the USA
  • High price tag

2. Kuiu Kutana Storm Shell Rain Gear:



Kuiu Kutana is the best tough rain gear for hunting.

It’s rugged but not too bulky, which makes it a must-try for still hunting in tough conditions.

Don’t head out without it.

Key Features:

1. Built-to-last rain gear:

Putting this rain gear on, you can crawl across sharp rocks, without any worry about the fabric getting shredded. Ever.

You’re unlikely to even leave a scratch. They’re that durable.


The game-changing combination of Toray TORAIN and Stretch Nylon 6/6 material gives you a built-to-last rain gear set.

The Stretch Nylon 6/6 guarantees your rain gear will survive busting through brush, without so much as a scratch.

The Torrya Torain 3-layer construction maximizes your hunting trip by providing a fully waterproof, windproof, and bone dry system.

You’ll stay nice and dry even if the rain storms keep rolling in.

Toray TORAIN 3 layer


sheep hunting - Kuiu Katana Storm


Wait… there’s more:

The exclusive seam-sealing technology protects you from getting soaked and extends your rain gear’s lifespan by years.

Is it breathable?

Yes, the new Entrant breathable membrane quickly releases the inside moisture, whilst also blocking the outside water from coming in.

Regardless of how active you are, wearing it all day long is pretty comfy.

Did you know?

Kuiu Kutana passed both the breathability rating standards of A1 and B1. It proves the Kutana fabric has a “fairly quick release of moisture".

Does it ventilate the heat?

Yes. Unlike a typical cheap set of rain gear that doesn’t vent, the ventilation system of Kutana performs flawlessly.

The armpit zips and built-in YKK zippers dump out a lot of heat.

Layering with a base underneath, you won’t get overheated in warm weather, whilst still staying cozy in colder weather.

The best part:

Putting the YKK front zipper of the jacket halfway leaves a lot of airflow for ventilation while still protecting you from getting wet.

On top of that, this rainwear dries super fast. So you can get back to your next hunting session without delay.

zipper pit - Kuiu Katana Storm

versatile pit (Via

ADJUSTABLE STORM HOOD - Kuiu storm shell

adjustable hood (Via

2. Medium weight:

The whole rain suit is neither heavy, nor lightweight.

It takes up 33.8 oz, which is nearly 40% heavier than the Sitka Dew Point.

However, it’s not baggy though.

Folding them into a bag is a breeze, and it doesn’t “eat up” too much space in your pack.

3. Decent looking:

The camouflage rainwear looks good.

You’ll be happy to wear this high-end rain suit since it feels pretty good on the skin and has no plasticky feeling.

The pants feature a full zipper running from the ankle to the waist. Slipping it over your boots is pretty easy.

Is it noisy?

Nope, its noise is pretty bearable, especially when worn during rain. It’s neither loud nor quiet.

durable - Kuiu Katana Storm



Made in China

Like Sitka Dew Point, the Kuiu Kutana is not USA-made rainwear. What a shame.

Pretty small size

The shell jacket is pretty snug for big guys.

If you’re layering underneath, I suggest you pick one size up.


Well… It’s pretty damn pricey.

But if you consider it as an investment for the next 10 years, it’ll be worth it.


  • Built to last rainwear
  • Excellent rain and wind protection
  • Lightweight
  • Quick drying
  • Breathable
  • Nice ventilation
  • Bulletproof design
  • Bearable noise under the rain
  • Easy to put the pants on without taking off your boots


  • Expensive
  • Made in China

3. Stone Glacier M5 Rain Gear:

Stone Glacier M5 Jacket


The M5 is the best waterproof and breathable rain gear for spring and fall mountain hunts.

It’s also stormproof, durable, and packable.

Compared to the Sitka Dew Point, the hardshell is heavier but quieter.

Key Features:

1. Stormproof:

The Stone Glacier M5 series features exclusive HydraShield technology.

It works like armor protection from the elements.

No other hunting rainwear brand offers such a high waterproof and breathability rating, giving you full stormproof protection.

How waterproof is it?

Typically, the 20,000+ mm rating of the hydrostatic head test (a kind of waterproof test) means it can endure heavy rain, wet snow, and high pressure.

The M5 fabric beats the standard rating of 31,000 mm. Nothing can get through them once you put them on, even that biting mountain wind.

It BLOCKS OUT wind, snow, and heavy rain.

The only thing you’ll feel is the feeling of being warm and dry. Guaranteed.

BLOCKS OUT wind, snow, and heavy rain


dry and vented out


How's about its breathability?

M5 also exceeds the standard of MVTR rating (breathability test). It reaches 27,600g/ m2 / per day, the highest breathability rating.

This is a whole next level of breathability, leaving the existing standard ratings in its wake.

If you’re a western hunter who hikes a lot, you’ll love how dry and vented it keeps you in warm weather.

The dual pit zips and full side zips ventilate your heat while hiking. They keep you feeling nice and cool even when climbing uphill.

Did you know?

Hunting in the rain gives you more advantages due to lower hunting pressure.

Why? Since many hunters tend to stay in their hunting camp or tent during the rain.

2. Extremely Durable:

Unlike the Gore-tex C-KNIT backer of the Sitka Dew Point, which is noisy, soft, and less durable, the Tricot backer of M5 is quiet, stiff, and more solid.

The material is pretty thick, soft, and quiet.

The hard shell protects you from abrasion when you head through rocky terrain.

How long is the guarantee?

The Stone Glacier offers an outstanding lifetime warranty on the fabric and workmanship.

You can wear this heavy duty rain suit for years with complete peace of mind.

protect from rocky terrains - stone glacier m5


3. Packable:

M5 is the heaviest rainwear for hunting on our list. The whole suit weighs up to 36.6 oz.

But it’s still nicely packable for backcountry hunts.

How does it fit?

The athletic fit offers comfortable layering.

The raincoat increases the waistline coverage to stop water from leaking in when sitting on the ground.

It also extends the sleeves for extra comfort while glassing.

prolong waist line


Waist adjustment is never easier

Unlike typical pants, you need to upsize for extra layering; the Contour system adjusts your waist sizing up/down by moving the velcro zipper position.

These are the only rain pants you can customize to fit your waist size by a range of 2.5 inches.

It’s handy to add/remove layers when the temperature gets colder or warmer.

Sweet, right?

Contour system



Pretty heavy

The gear sacrifices being lightweight by opting for more durability, since the material is pretty thick.

Non-American made

Like Sitka and Kuiu, this rain gear is also non-American-made. It depends on the value you place on supporting the American manufacturing industries.

Big price tag

The M5 is on the top end of the price range.

However, keeping your head in the game while stopping cold and wet out is much more worthy. When it comes to your hunting investments, you’ve already come this far, right?

(If you’re looking for something a little more wallet-friendly, check out the First Lite Vapor Stormlight below).


  • Stormproof
  • Superior breathability and waterproofing
  • Thick, soft, and quiet material
  • Extreme durable
  • Versatile waist adjustment
  • Extra extended waist coverage and sleeves
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Great customer service


  • Pretty heavy
  • Non-American made
  • Costly

4. First Lite Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Gear:

First Lite Vapor Stormlight Ultralight Rain Jacket


The Vapor Stormlight is the best affordable backup to the Sitka Dew Point.

It works like a second basic rain suit for quick deployment in light rain.

The First Lite also saves weight and cost by cutting out the extra bells and whistles.

Key Features:

1. Ultra lightweight:

The minimalist design keeps the rain kit thin and simple.

The jacket features only 2 thigh pockets and a 3D Turret adjustable hood.

Instead of the 3 layer construction of Sitka, the Stormlight comes with 2.5 layers of material.

It cuts down the weight immensely, while still keeping you super dry in sudden downpours.

How heavy is it?

The whole set weighs only 31 oz.

Despite that, it's slightly heavier than the Sitka Dew Point, but you’ll definitely enjoy its packability.

How breathable is it?

The Vapor Stormlight applies patented 37.5 technology.

It transfers your sweat and moisture to vapor and vents it out while regulating your body temperature at optimum 37.5 degrees.

More than that, it traps your odor inside the fabric until laundered, rather than spreading it across the woods. This way you’re less likely to spook deer due to inadequate scent control.

Ultra lightweight




Did you know?

Each year, First Lite raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to support conservation via gear give-aways, non-profit auctions, and donations. (Source)

By picking their fully waterproof hunting jackets and pants, you’re directly contributing to US wildlife conservation.

2. Easy to stuff in a day pack:

It’s pretty compact after compressing, saving you some space when stowing in the front or side pocket of your pack.

This makes it easier to stash and access when it starts pouring out of nowhere.

Just take it out, throw it on, and stay dry on the hunt for longer.

Is it quiet?

The rain gear is quiet enough to put on and draw your bow from a treestand, without a buck picking up on your movement.

Easy to stuff in a day pack


3. True-to-size fit:

Unlike the Sitka Dew Point that you need to upsize, the Vapor Stormlight is a true-to-size.

It means if you always wear an X-large, it’s best to go with an X-large.

Bear in mind that if you’re planning to layer up a fair bit underneath, you’ll still need one size up.

true to size fit



Not for all day rain

The material is much thinner than the Sitka Dew Point and not for heavy all day rain.

So if you’re hunting up in sheep country like Arizona, Wyoming, or Colorado, or out on the Alaskan islands, the Sitka Dew Point will be your go-to option instead.

No pit zips or chest pockets

The old-fashioned design has no pit zips or chest pockets. It means poor ventilation.

You’ll likely get wet from inside sweat while hiking or tracking.

Also, it lacks pocket storage for your hunting gear.

Less durable

Let's face it: you can’t expect bulletproof durability at a price this affordable.

The Stormlight is not the kind of heavy-duty rainwear you’d need for bushwhacking.

The elbow and sleeves can rip easily when walking through thorny areas. Be aware.


  • Keeps you dry
  • Pretty thin and lightweight
  • Quiet
  • Decent breathability and odor control
  • Reasonable price
  • Compressible and compact


  • Less durable
  • Thin shell
  • No pit zips for ventilation
  • No chest pockets

5. Cabela's Space Rain Suit:

Cabela's Space Rain


The Cabela’s Space is the best budget friendly rain gear for hunting turkey, elk, and deer.

Obviously, it’s not as dry and breathable as the previously mentioned high-end rainwear.

But if you’re looking for packable "emergency" rain protection, the Cabela's Space is your best option.

Key Features:

The Cabela’s Space is an ultra-packable lightweight rain suit.

The suit weighs only 21.25 oz; making it the lightest rain jacket & coat for hunting on our list.

The suit fits nicely in your fanny pack without adding excess weight. Once rolled up, it’s as compact as a softball.

There’s more:

The polyester material is fully waterproof, keeping you dry under light rain.

And it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to protect you from that unforeseen bad weather.

Who is it suitable for?

It’s a good choice for:

  • Deer, elk, and turkey hunters
  • Treestand hunters
  • Hunters who don’t hike a lot


Cheap design

Let’s admit it: the design looks cheap and flimsy.


  • The full front zipper of the jacket won’t stop hard rain from getting you wet, especially the chest areas.
  • The velcro cuffs are not tight enough to block water from leaking in.

The pants are also lacking… For example:

  • 2 side zippers run halfway only. It could have vented out better.
  • The elasticized waistband is not comfortable for all day wear.
  • There are no pockets for gear storage.

Not for downpour

The thin material can’t endure heavier downpours or all day rain. Pick a more heavy duty suit, such as the Sitka Dew Point instead.

Not durable

Do not wear them through thorns or tree limbs. Otherwise, they’ll get ripped up.

My advice: You should pick a less risky route to avoid damage to your gear.

Less breathable

The ventilation and breathability are not great. You can get damp from sweat if you move a lot.


  • Compact lightweight
  • Budget friendly
  • Packable
  • 100% waterproof fabric


  • Cheap design
  • Not for heavy rain
  • Less breathable
  • Less durable

Wrapping up:

So our final pick for the best rain gear for hunting is the “Sitka Dew Point System.”

editor's choice: SITKA Gear Men's Dew Point Waterproof Lightweight Hunting Jacket


Here are why you’ve got to try this out this season:

  • Ultra light
  • 100% waterproof and windproof
  • Super Packable
  • Breathable
  • Great ventilation
  • Works on both warm and cold days
  • Minimalistic design
  • Extremely durable
  • Best bang for your buck

Your turn: what is your favorite hunting rain gear, Sitka or Kuiu?

Tell us below!

And if you want to hunt out longer in this mid and late season, check these top winter gear out now:

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