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Have you ever headed into a hunting spot but struggled to work out the deer movements and wind directions?

Where it seems like the wind keeps swirling or shifting, and the deer keep catching you out…

Take a look at our best ozone generators for hunting. They flawlessly mask your scent and hide your presence from being detected by deer.

Here we go:

Our Top Picks:

1. Ozonics OrionX Ozone Generator for Hunting:

Ozonics OrionX Ozone Generator for Hunting


The Ozonics OrionX is the most advanced ozone generator for hunting.

You shouldn’t go out into the field without one.

Once set up and used correctly, you’ll remain undetected by deer, even downwind.

Key Features:

1. The “Cadillac” of scent control:

We call it the “Cadillac” of scent control, since it’s so powerful and effective.

The OrionX basically transforms your household and human odor into an imperceptible form that doesn’t spook deer.

Of course, the deer are able to smell the ozone, but it simply doesn’t bother them.

Even more:

The OrionX features an exclusive Hyper-Boost mode putting out approximately 25% more ozone than the previous HR300 model.

It means 25% more scent-covering ability.

Remember that you should still take personal scent control measures, but the OrionX COVERS WHAT YOU MISS.

how ozonics work


So does Ozonics really work for hunting?

Confidently, yes. Using this ozone generator, you’re a good chance to see a bunch more deer that you hadn’t been seeing before.

They could also walk directly into you from downwind, without spooking. Cool right?

Is Ozonics safe?

“The U.S. government performs tests and develops safety standards for numerous materials/compounds - including ozone - and approves them as safe for human use.
Every Ozonics device is built to meet all federal safety standards (OSHA, EPA, NIOSH) for the human consumption of ozone.” (

It means as long as you have proper ventilation, it’s safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

Is it easy to use?

Using the OrionX is a breeze, and only requires you to push 2 buttons: Power and Mode.

Ozonic easy to use


How do I set up the Ozonics correctly?

Setting it up is pretty easy. Here's how:

  • Treestand setup: put it 8”-12” above your head, at a 30-degree angle downwards, and blow into the wind. Then turn on the Boost or HyperBoost mode.
  • Blind setup: position it at the downwind end up the blind, where the air is leaving and set it on standard mode.

How to use it to de-scent your hunting gear?

Toss it into a locker or bag, and use the DRiWASH mode to de-scent your hunting gear.

It will run for 10 minutes before shutting itself off.

2. Smart Mounting system:

Setting up the OrionX is super easy.

Just screw the T-screw in the tree, drop the smart arm into place, and adjust it. Done! It’s that simple.

The smart arm mount contains 4 points for adjusting the angle, making it super versatile.

smart mounting system


Cool Design

The design is lightweight (13 oz) and portable to carry around.

While the other models may be noisy and difficult to handle, the OrionX uses rubber around the outer shell, quietening it down, and making it easy for handling.

portable size


3. Longest running time:

The newest XL battery lasts up to 10 hours in standard mode.

It means you get ozone coverage all day.

The mega battery is extremely valuable as it can extend out from dawn to dusk, given that it’s the time when the deer are most likely to move.

My advice: get a 2nd battery as backup for changing out in the field. Why?

The ozonic generator needs to be running all the time, OR it won’t be effective.

There are 4 lights that show you how much battery is remaining.


Tapered screw

Screwing it into oak or hickory bark is a pain in the butt.

Loud fan

The fan is pretty loud when you turn on the Boost mode. It’s likely to scare off the deer on those super calm days.

So, be mindful of that.


The price of the OrionX is pretty high.

If you need an ozone generator though to compensate for imperfections in your hunting techniques or setup, it’ll be worth the money.

Not 100% effective

No matter how great the ozone technology is, it doesn't work 100% of the time.

You can't know how much it will truly benefit you, until you try it.


  • Powerful ozone output
  • Smart mounting system
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Can used indoors and outdoors
  • Longest battery running time
  • Quiet (generally)
  • Lightweight


  • Tapered screw
  • Loud fan (when on boost mode)
  • Expensive

2. Wildgame Innovations Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator:

Wildgame Innovations WGIPG0001 Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator, Tru Bark Camo


The Wildgame Zerotrace is the best ozone generator for hunting deer.

It’s a game changer for hunters who may be uneasy about the effects of ozone.

The Science-backed ionization keeps you, and your pricey hunting gear, 100% safe from potential health risks or damage.

Key Features:

1. LIKE an ozone generator, UNLIKE any other ozone generator:

It works like an ozone generator eliminating your odor from being detected by deer.

But, unlike a typical ozone machine that is not really safe for your gear or health, the ZeroTrace is 100% SAFE to breathe and doesn't ruin your equipment.

How does it work?

The Zerotrace uses plasma (PureION) technology instead of ozone.

Once turned on, it generates positive and negative ions, attaching to and neutralizing odor particles.

You’ll be covered by an invisible “cage” of ion molecules that fool the deer’s sensitive nose.

The result: larger wiser bucks are less likely to become spooked, giving you better chances at a clear shot!

How wide is the coverage?

It covers around 40 to 60 feet, more than enough for taking care of your hunting bow range.

Does the Zerotrace really work?

The Wildgame team tested it out in independent labs and proved that it tremendously reduces human odors, such as lactic acid and urea.

They even tested it in the field and got excellent results during the 2018 hunting season. Check out those results here: Source.

For sure, you’ll still need to follow scent control protocols, such as using scent-free soap and sprays, and not wearing boots around the camp…
However, the Zerotrace can compensate for the gaps in your scent cover-up.

Once used properly, you’ll have a stronger chance of a deer coming within 10-20 yards of your blind without it ever catching your scent.

2. Collar Lock Mounting Bracket:

Setting it up on trees and blinds is super easy. Once turned on, it instantly starts blowing the ionic molecules around you.

Collar Lock Mounting Bracket


How to set it up on a treestand?

Whilst mounting the OrionX requires screwing it into the tree, the Zerotrace features a collar lock system, which uses straps around the tree without screwing into or hurting the tree.


The magnetic ball base attaches to the tree via a collar strap. Simply place the unit into the base, and you can adjust it 360 degrees.

Zerotrace Plasma Ion Field Generator, setup on stand


magnetic ball base


How handy is it?

They come in handy when the winds shift on you throughout the day.

Let’s say you’re having some bad wind while hanging on a stand. Just change the angle and turn it the direction you need. It’s that easy.

How to set it up on the ground blind?

Well, they give you an additional mount for setting up on a blind.

The mount attaches the ball base to the blind frame, before clicking in the ionizer.

Pretty easy!

zerotrace - setup in blind


3. Impressive running time:

The Wildgame states it can last 4-6 hours on standard mode. However, it actually runs a fair bit longer in practice.

Compared to the OrionX, the battery life is still a bit shorter though.

The best part?

The ion field generator comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, without any extra expense.

It means you can stay out longer, up to 12 hours, without needing to worry about running out of battery power halfway through the day.

rechargeable batteries, ZeroTrace PureION



Less convenient to move

The mounting straps are less convenient for saddle hunters. Taking it up and down can be time-consuming.

Noisy fan

The fan is noisy in Boost mode. It can spook your deer away in those dead-quiet hunting conditions.


  • Plasma ion technology
  • 100% safe to breathe
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Good price
  • Impressive running time


  • Less convenient to move
  • Noisy fan

3. Ozonics HR230 Ozone Generator for Hunting:

Ozonics HR230 Ozone Generator for Hunting


The HR230 is the best value-for-money ozone scent eliminator.

It covers all the essentials of the OrionX, but at a cheaper price.

Key Features:

The HR230 integrates the same proven ozone technology as OrionX.

The powerful scent elimination system reduces your human scent out and keeps you concealed from the deer’s nose, even from downwind.

Does it fool the deer's nose?

Nope, they still smell the ozone scent, but often snort and resume feeding. It gets the job done.

ozonics fools the deer's nose


Less intuitive design


Here are the differences:

1. Less intuitive design:

Instead of 2 buttons, this ozone emitter has 4 control buttons. It’s not a big deal, but I prefer the simple design of OrionX.

Besides that, it features only 2 main settings (excluding the DriWASH).

2. Standard battery and mount:

It has a standard battery that lasts just 5 hours on the lowest mode, which is pretty short.

You should be prepared with a backup one since it won’t be enough for an all-day hunt.

Bear in mind that an extended battery is available, sold separately, at a “ridiculous” price.

On top of that

The standard mounting system is good enough to screw the base into the tree.

However, it won’t be as versatile as the Smart mounting system of the OrionX.

3. Handy green lights:

The 2 LCD green lights are pretty handy when setting up in the early morning.

Installing it on a treestand or in a ground blind with little to no sunshine is a little challenging.

The HR230 is a good choice if you’re at the entry-level of scent control.

handy green lights



Hard to set up on hardwood trees

The T-screw is quite dull, making it hard to set up on a hardwood tree. You’ll need a cordless drill to make a hole before screwing it in.


  • Excellent ozone emitter
  • Conceals your scent flawlessly
  • Handy green lights
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Good price


  • Short battery life
  • Hart to screw into hard trees
  • Less intuitive design

4. Scentlok OZ Radial EZ:

ScentLok OZ Radial EZ, Portable Ozone Generator for Odor Removal


The OZ Radial is the best portable ozone generator for hunting.

Its compact size is ideal for getting rid of the human smell from hunting clothes and gear.

Key Features:

1. Powerful scent killer:

The OZ Radial releases ozone molecules to attach to and destroy your scent COMPLETELY.

Food scent, body odor, kitchen smell … ALL GONE.

My buddy combines the OZ Radial with other popular scent elimination methods. The deer is likely to smell the ozone itself, but often walk in without hesitation.

Safe for enclosed areas

Unlike the Zerotrace, which is safe for indoor and outdoor use, the OZ Radial only operates in enclosed spaces.

The battery-powered device quietly puts out tons of ozone in a closed space, such as:

  • Tote
  • Bag
  • Locker
  • Truck cab
  • Blinds…

It keeps your hunting clothes and gear scent-free.

Caution: You SHOULD NOT turn it on when there are humans or pets around.

Since there are still skeptics of ozone's negative effects on human health, it’s better to be SAFE THAN SORRY.

Powerful scent killer


2. Minimalism design:

This ozone generator is pretty portable and compact. Carrying it around is easy with the use of the tether strap and carrier.

The one-button design is impressive. You can quickly flick through 4 different settings with only 1 button.

Here’s the best part: CycleClean mode

The built-in timer routinely runs for intervals of 5 minutes, up to 30 minutes at a time.

For example:

  • Running cycles of 30 minutes on
  • Stops running for 30 minutes
  • Runs a 30 minute cycle again, before automatically shutting itself off.

The cool thing is that its programs allow you to “set and forget”.

Just turn it on CycleClean mode, and leave it there with peace of mind. Turn back after 90 minutes, and all of your hunting clothes are odorless.

Sweet, right?

portable straps

lanyard - Via

usb port

usb port - Via

Extra power bank

The extra USB port at the back is pretty helpful for charging your phone.

Imagine you’re sitting in a box blind, waiting around for some deer to come into the area, and in the meantime draining all the life out of your phone battery.

Just plug it into the back usb port, and you’re free to surf through your social media…

3. Incredible battery:

The built-in battery is pretty awesome, lasting up to 8 hours.

Get a 2nd pack, and you can sit all day with peace of mind that you won’t run out of power.

The best part?

The bottom battery is detachable for easy replacement.

Powerful scent killer




Yep, it’s not cheap for an indoor and portable ozone generator.

But think about it:

If you dropped $600+ on First Lite or Sitka camo gear to hide your appearance, it’d be worthwhile to make sure they don’t smell you in it first!

The OZ Radial is worth spending for supplementing your existing investment in hunting gear, and to give you a better chance of creating decent shooting opportunities.

Dull lanyard

The lanyard at the bottom makes the ozone generator a little bit unsteady.


  • Powerful scent killer
  • Safe for indoor use
  • Easy to operate
  • Extra USB port
  • Long battery
  • Quiet


  • Costly
  • Dull lanyard

5. BoneView Max Ozone Generator Scent Eliminator:

BoneView MAX Ozone


The BoneView Max is the cheapest ozone generator for hunting.

It’s not too powerful but good enough to deodorize bad smells from your hunting gear.

If you wanna try out some of this ozone technology without breaking the bank, this is a good fit for you.

Key Features:

1. Compact size:

The compact size is super handy for carrying around.

The portable ozone generators may be small, but still get the job done.

If you sweat like a pig, it saves you from having to wash your hunting clothes in camp.

2. Cool settings:

Like the OZ Radial, it features 2 great modes with only 1 button:

  • Purge mode: the ozone emitter runs 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off, and lasts 2 hours.
  • Maintenance mode: it runs for 2.5 minutes every hour and lasts for 3 days.

Toss your stinky gear in a tote and turn the Purge mode on.

After 2 hours, it still smells like ozone. Leave them outside for a couple of minutes. You smell nothing and are ready for the next hunt.

Toss your stinky gear in



Weak power

The small vent doesn’t release ozone continuously due to its lower power.

I advise you to strategically hunt the wind and add other scent coverage, or you’re still at risk of getting busted by deer.

Works for small spaces only

Get multiple ones if you need to remove scent for lots of hunting gear or in larger spaces.

Bear in mind that you can’t use it in a blind or treestand. Pick the Wildgame Zerotrace above if you need something more powerful.

Ruins elastic gear

DON’T leave anything with elastic in it with the generator for hours, such as safety harnesses or bows.

It can ruin them all.


  • Compact size
  • Good ozone generator
  • Cheap price
  • De-scents clothing well
  • Long running time


  • Weak power
  • Works for small tote only
  • It might ruin elastic gear


1. Can You Use Ozonics in the Rain?

Unfortunately, no. The internal parts are not waterproof and might get damaged from heavy rain.

2. Ozonics… Are They Worth It?

Yes and No.

  • Yes: it works and gives you an edge while hunting. The deer is less likely to bust you, even downwind.
  • No: it is not the “magic wand” of scent control. You will still need to have good hunting and hygiene habits.
  • My advice: Follow scent control protocols, play the wind, and utilize the Ozonics to maximize your chances.

3. Do Ozone Generators Ruin Hunting Fabrics?

Yes, it can. If you leave it for a couple of hours, it degrades elastic gear.

My advice: treat it, but do not over-treat it.

Take care with these gear: safety harness, rubber boots, foam, waistlines and wrist cuffs on hunting clothing…


Our final pick for the best ozone generator for hunting deer is the Wildgame Zerotrace.

Editor choice: Ozonics OrionX Ozone Generator for Hunting


Here’s the reason you’ve got to try it out:

  • Powerfully deodorizes your scent
  • 100% safe to inhale
  • Doesn’t ruin your hunting gear
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Impressive running time

Your turn! Which ozone generator do you prefer? Do you use other scent-elimination products?

Let us know below!

And don't forget to stop by these handy scent control tips:

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