In this ultimate guide, I’ll show you 5 best hunting pants for men with detailed reviews and comparison.

You might be wondering how to choose a good pair of camouflage hunting trousers, or how to wash hunting pants?

They’re all showed later in this article. So check it out:

Top Rated Hunting Pants:

Best Hunting Pants Reviews:

1. SITKA Gear Ascent Pant:

SITKA Gear Ascent Pant


The Stika Gear is an early season, hot weather, super lightweight pant—shaped for hunters on the move.

This lightweight deer hunting pants are designed for hot days spent hiking and charging in the mountains.

Super Cool

4-way stretch brushed nylon fabric

4-way stretch brushed nylon fabric - Via

While they rank among the best ultra-breathable design in Ascent lineups, the quick drying and 4-way stretch brushed nylon fabric are awesome features that deserve massive praise.

Their role is to give you the perfect coolness when the heat is blowing hot.

With that said, this breathable hunting pants are also designed with a low profile waist to prevent chafing and bunching.

I also like the fact it offers an odor control Polygiene fabric to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria. And wicks away moisture to keep you dry and warm.

Does it come with a mesh pocket design?

 mesh pocket design

mesh pocket design - Via

Sure it does. It also offers mesh pockets at the back, front and knee for added protection and ventilation to keep you cool and fresh.

Feel free with put your bow release inside.

The concealment pattern of this hunting pants are perfect and engineered to confuse the deer.

It allows you to move subtly in the woods without being detected by deer from a distance.

The best part?

They don't come with a buzz or scent that might scare the game away. They fit perfectly, stretch nicely and dries quickly when wet.


The only drawback we could figure out about is that you may get a lesser size than expected.

So, make sure you pick the right size that suits you before making a buying decision. Although it's durable, it offers little protection from thorns.


  • Regulates the body temperature
  • Prevent overheating and perspiration build
  • Wicks away moisture, allowing vapor to escape
  • Lightweight, soft and durable
  • Venting mesh pockets, with tough materials
  • Offers plenty of stretches, and odor control
  • Dries fast
  • Very flexible and quiet


  • A bit pricey
  • May likely run small
  • Offers little protection from thorns

2. First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants:


The First Lite Guide is hunting pants for briars and early season, as they are extremely durable and comes with the ability to defend against severe weather and rough terrain.

This model can withstand a lot of torture of walking through thorny bushes and briars with no issue or thorns sticking to it.

Freely hike


While featuring a perfect fit, the First Lite Pant sports built-in stretch design in a different range-of-motion. It also gives you plenty of room to move around during intense hikes.

All zippers, closures, and pockets adjust quietly, while the included 3D double cargo pockets offer easy access to storage.

Is it water repellent like other high-end pants?

Sure! It sports a (DWR) Durable water-repellent design, suitable for all-weather to keep you dry all day long. The suspender loops and a belt with DWR finish also keep you dry.


Just like the Sitka, we couldn't quite put our finger on the downside as it is all made perfect. But we did notice that it didn't come with any velcro.

We did also observe that the Cobra buckle is not of the finest quality. Aside from that, this apparel is great and awesome.


  • Durable nylon fabric
  • It holds up to a light rain, wind, and snow.
  • The stretch is perfect
  • Lightweight, yet surprisingly tough and durable
  • Fits well and quiet
  • Keeps dry and warm


  • A bit expensive
  • No Velcro
  • The cobra buckle is kind of flimsy

3. SITKA Men's Timberline Pant:

SITKA Men's Timberline Pant


Waterproof in Butt and Knees

Waterproof in butt

Waterproof in butt - Via

It is not surprising that another lineup of Stika Product is coming up as one of our best gore tex hunting pants.

The unique feature of the Timberline, compared to other brands is that they are waterproof in both butt and knees.

Conveniently Spot and Stalk with Knee Pads

Support spot and stalk with knee pads

Support spot and stalk with knee pads - Via

The included knee pad is a game changer here that gives you the flexibility to stalk on a deer without bumping your knees on thorns, Rockies or stumps.

A lovely feature that comes in so handy is the pocket knife feature that is perfectly positioned for ease of use.

It also comes with a technical 4-way stretch polyester spandex and a double waterproof with breathable reinforced nylon to keep you from catching a cold or getting wet when you sit in the snow.

Low Profile Waist

Regarding the fit, this is the top of its class. It offers a low-profile waist that doesn't bunch and the tapered legs that won't chafe.

Just like other Stika lineups, these pants need routine maintenance and care for the most performance.

So, make sure you don't bleach it or dry clean, so it gives you optimal performance.


One downside of these pants is that the snaps, which secure the pocket flaps down do not firmly snap together.

Also, the pants come with its own factory-made belt, which offers less flexibility.

Meaning, you don't have the choice of putting on your own belt or customizing it the way you want.


  • Stretchy, but tough as nails
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Waterproof seat and knee pads offer extra durability
  • 4-way stretch adds to the comfort and quality.
  • Waterproof knee and butt pads prevent you from getting wet.
  • Special pockets for clip knife


  • They design the inner waistband with cheaper materials
  • Factory made belt gives flexibility and option

4. Under Armour Men's Core Wool Pant:

Under Armour Men's Core Wool Pant


The Under Armor pants come with the mix of natural climate regulator and antimicrobial, with an optimal performing synthetic to give the best performance in cold weather.

If you're finding best wool hunting pants, then here it is.

Dry and Quiet

Apart from the fact that this mixture makes the pants dry fast, it also allows it to have a “no background" color algorithm, to prevent prey from seeing the complete form.

This ingenious combination also adds more to its durability and the ability to repel water without giving up the breathability and quality.

In addition, It is skillfully designed to be quiet hunting pants and wade off the fabric from rustling.

O-dor Free Protection

It also has an anti-odor technology, which helps to eliminate the growth of odor-causing microbes.

They wick sweat off and regulate body temperature to make you feel drier, cooler, and lighter.

Just like other high-end brands, the Under armor is going to give you lots of great stretches while maintaining a lot of durability.

It features double cargo pockets and 22-inch size coming up all the way up for easy boots access.

It also features a reversible wool base layer for multiple wearing occasions to keep you warm with the utmost performance.


My only complaint is that the outfit is susceptible to picking up brambles on the way. This could be a lot of work when trying to move the thorns out.


  • Complete comfort
  • Breathable and wicks off sweat
  • Offers lightweight warmth
  • Most quiet
  • Dries fast


  • Picks up scrambles easily

5. ScentLok Men's Full Season Taktix Hunting Pants:

Scentlok Technologies Men's Camo Full Season Taktix Pants


This best hunting pants for the money comes with modern and sophisticated technologies integrated into a piece of fabric to keep odor at bay. It also features 8 pockets and 18" leg zippers to remove your boot easily.

With the ScentLok Full Season TAKTIX Pant, you can relish the thrill of the hunt every time you pull on the full season clothing.

Eliminate Your Odor

Made for all four seasons, the Taktix have a camouflage pattern with Carbon Alloy technology that is enabled for trapping odors and ensuring you stay unnoticed for long periods of time.

Whether you are in the fields or the woods, they prevent you from being detected by the animals by trapping your odor.

With this, you can take your time to get a perfect shot because they will neither see nor catch you.

Fast Cleaning

Additionally, the ScentLok pant comes integrated with NeverWet technology which helps to keep you dry and clean for long periods as the fabric repels water, dirt, and blood.

The NeverWet technology features a superhydrophobic coating ensuring that you are not only weatherproof but dust, mug, and other liquids are dramatically repelled.

What more, it aids fast cleaning when the need arises.

The ScentLok Technologies TAKTIX Pant comes with 8 pockets, 18” leg zippers, side elastic and rear waistband grip.

For a long day of hunting, these are the gear to consider.


  • Camouflage pattern and Carbon Alloy to trap down odors
  • NeverWet technology keeps them weatherproof
  • Fast cleaning
  • 8 pockets to give you the needed flexibility
  • 18” leg zippers, side elastic and rear waistband grip all makes up for a blissful hunt


  • A bit expensive

6. 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants:

5.11 Tactical Men's Stryke Operator Uniform Pants


5.11 Tactical Stryke pants are great for hunting; there is no doubt about that.

This piece of tactical clothing is fantastic for anyone working in the security field or doing outdoor work - not just hunting.

Amazing Design

What first came to mind about the design is the Flex-Tac® rip-stop fabric that endures long hikes through the woods.

The waistband has a self-adjusting tunnel to ensure that they are snug around your waist but not uncomfortable.

It also features an articulated kneepad, a gusseted construction - and what is so great is that the trousers are rinse-washed thanks to the Teflon® finish.

Plenty Of Pockets

lots of pockets


What makes 5.11 Tactical so great is that they offer you the option to carry cargo, nevertheless.

The Stryke pants have 12 pockets to carry your small hunting gears such as elk calls, monocular, GPS...

The two large pockets on the side have Velcro to secure the goods inside, and they have a pair of pouches inside for smaller items.

The pouches are perfect for M4 magazines or anything else you don’t want to make noise while hunting.

The front pockets are very comfortable and roomy - and any soldier would appreciate them, as well as the front slit pockets.

As if that wasn’t enough - there are two back pockets with Velcro to make you’re you have plenty of space for everything.


The only flaw is that these stuff tend to fade quickly.

The inner pocket is a great idea, but it would be hard to retrieve gears if they belong to the smaller pocket.


  • Teflon® finish
  • Rinse wash
  • Self-adjusting waist tunnel
  • 12 pockets
  • A pair of pouches
  • Water resistance


  • The color fades fast
  • Quite small pockets for cell phone

7. Kryptek Men’s Tactical Stalker:

Kryptek Stalker Pant


Kryptek tactical stalker pants are all the rage - and it’s obvious at the very first glance.

The camo design makes them trendy and convenient - which is just amazing!

Comfortable suit



What makes the Kryptek tactical stand out is the material compound - which is highly unusual for hunting.

It is a mixing of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which is a fantastic combo. They are also breathable, comfortable.

Kryptek Highlander Camo Pattern

high lander pattern


The great camo design makes you look fashionable, but it protects your position from your prey.

The pants are also rather durable, thanks to the reinforced knees and seat to ensure that they never rip.

They are also available in amazing 9 colors, so it’s guaranteed that some are according to your liking.

However, the sizing is slightly different from the standard, so be careful picking out your pair of Kryptek pants.

Fast Drying

Of course, every hunter knows that not all camo pants are great for hunting.

So, we liked them because they are fast-frying, fast-wicking, and very convenient.

The reinforced areas make sure that you are comfortable hunting, giving you the feeling that the designer has thought of everything.

The pocketing is also highly convenient to use in action!

There are big cargo pockets, hand, and back pockets, so everything you need is within your reach.


  • Plenty of pocketing
  • Fast-drying material
  • Good blend of cotton and polyester
  • Available in 9 colors
  • Reinforced areas for durability
  • Good for the money


  • Weird sizing

How to Choose Best Elk Hunting Pants (Simple Checklist):

When deciding which hunting pants to buy, there are several factors you should consider.

In order to ensure that you get the best in the market, the following list has been compounded for you.


choose pants basing on weather

As you probably know, hunting in a swamp is quite different from hunting in a desert.

In the same vein, hunting in warm conditions is an entirely different scenario compared to hunting in a freezing weather.

To give you an insight, in hot weather (warm/summer), pants that are made of cotton materials are recommended.

That is because these materials are breathable and keep you cool during the hot season.

Also, you can use it in regions of low temperature with base layers.

However, wool is greatest in cold weather.

Generally, you should think about the durability, warmth, comfort, and weather-resistance before picking it up for any type of weather adventure.


wool is the quietest material for hunting pants

Another big consideration you should make when shopping for the best hunting trousers is the noise or sound level.

A pair of quiet pants always wins. Remember, you are going for a hunt, not a party.

During the hunt, your goal is to catch an deer or elk, and a very important part of doing that is to make your presence undetected.

Therefore, you should go for it because of the quietest material.

You don’t want the dry grass brushing up against your gear.

Yes, wool is the quietest and highly durable. However, it may be scratchy to the bare skin.

It is perfect for the late season, particularly between the months of October and November; something light is ideal for September.

Wool is ideal for cold and snowy north woods.

You may want to dry clean and not machine wash as it takes a long time to dry. It is also expensive, so, take that to heart.

Good Fit

These days, most brands are designed for the skinny jean crowd and women. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find something for people of larger size.

This may be a blessing to you if you are on the skinny side, as you can easily find you fit.

At worst, you will find a piece that is just a little bigger and you would have to slim it down to your size. However, for those with bigger size, you will have to be meticulous about your search.

A pair of good hunting pants should be comfortable to hike in. Don’t compromise your comfort!

Hunting Camouflage

Camouflage patterns

While wearing camouflage pants does not in itself make you a better hunter, but it may be all you need to gain that extra edge in certain situations.

Since hunting requires you to go unnoticed by your whitetail, camouflage is just the right mix to give you what you want.

Note, however, some hunting locations are greener than others while some are grayer.

You should only select the camouflage that suits your hunting region, not the one that triggers your taste.

Zipper Pockets

zipper pockets

The pockets will always come in handy irrespective of the amounts of items you take with you while hunting. Remember this: the bigger and deeper the pockets, the better.

As they can contain hunting gears such as gps, compact binocularrangefinder or elk calls with you.

These days and like the ScentLok pant reviewed above, there are pants with as many as 8 pockets.

They are the kind of clothing you should consider as they give you lots of options.

Water Resistant

Quick druy pants

Apparel that are water-resistant dry quickly, no matter what material they are made of – cool or fabric – they dry quickly or quicker.

Besides, features like waterproof hunting pants are becoming commonplace. Yes, they are functional and always will be.

Beyond that, why would you want to pay a premium amount for something less?

Pro Tips:

Don’t forget to use/wear gaiters to help prevent the ends of your pants from getting wet and soaking up water.

How to Wash Wool Hunting Pants (4 Easy Tips):

When we say wool, we really mean 100% wool. Many manufacturers just blend it with other fibers like cotton and market it as wool.

In this piece, we have compiled the top tips that will facilitate the best cleaning method while optimizing performance and durability.

There is no doubt about the fact that premium wool self-cleans. When mud comes in contact with it, it dries and falls off.

When it comes in contact with dirt, it is shaken off. Even with blood stains, all you need is a proper rinsing with cool water.

This doesn’t imply that your cool hunting pants will never need to be cleaned or washed.

However, on those occasions when you will have to clean your wool hunting pants, you can choose to dry clean or wash by hand.

If you prefer to wash by hand, these principles should remain:

  • Hand wash
  • Use the right temperature water, and
  • Dry slowly, naturally

1) Ensure Mild Nature For Your Pants

hand wash your wool hunting pants

A water bath combined with baking soda is enough to clean your gear.

Soiled areas can be spot-treated using a paste of pure soap including Woolite, Lux, or Ivory before washing. You can also use many of the modern odor-free soaps.

You just have to ensure that they have a mild nature.

You can decide to wash using your machine or via your hand. When using the laundry machine, set it at the gentle wash.

However, you may want to consider hand washing your wool hunting pants to avoid them being water-soaked and heavy in automatic washers.

Also, automatic washers clean fabrics using a mechanical process that is prone to reducing garment life by pulling at the seams and fabric weave.

2) Control The Temperature

avoid subjecting your wool hunting pants to sudden changes in temperature

You should avoid subjecting your hunting apparel to sudden changes in temperature when cleaning or washing.

Don't subject them into hot water or cold ice is capable of leading to excessive shrinkage.

In order to generate the best results, ensure having your cleaning water at room temperature or a little cool suitable and convenient for human touch before washing your pants.

Again, washing your hunting pants by hand gives you more control over the temperature.

3) Squeezed Out Water From Your Pants

dry the pant at room temperature

After washing, you should ensure that water is squeezed out of the wool pant either by drying it using towels or squeezing it by hand.

If you have an automatic washer, you can throw your pant into it and run the spin cycle for a couple seconds.

  • You should dry the pant at room temperature while stretching it back into its initial shape in its wet state.
  • Wool hunting pants should remain out of sunlight if dried over a clothesline.
  • They should be kept away from hot air registers if dried indoors.

4) Use Less Chemical

use less chemical for wool hunting pants

If you have your wool hunting pants dry-cleaned, instruct the dry cleaner to use less of the chemicals.

As they are prone to removing some oils and properties of wool when not properly used.

Hunting Pants FAQs:

Are Camo Pants Needed for Hunting?

Well, to be honest - camo pants are not necessary for most hunting weekends out there.

The camo design is helpful but can be completely unnecessary in some situations.

For example, if you are out hunting birds, there is absolutely no reason to wear camo for that.

However, camo can be crucial if you are out rifle hunting deer to make sure they don’t see you.

But, wearing camo is principal for bowhunting ungulates and hunting predators of all kinds.

Can You Wear Black Pants Hunting?

Yes, you can. In most cases, wearing solid black or white clothing is advised against when hunting.

Believe it or not, black objects can be attention-seeking as much as wearing white, but in a darker environment.

That is precisely the reason why most hunters opt for the camo design for hunting.

However, you should wear black if you are hunting inside ground blinds and shooting houses to make yourself even less visible.

Can You Wear Jeans Hunting?

No, we don’t recommend it. Here’s why:

  • The deer can see your jean’s color if you’re on a deer hunting trip
  • Most hunting areas are full of thorny bushes that go through your jeans and leave marks on you. Jeans aren’t reinforced in the right areas meaning that they are more likely to rip.
  • Jeans aren’t waterproof or convenient for hunting because you can’t bend as well in jeans as you can in good hunting pants.
  • Another thing why jeans aren’t as good of an option is the general lack of pockets.

How To Waterproof Hunting Pants?

In case you were out of luck and bought hunting pants that aren’t waterproof - don’t worry that you have to go out and buy a new pair.

The only thing you will need is a good Hydrophobic Waterproofing spray.

  • Once you get it, take your clean pants and place them on a flat surface.
  • Then use your waterproofing spray, keeping the can at least 7 to 10 inches away from the pants and that’s it!

What's the Best?

Having given you the details regarding the best pants for elk hunting, you should know what to expect buying one for yourself.

Additionally, you have been provided with key points before buying as well as the tips for taking care of your hunting pants.

But if you're still thinking of the exact brand to choose, then we recommend you buy the SITKA Men's, Timberline Pant.

Editor’s Choice:

best hunting pants


Here is the quick recap:

  • Offers groundbreaking features of a waterproof butt and knees pads
  • Nicely placed pocket knife
  • Double waterproof with breathable reinforced nylon to keep you from catching a cold or getting wet when you sit in the snow
  • A low-profile waist that doesn't a bunch
  • Tapered legs that won't chafe

If you are looking for a well-trusted and best hunting pants for a long walk in the woods then the SITKA Men's Timberline should be your go-to choice.

So, what are your favorite camo hunting pants, and what was your experience using them? Drop a comment below so we know your thought on this as well.

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