5 Best Hunting Bibs for Cold Weather (2019 Reviews)

In this guide, I show you some best hunting bibs for cold weather that you can use on stands in this late season. Beside detailed reviews, you will know what criterion of top hunting bibs.

The best part? I’ll compare hunting bibs vs coverall and pants if you’re wondering what’s their difference. But first, check this out:

Best Bibs for Hunting:

Best Hunting Bibs Reviews:

1. Badlands Men’s Convection Camo Insulated Hunting Bib Overalls - Camouflage

Badlands Men's Convection Camo Insulated Hunting Bib Overalls - Camouflage

Via Amazon.com

The Badlands Hunting Bib is designed to fight shilling cold weather and to keep you warm in late season hunting. The bib comes with a wind and water resistant outer-shell that ensures heat circulates throughout your core and legs.

Super Warm and Scent Free

Teflon Shield - Badlands Men’s Convection Camo

Teflon Shield - Via Amazon.com

Even if you are walking through a snowy place or decide to sit down in a tree for hours, these bibs got you protected to keep you warm throughout the day. This is because its included Teflon Shield does a good job on repelling dirt, and stains.

Fleece insulation -Badlands Men’s Convection Camo

Fleece insulation - Via Amazon.com

Besides, its Fusion Fleece is an awesome feature that is worthy of mention. This feature ensures that your body heat attains a comfortable level even in the mist of harsh weather. The reduction in the bibs helps you to fight odor that your body creates when you're sweating and keeps the it away from you.

Move Comfortably with Articulated Knee Design

Badlands Men’s Convection Camo Insulated Hunting Bib Overalls - Knee Design

Articulated knee - Via Amazon.com

After wearing this bibs, you will able to move comfortably and quietly in the fields due to its articulated knee design.

Also, the Bandland won so many hearts because it packs down and compresses so well. It comes with a red line design that is placed on the jacket to keep it from riding up and in place.

Included to its impeccable features, is the full length design that runs from one ankle all the way to your hip.

6 Handy and Warm Pockets

 Badlands Men's Convection Camo Insulated Hunting Bib Overalls - 5

Via Amazon.com

The included pockets are another sweet additions that make this product a go-to hunting bib for a lot of pro hunters. It offers 6 pockets that are lined with fleece to keep your hands warm and toasty.

You will also find a zippered pocket on both sides to keep your hands nice and warm. The gear also comes with a rear pocket and a built in waistband that keeps your arm warm and toasty.

Does it Offer a Heavyweight Design?

The answer to this question is no! This fleece lined hunting bibs only weighs 3 pounds, and the materials are made of a Softshell design, and High Lift Side Zips—housed in an Insulation Heat Channels.


  • They are quiet
  • Not waterproof
  • ​Designed for extreme cold weather
  • Keeps heat circulating throughout your legs and core.


  • The gear doesn't have Anton of lift,

2. Waterproof Windproof Camouflage Fleece Hunting Gear - Ambush

Waterproof Windproof Camouflage Fleece Hunting Gear - Ambush Bib

Via Amazon.com

The Ambush hunting Bib offers a unique design that fights heavy cold and keeps you warm. The included water repellent and wind proof exterior shell in this bib is a force to reckoned with in the industry. What this does is to give you warmth insulation and absolute waterproof protection for cold weather hunt.

Worry Free From Rain and Wind

This Bib also comes with an ultra quiet fleet interior, and a thick Sherpa fleece lining. These features are loaded with a heavy-duty two way front zipper and double storm pracket to protect you from the rain and the wind.

Easily Remove Your Boots

Heavy duty boot zippers - Ambush Bib

Via Amazon.com

You will see a 20-inch boot zippers with magnetic closures to enable you to put on/off your hunting boots easily. Both legs have zippers on the side up to the hips. The zippers function petty well, but they do make a bit of noise. As an added bonus, this bib easily converts to a pair of pants when they heat up.

5 Convenient Pockets

Ambush Bib (Mossy Oak Country, Medium) - Zipper Chest Pockets

Via Amazon.com

In addition, it also sports two chest and two interior sherpa lined hand pockets that add to the elegant appeal of this bib. You will also get to see an oversized cargo on the pockets. It has 5 zipper pockets; one at the upper chest, one at the hip and one on each legs.


  • It comes with a Reversed Buckle Suspender Belt
  • Can convert bibs to pants
  • ​Keeps you warm and dry
  • ​Waterproof
  • Lined Hand Warmer Chest Pockets


  • Makes a little bit of noise when unzipping

3. SITKA Gear Fanatic Bib

SITKA Gear Fanatic Bib

Via Amazon.com

One unique thing about the Stika is that it has a Windstopper lining that keeps you away from cold. This is because the face fabrics of this bib is made of a brush nylon, which means it is super quiet and comfortable to wear.

Its compression-resistant foam insulation offers you the protection from harsh cold weather. In my opinion, this is the warmest bibs for hunting in our list.

This bib is going to get you into that late season hunt with ease.

Convenient Pockets

Pockets - Sitka Fanatic Bibs

Convenient pockets - Via Amazon.com

Each side comes with a button cargo pocket and an exterior pocket to let you get quick access to hunting essentials, such as hunting rangefinder, gps, etc, both in a sitting and standing position.

Sitka Fanatic Bib - Bow hands free

Ankle Pocket - Via sitkagear.com

On the front of the bib is two zipper hand warmer pockets as well as an ankle pocket that lets you rest your traditional bow hands-free.

Designed for Deep Cold Temp

SITKA Gear Insulated WindStopper Fanatic Bib Optifade Elevated II XX Large

Brush Fleece Liner - Via Amazon.com

The interior of the bib is a brush fleece liner that holds a lot of heat for you and keeps your body from catching a cold while sitting on a treestand in deep cold temps (<32 degree F).

It comes with an adjustable suspenders that doesn’t require buckles as it would interfere with a bow or rifle or cause pressure points during hunting.


However, you can only use it for temps <=32, otherwise it will make you sweat profusely.

So if you hunt in early mid season, there is lite version you can get here.


  • The suspenders are easily removable
  • Full side zips with double sliders.
  • Strategically placed pockets in the thigh
  • Quantum adjustable suspenders doesn't cause pressure or interfere with the bow


  • Thin suspenders

4. Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Scent Control Barrier Bib—Men’s

Under Armour Coldgear Infrared Scent Control Barrier Bib - Men's

Via Amazon.com

With the Control Barrier bib, you can step out of your home in a cold weather having the full knowledge that all the necessary things to make you comfortable has been taken care of.

Packed with protection elements, the Under Armour bibs come with proactive benefits:

  • First, the ColdGear Infrared technology is able to distribute heat to all parts of the bib, thereby providing you with long-lasting warmth.
  • Secondly, you also have insulated padding in strategic locations such as the knees. This adds comfort to the individual wearing it, and will always come in handy when crawling or kneeling.

Stay Hunting Longer

The Bib is wind-resistant and water resistant and is able to keep you in the hunt for a longer time. Thanks to the Storm2 technology to enhance the performance of the bib.

Actively Control Your Scent

The inclusion of the Under Armour Scent Control helps to prevent you from catching game-spooking odors.

Super Quiet Bibs

Apart from this, the Bib is super quiet and has a loose cut which means you gain a full range of movement when hunting. No more pulling on heavy clothes during cold weather. No more special outfit when going for a hunt. All you need is a ColdGear.


  • Highly water and wind-resistant
  • Strategic insulated padding
  • ​Secure and easily accessible cargo pockets
  • ​Back pockets and hand pockets
  • ​The 100% polyester: soft, quiet, and comfortable
  • ​Heavy duty magnetic zip closure
  • ​Adjustable straps and waistband
  • ​Center front zip
  • Reduces and kills odor​
  • ​Absorbs heat and good for warmth
  • Excellent in rain, snow


  • No bottom zipper
  • Prone to getting wet on the knees
  • Flimsy and thin suspenders

5. ArcticShield Women’s Performance Fit Bib

Women's Performance Fit BibArcticShield

Via Amazon.com

The ArcticShield Women’s Performance Bib features high-tech performance as well as form-fitting style. The women’s hunting bib is our ideal piece of clothing for women on a cold day in the field.

Here's the deal: Retain Your 90% Heat

ArcticShield Women's Performance Fit Bib - Retain heat

Retain 90% body heat - Via arcticshieldoutdoor.com

The bib’s incredible warmth can be attributed to the ArcticShield heat-retention technology which has been patented. This technology is able to absorb and yield as much as 90 percent of the body heat while barring the cold from penetrating right into the body.

The ArcticShield ensures that this bib isn’t just one of the top women's camo hunting bibs, but it is also the warmest that will ever be owned by a female hunter. Also, the lightweight nature of the bib makes it easier for those who will be shouldering a gun or drawing a bow.

Freely Move for Female Hunters

Onyx-Arctic Shield-X-System Womens Womens performance fit bibs, Realtree Xtra, Medium

Move Freely - Via Amazon.com

Featuring a micro-suede outer shell, the Arctic Shield women’s performance Bib is a top choice among the best hunting bibs. It provides you with a tailored fit that gives you the comfort of moving freely while having that amazing look.

Warm Protection with Polyester Fleece Lining

Arcticshield hunting bibs - polyester fleece lining

Polyester fleece lining - Via Amazon.com

The fleece lining is a 280-gram polyester which gives you excellent warmth whenever you call on it. The Bib is quiet, comfortable, and has the benefit of being water and wind resistant. It also comes with several pockets, suspenders, two-wayside gussets, and more.


  • Water and wind resistant
  • H-style suspenders
  • ​Slash pockets
  • ​Elastic rear cargo pockets
  • ​Adjustable hook and loop cuffs
  • ​Storm flaps with snap closures
  • Knee-high two-wayside gussets
  • ​100% fiber
  • ​100% micro-suede
  • Warm and comfortable​
  • Lightweight​
  • ​Super quiet
  • ​Rain repellant
  • Minimal underneath clothing


  • Rigid seat padding
  • Large buckles
  • Too roomy for certain body size
Best Hunting Bibs for Cold Weather

How to Choose the Best Cold Weather Hunting Bibs:

In this piece, you will be given several tips and features you should look out for when selecting your hunting bib. Later sections, I'll compare hunting bibs with coverall and pants. So keep reading:

Cold Weather

Hunting bibs insulated

If you are like many people, there are huge possibilities that your hunting activities will be during cold weather, rain or snow. For this reason, you should consider starting out with polypropylene long johns (and you can try wool during extreme cold).

Hence, the material the bib is made of is just as the bib itself. For the best hunting bib, a waterproof shell is inevitable. This could be in various forms such as Goretex, dryplus, or plain old rain gear.

You should opt for a hunting bib with fixed insulation, an undergarment such as wool pants, or removable. These extreme cold weather hunting bibs could keep you warm and comfortable even in harsh weather conditions.


You should always look to spend your money on value. Some of the most valuable functions to look out for include:

Zipper Legs

Zipper Legs

Via sportsmansguide.com

Hunting Bibs with full leg zippers give you the flexibility to get boots through easily to prevent taking the boots off to put on the overalls. So, if the bibs you’re hoping to buy have no zippers on the legs, you can just walk away. You are better off not buying such a bib.



Via sportsmansguide.com

The best, and most functional hunting bibs should always have big pockets which can be used for gears such as binoculars, bow release, etc.

Wind and Water Resistant

Wind and water resistant

Also, you should have your eyes set out for a wind and water resistant bib. These days, these two features have become the norm. So, it doesn’t make financial sense if you are getting anything less than that.

Water and wind resistant bibs are not just essential for the fashion; they are functional in the way they keep moisture away from the bib as well as the inner material. This gives you more durable bibs and good value for money.


Camouflage patterns

Your level of success while hunting would partly be determined by how much you could go unnoticed by your deer or elk. The color and pattern of the bib, therefore, becomes important.

In order to choose the right camouflage, you need to decide the kind of landscape conditions you will be hunting. Certain locations are greener than others while some are greyer. You will be missing the point if you can’t find the answer to this.

When snow hunting, you should opt for a white camouflage. However, forest hunting would always require a brown or green camouflage. It is a rule of thumb.


Hunting Bibs - Size

Finding the top rated hunting bibs in terms of your size might be tricky as there are various size charts by various manufacturers. Hence, a certain size, in theory, may not correlate when you try it on.

When choosing a hunting bib, it is always advisable that you choose a larger size than you normally wear, since you would likely wear base and mid layers underneath.



Deciding on a quiet hunting bib has to do with both sound and scent. The deer or elk most likely can hear and smell you. Either of this would make them stay far away from where you are.

When hunting, it is important to stay quiet and mute as possible. The best deer hunting bibs are manufactured using less noisy materials, and this is what you should look for.

It is vital that you stay odorless during the game, and this is the reason why an increasing number of hunting bibs are being designed to block scent.

Although they can be a bit more expensive, but always worth it. So, if you find one with this feature, get it fast!

Pro Tips

  • Question: My lower back gets achy and sore really quick in the stand when I wear insulated bibs. The shoulder straps also make my neck stiff on long sits. Does this happen to anyone else?
  • Answer: It is essential to adjust your harness and bibs for a comfortable sit. I have had similar issues in the past with my safety harness. All you have to do is make the necessary adjustments and you will be good.

Hunting Coveralls vs. Bibs:

Hunting bibs or coveralls, which is better for you? Let's take a look:

Hunting Coveralls vs. Hunting Bibs

Images Source: sportsmansguide.com

Hunting Coveralls

Hunting Bibs

Save bucks for jacket






Extreme cold condition

Cover better

Less cover



More comfortable





  • No extra cost of jacket. Compared to either pants or bibs, you don’t have to buy an extra piece of jacket when you have coveralls.
  • They weight heavier than bibs
  • ​Coveralls work great during extreme cold as they cover more parts of the body than bibs.
  • ​Coveralls may seem short in the body
  • ​Unlike bibs, coveralls are generally uncomfortable.
  • ​Camouflage ones are good for keeping warm
  • They prevent kneeling or sitting shots from the ground


  • Bibs are breathable when it’s warm
  • Bibs are versatile and flexible, and you can adjust your movement or posture. You can also adjust during fickle temperature.
  • ​Climbing in bibs could be a bit uncomfortable
  • Bibs can be worn as trousers or converted into coverall-like with the addition of a jacket.​
  • Bibs may be a hindrance when trying to draw back your bow​
  • ​Bibs work best for those who will be sitting for longer periods
  • You can alternate between cold and heat with hunting bibs

Hunting Bibs vs. Pants:

If you're wondering: "bibs or pants for hunting?", then this part will compare their difference.

Hunting Bibs vs. Hunting Pants

Images Source: sportsmansguide.com

Hunting Bibs

Hunting Pants

Snow Weather

Withstand better


Rainy Weather

Withstand better


Cool Weather

Less prefer



Can convert to pant

Can’t convert





Metal button can be noisy

Less noisy















More lightweight

Hunting Bibs

  • Hunting bibs are great for snow and they are able to hold heat better than pants
  • Bibs are also better than pants in the rain as they keep you dry.
  • ​Some bibs are like convertibles and can be used as pants.
  • ​Bibs can be a little large and are bigger than pants.
  • ​While deer hunting, loops and metal buttons on bibs could be noisy. Otherwise, elastic straps make bibs quiet.
  • ​Bibs have more pockets than pants.
  • Bibs with zippers can help you cool off

Hunting Pants

  • Pants are a bit more comfortable than bibs
  • Pants have fewer hassles compared to bibs
  • ​Dealing with belts on pants could be annoying to some.
  • ​Pants allow for more freedom of movement than bibs.
  • ​They are great when the weather isn’t too cold as they trap less heat.
  • Pants are less bulky


These are pretty much all that you need to know to get the best ​hunting bibs. With this guide, I believe you are going to make the right choice of buying a hunting bib that you will be proud of.

But, if you’re yet to decide on which hunting bibs to choose, the one which managed to stand out to us is the Waterproof Windproof Camouflage Fleece Hunting Gear - Ambush Bib.

Editor's Choice:

Waterproof Windproof Camouflage Fleece Hunting Gear - Ambush - 5

Via Amazon.com

Thanks to the incredible features that make it stand out from others. It features the following:

  • An included water repellent and wind proof exterior shell to give you warmth insulation and absolute waterproof protection for cold weather hunt.
  • Enter your text here...An ultra quiet fleet interior, and a thick Sherpa fleece lining with a heavy-duty two way front zipper and double storm bracket to protect you from the rain and the wind.
  • ​You will also get a 20-inch boot zippers with magnetic closures to give you the needed flexibility.
  • ​Both legs have zippers on the side up to the hips.
  • ​It also sports two chest and two interior Sherpa lined hand pockets that add to the elegant appeal of this bib.
  • ​You will also get to see an oversized cargo on the pockets.
  • ​It comes with a Reversed Buckle Suspender Belt and can convert bibs to pants
  • Waterproof Lined Hand Warmer Chest Pockets

In fact, this brand comes with all that you need​.

So, in case you feel that we left out some other great hunting bibs, don’t hesitate to let us know.