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Looking for lightest and best climbing sticks for saddle hunters and treestand might be overwhelmed.

Lucky you, I tested and compared many top brands that are compact, secure, effective, and easy to use. The best part? All of them are PROVEN in the field.

If you wanna climb up to 20’ without hauling tons of weight, they’re your best fit.

In this guide, I cut all the stuff out and give you only the top choice.

Sounds great? Let's dig deep into it...

Best Rated Climbing Sticks On The Market:

Best Climbing Sticks for Saddle Hunting and Tree Stands Reviews:

1. Lone Wolf Custom Gear D’Acquisto Series Double Sticks:

Lone Wolf Custom Gear D’Acquisto Series Double Ste Sticks


The Lone Wolf D-Acquisto Series are the best lightweight climbing sticks for saddle hunting. Here it is if you want something that won’t add too much weight to your pack.


  • Weight (1 stick): 1.5 lbs
  • Stick Length: 14" - 20"
  • Step width: N/A
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs

Lightest stick

Weighing only 1.5 pounds per stick, these are one of the lightest sticks on our list.

They are made of aluminum which is very durable and will reduce plenty of your weight.

Stack Nice and Flat

Stack Nice and Flat

Stack Nicely - Via

Due to the highly compact size, the sticks are easy to nest together and perfectly integrated with the Lone Wolf stand. It can take your mobile hunting trip second to none.

However, it can make some noise because of the metal-on-metal contact when you put it in or out.

You better stealth-strip the sticks to make them quiet. The stud alignment system is a nice touch, as it allows for stacking that is elegant and easy.

Rugged design

I like that this is a single-piece design, as it reduces the possibility of damage - fewer parts, minor damage.

Bolt Design Stand-Off

bolt design stand off


It grabs the tree with 4-point contact instead of the sharp teeth bracket.

I prefer the traditional style, but I still admire the excellent craftsmanship and the ability to put it up quickly.

Safe and comfortable steps

Safe and comfortable steps


Lone Wolf Custom Gear D’Acquisto Series Double Sticks - real test

The double steps provide a stable standing platform and a safe feeling when getting off the ground.

You can get up to 20 feet of height with the 4-stick setup.

The offset step technology will impress you. It provides up to 3” of extra space for your toes, which is enough to make a difference regarding comfort.


I didn’t like that the sticks offer a little flex if you choose a leaning tree. You can feel a bit unstable, but you won’t fall off.

Also, they are relatively expensive, but they are a worthy investment as they will likely last you a lifetime.


  • Bolt design stand-off
  • Excellent craftmanship
  • Stack beautifully
  • Lightest stick
  • Plenty of room for standing
  • Safe and steady


  • Expensive

2. Out On A Limb Shikar Standard Sticks:

Out On A Limb The Shikar


If you are looking for customizable, roomy, and American-made climbing sticks, I advise you to check out the Out On A Limb The Shikar.


  • Weight (1 stick): 1.5 lbs
  • Stick Length: 17"
  • Step width: 4.5"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Best lightweight

These sticks are among the lightest on the list (along with the Lone Wolf).

They weigh only 1.37 pounds per stick, so the whole package weighs just over 3 pounds.

It’s a big difference between these sticks and cheapo options.

Using the Shikar can save you plenty of weight for long hikes. Luckily, the sticks are aluminum, a high-quality material that can last for years.


There are plenty of customized options for you:

  • Top and bottom steps
  • Length from 12 to 20 inches
  • mini flat and a pull strap.

You will love the mini or full-length sticks no matter what your preference is.

Stick together super well

The sticks all fit together in a stack like a glove. It’s fantastic for packing and carrying without noise.

Foldable Double Step

Foldable Double Step

Foldable steps - Via

The step distance is decent - 17 inches.

And the step depth is 4.5 inches - the same as the EWO stick. So it’s roomy enough for your feet, reducing the pressure when hanging on a tree.

Handcrafted Design

With a length of 14 to 20 inches, this is a tremendous handcrafted stick with thin short, profiled steps for saddle hunters.

An insert hole at the end of the stick is excellent for attaching an amsteel or an aider. The buckle button is fantastic for putting it into rope mode.

Out On A Limb Shikar Standard Sticks - real test

Sturdy sticks

The sticks are sturdy, and the sharp stand-off bites the tree, solid as a rock once installed.

It helps you climb confidently.

Easy to climb any tree

rotating stand-off

Rotating standoff - Via

The stand-off is rotating, so it’s easily twisted to silently fit any curve of the tree. With it, you can climb any tree as a breeze.

Made in the USA

made in usa

With this product's quality, you can be proud of American-made quality, which is not many on the market.


The stand-off can be too sharp, so be careful as it can hurt you.

The sticks are also costly but note that they are handcrafted, and you can quickly sell them if you change your mind.

Want more?

I didn’t like the thin profile as the sticks can bend.

Also, the aluminum knob might be too loose, which can be dangerous. So make sure to tighten it before you set everything up.

Last, they can pick up smells, which is not a good sign for deer hunting.


  • Lightest sticks for saddle hunters
  • Made in the USA
  • Rotating stand-off
  • Custom-built
  • Foldable double step
  • Handcafted design


  • Sharp stand off
  • Expensive
  • The sticks can bend under heavy pressure
  • The knob can be loose
  • Sticks can pick up smells

3. Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks:

 Hawk Helium Climbing Stick 3 PK. for Treestand Fold Up Steps with Boot Grabbing Grooves, Grey, One Size


If you’re looking for the best budget climbing sticks for tree stands that offer a full length, here comes the Hawk Helium climbing stick.


  • Weight (1 stick): 2.9 lbs
  • Stick Length: 30"
  • Step width: 10"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Super Quiet Packing

super quiet packing

super quiet packing - Via

The versa button is whisper-quiet, and the sticks come with a suction cup.

This suction cup prevents noise and metal-on-metal contact when you snap sticks together or move them, making the packing super quiet.

Pretty Light

pretty light


What makes these sticks a great buy is how lightweight they are - one stick weighs only 2.9 pounds. The aluminum construction with cutouts makes them extremely light.

However, they are not weight-wise for saddle hunting but an excellent choice for hang and hunt style. Besides that, it’s a decent option if you consider the price tag.

Despite being lightweight, these sticks are pretty long - 20 feet. However, remember that they can make noise when carrying them through the bushes.

Decent Height

With these sticks, you can quickly get a height of 14 feet. However, if that is not high enough, you can use a step aider to go higher.

Safe Dual Steps

The dual steps allow you to feel extremely safe when climbing.

Even better, the steps can be put on a top stick - so you can feel stable with some peace of mind because you’re standing on a level surface.

The steps are wide - 10  inches, offering excellent traction as they grab your boots well. With these sticks, you will never be afraid of falling.

Super Strong

super strong

super strong - Via

Hawk Helium sticks are relatively robust thanks to the stable tree-digger teeth, which offer grip even on smooth trees such as aspen. It can hold weight up to 300 pounds without any issues.

The daisy chain straps tighten down to your stand, but they can make some noise on different barks.

I advise you to change to the rope mode with complete tree fitting.

Easy to Assemble

You can set them up in less than 20 minutes, as the instructions are very clear.

Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks 3 - real test
Hawk Helium Climbing Sticks 2 - real test


The suction cup doesn’t last very long, and it can be difficult to get the sticks apart, especially in cold weather.

On the other hand

The strap color can stick out.

The daisy chain strap is a bit flimsy, so I advise you to upgrade to the buckle or the Versa strap.


  • Super quiet packing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe dual steps
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight
  • Decent height


  • The suction cup is not very durable
  • Flimsy daisy chain
  • The color strap can stick out
  • Pretty long sticks

4. Novix Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks:

Novix Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks


If you are looking for a mid-range climbing stick leaning more to the high end, you will ideally find the Novix Mini Double-Step climbing stick.


  • Weight (1 stick): 1.9 lbs
  • Stick Length: 17"
  • Step width: 9"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Super Lightweight

The Novix stick weighs almost nothing thanks to the aluminum material - only 1.9 pounds per section. Since this is a pack of four, the entire package weighs only 7.5 pounds.

It’s lighter than the XOP, Muddy Pro, and Hawk Helium. The pack is relatively comfortable and easy to carry to the woods.

Novix Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks - real test

Stable double step

The fixed double step allows you to have both feet on a single level.

It will be nice to hang your stand above your head, and you will never have to worry about safety as a single one.

There is more room for your boots, as the steps are 9 inches wide. They offer an excellent grip if your boots get wet.

You’ll feel safe when climbing down in the dark.

Big Bracket

big bracket

big bracket - Via

These sticks feature a standard Lone Wolf bracket (yes, they are from the same owners). They grip the tree extraordinarily well.

Good strap

The straps are rather tight and high-quality, holding on to the tree relatively well.

Great Stacking

great stacking

great stacking - Via

There is a small hole above the Versa button, which is great for stacking together. However, I wished these sticks would stack incline.

I didn’t like that the sticks made some noise when stacking. You’d better add camo tape or change to rope mode to make it quieter.

Compact size

Each section is 17 feet long, and the step distance is 15 inches.

You can get good height out of these sticks - from 12 to 14 feet. To get higher, you should add 18-inch aid.

Simple to put up on the tree

The sticks are relatively straightforward, so putting them on a tree is easy no matter what tree size you climb.

They are rock solid when set up on the tree.

Made in the USA

made in usa

Since they are American-made, they come with a high-quality warranty and maximum safety.

The sticks can support up to 300 pounds for mobile hunters.


I didn’t like that the step was not foldable, and there was no incline stacking.

Even more

The sticks are pretty short for tall guys, and you cannot replace the double steps if you encounter any issues.


  • Super lightweight
  • Slick and solid sticks
  • Stable double steps
  • Big bracket
  • Good straps
  • Great stacking
  • Compact
  • Simple to setup
  • Made in the USA


  • Short sticks for tall guys
  • Non-foldable step
  • Double steps are not replaceable
  • No incline stacking

5. Beast Gear Climbing Stick Mini:

Beast Gear Climbing Stick Mini


The Beast Gear mini will provide secure, compact, comfy, and light climbing sticks for saddle and mobile hunters.


  • Weight (1 stick): 1.7 lbs
  • Stick Length: 20"
  • Step width: 9"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Made in the USA

made in usa

Thanks to its production in the US, this stick features an excellent look and craftsmanship. Every bolt and part fits perfectly, and you don’t even want to wrap it.

It’s built to last, which will easily last you a lifetime. So, you get what you pay for.

Highly Secure

The stick is TMA-certified, and here is even a list that can help.

The stick is strong and can withstand the pressure of about 300 pounds which is great for a big guy.

You will feel confident and safe when climbing up and down the tree in the dark.

Pretty light

grab the tree without moving


This stick weighs 1.7 pounds without the strap, thanks to the aluminum material build. But it’s still heavier than the Lone Wolf.

The stick is 20 feet long, compact, and ideal for saddle hunting on public land who wants to cut some weight.

It’s also an excellent option for mobile hunters who carry heavy gear and clothes. With this stick, you can get in the tight spots with low pressure.

Extremely Sturdy

sharp teeth

sharp teeth - Via

The teeth are very sharp and will dig into anything. It will grab the tree without moving. Be careful with your teeth which work with all tree sizes.

Amazing Stacking

If you attach it well with a rod - which you can purchase separately, between the hoes with a stealth grip, they are reticent.

The sticks are very quiet, as they have no moving parts. This also means there are fewer broken parts.

Comfortable Double Step

The step is giant - 9 inches and offers a lot of grab on your boots.

You won't have to worry about balance while standing and advancing your lineman belt.

Note that it provides less foot room than EWO sticks.

Decent step distance

The distance is decent - 18 inches from one step to another, providing climbing comfort.

It’s helpful for older hunters with aging knees or hunting in cold temperatures.

Pro tips:

You can make the sticks even longer - up to 17’. Just use 3 sticks and an 18” aider to get extra height.

The sticks are easy to put together, as the instructions are very well-written.


The sticks are very hard to stack to a stand, so you will need a rod to attach them silently.

The teeth are too sharp that they can chew your hunting jacket.

Also, I didn’t like that the sticks could bend due to the light profile.


  • Highly secure
  • Made in the USA
  • Pretty low weight
  • Extremely sturdy
  • Stacks well
  • Ultra quiet
  • Comfortable dual steps
  • Easy to set up


  • Hard to stack
  • Too sharp teeth
  • Sticks can bend under heavy weight

6. Eastern Woods Outdoors Ultralight Climbing Stick:

Eastern Woods Outdoors Ultralight Climbing Stick


For hunters looking for more customized options and the best one-piece climbing sticks, I present you with the Eastern Woods outdoors ultralight climbing stick.


  • Weight (1 stick): 1.78 lbs
  • Stick Length: 18" - 24"
  • Step width: N/A
  • Weight capacity: N/A

Made in the USA

made in usa

The stick is produced in Michigan and has a top-of-the-line finish with tight tolerance.

There’s a difference between these sticks and cheaper options, thanks to the precision machining.

Custom Setup

The setup provides many options, such as a stick length from 18 to 24 inches.

The design comes in two colors - black anodized and camo dipped, with a straight or angled step.

It’s nice if you need a stick tailored to your size.

Some older hunters with knee issues love these short spacing sticks, as they are very comfortable to use.

Huge Standoff

huge stand off

Huge standoff - Via

With a 4.5 inches depth, your feet have plenty of room. It’s secure and comfy to stand straight instead of leaning backward.

The teeth are aggressively sharp enough to bite into the bark like a pit bull.

It works well even on smooth bark trees but is less sharp than the Beast sticks.

Ultra Lightweight

The stick is made of 6061 aluminum, weighing 1.78 pounds.

It’s a lighter option than the Lone Wolf sticks, which saddle hunters can use for the one-stick method with one step aid.

Rock Solid

Rock Solid


The sticks are rock solid with no movement, wobble, or flex once installed.

They will provide you with a safe and lightweight feeling.

Well stacking

The sticks also stack nicely. They fit snug and pack up quickly if you stealth-strip it and change it to rope mode.

More than that, you will have zero issues with noise or catching into bushes on the way.

Fixed Dual Steps

fixed dual step


Straight or angled, these steps are handy in the dark and will hold you up evenly.

You will feel confident in ascending and descending from the tree.

Even more, you can get up to 20 feet of hunting height with 4 sticks.

Eastern Woods Outdoors Ultralight Climbing Stick 1 -real test
Eastern Woods Outdoors Ultralight Climbing Stick 2 -real test


This stick is expensive. It’s a ‘buy once, cry once’ type of deal, but it’s worth the money.

I didn’t like that the steps are not flippable, so they offer less versatility when packing.

Last but not least, the stacking incline is more challenging compared to other sticks on the list.


  • Made in USA
  • Custom setup
  • Huge stand-off
  • Fixed dual steps
  • Stack well
  • Solid as a rock
  • Ultra-light


  • Expensive
  • Not too versatile
  • Hard stacking incline

7. Muddy Pro Sticks:

Muddy Pro Stick


Muddy Pro stick is decently priced, and it’s one of the best climbing sticks for tree stands on the market.


  • Weight (1 stick): 2.5 lbs
  • Stick Length: 20"
  • Step width: 9.25"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs

Pretty Good Weight

This stick isn’t the lightest on the list, but it isn’t too heavy either.

Each stick weighs about 2.5 pounds, so the entire package weighs only 10 pounds.

It’s light enough to carry the sticks on public land for a long time.

The best part?

It is budget-friendly and a suitable option for a mobile hunting setup.

Easy to get up and down silently

easy to setup


What is also important is that you can get up and get down without so much as a peep. The bracket grabs crooked trees well, not just the straight ones.

The sticks are standard - 20 feet long.

You can get up to 12.5 feet up the tree, but with a 3-step aid, you can get up 20 feet.

It fits trees with a 9-inch diameter. You can quickly pull your treestand up the tree in just a few minutes.

Quieter strapping

Quieter strapping

Rope cam system - Via

This rope cam system is elegant, quieter, quicker, and more accessible than the lock-in strap.

It is buckleless; hence it has less contact and noise. Note that you will have to tie the rope just right, or it will slide out.

Packs up nice

Packs up nice

Nice to pack up - Via

The flippable double steps are handy for packing up, but be careful - you can kick out the steps and make it hard to come down.

It can make noise when you flip it out and spook your buck.

Tons of room for your boots

The steps are 9.25 inches wide, offering plenty of room for your boots.

But the flat platform might not be comfortable. I’d appreciate an angled platform to deepen the space.

Snap together pretty well

The sticks snap together nicely, although they aren’t the most compact stacking.

Muddy Pro sticks - real test


I didn’t like it so much that the sticks were heavy and bulky stacking.

The rope is only 6 feet long, limiting the tree size. Also, the bracket is loud and loose so that it can slip.


  • Best budget climbing sticks
  • Decent weight
  • Easy to get up and down
  • Quieter strapping
  • Packs up nice
  • Tons of room for your boots
  • Snap together well


  • Bulky when stacked
  • Short rope
  • Loud and loose bracket

8. XOP Ultra Series Fixed Double Step:

XOP-XTREME OUTDOOR PRODUCTS Ultra Series Double Fixed Hunting Climbing Steps - Climbing Sticks for Hunting


If entry-level to saddle hunting, check out the XOP Ultra Series double-step sticks, which are the best climbing sticks for big guys.


  • Weight (1 stick): 2.2 lbs
  • Stick Length: 18"
  • Step width: 10"
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs

Incredibly Simple Stacking

Incredibly Simple Stacking


Thanks to the slide lock bracket, you just slide them together, and they will stick without moving and noise. However, you will need some extra effort to separate the sticks.

Note that using the side stack method will make it loud when attaching and detaching the sticks. So it’s not the ideal method for hunting deer.

Decent Weight

decent weight


As the sticks are made of aluminum, they weigh only 2.2 pounds per stick. They are not the lightest, but it’s still a good trade-off for weight and budget.

They qualify without a doubt if you are looking for a set of affordable, mini, entry-level sticks.

Pro tips:

You can minimize weight and noise using the buckless method.

Fixed Dual Steps

fixed dual steps

Fixed dual step - Via

The steps are 10” in width, leaving you lots of comfortable room while standing.

You can stop in any position with two feet balanced to make your next move or adjust your lineman's belt.

On the other hand

You will have no problem finding the wire raiders even in the dark.

The step distance is 15 inches, so it’s not too long for older hunters.

Low profile and nice looking mini sticks

The mini sticks feature a low profile and a nice looking. They are 18 inches long per section and relatively easy to attach and put up the tree stand.

Deep and Wide Bracket

deep and wide bracket


The bracket is 4 inches wide, so it’s less than the EWO or Beast sticks, but it still leaves you plenty of room for massive boots.

It also provides comfort if you need to climb high to set up a trail camera.

Besides that, the bracket is rotating, allowing you to adjust your sticks to the smooth bark. It grabs the tree well, leaning with no wobble to make you feel confident when climbing up.

Want more?

The sticks can withstand up to 350 pounds of pressure, so there is no worry if you’re a bigger guy.

Highly Secure

These sticks will make you feel very safe, as they are ASTM-certified and TMA-recognized.


I didn’t like that the sticks were a little heavy - the total weight is 8.8 pounds for the 4-pack without the straps.

The machining is also not excellent with low tolerance, and it can make noise if you use the side-stacking method.


  • Incredibly simple to stack
  • Decent weight
  • Fixed dual steps
  • Low profile
  • Nice looking
  • Deep and wide bracket
  • Highly secure


  • On the heavy side
  • Machining is not great
  • Noisy side stacking

How to Choose the Best Hunting Climbing Sticks?

In this part, we’ll dive into what you need to know about a great climbing stick.

Weight Wise


As a saddle hunter, you cannot carry too much weight and certainly don’t want your climbing sticks to be an extra pain on top of your setup. One pound lighter than the standard can make a difference.

That is why I advise you to look carefully at the material of your new sticks.

If they are aluminum or carbon, they will be lightweight and rather effortless to carry around.

I advise you to avoid stainless steel, as it can add a few extra pounds to your pack, and nobody wants that.


The sticks need to be easy to stack together, which eases your packing in or out of the woods.

If it takes too much space, it will be a pain in the ass to haul around.



The important note is that there are two noises most hunters deal with when setting up climbing sticks:

  • Stacking 
  • Setting up your sticks

So, make sure to “stealth” the sticks to remove the metal-on-metal contact and quiet it down.

Try your climbing sticks out before you buy them - if they aren’t quiet, they are not worth the purchase.


tree height

When it comes to the height, there are three points you need to consider:

  • Actual tree height
  • Step distance
  • Standoff depth

As for the step distance - if the steps are small, it will be difficult to climb a tree safely.

Standoff depth

It needs to give you room between your boot and the tree. If the distance is too small, you won’t be able to place your boot safely and comfortably on the step.

I recommend choosing at least a 3” depth for comfort.

Actual tree height

Keep in mind that it all depends on the step distance.

The general rule is that you can get about 18 to 20 feet of height with a 4-pack of sticks or a 3-pack with one aider.



As for the budget - there are no wrong or correct answers to this one. It all comes down to your budget and how much you are ready to spend on climbing sticks.

The critical point to remember is that your climbing sticks shouldn’t break the bank.

  • If you can only buy something in the budget-friendly range, do so. There are plenty of affordable options that will do just fine.
  • If you have more budget, invest in higher-end climbing sticks that can cut your pack weight and last for many years.


Are Climbing Sticks Safe?

I can tell you that nothing is 100% risky free. But as long as you follow the safety cautions, you can avoid accidental falling:

a. Always check your tree climbing sticks or rails:

  • Before climbing
  • Before seasons
  • At least once a year

b. Always wear a hunting safety harness or a fall restraint system.

c. Replace them if they are too old.

How high can you get with 4 Lone Wolf sticks?

Well it depends. In my case, I can get up to 20' with 4 Lone Wolf sticks. I have 2 tips for you:

a) Add more screws between them, spread out the sticks and you can get even higher.

b) You can also space the 1st and 2nd sticks as far as you want, then less for the rest to ensure safety.

How long are Lone Wolf sticks?

Each stick are 17" long and you can mulitply a package of 3 or 4.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, there are plenty of fantastic options for climbing sticks for saddle hunting.

They can ease your climbing and give you a better view.

There are many unique options, but only of them is the best - and that would have to be the Lone Wolf Gear D’Acquisto double step sticks.

Editor's choice:

Lone Wolf Custom Gear D’Acquisto Series Double Ste Sticks


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Stack flat without much efforts
  • Great craftsmanship
  • Safe and steady
  • Tons of room for your boots

All in all, the best climbing sticks for saddle hunting and tree stands.

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