Recent years, there have been more and newer deer hunting equipment appears, such as blinds, treestands, deer calls, decoys… The problem is which most effective for deer hunting is.

So we (Robert & Nick) decided to gather 21 pro hunters and ask them one question: "What are your 3 most favorite deer hunting equipment?”

We’ll tell you that the advice from 21+ deer hunting experts can make you blown away. We’ll list them all below.

Quick recap, here are deer hunting gears that receive top votes:

best deer hunting equipment votes

3 Most Favorite Deer Hunting Equipment:

Daniel E. Schmidt (Deer & Deer Hunting)

Daniel E. Schmidt
Daniel E. Schmidt(Deer & Deer Hunting)

Dan Schmidt has been the Editor in Chief of Deer & Deer Hunting, one of the top hunting magazine in the world. He’s also the host of D&DHTV on Pursuit Channel and the radio show Deer Talk Now. If you’re a hunter/ huntress, this show is a must.

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Mathews Vertix Bow, Easton 5mm FMJ Arrows, Truglo HyperStrike Sight

I'm an avid hunter no matter what's in season, and that includes chasing game with both firearms, bows and crossbow equipment.

However, my first love is archery and bowhunting. I simply cannot get enough of it. With that in mind, here are my Top 3 favorites for bowhunting gear as we head into the 2019 seasons:

1. Mathews VERTIX Bow:

Mathews VERTIX Bow

This new hunting bow is one of the best I've shot over the years. It combines speed, accuracy and versatility into a compound bow that delivers shot-after-shot performance.

What I like most is the VERTIX has Switchweight modules that allow for custom setups, and also the new Engage grip interface that reduces torque and increases accuracy.

2. Easton 5mm FMJ Arrows:

Easton 5mm FMJ Arrows

These micro-diameter arrows offer maximum penetration. A 7075 aerospace aluminum over high-strength carbon adds kinetic energy and precision to improve penetration and broadhead accuracy.

FMJs are my go-to arrow whether I'm hunting deer, turkeys, hogs or small game.

3. TRUGLO HyperStrike Sight:

 TRUGLO HYPER-STRIKE Ultra-Light Long Range Bow Sight, DDP 5-Pin, Black

These simple yet well-built archery sights are everything I need for whitetail hunting in extreme conditions.

They feature decreasing diameter pins which increase my effective range, plus they have no-nonsense windage and elevation dials that stay put and also also for micro adjustments.

Daniel E. Schmidt


Deer & Deer Hunting

John Eberhart (Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshop)

John Eberhart
John Eberhart(Eberhart’s Whitetail Workshop)

In more than 54 years, John has been hunting whitetail deer in heavily hunting states. In 2018, he also shared a lot of hunting tips and tactics in Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. You can improve your skills and strategies via his workshop.

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Saddle Style Hunting Harness, ScentLok Suit, Mathews Bow

That’s a very simple one for me:

1. Saddle style hunting harness:

In 1981 I began exclusively hunting from a saddle style hunting harness when hunting from trees.

Tree Saddle hunting


To me, all conventional stands are archaic and have severe limitations and it would take an article to explain the differences some of which are:

  • 360 degree shooting mobility around every tree
  • Can use the tree’s trunk to block my body profile at all times
  • No noise because it’s fabric, coming in at less than 2 pounds it’s light
  • Rolls up the size of a softball and easily fits in my pack with all my other equipment
  • Can freelance through brush without carrying a cumbersome framed stand
  • Can have 40 locations prepared and hunt any at any time with my one saddle
  • Can’t be stolen because it’s always with me, one saddle for the rest of my life to hunt every tree I ever prepare and I could go on and on.

Now I’m changing to the new Mantis saddle because it’s the best ever offered into the marketplace. Because of when I began using a saddle, it was game changer #1.

2. ScentLok suit:

Scentlok Technologies logo

A properly cared for, stored and properly used complete ScentLok suit which includes a jacket, pants, gloves and head cover with drop down facemask.

AND clean rubber or neoprene boots and either a washed in scent free detergent or a ScentLok backpack.

This combination of exterior garments, clean boots and backpack all of which are exposed to the environment when hunting, completely renders the wind irrelevant.

I’ve paid ZERO attention to wind direction for the past 20 seasons and my scent control regiment immediately became game changer #2.

3. Mathews Bow:

mathew bow logo


While there is absolutely no way on Gods green earth that I would have an accumulative total of 50 record book bucks, while exclusively hunting public and knock on doors for free permission properties had I not discovered the saddle in 1981, or how to properly use ScentLok garments in the late 90’s, my bow and anything else involved in my bow hunting success would be a distant 3rd.

I guess I would have to put my Mathews bow as the distant.

A bow and any hunting accessories (arrows, sights, rests, rattle system, grunts, etc.) are only as good as the Indian using them as there isn’t enough difference in any of them to make any of the monstrous changes in killing success that I’ve had since using a saddle and ScentLok, not even close.

Tyler Jones (

Tyler Jones
Tyler Jones(

Our ultimate mission is to help hunters to pursue their career in hunting by reading about our hunting experiences, in the form of podcasts and films, said by, “Tyler Jones”- the famous wedding videographer by profession & “K.C smith”, a professional angler and hunter, undoubtedly a very keen-eyed person. No doubt, together, Tyler Jones & K.C Smith made a deadly duo.

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Merino Wool Base Layers, Meindel Boots, Solar Charger

1. I really like my merino wool base layers. They keep me warm and dry and equally as important; they don't stink. Whether I'm backcountry in British Columbia or hunting jumpy whitetails on public land in Texas, they are with me.

2. I also find good boots to be very important. I have some Meindel boots that are a great 3 season boot in the whitetail woods and really shine in active western hunting and I also use a pair of 1000 gram Thinsulate boots for sitting stands during the colder months.

3. Lastly, a power source or solar charger is important to me as I use phone maps all the time and I also use the phone for entertainment purposes when things are slow. The maps really drain battery power fast!


Terry and Mark Drury (

Terry and Mark Drury
Terry and Mark Drury(

“King of the spring”, the first feature packed production, which was shot in 1989, on the Panasonic AG450. During the past few decades, new technology was introduced to change the things in right direction.

After one decade, some things remained the same like, the devotion to our trustworthy viewers, pride in our accomplishments & four TV shows, but the use of tapeless & HD camera equipment acted as a successful entry, said by “Terry & Mark Drury”.

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Terry and Mark Drury

Reconyx Trail Cameras, Muddy Blind, PSE Bow with a Rage Tipped Arrow

The top 3 things we would have to have with us:

1. Would be our Reconyx Trail Cameras for scouting

Reconyx HyperFire Infrared Digital Game Camera HC600


Those trail cameras have changed the way we hunt and helped us gain knowledge about the whitetail deer in which in turn helped give us the general idea for our show THIRTEEN and later our DeerCast app!

2. A Muddy Blind (soft side or hard side) for the actual hunting set up

MGB2000-Muddy VS360 Ground Blind

There isn’t always a tree where you want to be, so this has helped us over the years get to where we need to be set up and plant our food plots to our position.

3. PSE Bow with a Rage tipped arrow in hand!

PSE Archery, Mini Burner Compound Bow, Mossy Oak Country Camo, Right Hand, 40#

I know that’s technically.

But the precision we get with our PSE bows in hand and the huge cutting diameter the Rage Broadhead gives us has helped our Drury Outdoors Team harvest over 800 big game animals over the past 12 years!

Tough to argue that combination when we have seen the amount of success at the end of the blood trail!

Hope this helps you.

Mark Kayser (

Mark Kayser
Mark Kayser(

Mark is a regular contributor to outdoor publications such as American Hunter, National Wild Turkey Federation Turkey Country, Mule Deer Foundation...

Each year Mark spends nearly four months in the field hunting big game, predators and small game. When he’s not in pursuit of hunting adventures Mark retreats to his small ranch nestled at the foothills of the Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming to spend time with his family.

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Binocular, Smartphone Hunting App/ GPS, Quality Clothing

Three Essential Deer Hunting Equipment Requirements:

1. Binocular:

Sig Sauer KILO2200MR LaserRangeFndr7X25GraphClass3R Laser Rangefinders

Hunting weapon aside, the first piece of gear I believe is essential is binocular.

Even in the timbered environment, I utilize my binocular to scan for movement ahead like the flicker of an ear or a moving leg.

In the open country, a binocular is invaluable for spotting game. I use a Sig Sauer KILO binocular as my go-to for spotting game.

2. Smartphone Hunting App or GPS:

Scoutlook weather logo

Today, more than ever, you have to be savvy in locating public land parcels.

A quality hunting app on your smartphone, like ScoutLook Weather, helps you in knowing your position, identifying public land tracts and marking routes in, and out.

I spend a lot of time on public lands and without electronic help, I wouldn't be nearly as successful.

3. Quality Clothing:

Nomad Men's Harvester Jacket, Mossy Oak

If you want to get a deer you need to hunt as long as possible. That means investing in great hunting clothes to keep you warm and dry in any environment.

Shopping at trusted outlets, like Cabela's, helps me when I need to outfit with superior clothing like Nomad decked in Mossy Oak.

Other essential items I take with me always are a rangefinder, a roomy backpack, a sharp knife and a camera to record all of the best, and worst moments.

Good hunting!

Steve Sorensen (

Steve Sorensen
Steve Sorensen(

A highly respected, award-winning writer, & event speaker, Steve Sorenson from Pennsylvania, came into the field of outdoor later but immediately become famous when the OWA of Pennsylvania awarded his column namely “Everyday Hunter” as the best column.

Steve has published features in top magazines including Bear Hunting, Sports Afield, OutdoorLife & much more.

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Sit-Drag, Havalon Knife, One-Strap Back Pack

1. Sit-Drag:

I do a lot of still-hunting in rifle season, and a portable sling seat called the Sit-Drag keeps me from getting tired and helps me be on my feet all day without getting too tired.

 EZ Hunter - SpecialDeal - Sit-Drag Special


When I find a spot that looks like it's worth sitting for a while, I strap the seat to a tree and take the load off my feet. It doubles as an efficient deer drag.

2. Havalon Knife:

Havalon Knives Rebel Double Bladed Folding Knife- Green

I always carry a Havalon knife. It's the knife that's built on a replaceable surgical scalpel blade, which is thicker and stronger than any other scalpel blade.

When it gets dull, I just swap it out for a new one. My favorite model is the Rebel. It has a standard blade as well as the surgical scalpel, so I can do just about anything I need to do in the field.

3. One-Strap Back Pack:

single strap backpack

I once missed a buck because I was wearing a backpack and couldn’t anchor the rifle against my shoulder. That’s why I went to a single-strap backpack, and I use it whether I'm archery hunting or gun hunting.

The shoulder strap is on my left shoulder, so I can anchor the butt of the rifle in my right shoulder. (Fortunately, I got that buck with a follow-up shot!)

Mia Anstine (

Mia Anstine
Mia Anstine(

As a successful hunting guide, Mia Anstine learned a lot about life. Nowadays, people cannot imagine their lives without technology. However, people who live in the hilly areas of Colorado are not having it & that inspired Mia, to pass on positive vibes to others.

Her publications have been presented on radio, television and different magazines. Currently, she works as an unpaid helper & runs a personal business as well.

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Hunting License, Bow, and Arrows

When I think of three favorite equipment items for deer hunting my mind immediately goes to the three must-haves for any hunt:

  • Hunting license
  • Bow
  • And arrows

Of course, those have to be my favorites because without them I’m not hunting, I’m hiking. I’m teasing — a little.

Three things, aside from those, that I always take on my deer hunts, and are there for my “favorites,” are:

  • Swarovski Optik 8.5x42 EL binoculars
  • My ALPS OutdoorZ Extreme Traverse X backpack
  • My multi-tool

Happy hunting!

~ Mia Anstine

Deb Ferns (

Deb Ferns
Deb Ferns(

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Primos Double Bull Surroundview 270, Double Bull Swivel Tri Stool, Primos Short Shooting Tri-pod

What I listed below is just a few things that have made our hunting trips easier on the ladies and are on my “must purchase” list for anyone trying deer hunting.

I give a brief description below on the item and why I picked it…

1. Primos Double Bull Surroundview 270:

Primos Double Bull Surround View Blind 270

For a blind I have invested in the Primos Double Bull Surroundview 270, as it can easily fit two to even three gals and it’s EASY for us to assemble quickly out in the field!

2. Double Bull Swivel Tri Stool:

Primos Swivel Tri Stool Double Bull Camo 65153 Double Bull Blinds

If I’m mentoring (I’m not a guide, just helping gals along) then I want to be able to swivel between one lady shooting out one side of the blind and the other lady potentially shooting out the opposite side of the blind.

If I’m hunting alone I like the swivel stool so I can move easily from side to side of the blind.

3. Primos Short Shooting Tri-pod:

Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Short Tripod

And last but not least, while I do own a wide variety of shooting sticks, I’ll admit that the Primos short shooting tri-pod with the trigger is my all-time favorite!

So EASY to use and adjust so novice hunters don’t struggle with trying to manipulate the gun while in the blind.

(Primos does make a tall shooting tri-pod as well but for deer hunting in the blind I prefer the short tri-pod.)

Scott Wiseman (EP Adventures TV)

Scott Wiseman
Scott Wiseman(EP Adventures TV)

EP Adventures, an outdoor program with a special focus on the realistic aspects of hunting, along with the success stories of famous hunters and their notable personalities.

Staff members such as Scott Wiseman, a dedicated hunter who grew up shooting hard, Mike Lucchesi, Chris Wolfe, and Jody Rus are highly talented and that truly makes EP adventures a worth watching TV series.

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Rage broadheads, Nockturnals, Hunter Safety System Harnesses

This Industry has exploded with hunting products since I started Bow Hunting, in the early 1990s.

Everyone seems to have their own opinions or preferences which is how it should be. I preach this often, that confidents are the key to a successful hunt. Whichever products your most confident in are the products you should be using.

Three of my favorite products I count on are:

1. Rage broadheads:

Rage Broadheads

The wound channels these heads create leave me incredible blood trails from point A to point Dead, and even a poor shot will equal a recovery with enough time.

2. Nockturnals:

 Nockturnal-S Lighted Nock for Arrows with .244 Inside Diameter including Carbon Tech, Victory, Carbon Impact, Carbon Express, Carbon Revolution, Easton,...

This relates me to my #2 product, which is Nockturnal lighted Arrow Nocks - knowing where an animal has been hit is the first step to a successful recovery by, determining when to start the tracking process.

Allow you to identify if the arrow may have hit gut, liver, lung or heart. Also, finding the arrow after a shot to determine what color and how much blood is actually on the arrow.

3. Hunter Safety System, Harnesses:

Hunter Safety System Ultralite Flex Harness, XX-Large/3X-Large

My 3rd and last product of choice would have to be not only for me but, my family as well. Hunter Safety System, Harnesses (keeps me safe from falling while sitting in a tree or climbing.

I don't want to think about my safety when an animal of a lifetime is closing the distance on me. Also, my family depends on me to arrive home safely after each and every hunt.

"Don't make your next hunt your last"  HSS.

- Scott Wiseman EP Adventures TV.

Marian Ann Love (Marian's Hunting Stories)

Marian Ann Love
Marian Ann Love(Marian's Hunting Stories)

Marian Ann Love is living in mountainous area of Vicksburg, Mississippi. She graduated in 1959 from Academy of St. Francis after getting initial education in a local school.

She has a big family of 4 great-grandsons and 9 grandchildren from her 4 daughters. Afterward, she served in the Engineers Corps in the US Army for 25 years.

She has been hunting wild hogs for the previous 8 years and got an overall experience of 34 years now. She is aiming to advance further in fishing and hunting in the neighborhood of Mississippi state.

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My three most favorite deer hunting types of equipment are:

1. My .270 Ruger Featherweight rifle

2. My Cabela binoculars

3. And my hunting knife that brings me good luck in our great wild Mississippi outdoors.

Travis Turner (T-Bone Outdoors)

Travis Turner
Travis Turner(T-Bone Outdoors)

Travis Turner, T-Bone is considered as a highly respected & professional hunter when it comes to the outdoor industry.

He has earned the position of APA and ASA certified Professional shooter, along with winning the world championship of ASA Archery in 1991.

Due to his exceptional performance, he has been invited to many TV shows and videos, including Realtree’s “Monster Bucks” series.

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Laser Range Finder, Trail Cameras, Blinds

Well to answer what I thought were the most useful and game/industry changing in the last 15 to 20 years my top 3 are:

1. Laser Range finder:

Bushnell Hunting Laser Rangefinders 202640 4X20 Trophy Blk Vertical 1-Button Box

As a bowhunter I have to say Laser Range finder. I still have the #3 laser finder from Bushnell from back in the mid-1990's.

They help us be more accurate and confident in our shots thus being a more efficient hunter, as well as measuring food plots and I also use it as a training aid for 3-d archery competitions (practice judging yardage).

2. Trail Cameras:

It enables you to scout and hunt without being there and disturbing the areas as well as adds to the pride factor in knowing your inventory of deer and keeping your interest up all year long.

3. Ground blinds and elevated blinds (redneck style):

Don't get me wrong I love hunting a tree stand but there are not always trees where we need to set up for deer.

With ground blinds, we can hunt edges of fields and food plots and brushy CRP.

Redneck blind

And with Elevated hard blinds, it lets us bring the deer to us for years to come.

  • Plus lets us hunt in adverse weather and take our families or friends with us to furthermore enjoy the hunting experience.
  • Plus easier to film as well.

I know there are more advancements that help us a ton in hunting and trust me, I'm a gadget man for sure but those 3 are for sure at the top of my list.

There you go


Kevin Paulson (

Kevin Paulson
Kevin Paulson(

A very useful, founded by “Kevin Paulson” is inspiring all the hunting lovers out there, by bringing trustworthy sources of the review regarding products & news. The site publishes the newsletter weekly, to highlight hunting tactics, top stories & attractive offers.

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Optics, Shooting sticks, Rungu Electric Trikes

My three favorite deer hunting items are:

  • A quality set of optics
  • Great shooting sticks
  • Rungu Electric Trike

1. A quality set of optics:

Most people are going to understand that quality optics will allow you to see game and spot game.

The brand of optics matters less than the specifications of the optics. I like 10 by 56 or 10 by 42 depending on how I am hunting.

If I am running I really want the 10 by 42 and if I am in a blind, I want the 10 by 56.

2. Shooting sticks:

Shooting sticks are essential to me because I want to know that I can get in a quality shot and make the shot perfect each and every time.

3. Rungu Electric Trikes:

Rungu Electric Trikes

Now most people don’t know much about the Rungu Electric Trikes but you can learn more at

I use the Rungu Trike to move quietly across trails to get into position and scout land on all of my hunts.

And I can use the Rungu Trike along with a towable deer cart to get deer from the field back to my car after a successful hunt.

The Rungu Trike has a changed how I hunt and has opened up tremendous opportunity to get to the back of the properties that I hunt and put myself in postion for a successful hunt.

Kevin Paulson

Jerry Goff (

Jerry Goff
Jerry Goff(

Jerry Goff founded the Draw Loc in 1996 for the hunters to prevent different injuries.

With the passage of time, this idea gained much attention and now, the majority of the dealers from Africa, Canada and the US are also recommending the use of Draw-Loc.

According to Jerry Goff, Draw-Loc is becoming an ideal crossbow.

Connect with Jeryy -

Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow, Accessories, Trail Cameras

I will tell you that the most important thing to me, is the weapon I use to harvest the animal.

1. Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow:

When elk, turkeys, deer… are coming in, I can hold the bow up in front of me for cover, with a regular crossbow, the limbs and cams are sticking out on both sides of your body, moving, giving a better chance of being seen.

It needs to give me every advantage possible for maneuverability while carrying and to help me make that most perfect shot when the time presents itself.

That is why I use a crossbow and not just any crossbow, but the Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow.

Mini In-Line Vertical Crossbow

This bow provides me all of the advantages of a regular crossbow without the heavy front end, off balance weight making it great for offhand or freehanded shooting accuracy as I get with a compound bow.

It's easy to carry in the woods and does not bang into my leg while walking.

Because the bow is Vertical, it allows me to shoot right up against the tree, literally propping or resting it, not having to worry about the cam(s) striking the tree, giving me more ability to make shots that are impossible with regular horizontal crossbows.

I can hunt on the move with this bow.

If the elk are coming in hot, I can draw the bow quickly by hand with no noise and get ready, and if I have to move to cut the elk off, I can disarm the bow in 2 seconds with no noise and very little movement and then move safely to another location.

When elk, turkeys, deer… are coming in, I can hold the bow up in front of me for cover.

With a regular crossbow, the limbs and cams are sticking out on both sides of your body, moving, giving a better chance of being seen.

2. Accessories:

Though Mechanical Broadheads work great, I do prefer to use Fixed Blades.

I do not put too "much" into scent eliminators, playing the wind is the best solution, but I do find that deer scent can help.

Camouflage looks great and may help some, but it cannot beat sitting very still, but I do wear it.

I do like to hunt over food plots and without saying, corn is a huge help.

3. Trail cameras:

I was very reluctant to use cameras but started this year and I have to say; it has saved me a lot of time in the woods by being able to pattern the deer.

People say that using a Crossbow or a Draw-Loc is cheating, but a camera, without a doubt is the biggest "Cheating Device" on this planet and should be made illegal! lol just kidding.

I do hunt from both the ground and in trees. I do have some fear about hunting in climbers after falling and breaking my back while hunting bears in Canada. So, now I do mostly ground hunting and some hunting out of ladder stands.

Thank you,

Jerry Goff

Nancy Jo Adams (Life in Camo Media, LLC)

Nancy Jo Adams
Nancy Jo Adams(Life in Camo Media, LLC)

Life in Camo, it is only a passion, not only an attraction in fact; it is surely a lifestyle.

Nancy Jo, a successful freelancer & Richard, a videographer both makes an amazing hunting-keen couple who hunts globally; share their stories, articles, product reviews, journey, noteworthy news, DIY tips and different media event activities with their followers.

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Ozonics HR-300, HECS suit, SITKA Gear

My gear list will probably be different than most...

We typically hunt from elevated stands instead of stalking. With that being said, here are my three most favorite pieces/brands of gear that I take to the field every season.

1. Ozonics HR-300:

Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination System

First and foremost, Ozonics HR-300 with two extended life batteries.

I can count the times I have not deer hunted from a treestand with an Ozonics in the last 8 seasons on one hand, literally.

The product works! I have several documented experiences of deer bedding downwind of me within 30 yards while using an Ozonics unit in the stand.

2. HECS suit:

HECS Suit Deer Hunting Clothing with Human Energy Concealment Technology - Camo 3 Piece Shirt, Pants, Headcover - Lightweight Breathable in Mossy Oak Country & Realtree Xtra

I use the fitted base layer for deer season. I have noticed a marked difference in deer behavior while wearing HECS.

I have even been on the ground within 10 yards of deer and they are not alarmed as you would normally expect.

The old problem of having does walk out in a clearing and go into an alert mode looking right at your stand is something that doesn’t happen much.

They will look out of habit but they usually go right to grazing on the greenfield or searching for acorns.

3. SITKA Gear:

sitka gear

I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to field test just about every brand of hunting clothes on the market, some of them before they were even released to the public.

By far, SITKA Gear has not only been the most comfortable camo that I have ever worn.

It also is the most technically designed camo for its purpose in the field with body mapping, internal pockets, and specialty materials and finishes.

Every piece is designed with the hunting discipline, terrain, and various weather conditions in mind.

It is the first camo that I have ever worn that keeps me cool in the hot, humid early archery season in south Alabama and a collection that keeps me warm and comfortable in the stand in below zero temps while it is spitting snow.

Granted, there are many other items I consider critical in the efforts of a successful hunt from pre- to pos- season such as SpyPoint Game Cameras to Moultrie Feeders.

Nancy Jo

Alex Comstock (

Alex Comstock
Alex Comstock(

WhitetailDNA is considered as a worth visiting website when it comes to deer hunting especially designed for the Whitetail deer lovers, founded by Alex Comstock from Minnesota.

He is a very keen deer hunter and has had several articles published in Bowhunter magazine, quality whitetails & whitetail magazine of North America. Alex’s ultimate aim is to collect information from professionals and then, pass on that information to others.

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Mathews Triax Bow, OnX maps, Exodus Trail Cameras

1. Mathews Triax Bow:

I would say my three favorite pieces of hunting gear would be my bow (Mathews Triax) as I am primarily a bow hunter and without it, I wouldn’t be able to shoot a deer.

2. OnX maps:

OnX Maps

The second favorite piece would be my OnX maps. It’s handy to be able to use OnX on my phone, see property boundaries, topo layers, be able to track my walking, etc.

3. Exodus Trail Cameras:

 Exodus Lift II Trail Camera | .3 Second Trigger Speed | Black Flash Game Camera | Ultra HD Photos and Videos | 5 Year NO BS Warranty

And the third favorite piece would have to probably be my Exodus Trail Cameras. I run a lot of trail cameras and they help me immensely.

Hope that helps!


Alex - Founder of

Amanda Lynn Mayhew (

Amanda Lynn Mayhew
Amanda Lynn Mayhew(

She is not just a famous celebrity in the outdoor field but also an expert in marketing tactics and consultant to different brand managers. Amanda Lynn is helping women by hosting & developing outreach programs for introducing them to the outdoors.

She is an outgoing, friendly and passionate woman with remarkable critical thinking who loves speaking to the public regarding fitness, firearms and outdoors. She also hosts a famous TV program “Just Hunt”.

Connect with Amanda Lynn Mayhew -, Twitter, Linkedin

My three favourite pieces to bring on a deer hunt are, my knife, my bow or gun and my Mom's necklace.

  • My Knife
  • My Bow or gun
  • My Mom's necklace

Amanda Lynn Mayhew

TV Host, Just Hunt® Brand | Bear Strong Gear

Official Ambassador of the Toronto Sportsmen's Show

Founder of Women's Hunting Association | Home of the Take Me Outreach Programs & Range Days

John McAdams (The Big Game Hunting Blog)

John McAdams
John McAdams(The Big Game Hunting Blog)

John McAdams is a proficient blogger, long time hunter, experienced shooter, and veteran of combat tours with the US Army in Iraq & Afghanistan. John created The Big Game Hunting Blog in 2012 and has also written for outdoor publications like Bear Hunting Magazine, The Texas State Rifle Association newsletter, Texas Wildlife Magazine, & Wide Open Spaces.

Leupold BX-5 Binoculars, Leupold VX-5 Rifle Scope, Well Broken-in Boots

1. Leupold BX-5 Binoculars:

 Leupold BX-5 Santiam HD 10x42mm Binoculars

This is an especially important piece of gear for hunting mule deer (and other game like pronghorn and elk) out west in open country where glassing is so important.

With a wide field of view and incredible optical clarity, the BX-5 Santiam 15x56mm binoculars are fantastic for picking apart a hillside in search of a big buck, especially when they’re mounted on a tripod.

2. Leupold VX-5 Rifle Scope:

 Leupold VX-5HD 3-15x44mm Rifle Scope

Finding game is only half the battle and you don’t get many shots at mature bucks. Luckily, the Leupold VX-5 is a great choice for making that shot count.

The quality of glass is great, it has outstanding low light performance, and comes standard with Leupold’s CDS dial that greatly simplifies the task of nailing a shot at extended range.

3. Well Broken-in Boots:

Don’t underestimate the importance of wearing quality boots afield.

Sometimes you need to put in the miles necessary to find deer and having comfortable and durable boots are essential for accomplishing that task.


John McAdams

The Big Game Hunting Blog

Jay Scott (Big Buck Registry)

Jay Scott
Jay Scott(Big Buck Registry)

His channel at YouTube serves as an art gallery of those untouched stories of hunting expeditions, which initially exists in form of videos and pictures. Hunters are then, interviewed to extract the details, to add life to those narrations.

This simply results in more interactive stories to cause Goosebumps. This never-ending quest not only makes us distinct in competitors but also enable to make valuable additions in big buck’s stock of hunting expeditions.

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Binoculars, GPS Unit, Rubber Boots

Other than my weapon, based on which season it is, there are 3 items that go with me on every hunt.

1. A good pair of binoculars:

Nothing beats a good pair of eyes other than a good pair of binoculars.

2. GPS Unit:

A navigation device, preferably a GPS unit (phone or other with Onx Hunt maps installed to find boundary lines in any state) and a compass (yes, I know that's two in one, but they should always be used together).

3. Rubber Boots:

And third, a good pair of rubber boots with good integrity that don't leak - I haven't found a pair yet that lasts more than a year, but I enjoy a good pair of rubber boots when I can find them.

And if they do leak a little, so what. I'd rather be hunting and can deal with some wet feet if there's bounty ahead.

Melissa Bachman (

Melissa Bachman
Melissa Bachman(

Melissa Bachman is hosting “Winchester Deadly Passion” – where she shared her love of outdoor as well as helpful hunting tips and tricks, no matter you’re a newbie or experienced one.

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Calling and Decoying Whitetails Items

My 3 top pieces of equipment for deer hunting would have to be my essential items to calling and decoying whitetails.

1. Dave Smith Buck Decoy:

I’ve had incredible luck over the years decoying bucks in around the country, and especially in South Dakota. The Dave Smith Decoy is super realistic and tricks bucks of any age.

I believe if you can fool 3 out of 5 of a whitetails senses the generally let their guard down and come storming in. The decoy convinces their eyes that what they have heard and smelt is in fact real.

2. Rattling Antlers:

Rattling Antlers -  Melissa Bachman

I have a big heavy set of heavy sheds that I transformed into rattling antlers that I absolutely love. I sawed the brow tines off, placed a rope between them and they are now an essential part of my calling and decoying strategy.

This fools their sense of hearing and can be the best way to get the bucks inside range. They can hear the rattling antlers for several hundred yards so make sure to wait at least 20-minutes after a rattling set.

3. Scent Killer Gold Spray:

 Scent Killer Gold Spray - Melissa Bachman

By using the decoy and rattling antlers you can bring bucks right into your area but the last thing you want to do is have them spook off from your human odor.

Not only does the Scent Killer Gold spray work amazing for myself, I also spray it all over my decoy as well to remove any human odor I may have left on it when setting it up

Bob Humphrey (

Bob Humphrey
Bob Humphrey(

In 1995, Bob became an outdoor writer, a registered Maine guide and a professional sportsman.

Besides that he is a field editor and former Whitetails editor for Petersen’s Bowhunting – the top bowhunting magazine in North America as well as take part in many whitetail research projects.

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Ruger M77 MKII, Leupold Vari-X III, 3-9x Scope, Neoprene Sling

1. Ruger M77 MKII:

Ruger M77 MKII

My favorite deer hunting weapon is my Ruger M77 MKII.

Have always preferred bolt-action rifles for the improved accuracy and performance.

Also prefer the lightweight, compact configuration of the MKII.

Maneuverable in a treestand, box blind or shooting house, and won’t wear you out carrying around all day.

Accuracy and performance are the same reasons I chose .308 WIN for the caliber, more reliable short action, more bullet choices than a .270 and will do most anything a 30-06 can.

2. Leupold Vari-X III, 3-9x scope:

Leupold VX-1 3-9x40mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope, Matte Black

On top of that I have a Leupold Vari-X III, 3-9x scope.

Have always been a fan of the 3-9 as it gives me low power for stalking and still-hunting and high power for treestands and open ground hunting.

3. Neoprene sling:

To that I add a neoprene sling for greater comfort, and a shell loop band on the stock for quick access to ammo and the package is complete.

Al Quackenbush (

Al Quackenbush
Al Quackenbush(

Al was born in Western New York State and learned how to draw from his dad. He is a serious but sarcastic hunter, who usually exchange hunting experience with his partners. He likes to make everyone laugh and networking people.

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Compound Bow, Quality Boots, Binoculars

What a great question! New gear does come out every year and it can be overwhelming. Personally, I have three items that I recommend for every deer hunt (whitetail or mule deer).

1. Compound Bow:

Al Quackenbush - compound bow

The first piece of gear would be your weapon.

Whether it is a bow, crossbow, or a firearm, choose what works well for you. As I mainly hunt with archery tackle, I prefer a compound that fits me.

I shoot often and there are many manufacturers out there and most bows nowadays are of a high quality. The main thing to do is to go shoot a few of them and find the one you are most comfortable with and that you enjoy shooting.

2. Quality Boots:

Al Quackenbush - boots

My second choice of must have is a pair of quality boots. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you.

Scrimp and save and choose a pair of solid hunting boots for the terrain you will be hunting in. Make sure you try them out long before hunting season and make sure they are comfortable and fit properly.

3. 10x42 Binoculars:

Al Quackenbush - binoculars

Last, but not least, I value my optics very high on the list.

I refuse to hunt without them. Can you? Sure, but it's a lot more fun being able to see if that bedded buck at 300 yards is really a deer or a tangled mess of gnarly branches.

A pair of 10x42 binoculars work great for all around glassing. If you can afford it, buy a pair with a built-in rangefinder to save carrying extra gear.

There are plenty of new items hitting the shelves each year and while some of us love it, it can be daunting finding something to use that you know works.

I can always provide specifics to hunters looking for what I use, but you can find that on my blog. Most of all, get outside and have fun. The experience alone can be a great teacher.

That being said, the one item that is always in my pack is a first aid kit. Make sure you carry one and you know what's in it!

Jessica Taylor Byers (

Jessica Taylor Byers
Jessica Taylor Byers(

Jessica has been hunted most of her life with passion. Bowhunting exposed the good and bad and challenging her every day. Now she is sharing her motivation to inspire women and new generation after downside in life.

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 Bowsnatcher, Thermacell, HHA King Pin

1. Bowsnatcher:

A neat hands-free device that can be attached to your pack to hold your bow while you’re walking into the stand or climbing up for the hunt.

How many times have you walked up to a stand and there’s not a rope to pull your bow up, especially at other people’s property?

It’s also really nice to have my weapon easily accessible, rather than buckled in so I can remove it quietly once I get in my stand. This can also be used to hold a tripod or spotting scope rather than your bow.

2. Thermacell:

Thermacell MR150 Portable Mosquito Repeller, Olive Green; DEET-Free, Scent-Free Mosquito Repellent; 15 Foot Protection Zone with Fuel Cartridge and 3 Repellent Mats Provides 12 Hours of Relief

Might seem like a funny item to list for deer hunting, but it’s not uncommon for it to stay really warm throughout our deer season in Texas, especially the first half when I’m typically pouring sweat.

The mosquitos can make you want to pull your hair out and I can’t stand being at full draw with them around my face, so I have a Thermacell with me at all times for this reason.

3. HHA King Pin (single pin):

HHA Sports .010 KP Optimizer Lite King Pin XL 5510 Sight, Black

I’ve been running a single pin for my whitetail hunts for years and I swear by the accuracy due to the clarity within your sight housing.

Hunting an animal that can get its belly to the ground faster than the flight of my arrow, I want exact yardages when possible, and I typically have more time to range with whitetail.

While I do enjoy a 3 pin for elk hunting, I can switch that out right before whitetail on my King Pin and be ready to go with ease. It’s such a versatile sight that can be put through the wringer and still perform.

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard (

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard
Henry and Lakeisha Woodard(

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard are avid hunters who engage in deer hunting with the scientific approach. They’re also working at Hunt Fish Journal – a podcast encouraging people to involve archery, hunting, fishing and outdoors. Their favorites: raising beautiful children, enjoy hunting for food and filming.

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Browning Trail Cameras, Quality Optics, HSS Harness

1. Browning Trail Cameras:

Browning Trail Camera - Dark Ops

We like to use our Browning Trail Cameras for scouting

It allows us to pattern the deer in our area and it gives us a heads up as to what kind of deer are on our property and when they are there. It is a very helpful tool for any hunter out in the field.

2. Quality Optics:

 Vanguard Endeavor ED II 10x42 Binocular with Premium Hoya ED Glass, Waterproof/Fogproof

Every hunter needs a good pair of quality optics

We use Vanguard Endeavor IV 10x42 binoculars, plus it comes with a lifetime warranty.

A good pair of optics can go a long way when glassing areas looking for signs of deer movement.

3. Hunter Safety System Harness:

One thing we don't leave the house without is our Hunter Safety System Harness.

When hunting from tree stands, safety is our number one priority. We want to avoid and prevent fall accidents, plus we want to make it home safely.

If you hunt from any tree stand, please everyone be sure to wear a harness. You never know when an accident can happen no matter how experienced you are

Henry and Lakeisha Woodard

H.A.L.O. Chronicles

Norissa Harman (

Norissa Harman
Norissa Harman(Girls With Guns Clothing)

Norissa is the co-founder of Girls with Guns Clothing – a Northern California fashion company. It’s aiming design ‘by women for women’. She has been inspired by field hunters and wanna create pieces that fit and functional for female.

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These are my four favorite items right now:

  • Lassen Hike Pants
  • Hiding in the shade tee
  • Stalker 1/4 Zip Long Sleeve Base Layer
  • Artemis Softshell Vest


Lassen Hike Pants
Artemis Softshell Vest

Jay Jensen (Easton Archery)

Jay Jensen
Jay Jensen(Easton Archery)

Easton Archery has been provided top quality arrows shafts since 1922. Their products are used by many crossbow hunters, 3D, target shooter, and even in Olympic archery competition.

Easton FMJ’s Arrows, SEVR Broadheads, Easton Deluxe Roller Bowcase

My 3 favorite deer hunting products are:

1. Easton FMJ’s:

T64 Full Metal Jacket—the tapered hunting arrows that combine maximum killing power with the highest level of FOC accuracy.

FMJ Taper 64 Arrows


2. SEVR Broadheads:

 You can verify actual arrow point-of-impact by simply engaging the practice lock set screw included with each SEVR broadhead to practice without dulling or damaging blades.

SEVR Broadhead – TITANIUM 2.1″

3. Easton Deluxe Roller Bowcase:

 Protects just as well as a hard case, but offers plenty of room for clothing, accessories, and essential gear needed by the traveling hunter.

Easton Deluxe Roller Bowcase

Jay Jensen

Digital Marketing Manager

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