Today you're going to see 7 best bow sight reviews and comparison. In case you're wondering how to choose a good archery sight, the below checklist will tell you. Sounds great? Check it out:

Best Bow Sights On The Market:

Best Bow Sight Reviews:

After a thorough research and testing, here is best sight for bow list you may want consider for your bowhunting adventure.

1. IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery Sight

IQ Micro 5-pin, RH - New for 2021


The first bow sight on this list that I’d recommend for both beginners and longtime shooters is the IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery sight. Frankly, this is one of my best compound bow sights.

Aluminum Design

This is because the design of this bow sight is well-thought out to cater for the needs of both seasoned and beginner archers who want to hunt down deer.

Design wise, the bow sight is made of aluminum and comes with a fiber optic to maintain great brightness in every light situation.

Long range shooting with Retina Lock

Also, it features a Retina Lock Technology that lets you shoot at long-range distances while allowing you to ascertain the slightest anchor point change.

Whether you want to shoot from a treestand or on a flat ground, the Retina lock ensures you have a consistent and more accurate shot no matter your shooting position.

Our test and research revealed that the Retinal Lock isn’t affected by elevation.

IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin - Retina Lock

The best part?

You can adjust the individual pin to suit your shooting style.

Thanks to its micro-adjust knobs that let you adjust the windage and elevation to accurate positions with the help of the adjustment markings.

Even without an Alan wrench, you can decide to move each pin up and down.

So, are the Retina lock and the fiber optic battery powered?

Both of these features work off-battery. Although you may want to use the battery on your sight for the first 10 minutes and last 20 minutes of shooting time, after that, the retina lock and the fiber optics gather light from the sight to run both.

What are the numbers of pins?

 IQ Bowsights 3-Pin Micro Bowsight with Retina Lock Technology,Left Hand - 5


The sight comes with 3, 5 or 7 Fiber Optic Pins that are easily adjustable.

So, that means you can use any number of pins you think that will best suit you. But I think you are going to love using the 7 pins.


The only downside to this is that the windage adjustment knobs can cause a bit of noise and vibration.

But if you don’t want to use the windage feature, you can have it removed and decide not to use it.

Another thing you shouldn’t be ignorant of is that the pins aren’t preset for different yards like what you may have from other models. That means you have to set the pins anytime you are setting the bow.


  • Works great and the pins light up pretty well
  • Suitable for beginners and experienced shooters
  • Secured gang adjustments
  • Adjusting each pin is very easy and nice


  • The windage adjustment knobs can cause a bit of noise and vibration

2. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Double 2-Pin Wrapped Bow Sight

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Long Bar Wrapped Bow Sight Double 2-Pin .019 Right Hand


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty sight that will serve you well for a long time, consider the Spot Hogg Eddie XL bow sight. It offers the hunter pinpoint accuracy and extreme durability - even in challenging conditions.

Aluminum Design

Thanks to the robust aluminum construction, this bow sight is quite durable - and will last a long time without getting a scratch. 

It can withstand cold or rainy weather without any issues. So, even if you end up hunting in the pouring rain, the Spot Hogg bow sight will not disappoint.

Deadly Accurate

Whether you need this bow sight for shooting long-range out in the woods or doing some target practice at backyard, it will allow you to get accurate shots to the bullseye.

The sight features two rings with MRT technology, which shine brighter in low light conditions, allowing you to get good shots even when it’s pitch black outside.

Oh, and it also ensures faster alignment for bow hunters.


The dovetail is 6” long, and it’s certainly a nice addition to this already excellent bow sight.

It essentially enables the hunter to customize the peep and focal range according to the target.

Quick Setup

When it comes to all things bow-related, quick setup is crucial. Think about it - sometimes you just want something you can purchase and start using immediately. 

And on that note, what I liked the most was how simple it is to set up this bow sight.

You can quickly get the tape dial in, allowing you to shoot between 20 and 60 yards. Then, you can use the yardage stickers to mark your distances - and that’s it.

What’s more, the bow sight is relatively simple to put on and take off your bow.

That is rather convenient if you are backpacking, or your bow cannot fit the bow case with attached sight.

Smooth & Quiet

The bow sight performs without so much as a click or peep.

The yardage is entirely adjustable - and it doesn’t require any tools while remaining whisper-quiet, all thanks to the HRD technology. 

Even more so, the bow sight is easy to pin with tape according to your arrow speed.

It’s worth mentioning that the Spot Hogg bow sight is made in the US and comes with a lifetime warranty. 


The downside of this otherwise fantastic bow sight would have to be the weight.

Weighing 14.6 ounces, it’s a bit heavy. You will likely need to sacrifice an additional 2 - 3 for the improved accuracy.

The light which helps light up the pin is also not included in the package.

And the bow sight is designed for right-handed hunters only.


  • Heavy-duty, durable bow sight
  • Extremely accurate and adjustable
  • Dovetail for customization
  • Quick setup
  • Smooth and whisper-quiet
  • Made in the USA
  • Lifetime warranty


  • A little heavy
  • Light not included
  • Right-handed use only

3. Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge React H5 Sight – Left Hand – Black


Imagined drawing your bow with the confidence that you will definitely hit the bullseye, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Well, that is the kind of confidence you will get from the Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Bow Sight. The React is a game-changing bow sight that is skillfully built to enhance your accuracy on any target.

Easy to adjust vertically and horizontally

It comes with a lightweight and solid design and it is very easy to adjust both horizontally and vertically.

While its younger brother offers a Single pin, the React provides you with 5 fiber optic pins that stood out. It also followed the same step of its brother by offering very bright pins.

Once setting, you're all set

Once you calibrate it at 20 and 30 yards, its React Technology automatically sets your 40, 50, and 60-yard pins to achieve the cleanest precision.

I love how easy and accurate it allows you to dial in the 50 and 60 yard ranges with just a few adjustments.

With an Allen wrench, you can easily install this best 5 pin bow sight to mount on your bow.

One of its downsides is that it doesn't give you downloadable instructions or real instructions on the various adjusting knobs.


  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Offers a reversible sight mount
  • Easy to install
  • You can calibrate it at 20 and 30 yards to give you the cleanest precision.


  • No clear instructions on how to adjust the pin

4. Wrapped Hogg Father Right Hand

Wrapped Hogg Father Right Hand


This bow sight is known as the best bow sight for hunting that will make you a better shooter right from the very first day.

The Wrapped Hogg is a tough sight that is ruggedly built and well-made to last you for a very long time. This is a freestyle sight that is easy to adjust, and it’s very accurate.

2nd and 3rd Axis Micro Adjustment

This bow sight comes with all the bells and whistle of high-end bow sights.

It features an adjustable knob and tapes that are accurate and clear. It also features a good 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment.

It is a single pin sight that allows you to have a clear view of what you are aiming at compared to multiple pins.

So you don’t have to keep adjusting the pins—all you need is to find the range and then adjust the dial on the side.

You just need two yardages and the next step is to set up from 20 yard - 100 yards, which is much better than setting pins while going to every 10 yards.


  • The design is TOUGH and durable
  • Easy to dial
  • The sight tapes are clear and accurate
  • Easy to use and setup


  • The micro adjust windage isn’t the best around

5. Black Gold - Rush 3 Pin (Black)

Black Gold - Rush 3 Pin (Black)


This bow sight is made of aircraft aluminum and comes with a vertical and horizontal calibrated gang. It also features a machined aluminum guard to give you maximum pin protection and durability.

Although it doesn't have micro adjustments, it does have a Photochromatic technology that prevents the fiber optic from turning so bright.

Thanks to its impressive revolutionary SkyCoil which gathers light for unprecedented pin brightness when needed.

You will also be surprised to know that the pins darken the bright light automatically to dull pins to eliminate pin halo.

It also offers a quick peep alignment, thanks to its Fluorescent interchangeable guard rings and with its adjustable level, you can easily set your 2nd axis.


  • Individually micro-adjustable pins
  • Features interchangeable fluorescent sight ring
  • Photochromatic sky coil gathers light
  • Solid and well-constructed design


  • Doesn't come with a micro adjustment

6. Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight


The Trophy Ridge is a single pin sight that is much cheaper than most sights on the market.

Even at a cheaper price, the Trophy houses an aluminum design that is durable and sturdy. Its simple construction and bright pin are one of the unique reasons why this bow sight was able to make it to our top list.

It has a single vertical pin that comes with a sight’s ultra-precise adjustments and Delrin bushings that has a quiet movement without any metal-to-metal contacts or vibration.


The glow in the slider scale and dark ring are visible and bright. The pin is brilliantly bright in low light situations.

You can adjust the brightness of the pin to suit any visible condition and also to maintain accuracy even in low and changing lights.

One of the cons that let it down is that it doesn't have sight tapes. And there is no adjustment knob, meaning you’d need a number of Allen keys to adjust different parts of the sight.

Trophy Ridge Pursuit Vertical Pin Bow Sight 3

Trophy Ridge bow sight also comes with the problem of the screws on the slider, causing damage to the riser.

But you can put nylon washers in between the riser and the sight to prevent this from happening.

Of course, if this is not checked on time, then it might have a negative impact on the overall accuracy.


  • Brilliantly bright pins
  • Works great without any vibration
  • Easy to adjust
  • Durable and sturdy design


  • No sight tapes
  • The Screws of the slider causes damage to the riser

7. CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight.019, Black, Standard

CBE CX5, Carbon Bar 5-Pin Sight.019, Black, Standard


The CBE CX5 is a fantastic bow sight you should consider purchasing. It’s straightforward - and it’s a perfect fit for hunting archers.


Weighing under 9 ounces, this bow sight is exceptionally lightweight.

The sturdy aluminum used in its construction and the carbon sight rod cut down plenty of the initial weight - while keeping it durable.


The dovetail is a nice touch for this bow sight, as it makes it pretty easy to set the distance.

It’s not too long - but it’s still long enough to serve you quite well in all your hunting adventures.

Easy to Sight In

The CBE CX5 is a breeze to sight in, and the adjustments are made relatively quickly. You can fine-tune the bow sight without making a peep with the micro-click adjustment.

You can adjust the elevation and windage by moving the click - up and down for elevation and right and left for windage.

It’s worth noting that it’s easy to move the entire housing up and down as needed. 

You also get to adjust the second and third axis for a perfectly adapted bow sight - which is a nice touch. Oh, and the housing is laser-engraved for a pinpoint precise view.

Fully Ambidextrous

The fact that this bow sight is fully ambidextrous is the best part about it.

It’s a breeze to convert the sight from left to right and vice versa. However, do note that the bow sight does need a little bit of customization if you decide to switch.

The Pin

The pin boasts a strong connection for maximum reliability. It is a bright fiber optic pin designed to transmit light to your sight.

If you need more light, it can illuminate your view more and help you out in low-light conditions. 

I liked the blue light, by the way, because it won’t spook my bucks. 

The pin is also pretty adjustable, so you can get it up or down using a screw.

Moreover, you can remove pins to convert from 5 to 2 or 3 pin housing.

Easy to Swap Out

The color rings are easy to swap out in seconds.

You get to choose from the four included color rings - red, yellow, green, or grey.

The color rings are fluorescent, as well, and the green comes pre-installed. But you can change it as per your preference.


The only apparent downside of this otherwise fantastic bow sight is that it isn’t very long.


  • Simple construction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set distance using the dovetail
  • A breeze to sight in
  • Great pin with a strong connection
  • Easy to swap out color rings
  • Fully ambidextrous


  • Not very long

Types of Bow Sights

Bow sights come in different shapes and sizes. We are going to look at the different types so you can have a clear picture of which one works best for you.

Fixed Pin Bow Sight

Fixed Pin Sights

The first most common type of bow sight is the fixed pin bow sight. The reason why this is widely used by hunters is that it is easy to set up and very accurate when used properly.

Most of this sight offer the option to use a different number of pins for setting numerous distances.

We recommend you set one pin from 20 to 25 yards, which is the average shooting range for a closer shot.

But do ensure you always learn and practice how to aim high for a closer or longer shot no matter the number of pins you are using.


  • They come with a simple design
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to master and practice


  • It might be quite a hassle to adjust the pin for effective yardage
  • Higher number of pins might clutter your shooting accuracy

Adjustable Moveable Pin Sights

Moveable Pin Sights

Just as the name implies, moveable pin allows you to adjust the pin to any given distance when taking a shot.

The big difference is that they come with just a single pin compared to a fixed pin sight that gives you the option to use as many pins as you want.

To get the distance of the shot, you will need to mark the shot through a slider preset.

So, that means you have to adjust it to the accurate distance for every single shot you take. And this can be a hassle if you have a prey right on the spot that is constantly moving.

Even worse, the deer can spot every move as you make adjustments, and off it goes.

We normally recommend this type of bow sights for 3D and competition shooting.


  • Gives you the flexibility to adjust the sights to any given distance
  • Very easy to use
  • It is great for 3D shooting and competition


  • Offers a single pin
  • You will need to constantly adjust the pin to any given distance in order to take a clean shot.

Pendulum Sights

Pendulum Sights

Pendulum sights are unique in a way that they come with a different design as opposed to other types of bow sights.

They offer a pin that is mounted on the pendulum, which is located inside the bracket.

This type of bow sight is suitable for a tree stand hunter as it allows accurate positioning and downward angle of the bow.

So, you will notice that as you take a shot, the pendulum, which is inside the bracket, will swing outside the bracket, paving the way for a precise shot on target.


  • Perfect for tree stand hunters
  • Doesn’t require constant adjustment


  • A beginner might find it hard getting used to it for the first time
  • Not too accurate when using it to take shots on ground level

Target Sights

Target Sights

Target sight is one of the most expensive and accurate sights around. You can attach this sight with another aiming device like single pins and lasers for extreme accuracy.

It come with a lot of settings and flexibility to give you the free hand to adjust to suit the wind or distance you are aiming at for a precise and accurate shot.


  • Very accurate and precise
  • Features a whole bunch of settings to give you the best accuracy
  • Can be attached to another aiming device


  • It is expensive


Brackets sights are divided into two parts: the fixed and dovetail.

  • The fixed brackets sights allow you to remove the sight even when it has been set up. And it is more durable than the dovetail bow sight.
  • The dovetail sight, on the other hand, comes with a secured fixed plate and a slot to slide the sight onto the fixed plate with a screw. It allows you to move the sight forward and backward to suit your bow setup.

Typically, this gets the sight far away from the riser and allows you to aim more precisely and accurately. I collected top ones below for you, so keep reading!

How to Choose a Best Archery Sight

what to consider when choosing a bow sight

There are a lot of key factors you want to consider before picking a bow sight.

Since archery sights come in different styles, design, and purposes, you want to make sure you choose the one that fits your hunting style.

That said, here are a few important factors to keep in mind when shopping for a bow sight.

Number of Pins

The first thing you want to decide for yourself is whether you want a single pin sight or a sight that has multiple pins.

single pin vs multi pins

Single Pin

Single pin sights are usually adjustable. You can easily adjust it to whatever yardage your deer is.

They come with a side tape that let you adjust the sight up and down at any distance you are aiming at.

The best thing about single pin is that it offers you just one aiming point so that your scope of view is not cluttered by other pins that could block your target.

However, one of the potential downfalls of the one pin is that you have to set it before you draw your bow.

So, if the deer come in a certain yard, you have to set your sight before you can shoot the deer. Of course, this can make the deer notice some movement and can get you busted.

Multiple Pin

On the other hand, multi-pin sight has different pin numbers like 3, 5, and 7 pin sight that you can set with the most modern compounds to 20-60 yards.

So if the deer is 20 yards away, you can just draw your bow with a 20-yard pin without doing anything differently and with less movement.


choose pin sight basing on your purpose

There are different types of sights that are made for specific purposes. For example:

  • The fixed pin sight is gaining more grounds among hunters due to its ease of usage, the Pendulum sights works perfectly on a tree stand
  • The moveable pin sights are great for a tournament or 3D shooting.

Also, keep in mind that some models require much time to practice, so ensure you find out how long it will take you to get the hang of using that particular bow sights.

So, ensure you choose the type of sights that will work best in a particular hunting occasion before making the purchase.

Pin Brightness

Pin Brightness

Consider if it has pins that can work at low light level. We do recommend bow sights that have fiber optic as the aiming pins.

The more the fiber that is incorporated into the sight, and wrapped around the scope or, the lighter it gathers.

These pins can react under highest light condition (halo effect) and can be transmitted to the very end to aim at a prey.


For you to effectively aim at your target accurately in a windy atmosphere or in an elevated spot, you want to look out for a sight that has 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment.

Ensure you go for the ones that come with hiding adjustments, micro adjust and precise adjustments.



One more thing you want to consider is the size of the pins. The basic pin sizes in today’s sights range from 10,000 of an inch to 29,000. So, where this comes to play is that the smaller the pins are, the more precise you can be with your aiming.

That means you can dial down exactly where you want that arrow to hit because it is so small.

The larger your pin is, the more of your target it is going to cover, which most times can’t be quite as precise as you want it to be.


Another thing to find out is how durable is the sight. A bow sight that offers an aluminum design , lightweight and sturdy should be a good pick.

On the other hand, a plastic model that normally comes with a lower price isn't as sturdy and durable as an aluminum bow sight.

So, we recommend you always go with the ones that offer a solid construction that can last you a lifetime.

But, if you’re on a budget, then you can pick bow sights that combine the two types of design in one. They are also affordable and stronger than the plastic type of sights.


If I’m in the market for a single pin bow sight, or for a bow hunting tournament, my prime choice will be the HHA Optimizer Lite 5519.

Its solid design, and tool-free elevation and windage adjustments, which let you turn your optimizer easily in the field, are a force to reckon with.

But if I were to look for a multiple pin bow sight for deer hunting, the IQ Bowsights Micro 3, 5 or 7 Pin Compound Bow Archery sight will be my best pick.

This is due to its multiple features and unique design to shoot at prey in different yardage.

Its revolutionary Retina lock system and the ability to adjust the individual pin to suit your shooting style earns it our Editor's Choice as the best bow sight for deer hunting.

That said, these two bow sights are both unique in the sense that they offer:

Editor's choice:

editor's choice


  • A durable and long-lasting design
  • They are easy to install and adjust
  • Come with the best technology to give you the cleanest shot on the bullseye
  • Fully protected with fiber optic to maintain the best brightness in every light situations
  • Dependable and highly reliable
  • Offer pin/pins that come with the right size to give you the best precise shot at the target

Apart from these two, there are other top rated bow sights on this list that deliver gorgeous and decent features.

Take a closer look at them and see which one best suit your shooting style.

If you think we have missed an amazing bow sight that ought to be on this list, please do let us know.

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