In this article, we are going to be looking at the most affordable and the best arrow rest for hunting on the market, and what you need to know about these arrow rests before buying. 

Best Arrow Rest Recommendation:

1. Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest - Best Drop Away Arrow Rest

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest


If you are looking for a bow rest that is considered the best fall away arrow rest, then this QAD Drop Away Rest is for you. It solves many of the issues that bow hunters frequently face with drop-away rest.

The QAD HDX is a drop down arrow rest that has full containment that prevents your arrow from falling off the rest.

This proves to be a valuable feature in a situation when you have to turn your bow at all angles.

As the only rest to feature velocity drop away rest technology, the Ultra-rest won't fall until the bow is fired.

This ensures that your arrow will stay in the capture position even in slow let down.

Once the Ultra-rest is cogged into position, using its located thumbwheel, you can be confident to have a perfect shot.

And with the lock-down technology eliminating the rest from bouncing back, you are confident that your arrow will completely clear the arrow rest even if you are using today's fastest bows.


  • Full Instruction manual
  • Eliminates arrow rest bounce back.
  • Full arrow containment for safety, reliability and easy setup
  • Offers an increased accuracy and velocity
  • Features a vertical that makes it easy for you to set up your center shot and rest height without the rest having a fletching contact with the arrow.
  • The HDX arrow rest is noticeably smooth and very quiet compared to other models.
  • The HDX offers a sturdy and well-built construction.


  • The bear makes the riser of the arrow rest a little thicker at the mounting point which may interfere with the vertical adjustment of the arrow rest.

2. Wingeler Medium Arrow Rest – Best Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Wingeler Medium Arrow Rest right and left hand


Wingeler Medium Arrow Rest comes to a well designed and built arrow rest for hunting. This arrow rest can fit in perfectly if it's combined with a best compound bow.

It features a well-encased brush capture reference marks for easy adjustments of the rest to suit your shooting position.

Unlike other arrow rest, the Wingeler is perfectly designed to suit those who are both right and Left-handed.

One fact I love about this arrow rest is that it can fully capture your arrow without falling off during movement, or when you are about to take a shot.

If you are on a budget or you are just starting out, then this brand is certainly for you. This is because it is easy to install, ease of use and lightweight.


  • Great rest for beginners
  • One of the best arrow rest for compound bow
  • You can easily install and adjust it
  • The bristles support the arrow very well
  • Ideal for both right and left-handed shooters


  • The whisker bends easily
  • Bristles wear out after some good numbers of shots

3. Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V Rest


If you want a high performing rest that shoots very accurately, then Vapor Trail LimbDriver Pro V rest is for you.

The Limb Driver rest simplifies the rest set-up and bow tuning. You don’t have to worry about your bowl or tying any cable which can take your time.

A couple of things that right off the bat I like about this particular setup is it features a containment ring, and that ring ensures that no matter how awkward you draw your bow, you will always have your arrow rise up on the launcher as it supposed to.

The rest allows full fletching clearance, giving you true arrow flight and more accuracy. This feature alone is what probably sold the whole thing to me.

The limb driver Pro v rest is designed to stay up to 70% of the shot circle. So what that does for you is it supports your arrow to last long. It also allows your arrow to reach the speed that it needs to stabilize.

The spring tension rest enables you to adjust the rest if you want it to be tighter or looser.


  • Designed to be more compact and lighter than before
  • The limb driver has minimum wear
  • Captures your arrow better
  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable spring tension
  • Designed to stay up to 70% of the shot circle
  • Quiet and quick


  • In a tree stand, you have to put in some effort on the pull back to make sure there is no arrow wobble.
  • The set screw on the tension adjustment is so tight

4. Tabiger Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting

Tabiger Arrow Rest for Compound Bow Hunting Left and Right Hand


If you are looking for an arrow rest that will make your target shooting more fun, then you should consider the Tabiger Arrow Rest.

The compound bow hunting rest is a safe and secure arrow rest that is designed for right and left-handed bow users.

The arrow rest offers a unique composite-encased biscuit that gives your arrow a total clearance without damaging your fletching.

The encased biscuit holds your arrow securely, giving you the freedom to move your bow to any direction of your choice without the arrow falling off the rest.

Another unique feature that sold this product to me is the Windage and elevation adjustment. This feature enables you to move the riser to a point where you can aim for an accurate shot.

Also, the rubber boots come with a silence loading feature that allows you to have a smooth and quiet shot on your prey.


  • Perfect for a beginner who would want to improve on his shooting skills
  • Designed to capture your arrow safely and securely while waiting for the right time to release it
  • Sturdy and easy to install
  • Aims at your target accurately
  • Gives your arrow total clearance without damaging your fletching


  • The arrows rest comes in plastic but still works great
  • The product shoots well, but it’s quite delicate

5. Trophy Ridge Arrow Rest

Trophy Ridge Arrow Rest

What set this rest apart from others is the vertical drop technology. The Trophy Ridge Arrow Rest comes with a vertical drop technology to provide true vertical drop on the market.

The Ridge Rest helps in eliminating timing issues and allows the arrow a longer dwell time on the rest. It is constructed of solid 6061 aluminum and utilizes the linear bearings to provide smooth and silent operation.

This rest provides 100-percent arrow containment. The Trophy Ridge Arrow also offers a removable containment arm for use with larger arrows. It also comes with a grabber on the front which pops right up to ensure that the arrows are not moving around.

The trophy ridge arrow rest features a bearing that provides smooth and silent operation. Even if you are not a bow technician, or you don’t have tools at home, you can set this rest up.


  • You can easily set it up
  • Provides longer arrow support
  • Comes with no clearance problems
  • The rest is smooth and quiet when taking a shot
  • The arrow path delivers unmatched clearance.


  • Sometimes the rest might be difficult to release
  • The rest is a little bit sensitive, so you need to handle it with care
  • It's sometimes difficult to get the grabber to stick to the rest

Types of Arrow Rest

There are different arrow rest types on the market that are produced by various manufacturers. But today's modern hunting bows are usually equipped with two basic styles of rest.

So, let's briefly take a look at each of them.

Drop-Away Arrow Rest

best Drop-Away Arrow Rest

The Drop-way arrow rest offers full arrow containment just like the whiskey Biscuits. If you put your arrow on the rest, no matter your hunting position, the arrow won't fall off.

One nice feature of this model is that when you shoot your bow, the arrow rest drops all the way without having any fletching contact or interference with the arrow.

The rest that comes in this style guides your arrows up to the front for about 13 inches. Most drop away arrow rest allows your arrow to get away super-fast with easy clearance.

Once your arrow is captured in the rest and pulled solidly, then you are sure of getting the best shooting accuracy.

The downside to the drop away rest is that it often requires some tuning. It might be difficult to set up once again during hunting, especially if you are a beginner.

Whisker Biscuits Rests

Whisker Biscuits Rests

The whiskey biscuits arrow rest is the most simple to use. When this rest first came out, it was revolutionary. It was the first arrow rest that contained your arrow fully. The rest comes with a 360-degree circle spot where you can sit your arrows through. This style of arrow rest holds your arrow firmly, allowing it not to move.

One of the pros of this rest is that it fully contains your arrow. So no matter what you do with the bow, it is impossible for that arrow to fall out of the bowl.

In a hunting situation, this is great, especially when you are running, or jumping with your bow. For beginners, you can draw the bow, let it down and you don't have to worry about the arrow going off.

The downside to it is that it sometimes has a fletching contact with the vanes which slows down the speed of the arrow. But if it is set up properly it really doesn't affect arrow flight that much.

Drop-away VS Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

What Is the Perfect Arrow Rest For Me?

Choosing the perfect arrow rest style is very important if you want the best out of your hunting experience.

What Is the Perfect Arrow Rest For Me


First, you want to go for an arrow rest that is durable and can stand the test of time. You also want to go for a good rest that can hold your arrows in place; especially if you are running, jumping or drawing your bowl.

Smooth and Quiet

Also, most hunters love to choose the kind of arrow rest that is smooth and quiet. So that the prey you are about to hunt isn't startled when you release the bolt.


Regarding weight, I usually prefer the ones that come in lightweight. This is because you can easily adjust it when you are in the middle of a hunt. Another reason is that most of them have minimal contact with the vanes when released.

Left / Right - handed

Also, find out if the arrow rest is left-handed or right-handed before making a purchase. Don't also forget to go for an arrow rest that has no fletching contact with the rest.

In conclusion, when looking for the right arrow rests whether whiskey biscuits or drop away, you should first consider your needs. Look out for unique features like its durability, quality and speed.

So, if you have had issues with arrow rests and you are looking for the best bow rest for your hunting activities, I would highly recommend you to give the Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest a try. The reason I chose this rest over similar rests

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest - 2

Editor's Choice:

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

  • Full containment to prevent your arrow from falling off the rest. Your arrow won’t fall off until the bow is fired.
  • Lock-down technology that prevents the rest from bouncing back.
  • Increased accuracy and velocity over other types of arrow rest.
  • Features a side-to-side vertical that makes it easy for you to set up your center shot and rest height without the arrow rest having a fletching contact with the arrow.
  • The HDX arrow rest is noticeably smooth and very quiet compared to other models.

There you have it.

The detailed reviews of the best arrow rest on the market.

So, what are your experiences with these arrows rests?

Which arrow rest do you think is the best?

I would be glad to read your comments below. You can also share this article to those who would find it very useful.

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