If you’re looking for a realistic deer target to set up an archery range in the backyard, this topic is for you.

I have spent 9 hours researching and compiled a list of the best 3D deer targets for crossbow to help you practice in the off-season.

Ready? Then dive in:

Best 3D Crossbow Target:

Best 3D Deer Target For Crossbow Reviews:

1. Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine Target:

RINEHART Woodland Jimmy Big Tine Target

Via Amazon.com

I had so much fun trying out the Rinehart Woodland Jimmy target, and it’s genuinely one of the best life-sized targets for 3D archery.

Lifelike Size

What makes this target stand out is the size, making you feel like you are shooting at a natural deer. With the realistic shape, you get the equivalent of a 100-pound buck.

The dimensions are 48 inches in length by 40 inches in width - so make sure you have enough space for this rather large target in your yard!

Easy to Pull Arrows

The target is made out of solid FX woodland foam, self-healing. So, when it’s pierced with the arrow, the holes close up, and you’ll feel like new after shots.

Superior & Durable

This deer target can holdup against arrows best out of all marks in this list. It can even stop crossbow broadheads nicely, which is something to consider.

However, if you are shooting arrows with broadheads, it can downgrade your target faster. I recommend using Rinehart 18-1 if you need to practice with broadheads.

The target is also weatherproof and UV-resistant, ensuring this 3D target will last for many, many seasons.

Even during extreme weather conditions, you can leave the mark out without sustaining damage.

Replaceable Core

replaceable core

Via Amazon.com

What is truly important, no matter what target you buy, is that it has a replaceable core like the Rinehart Woodland.

The replacement core for the Woodland target can be purchased at a relatively affordable cost, although the Rinehart targets are more expensive upfront.

However, the replacement core is cheaper than McKenzy targets (more on that later).

Great for 3D archery practice

I liked this target because you get an IBO ring for 3D archery practice.

With it, you can choose to shoot any of the two sides. And if you shoot regularly, you should get a backup core to prevent shooting out.

The whole target is relatively simple to set up, and you can set everything up in your backyard within minutes and be ready to shoot.


The neck and the hips of the target are pretty thin, so they might get damaged first.

Also, I didn’t like that the target didn’t include vital marking for practice hunting.


  • Replaceable core
  • Easy to set up
  • Superior durability
  • Easy to pull out the arrows
  • Lifelike size


  • The neck and hips are thin
  • No vital markings

2. Delta McKenzie Big Daddy 3D Buck Target:

Delta McKenzie Big Daddy 3D Buck Target

Via Amazon.com

Sometimes, you are looking for a sizeable 3D target that will make you feel like you are shooting the real thing. For those occasions, here comes the Delta McKenzie!

Realistic Size

Realistic Size

Via Amazon.com

The size is the advantage of this 3D target, as it’s the equivalent of a 250-pound whitetail deer.

The shoulder height is 41 inches with 48 inches of width, keeping in mind that the total size of the deer target is 54 inches.

The size is more than realistic, and it’s perfect for crossbow hunters who wish to practice ethical shots in the off-season.


The deer target is very durable, thanks to the core filled with self-healing foam. The foam ensures that the bolts are easy to remove, and it doesn’t add on the extra weight on the target.

The target weighs only 41 pounds, so you can move it around or even store it every night without a strain.

The target can easily withstand both field points and broadheads.

If you wish to use the broadheads, I advise you to stick to 2-blade broadheads. Don’t use 3-blade or multi-blade broadheads, as they can be challenging to pull out.

Replaceable Parts

I didn’t like so much about this deer target that the core is not replaceable.

The head, midsection, and legs can be replaced, which is better than nothing.

The most replaceable part would have to be the midsection, which can be rather expensive. It can cost a little less than the whole new target.

mid section  Big Daddy buck replacement

Via dmtargets.com

2 Sides for Shooting

I liked that you have a side to shoot vitals, essential for hunting practice. The other side is for scoring - shooting tournaments.

Thanks to the Dovetail Locking System, this 3D deer target is relatively easy to assemble.


The particular disadvantage of this deer target is that the head feels kind of weak and doesn’t stand well. So, you should buy an extra adjustable 3D stand to secure it properly.

Also, the replacement parts are costly.


  • Large size
  • Durable
  • Replaceable parts
  • Lightweight
  • Two sides for shooting
  • Easy to assemble


  • Expensive replacement parts
  • The head is kind of unstable
  • Unstable standing

3. Bigshot Pro Hunter Doe Deer 3D Archery Target:

BIGSHOT Pro Hunter Buck Deer Target

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for a 3D archery target to help keep you occupied in the off-season, the Bigshot Pro Hunter target is there to make it worth your while.

Life-Sized Target

More than plenty, this target is relatively large, equivalent to a 135-pound whitetail deer.

The height to the shoulder is 31 inches, with a width of 43 inches.

It is pretty close to the actual size, and it can give you an accurate size of deer in the woods.

Easy to Remove Arrows

You can easily pull out the arrows with your bare hands is reason enough to buy this deer target. You will likely never need an arrow puller to pull an arrow out of the Pro Hunter.

The build of this deer target is solid and resilient. Because of that, you can use broadheads to practice without the worry you might damage the core.

Durable & Replaceable Core

The self-healing foam is almost a must-have for a deer target, and the arrow mark mostly disappears immediately after removing the arrow.

Pulling the arrow out is a breeze, and the replacement for the core is highly cheap - which is essential to keep in mind.

Pro Hunter Replacement Universal Field Point Vital

Via bigshottargets.com

This target is a fantastic choice for 3D archery practice as the target comes with an ASA or IBO scoring ring set.

The UV-resistant coating is a nice touch, as it extends the lifespan of this deer target to years.

The setup is quick - you can start using your new target within minutes.

It is also relatively lightweight, so you can move it around or store it in the basement when you aren’t using it.


This target is great for scoring, but it’s not the best option for deer hunting practice.

It does not stand well, so you should add a stand for it.

The antlers can also easily fall off, but that’s not a big deal, glue them back on, and you’re good to go.


  • Life-sized
  • Easy to remove the arrows
  • Super strong
  • Durable
  • Cheap replaceable core
  • Quick setup


  • Not the best for hunting practice
  • It does not stand well
  • Antlers can fall off

4. Field Logic GlenDel Full-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core:

 GlenDel Pre-Rut Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

Via Amazon.com

The GlenDel Full Rut Buck is a reasonable target made in the USA.

Highly Durable

This target is highly durable, thanks to the PolyFusion core inside.

The center can stop your arrows perfectly and safely - and you have up to 1,000 shots before you have to consider replacing them.

The 3D archery target from Field Logic can withstand field points, broadheads, and expandable points, making it an excellent option for practice with gear from a treestand or a ground blind before the opening day.

I recommend sticking to field points only to extend the life of your target, though.

4 side core

The core has 4 sides to extend the lifespan of your target year after year. And it lasts longer than most targets in this list before needing a replacement.

It’s weatherproof, but you should refrain from leaving it outside to extend its life.

True-Scale Shape

The target is 36 inches high to the shoulder, and it’s the equivalent of a 250-pound whitetail designed to give you the feel of a natural deer.

Easy to Pull Out Bolts

The bolts are easy to pull out, provided you use a light bow.

However, a powerful crossbow that achieves over 300 fps can take more effort to get the bolt out, as they embed deep holes.

Pro Tips:

Use a puller and lube the arrows using soap to make pulling out a much easier job.

The more you use the target, the more holes you will create, so pulling out will be easier and easier over time.

Replaceable Core

The core is resilient, meaning the holes will close up once you remove the arrow. After the core wears out, you can buy a replacement core at a reasonable cost.

GlenDel Buck Replacement Core

Via feradyne.com

The target is lightweight - it weighs only 25 pounds, and it’s simple to set up.


The downside is that the stands are unstable, so you should upgrade them to something better.


  • Made in the USA
  • Highly durable
  • True-scale shape
  • Easy to pull out bolts
  • Reasonable cost to replace the core
  • Lightweight
  • Breeze to setup


  • Unstable stands

5. Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core:

 Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for a more budget 3D target, consider the Big Shooter Buck 3D Archery Target.

It brings all the fun to your backyard practice, and it costs a fraction of the high-end products!

Replaceable Center

This target has a replaceable core, and you can change it whenever it wears out. The deer vitals are filled with high-density foam.

The foam can stop both field tips and broadhead arrows without any issues.

It works flawlessly, even on arrows that shoot out at speeds up to 470 fps. You should fire field tips only to prevent the foam from falling apart sooner.


The downside of the core is that it doesn’t have the self-healing feature, so you will have to replace it more frequently than most turrets in this article.

Foam can come out with arrows, and it can get expensive if you need a replacement for the center core. It costs half the price of the entire target, and you can shoot on one side only.

Life-Like Buck Shape

The target's height is 33 inches to the shoulder, so it looks true-to-life deer. The arrows are easily removable from the target, even without an arrow puller.

The target is easy to assemble, which is a nice touch if you want to move it to a new location from time to time or store it during the season in your basement or shed.

Sturdy Target

Thanks to its weather-resistant feature, the target is very durable and resilient. This target will last you a long time without any issues, despite it being a budget-friendly option.

The target is made in the USA, a testament to its quality.


The most significant downside of this deer target would have to be the core that isn’t self-healing, meaning you will have to replace it more often.

The legs are plastic, so they aren’t stable on uneven terrain like backyards.

On top of that, the ears can easily break off because of the poor packaging.


  • Replaceable core
  • Affordable
  • High-density foam
  • Life-like buck shape
  • Easy to assemble
  • Arrows are easy to remove
  • Sturdy target


  • The core isn’t self-healing
  • Plastic legs
  • Ears can fall off
  • 1 side only

Bottom Line:

Lastly, I have genuinely enjoyed reviewing every one of the 3D deer targets listed in this article.

They are all amazing, but only one of them is the best, and that would have to be the Rinehart Woodland Jimmy Big Tine Target.

Editor's choice:

editor's choice

Via Amazon.com

This target is lifelike, with a genuinely realistic shape, which makes this target stand out from the crowd.

It’s durable, waterproof, and has a replaceable core - so it ought to last you a long time of constant practicing.

What is your favorite option for the best 3D deer target for crossbow? Let us know...

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