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It might get a little overwhelming trying to comb through the many good bow sights out there. Yet, so few are actually worth the money.

That’s why we’ve narrowed them down to the 5 best single pin bow sights, which will help boost your confidence, even if you have weak eyes.

Ready? Here we go…

Best Single Pin Bow Sights On The Market:

  1. Best Overall: HHA Tetra Max Ryz
  2. Most Advanced Sight: Trophy Ridge Digital React
  3. Most Bombproof Sight: Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL
  4. Best Mid Range: Black Gold Ascent Verdict
  5. Best Budget: CBE Tactic Hybrid

Best Single Pin Bow Sight Reviews:

1. HHA Tetra Max Ryz:

HHA Tetra Max Ryz


HHA Ryz Tetra Max is not only a “TOP GUN”, but also the brightest, smoothest and easiest-to-use sight for hunting.

Key Features:

Brightest Pin

The HHA Ryz Tetra Max features the brightest pin in the industry, where the brightness is able to be manipulated, from indoor to outdoor.

Unlike other sight brands that cover the fiber optics with a plastic shield, the Ryz contains a mechanical rheostat that controls how bright you want it.

How does the mechanical rheostat work?

Just move the sight housing back and forth, the fiber optics will become more or less exposed, transmitting light to the end of the fiber pin.

mechanical rheostat

You’ll have the ability to “DIM THE PIN” on sunny days, and light it up in those last few moments of legal shooting hours.

It's worth every penny.  And all of this takes almost ZERO EFFORT.

The best part?

The rheostat frees you from the legal issue of using electronic devices in hunting.

Since it works without the use of a battery.

And guess what?

My hunting buddy whilst practicing on a 3D course became a little disgruntled since he couldn’t adjust to the lighting like I could.

Two yardages, two chances:

2 yardages

Having two aiming points fixes the disadvantage of having one pin sight (which requires re-adjustment every time you change the yardage), and whilst still not creating any sight picture issues.

It means you get two chances to take down your buck without needing to add any extra movement for yardage adjustment.

What happens if the deer bounce out of range?

Obviously if your doe bounces out the 2nd yardage, you would still need to re-adjust it.

But ultimately, this sight works, as it offers:

Less movement. Less clutter. More shooting chances.

Smoothest and easiest to use sight:

Silky smooth movement

The yardage wheel moves up and down almost effortlessly without making noise, even at full draw.

You can set the tension to be looser or tighter easily, before locking onto the deer.

silky smooth


Wanna switch to a different setup without re-sighting? Just replace the pre-yardage wheels, and done. You’re all set.

My Advice: Leave one setup for hunting and another one for 3D target shooting.

The magnifier wheel and sight tape are on the outside of your bow which makes it extremely CONVENIENT FOR DIALING IN.

You can easily see the numbers and turn it with fewer movements in the field without torquing the bow.

For you:

Magnified pointer vs fine pointer tape

Magnified pointer vs fine pointer tape

If your aging eyes find the magnified pointer is too much, you can easily put the fine pointer on. Your eyes will thank you for that.

Get this: Accurate And Easy To Install Sight Tape

HHA uses a simple method to attach the site tape and allows you to freely spin it to set your zero (just like zeroing a rifle scope).

It means you don’t need to set it right on your marked yardage, unlike other brands.

In other words, you’re eliminating the chance of mistakes.

Check this video to find out how to sight in HHA Tetra Max:

This will surprise you:

Unlike other brands, the HHA provides UNBELIEVABLY ACCURATE sight tape.

If you sighted in 20 and 80 yards, rest assured, it won’t be off at 100 and 40.

Even the Spot Hogg Fast Eddie Sight (more on that below) can’t get that spot on without a ton of extra work put in.


Non-exact yardage for the 2nd pin

Bear in mind that when you sight in the top pin at 20 yards for instance, the 2nd pin will be around 30 - 40 yards without exact setting.

Pretty pricey

It’s such a high quality bow sight that the price is a little higher than buying a whole new beginner bow package.

But it’s worth every penny if you compare its cost versus the top quality, great customer service and warranty you get with it.

You get what you pay for.

Pretty heavy

The sight is pretty bulky, weighing 14.7 oz. You’ll feel a little bit of heaviness in the front end.


  • Unbelievably accurate
  • Bulletproof construction
  • Rheostat to dim the pin brightness
  • Interchangeable different arrow setups
  • Vertical 2 pins in one sight
  • Customized 2nd pin color
  • Multiple mounting choices
  • Clear view picture
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Tool-less adjustment
  • Silky smooth wheels
  • Superior long tapes


  • Non-exact yardage for 2nd pin
  • Pretty costly
  • On the heavy side

2. Trophy Ridge Digital React One Pin:

Trophy Ridge Digital React One Pin


The Trophy Ridge Digital React One Pin is the first digital single pin sight on the market.

It is as light, fast and easy to set up as HHA Ryz Tetra Max, but less bright.

Key Features:

Fast and efficient setup

The Trophy Ridge Digital React is a game changer for single pin sight.

The yardage dial works as impressively as a mechanical sight, but in a more INTUITIVE WAY.


The Digital React Technology eases your sighting process and eliminates mistakes in just 10 minutes.

It works like a Jarvis (TonyStark-AI-Assistant) that receives your order (sight in at 20 yards) and then it takes care of the heavy lifting.

It AUTO-CALIBRATES the rest of the distances, such as 40, 50, 100 yardages - all 100% automated.

So you’ll won’t have to worry so much about changing the broadheads, field points or arrow weights again.

React Technology -2


Is the design intuitive?

Yes, the digital display adjusts for EXACT yardage (0.5-1 yard precision) without the need for yardage tapes.

Let's say you’re sitting on a treestand and ranging a buck that appears at 29.5 yards, just spin the yardage wheel to PRECISELY at 29.5 yards.

And you’re ready to rock.

No Pin Gap. No Guesstimation. Pin Point Accuracy.

Let me tell you:

My buddy told me I was cheating, because of getting dead on accuracy without making the extra complicated adjustments. My response: “You bet” 🙂

Even more:

The big readout along with high contrast and EASY TO READ numbers are great for aging or tired eyes.

easy to read - Trophy Ridge Digital React

Full of customization

The digital screen comes in 6 different colors lasting up to 72 hours. It’s more than enough for a multi-day hunting trip.

You can swap up to 5 arrow profiles.

So it’s no problem if you save a light arrow profile for a 3d target and a heavy one for hunting.


Less durable

One doubt is its durability, as electrical devices often malfunction and break easily under harsh weather or field conditions.

In such cases, you can use the conventional site tape behind as a backup.

backup scale - Trophy Ridge React One pin


Legal issue

You might get in trouble in states where hunting with electronic devices is illegal.

So be sure to check your local regulations before use.

On top of that, most 3D and target archery tournaments don’t allow these types of sights.

Pretty costly

Well, it’s not cheap.

But if you want to save your eyes when sighting in and doing yardage adjustments, it’s worth the money.


  • Fast and efficiently setup
  • Easy to read display
  • Crazily accurate
  • Intuitive design
  • Tool less adjustments
  • Great customer service and warranty
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment
  • 6 display colors
  • 5 arrow profiles


  • Less durable
  • Potential legal issues
  • Can’t change the housing
  • Not cheap

3. Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL, Single Pin:

Spot Hogg - Fast Eddie Wrapped Bow Sight Single 1-Pin .010 Green - Right Hand


The Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL is a best alternative to the HHA Tetra Max Ryz.

It is deadly accurate, sturdy, lower cost, but at a heavier weight.

Key Features:

Multi-ring Technology (MRT) Housing

The MRT housing helps you center faster and improves your accuracy by providing high contrast between your dark peep and bright rings.

Let me explain:

Using other sight brands, it might be difficult to center your peep and pin consistently and accurately when the light changes.

The MRT housing features 3 rings that center your peep and the inner most rings in bright conditions.

The other rings work the similar way when the light fades.

Absolutely Bombproof

Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL is a built-to-last sight.

It can survive through snow and rain, and still hold true without losing knobs or taking damage.

It’s also a breeze to set up, taking only a few minutes.

How cool is the locking release and dial wheel?

Unlike the HHA with a locking tension, the Spot Hogg uses a quick release to set the dial wheel looser or tighter, whilst making zero noise.

Moreover, the dial wheel is massive, smooth and better to grip.

locking release and dial wheel


Easy to detach

The dovetail bar is easy to take off for fitting into bow cases and for traveling.

You can freely move the bar back and forth for a closer or farther view.


On the heavy side

The aluminum construction weighs up to 15.4 oz.

It’s a bit like putting a brick on your bow, but it does also help stabilize your aiming.

Less accurate tape

The cool thing is when you sight in at 20 yards, it’s spot on within 60 yards.

But beyond that, it is off by 1 to 2 yards for every 10 yard increase.

It’s not a big deal for most shooters who are comfortably shooting to 40 yards.

Harder to sight in

Instead of having a simple sight in process, you need to set the sight and calibration tapes right on your marked yardage OR it will be off, which takes more effort.

On top of that, dialing in at 60 yards might be a challenge if you don’t usually shoot that far.

harder to sight in

Less ergonomic

The elevation, windage and 3 axes adjustments are less ergonomic than the HHA, giving it a thumbs down on this one.


  • MRT Technology
  • Sturdy, resilient design
  • Dead on accuracy
  • Breeze to set up
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dovetail bar
  • Easy to detach for traveling
  • Toolless adjustment
  • 2nd and 3rd axis adjustment


  • Heavy
  • Harder to sight in than HHA
  • Less ergonomic design
  • Less accurate tape beyond 60 yards
  • Can’t manipulate the pin brightness

4. Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin:

Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin (.019) Right Hand Bow Sight, Black - AV1


The Black Gold Ascent Verdict Single Pin is built like a battleship, like the HHA Tetra Max, but less smooth and efficient.

It’s a light and outstanding backup option in case something happens to your HHA Tetra Max Ryz.

Key Features:

Incredibly Bright

The Black Gold Ascent Verdict is incredibly bright thanks to its exclusive PhotoChromatic technology.

Get ready to take down more trophies in the low light or the late evening, or to not miss a shot because of the blazing noon sun.

How does the PhotoChromatic technology work?

The SkyCoil housing on top and PhotoChromatic shell automatically absorb ambient light and prevent flare in the bright midday light.

photochromatic technology


It is like a “smart thermostat” for your bow sight that automatically adjusts the light for a clearer picture regardless of the outdoor light conditions.

Is it a breeze to set up and use?

This premium sight provides 3 axis adjustments to improve dead on accuracy.

It is hunter-friendly for treestand and spot and stalk scenarios.

You can’t aim wrong with this sight once it’s set up.

Wait… Is it heavy?

Nope, frankly this is the LIGHTEST SIGHT in our list, at only 9.8 oz.

You save some ounces compared to the heavier bow setups.

Am I able to break my safe zone?

The big wheel of the Dial of Death lets you efficiently dial to pre-yardages without much effort.

On the other hand, it allows you to max out your yardage, breaking out of your comfort zone and shooting up to 100 yards.

45 degree sight tape

You will fall in love with the sight tape that is put on a 45-degree angled faceplate.

At a full draw position, it’s pretty handy as you don't need to turn it sideways to confirm whether you have the right dial.


Less smooth slider

The slider of the Black Gold is less smooth than the HHA.

But, it’s still a great bang for your buck option when it comes to mid-range sights.

Don’t feature multiple arrow profiles

If you want to switch to a different arrow set up, you have to re-sight in again, which is more time consuming.

Windage adjustment

It doesn’t feature toolless and micro-adjustable windage.

You’ll need hex wrenches to adjust it which can be a little fiddly and annoying.


  • Super solid
  • Incredibly bright
  • Big and nice wheel (Dial of Death)
  • Beginner friendly
  • Lightest weight in this list
  • Made in USA
  • Lifetime unconditional warranty


  • Less smooth slider
  • Not work with multiple profiles
  • Non toolless adjustment
  • Mediocre customer service

5. CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin Bow Sight:

CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin Bow Sight


The CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin is BY FAR the most popular sight for someone who would like to try archery on a budget.

Instead of die-hard and premium features, the CBE Tactic is functional, lightweight and fits the bill nicely.

Key Features:

Ease of adjustment

The CBE incorporates gang adjustment for elevation and micro windage.

It means you can release the locking knob and move it vertically and horizontally at once with just a few clicks.

It’s pretty neat in case you need to fine tune and correct your yardage.

However, the locking knob and yardage wheel is not as smooth as the HHA.

Is it Lightweight?

Yes, the composite housing along with the metal mount weigh only 9.8 oz.

But, I would question its durability across several seasons.

Is it bright?

Yes, it has good brightness.

The fiber management system gathers light and protects your pin from dust and damage.

bright pin - CBE Tactic Hybrid 1-Pin


They add 12" of fiber and rheostat light (sold separately) to amplify the pin brightness in the dark blind.

In my experience, the pin is clear enough to see when there’s enough daylight without additional sight light, even during those twilight hours.


Sideways fiber optics

The fiber optics are wrapped in a side-facing clear housing.

In my opinion, that is not an optimal position.

That’s why they added a rheostat light to assist with the brightness.

But, keep in mind that some states do not allow electric-powered bow sight lights.

Sideways fiber optics


No third axis adjustment

Treestand hunters can’t always expect dead-on accuracy for shooting from a tree, or on steep hills or uneven terrain.

What you can rely on is the pre-adjustment from the manufacturers which also free you up from extra work.

Besides that, it’s a trade off between advanced features and a reasonable price.

After all, what else would you need from such a reasonable sight?

Small yardage indicator

The yardage indicator is pretty small which can be inconvenient for older eyes or hunting in thick timber.


  • Good brightness
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Lightweight
  • Reasonable price
  • Gang adjustment


  • Not built to last
  • Small yardage indicator
  • No 3rd axis adjustment
  • Sideway fiber optics housing

So What’s Now?

Well our best single pin bow sight is the: “HHA Tetra Max Ryz”, since it does everything that the Spot Hogg, Black Gold and Trophy Ridge does, JUST BETTER.

editor choice


Specifically you take full advantage of a clarity pin of the Black Gold, the bombproof construction of the Spot Hogg, and various arrow profiles of the Trophy Ridge, but with a SMOOTHER ADJUSTMENT.

Even more, here are some extra benefits to add to your confidence in it:

  • Trustworthy
  • Unbelievably accurate
  • 2 shooting yardage chances
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Amazing customer service

So do you think the HHA is the ideal bow sight? Or do you prefer the Spot Hogg and Trophy Ridge?

Let us know below!

Oh… last but not least, remember to check out our other insightful topics:

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