If you want to prevent your crossbow from exploding and something hit in your face. Then these best crossbow cases are for you. 

They will protect your crossbow investment while traveling or carrying to your hunting spot.

I'll review the top hard and soft crossbow case in more detail below. Let's get started:

Best Case for Crossbow:

Best Crossbow Cases Reviews:

Best Crossbow Hard Case

1. Plano Manta Crossbow Case:

Plano Manta Crossbow Case

Via Amazon.com

Plano Manta is our favorite case for the long haul in the truck bed. We loved it so much because it’s huge for a big crossbow and easy to use.

Huge size for big crossbow

The first thing everyone can notice about the Plano Manta is that it’s a huge case with dimensions of 38 x 13 x 33 inches.

That makes this crossbow case suitable for most crossbows out there, even rather large reverse limb crossbows.

This case weighs an astonishing 23 pounds, which can be too heavy for many people. Also, it is rather bulky and hard to manage around the airport, for example.

Hardshell Protection

Hardshell Protection

Via Amazon.com

We liked Plano Manta is the hard shell protection, which has an interior made out of high-density foam that provides superior padding and protection.

The shell has two easy, and convenient transport handles, with carrying straps and a great PillarLock system.

Lots of room for accessories

Lots of room for accessories

Another great thing about this crossbow case is that there is plenty of room for accessories, such as:

made in usa

Via Amazon.com

Plano Manta is made in the USA, and it has an adjustable tail stock casing to allow the crossbow case to contract and expand up to 11 inches.


The case doesn’t have many accessory straps, which you will need to order separately.

Another thing that could be improved is the instruction manual.

  • Room for accessories
  • Hardshell protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Huge size
  • Adjustable tailstock
  • Bulky
  • Unclear instructions
  • Not many accessory straps

2. SKB Cases iSeries 3613-12:

SKB Cases iSeries 3613-12 Ultimate Waterproof Military Grade Crossbow Bow Case

Via Amazon.com

SKB Cases, the iSeries 3613-12 is our best crossbow case for airplanes, TSA approved.

Large size

The first thing anyone can truly notice about this crossbow case is its interior dimensions of 36 x 13 x 12 inches.

With this size, this hard crossbow case will be able to fit most modern crossbows out there.

The custom pre-cut foam fit is available for many crossbows out there, include:

  • Ravin R9, R10, R15, R20, R20 Sniper Edition
  • TenPoint Shadow NXT, Stealth NXT

It ensures your crossbow is safe and snug.

With the crossbow inside, this case weighs 40 pounds, including the accessories. It is bulky but sturdy for airline travel.

pre cut foam

Via Amazon.com

Perfect protection

The iSeries is made in the USA, and it offers perfect protection. It’s waterproof, and the casing is dust-tight, UV, corrosion, and fungus-resistant.

The molded-in hinge provides your hunting equipment with extra protection without the worry, and the crossbow will get beat up when strapped on a muddy ride on an ATV!

Convenient transport

With 3 cushion grip handles and skate-style wheels, it offers convenient transport. Now you can hang it around the airport as luggage.

Extra space for gears

There is plenty of room for additional gears like:

  • Broadhead case
  • Cocking crank
  • Memory card case for trail cameras
  • 3 arrow quiver
  • Or 12 bolts without broadheads in the lid

TSA Approved case

6 trigger release latches can also fit TSA-accepted key locking latches and padlock holes for additional locks.

Lifetime warranty

Besides that, it is made in the USA and has a lifetime warranty, so you’re covered for unlimited time, regardless of what (and when it) happens.

This is a great feature - and a rare one to have - which can put all doubts away.


The only thing not to like, besides the size, is the rather high price tag it comes with.

  • Perfect protection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Lots of room
  • TSA-approved
  • Bulky
  • Expensive

3. Plano Spire Crossbow Case in Black:

Plano Spire Crossbow Case, Black

Via Amazon.com

The Piano Spire is my best rated hard crossbow case if you look for something a bit more budget-friendly.

Some hunters don’t want to spend too much money on things like these, and that’s okay!

This hard case is great for a long truck traveling - and you can also load the crossbow from a treestand.

Big space

big space

Via Amazon.com

We loved plenty of capacity in this carrier since it has 39 x 27 x 11 inches interior.

It will fit like a glove for most modern and universal crossbows, even compact limbs as compound or recurve crossbows.

Anyway, you should check your bow length before picking.

Additional storage pockets

Another great thing about this affordable model is the room for accessories with the flat foam type. You can store:

  • Crossbow scope
  • Compact binoculars
  • Quiver (but you need to remove it from your bow before putting it in)

This case is relatively lightweight - weighing just 8 pounds, it’s a great option if you are trekking through rough terrain.

Solid protection

solid protection

Via Amazon.com

It offers great protection from everything, and the high-density foam absorbs shocks without noise.


made in usa

Via Amazon.com

The hard case is airline-certified and made in the USA.

Other great features:

The carry handles are balanced, and there are 3 heavy-duty latches for a secure hold.

There are stands on the side for saving space, and padlock clasps.


We didn’t like how stingy the amount of foam is, meaning you’ll have to add some on your own.

Also, there is no back strap and no room for bolts, and you need an extra bolt case. Besides that, it is not suitable for very large crossbows, such as Barnett 400 Quad 4.

  • Airline-certified
  • Room for accessories
  • Solid protection
  • Made in the USA
  • Lots of space
  • No backstrap
  • No room for bolts
  • Little foam

4. TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case:

TenPoint Stag Hard Crossbow Case

Via Amazon.com

Some hunters and hobbyists love using narrow crossbows. Of course, using a narrow crossbow comes with pros and cons!

One of the best crossbow cases for a narrow crossbow would have to be the TenPoint Stag.

For compact crossbows

It fits ultra-narrow crossbows, which have interior dimensions of 36.75" L x 18" W x 10.75" D.

for compact crossbow

Via Amazon.com

Compatible models:

Maximum protection

maximum protection

Via Amazon.com

Also, it offers maximum protection with the velvet interior with two hook and loops straps.

There is some convenient quiver storage with lockdown straps to store extra bolts inside, as well.

The exterior is made out of a durable polyester shell, so it's water-resistant and can withstand harsh weather.

TSA Compliant

Moreover, this hard case is TSA-compliant, meaning you can lock the case with a lock.

But you should not trust it in airline baggage. Simply said, this is not a real hard case like the SKB.

Easy to assemble

The Stag is easy to assemble because all you have to do is attach the zipper close together.

It also comes with two D-rings to secure your hard crossbow case to an ATV or 4 wheels.


What we didn’t like, though, is that the case has to be assembled.

Also, it’s pricey, but it doesn’t include shoulder straps and can’t even fit all the TenPoint models.

Besides that, it cannot stand upright. There are no extra pockets for accessories such as rangefinders, compact binoculars, bow wax…

But still, a great buy nonetheless!

  • Maximum protection
  • TSA-compliant
  • Easy assembly
  • D-rings included
  • Fits narrow crossbows
  • Requires assembly
  • No extra pockets
  • Flat - cannot stand
  • No shoulder straps
  • Pricey

Best Crossbow Soft Case

5. Ravin R180 Soft Case:

Ravin R180 case

Via Amazon.com

The Ravin R180 is the best backpack-style soft case out there. Here’s why:

Backpack style strap

backpack style case

It features a backpack-style strap so that you can use this soft case like a crossbow case and your usual backpack.

The design is exclusive for the Ravin crossbows, and most of them can fit comfortably inside - except the Ravin R26 and R29.

Ultra-compact design

The ultra-compact design is very convenient, and it offers great protection.

The inner layers are soft and quiet, and they have ultra-thick padding to protect the mounted scope.

The soft case is water-resistant but not waterproof, so you shouldn’t leave it out in the rain.

Roomy space for gears

There are 4 roomy pouches for accessories:

  • 2 internal
  • 2 external

For storing Allen wrenches or bipod

Heavy duty handles

The handles features are heavy-duty and comfortable:

  • 1 on top
  • 1 on the side

They are made out of semi-soft plastic material, so they don’t chafe your shoulders. And they are thick enough to last you a long time.


We didn’t like this soft case because it’s not waterproof, so you will have to take good care of it.

Also, the case is a bit expensive, but the upside is, it’s still cheaper than a hard case if you don’t want to spend too much money.

Besides that, you need additional inside straps to avoid your xbow shifting around.

  • Thick padding
  • Compact design
  • Backpack strap
  • 4 roomy pouches
  • Comfortable handles
  • Not waterproof
  • Expensive

6. Barnett Crossbow Case:

Barnett Crossbow Case

Via Amazon.com

This is our best crossbow case for Barnett crossbows. Let me explain why…

Generous size

Generous size

Via Amazon.com

The first thing you can notice about the Barnett crossbow case is the generous dimensions of 35 x 42 x 5 inches.

The best thing is that every crossbow by Barnett can fit inside, with the scope still attached!

This soft crossbow case is meant for big crossbows, even reverse limb crossbows, which is the largest type out there.

Adequate protection

The crossbow protection, in this case, is proper, and the soft interior provides great protection for when you carry the crossbow to your hunting spot.

However, you will need to add some foam to prevent sliding around in the case.

Tons of space for additional gears

Tons of space for additional gears

Via Amazon.com

There is plenty of room inside for additional gears and accessories.

There are two outer zippered compartments to store additional bolts, a broadhead case, and spare string.

Easy access

The case has easy access with a huge side zipper. Also, we liked that the strap comes with a removable shoulder pad, making it easy to carry around.


We didn’t like that the case is quite big and not sturdy enough for the constant wood time.

There are no inside straps or foam to secure the crossbow perfectly.

Also, the Barnett soft case is not tough enough to protect your high-end scope from damage, or dust, debris in the off-season.

  • Easy access
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Plenty of room for accessories
  • Very large
  • Protects the crossbow
  • Not sturdy enough
  • No inside straps or foam
  • Big

7. Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow Case:

Killer Instinct Slayer Crossbow CASE

Via Amazon.com

Killer Instinct is just one of those brands that are famous for their quality products. We decided to try out their Slayer crossbow case, and we were pleased with what we saw!

Plenty protection

Plenty protection

Via Amazon.com

The first and the most important thing about this crossbow case is that it offers good, solid protection.

There is plenty of padding inside that protects your crossbow as it moves around in the case.

This soft case will keep your crossbow safe from bumps, shocks, water, and possible drops when you travel or move around.

Durable case

The case itself is very durable thanks to the rip-stop outer shell fabric, and it’s pretty large with the dimensions of 36 x 22 x 12 inches.

The heavy corner trim makes the case a very safe space to place your high-end crossbow.

Storage of accessories

Storage of accessories

Via Amazon.com

What we liked a lot were the four very large pockets:

  • 3 of them being outer pockets,
  • 1 on the inside of the case

The side mount bar that holds the quiver does push out on the side a bit.

 side mount bar

Via Amazon.com

So we recommend you place the quiver to other sides and leave it for compact accessories such as monoculars, deer calls.

Easy to carry

easy to handle

Via Amazon.com

The case is easy to carry with two handles on top and an adjustable shoulder strap.

It is easy to assemble.


The only thing we didn’t like is that you might need to add extra foam to prevent beating up if you have a short crossbow.


You can replace the foam with clothes which saves you luggage space during air travel.

  • Easy to carry
  • Easy assembly
  • Very durable
  • Roomy pockets
  • Good protection
  • Needs some extra foam

8. CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG Crossbow Case

CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG Crossbow Case

Via Amazon.com

CenterPoint Archery AXCSBG is a high-quality, budget-friendly, and universal crossbow case.

On the other hand, this is one of the best-rated soft crossbow cases we have come across, and we enjoyed testing it out very much!

Strong protection

strong protection

Via Amazon.com

The strong protection this soft case offers for the crossbow is surely the main selling point.

The interior has very thick padding, and more importantly, a tie-down strap to ensure your crossbow doesn’t move one bit during transport.

The size of this crossbow bag is great, with the dimensions of 36 x 29 inches.

Because of the large size, this case can fit most CenterPoint crossbows.

And what’s better: it has a heavy-duty zipper.

Durable material

Moreover, the whole exterior is very durable, thanks to the poly 600D material, which is heavy-duty and water-resistant.

It will keep your expensive crossbow safe from any scratches or bumps when you are traveling to your hunting camp.

1 big pocket for extra storage

The bag features one big additional storage compartment. You will have plenty of space for nocks, glue, hunting skives, deer calls. You can even easily fit a dozen bolts.

However, the case would be better if it had more small pockets and a larger outer pouch.

2 handles

There are two handles for easy carry and an adjustable shoulder strap.


The only flaw of this otherwise great carrier is that the exterior is easy to tear.

  • Easy to carry
  • Large storage compartment
  • Pretty large soft case
  • Durable
  • Great interior
  • Not too many small pockets
  • The outer pouch is too small
  • The exterior is easily teared

Crossbow Case - Soft vs. Hard

What are their advantages and disadvantages? Keep reading:

hard case vs soft case crossbow

Soft cases

They will protect your crossbow rather well for most things. The soft cases are much more affordable - making them a favorite choice for many hunters.

Plenty of pockets

Soft cases are great because they offer plenty of storage for small items like extra arrows, quivers, string wax.


What’s even better, the soft cases are foldable so that they can be put away when not in use and take as little space as possible.

Storage during offseason

Another advantage of soft cases is that they can store vertical bows as well if you use a bow and arrow for hunting.

The soft case will do a great job taking minor bumps without damage, and protecting your crossbow from dirt and debris in off-season too.

Not for a long trip

However, the soft cases will not suffice for flying purposes or placing the crossbow under the rest of your hunting gear.

Another place where the soft crossbow cases fall behind the hard ones is in the back of a pickup truck.

When flying or in the truck, your luggage will slide and bump into each other all the time. A crossbow in a soft case can cause excess damage from all the bumps.

In situations like that, having a hard case might be better suited for you. These cases are far stronger, and they will do the job of protecting your crossbow much better.

Not waterproof

Another important thing to remember is that soft cases made out of natural fabrics often aren’t waterproof, meaning your crossbow can get damaged.

Hard case

Hard cases are waterproof, and the crossbow is safe from all the weather elements.

For long travel

What’s more, a hard case is an ideal way to transport your crossbow via airplane. 

If your hunting equipment is transported to your hunting spot in an ATV, placing your crossbow in the hard case ensures that no damage happens on the way over there.

Even if you leave your crossbow in the case for many months, you will find your crossbow in pristine quality.

Can use locks

Another pro of the hard case is that they can usually be locked. That protects your crossbow from potential theft, unlike the soft cases.

However, the hard crossbow cases are limited space-wise, meaning it's possible that your crossbow with all the accessories won't be able to fit in there.

More expensive

What makes many people opt for the soft case is that the hard cases are far more expensive.

So, the hard case is not for every hunter - but it certainly offers better protection.


Does a crossbow need a case?

Well, your crossbow can get by without a case, but we certainly advise against it.

A crossbow case, soft or hard, will protect your expensive crossbow from damage, and it will also make carrying the crossbow much safer and easier.

Can I store my crossbow in its case during the winter?

Of course, you can! It’s advised to store your crossbow in the case during all seasons, but especially in winter.

If you leave your crossbow in the case in the shed, the frost or snow won’t have a chance to get in and potentially damage your crossbow.

Should I own multiple crossbow cases, or is one enough?

To be fair, having both a soft and a hard crossbow case might be the safest bet. But we realize that it could be far too expensive.

In the previous section, we have covered the pros and cons of both soft and hard cases, so you can simply pick one that seems enough to you.

The ideal scenario would be to have a hard case for long-distance, and a soft one for shorter hunts.

What types of material do soft cases come in, and which one is the best?

Soft cases can be made out of different materials, but they are mostly made out of natural fabrics or synthetics.

Both options have their advantages, but we certainly vote for synthetic fabrics as they repel water better and are more suitable for all seasons.

How thick should the foam inserts be in the hard case?

At the very least, the foam inserts should be half an inch thick, but the thicker, the better.

Is it necessary to have extra pockets for storage?

Having extra pockets in your case for storage might be convenient, but it’s certainly not necessary.

When you go out hunting, all your hunting clothes already have plenty of pockets, so all your things can likely fit there.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, we have reviewed the very top crossbow cases out there. We have picked our top for both soft cases and hard cases to make your life so much easier!

In my opinion, only one of the cases can be the top rated - and that is the Plano Manta crossbow case.

Editor's Choice:

editor's choice

Via Amazon.com

This hard case can fit most commercial crossbows out there, even the reverse limb ones!

The hard shell, the soft interior, plenty of space for accessories, along with the adjustable tail stock, high-end make this case our number one.

If you want the best crossbow cases without reading extensive reviews, just go for the Plano Manta!

What is your favorite crossbow one? Let us know in the comments!

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