Archery is a sport that requires self- discipline and self-control as well as correcting the bad habits.

If you want to get into the world of archery, the first thing that you should do is to correct your bad habits.

This is the key to improve your shooting skills like a pro.

Following and implementing some of the archery practices doesn’t guarantee making a good sport.

In order to shoot like a pro, it is necessary to strive for consistency. Fine tuning the arrows can lead to shooting the target even at longer distances.

This means that before going into the woods, all your arrows and broadheads should be tried and tested.  

It is said that “practice makes perfect”, hence even professionals practice constantly and consistently.

Shooting Tips From The Pro

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Shooting animals is entirely different from shooting targets.

Thus, if you’re passionate about bowhunting, you should continue improving your accuracy.

You can seek help from professionals so that you’ll be guided with techniques and strategies in effective bowhunting.  

Here are some tips in archery shooting that can help take you to the next level.

1. Use the Right Draw Length

To achieve the best shoot like a pro, the first thing to consider is using the right “draw length”.

This way you can ensure that your arm is comfortable in both holding and drawing the bow towards the target accurately and comfortably.

This shooting tip is very easy to master as long as you have the appropriate draw length.

It’s also important to ensure that your body, arms and shoulders should be aligned just like a “T”. This would ensure sending the arrow closely to your intended target.

2. Three Point Anchor

The 3-point anchor includes cheekbone, peep site and tip of the nose. This can be a great help in shooting in any circumstances and in any angle.

Another anchor point is the “kisser button”, but it adds the weight towards the bow string that makes the bow slows down.

3. Relaxed Grip

To achieve consistent shots to your target, you should have relaxed grip. Otherwise, you won’t make a good kiss of your target.

To master this shooting tip, you can tie a sling wrist into the draw length as it can help in relaxing your finger and hand in releasing the bow.

It’s important to master this tip to advance or level up your shooting skills.

4. Aiming

You can’t expect for a good shot without making a good aim. This means that you should keep in determining your aim so that you’ll know where you’re coming.

You shouldn’t aim getting towards the target, but rather staying to your target.

Obviously, there’s no magical moment in making steady aim. The secret is to allow your pin float over, around and on the exact point.

Otherwise, if your shaking then expects for inconsistent shoot.


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5. Release

There are different forms of releasing the bow, but the above mentioned practices may affect the manner of your release.

Implementing controlled release is the key to achieve a great shot.

This can be done by following the former tips and without compromising the anchor point, body form, relaxed grip and floating aim.

Keep in mind that the accuracy of your shot depends on your form.

You can use a blank bale during your shooting practice. Constant practice can build both mental and muscle memory.

Practicing under pressure can also help in improving the shooting skills. This means that shooters should aim shooting big animals under high-pressure situations.

Likewise, it’s essential to pay attention on the weight of the broadhead and arrow vane to find the perfect combination.

If you’re using lightweight bow, experts recommend using a stabilizer that can help in controlling the bow from shaking.

If you want to ensure the stability of the bow in your hand, then you should consider using long stabilizers.

Indeed, it’s never easy to master the archery shot. But, practicing consistently can help in achieving perfect shot like a pro.

You may fail at your first try, but never give up to master each tip accurately.  

On the other hand, your training would be futile when a shooter has no positive attitude. You should believe in yourself that you can do it.

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