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The Excalibur Crossbow company has existed for decades now - ever since they first opened their doors back in 1983.

Since then, their goal has been to provide the hunters with the best crossbows and general hunting equipment.


  • Super small & compact
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful


  • The riser is relatively low
  • Not included an anti-dry fire mechanism
  • No string silencer
  • Low quality of the string

Product Features:

One of their more novel crossbows would have to be the Micro 355. Ever since it came out, it has been talked about in every hunting forum there is.

Of course, it’s up to us to determine if it is worth the chatter, and of course, the money.

So, let’s get on it now and see what the Micro 355 is all about!

Things To Consider Before Buying:

Before you opt for the Excalibur Micro 355, you have to consider who will use this crossbow.

Well, first of all, it’s a recurve crossbow, meaning that even some rookie hunters can use it, as well as some more experienced hunters, as well.

Moreover, it’s relatively compact and small - which can be neat for hunting in a tree stand.

Also, someone with a more petite frame can surely benefit from a smaller crossbow like this one.

So, our verdict is that it’s suitable for rookies and professional hunters, with the accent on someone with a more delicate frame!

Features & Benefits:

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 5.4 lbs
  • Length: 34.8 inches
  • Width: 30.62 inches uncocked, 26.31 inches cocked
  • Shot Speed: 355 FPS
  • Power Stroke: 12.5 inches
  • Kinetic Energy: 98 ft-lbs


For us, the crossbow must be easy to assemble once it arrives since crossbows generally come unassembled.

That was the case with the Micro 355 as well, so we were pleased to find out that the assembly takes less than 10 minutes.

However, if you are having any issues with the assembly, you can check out the user’s manual here.

If that doesn’t work for any reason, you can go and watch this educational video!

Build Quality and Design

The first thing we wanted to say about the design is a recurve crossbow with compact dimensions.

The limbs are Matrix PowerLoad, meaning they are easy to bring or easy to navigate in a tree stand.

Also, the crossbow is compact enough to strap to a backpack, so you don’t have to carry it around in a shoulder sling.

The design of this crossbow also makes it easy to maneuver in the woods. You may thank its ergonomic grip of the stock and the alu-precision of the riser.


When we are talking about safety, we should mention first the thing that we didn’t like so much as it lacked an anti-dry-fire mechanism.

What does that mean in reality?

Well, it means that you will have to turn on the safety lever before firing every time.

If that is annoying (and there is no surprise if it is), you can purchase the mechanism at an additional price from Bowtech.

However, the foregrip is nice to handle, and it makes the safety feel more prominent with the Micro 355.

It keeps your arms safe under grip when you are firing.


Talking about the speed of the shot is perhaps the most important thing when we are talking about the qualities one crossbow has.

The Micro 355 packs an exceptional speed of 355 FPS!

Although, what does that mean for the hunter?

That means that this crossbow can take down any type of game in America. Want to hunt bears or buffalos? This crossbow got you!

Do note that if you want to hunt fast-moving prey, this crossbow can be a bit loud.

For more success, you should consider purchasing additional string silencers or R.E.D.S. suppressors.


The accuracy is easy to achieve with the Micro 355, thanks to the Excalibur Tact-Zone scope.

It has two reticles - red and green, so you can shoot from 60 yards away successfully.

That will also reduce your error when shooting.

The multi-coated lens will gather more light in the process of your sighting in the target, giving you a much clearer view.


The first thing we wanted to mention when we are talking about accessories is the cocking device.

The package doesn’t include one, so you will need to do the cocking using the cocking aid.

The package does include arrows, which is decent, considering they are 150-grain field points.

It also includes some string, which is easy to change even when out hunting, in just a few minutes.

Other notable accessories included with the Micro 355 are a quiver and a cocking aid.

Social Proof:

I scoured the web to see how people are liking hunting with the Micro 355. Imagine my surprise when I have found lots of positive reviews and experiences from so many people!

Let’s see some of the reviews here:

From https://excaliburcrossbow.com/

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Excalibur Matrix 355 Alternatives:

For some reason, the Excalibur Micro 355 might not work for you, and that’s understandable.

That is why we have compiled a list of solid alternatives for this crossbow, which you might like better than our top pick!

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package

Via Amazon.com

The quality of the Matrix 380 speaks for itself - it’s got a fantastic shot speed and draw weight. Also, it doesn’t weigh much, and it comes with 4 arrows - what more could you ask for!

Jaguar CR-013 Series Crossbow Kit,

Via Amazon.com

The CR-013 Series from Jaguar has a slower shot speed than our top pick, but they offer a decent draw weight and at a low weight of the bow. All in all, a great weapon!

Barnett Assault Recruit Recurve Crossbow Package - 245 fps

Via Amazon.com

Barnett’s crossbows are an all-time favorite, and the Assault Recruit is no different. It has a decent shot speed and decent draw weight - making it a rather decent choice!

CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow Package

Via Amazon.com

The Centerpoint’s Tyro 4X may not be faster or more powerful than our top choice, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring a lot to the table.

Tyro 4X weighs just a little more than our Micro 355!


Excalibur Micro 355

Excalibur Matrix 380

Jaguar CR-013 Series

Barnett Assault Recruit

CenterPoint Tyro 4X

Shot speed

355 FPS

380 FPS

245 FPS

245 FPS

245 FPS


5.4 lbs

12 lbs

9.5 lbs

10 lbs

5 lbs

Draw weight

240 lbs

260 lbs

175 lbs

150 lbs

175 lbs

Bolts included

Yes, 3 150-grain bolts

Yes, 4 Diablo Arrows

Yes, 4 aluminum bolts


Yes, 4 aluminum bolts

Safety mechanisms








What Can I Hunt With The Excalibur Micro 355?

Luckily, you have no limits when it comes to hunting with this recurve crossbow. You can hunt small or big game, and even fast-moving prey, too!

Does This Crossbow Have An Anti-Dry-Fire Mechanism?

Unfortunately, it comes without the anti-dry-fire mechanism, but it has a safety switch, similar to the rifles’ rifles.

Is The Micro 355 Hard To Cock?

No, it’s surprisingly easy to cock, even for people with a smaller frame and less upper-body strength.


To conclude, the Excalibur Micro 355 has a lot to offer, and for a reason.

This crossbow made by this reputable company comes with quality parts, and it almost promises success in the field.

Excalibur Matrix 355 Crossbow

Via Amazon.com

This powerful crossbow and neat accessories like the fantastic scope will make hunting a breeze.

We didn’t like some minor things, but they don’t change the overall feel of the Micro 355!

What did you think of our Excalibur Micro 355 review? Let us know in the comments!

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