As a hunter you likely work under dim light conditions.

So, If you are in search for how to choose the best monocular for hunting activities, then this article is for you. So are you ready?

Best Monocular for Hunting Reviews:

1. Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered:

Wingspan Optics Explorer High Powered 12X50 Monocular. Bright and Clear. Single Hand Focus. Waterproof. Fog Proof. For Bird Watching, or Watching Wildlife


The Explorer offers an excellent field of view and a depth of field. The Polaris Optics Explorer offers a brilliant range of view of about 1000 yards away.

You can see things 12x closer and get clearer and brighter field of view in 50mm length.

The Optics Explorer comes with a high external armor and a stainless steel tripod carrying case which provides a secure non-slip grip and a durable external protection.

One unique feature I like the most is that it comes with a lens that has a tendency to fog. So no matter the weather, you will get to see your images clearly.

Even in low light conditions, you are sure of seeing images in clear and bright view.

Another great feature that makes me fall in love with this product is that the Explorer comes with a waterproof and fog proof feature.

This prevents moisture, dust, and debris from getting into the monocular.


  • The Polaris Optics comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Nice weight and size that is perfect for hunting
  • The best monocular is portable and compatible to use
  • Fog and waterproof
  • Comes with a good prism that will aid you to have a brighter range of view on preys.
  • Perfect for any weather and any environment


  • There is no strap to carry it around
  • The eye relief is not too good especially when you are putting on glasses

2. Roxant Grip Scope:

Roxant Grip Scope


Roxant Grip Scope comes with an excellent optics. It offers performance and affordability in one package. The Grip scope gives a broad view without scanning back and forth.

The monocular provides clear and sharp images at a different shooting range. You can easily track your target, and keep your prey in focus.

This product includes a carrying pouch and a molded grip that won't slip out of hand.

This brand also comes with a comfortable and retractable eyepiece to give you an outstanding viewing experience.

The Grip scope is ideal for hunting, bird watching, archery, nature/outdoors activities, camping etc.


  • You can use the monocular with or without glasses on. This feature makes the product flexible to use.
  • A wider view and better magnification to see images clearly.
  • Comes with an adjustable eyepiece
  • Light weight and can easily fit in your backpack. So, you can conveniently carry it along with you on your outdoor activities.
  • The monocular comes with excellent compatibility, flexibility, and usability.


  • It does not have a lens cover.
  • Requires proper focus to be able to view long range distance. Let's say from 100 yards and above.
  • No Lens cleaner

3. Voltex Optics Solo 10x25 Waterproof:

Voltex Optics Solo 10x25 Waterproof


The Voltex Solo monocular is a small but powerful high-quality multi-coated lens that increases light transmission as well as the resolution to give you the clear images that you are looking for.

The fully multicoated optics of this scope effectively decreases light losing and glare that help to produce high-contrast images.

The Solo 10x25 features an integrated carrier clip that attaches securely to any belt or strap.

The Voltex is fully rubbered armored which means they are extremely durable.

The Solo monocular is filled with nitrogen gas and O-ring sealed which means they are waterproof and fog proof.

One feature of the voltex I love the most is that the product is flexible.

You can easily focus on your target without losing site, especially when you are leaning on something for support.


  • Very portable and compatible to use
  • Lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service
  • Includes pouch with neck layers and cleaning cloth.
  • Fully multi-coated lenses
  • Provides a secure, non-grip and durable external protection
  • The images are bright and very clear.


  • Short eye relief for glasses wearers
  • Does not come with a belt grip. That would have made it super convenient

4. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular:

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Monocular


The Bushnell Legend features a lightweight travel-friendly design with ultra HD visual excellence.

The Legend offers a 42-millimeter roof prism monocular that features multi-coated optics with ED prime glass to deliver clear bright views from edge to edge.

You also have the rubber armor round the scope to protect it from adverse weather conditions.

The Bushnell Legend HD comes with a really nice secure table top tripod. Another great feature is the focus control system that you can fine tune to get a perfect image.

The brand also comes with an extendable sun shade to cut off sunlight glare. Bushnell Legends offer 20 to 60 times magnification to provide good –quality and vary sizes of the image.

The 45-degree angle zoom eyepiece body and eye adjustment facility for viewing open surface objects.

You will also find the scope totally waterproof to keep the device from rainy weather.


  • The Bushnell Legend Ultra HD is 100% waterproof and fog proof
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • Beautiful design and durability to last longer
  • Comes with a lens cleaner
  • The fully multi-coated optic effectively decreases light losing and glare


  • Quality device, but the price is on the high side
  • The focus may not be as close as you want it

5. The Voltex VMX-3T Magnifier:

Voltex VMX-3T Magnifier


This is a nice built-up, solid magnifier that just happens to be at a good price. The Voltex VMX-3T Magnifier is a great brand for close range hunting.

This brand allows for quick acquisition with your rifle to get a closer shot quickly. The push button design engages or disengages the flip-mount allowing the magnifier to lock into your position.

The Voltex VMX-3T offers 3 inches eye relief to give you a clear view. The VMX 3T also comes with a multiple anti -reflective coatings and optics that does not fringe or vignette.

What that means is it gets the oxygen out of the site itself. In that way, it can’t fog or get damaged by water because there is O-rings that seals the glass points.


  • Comes with a focus ring where you can adjust the focus
  • The Voltex features an excellent light gathering capability
  • The Voltex magnifier is simple to use, fast and efficient
  • Unlimited lifetime warranty
  • Comes with a solid well designed mount for easy adjustments to suit your eye vision


  • The lens scope does not have a lens cover
  • Comes with a short eye relief compared to other brands
best monocular for hunting

How to Choose a Monocular for Hunting:

Consider a Compact Monocular

Compact Monocular


If you are looking for hunting monocular, you may want to nail your criteria to a couple of things, and then ensure your spotting scope is compact. When you are going for hunting, chances you are going to be carrying your monocular along with you.

So, ensure that the hunting scope is compact and light weight. Compact monocular can easily fit in a pocket or a pack.

Magnification Power

Magnification Power of Monocular

Image source:

If you are bird hunting, you may probably have known that quality monocular is the name of the game. You need to spend a little more money to get that crystal clear object you really want for birding.

That is why I recommend looking at the quality of the device. So, what you need to note here is that the higher the magnification the narrower the field of view.

For instance, if the distance you are going to be hunting is likely to be in a close range of 20 to 50 yards, then you are going to be okay with 60 millimeter magnification.

Generally speaking, you don't need too much; a 45 to 50 magnification is what you may likely need for your hunting applications.

Pro Tips:

If you're hunting deer, for easier observing, you should use a best deer feeder to lure them to your area.

Your Monocular is Fog or Waterproof


These factors will determine whether you are going to enjoy your hunting experience in all weather conditions.

Check out if the brand you are buying is well sealed to be able to keep dust, moisture, and any other foreign particles from entering into the lens. Another aspect you need to look is to check whether the monocular is sealed with O-rings and a casing that is waterproof.

Also, if the brand is filled with nitrogen or argon gas, it’s able to stand any element of fogging that is prone to occur from temperatures that are fluctuating.

Prism Construction

This is one of the most important factors that you need to take into account when buying hunting monocular.

High-quality components are of high importance when it comes to hunting monocular.

A good prism will aid you to see images clearly when you look into a monocular. There are two types of prism in the market:

You need to know how each of the prisms operates.

Also, make sure the monocular are armored with rubbers. This will ensure they can absorb shock and will give you a good grip when handling them in all environments.

Dimension of the Monocular:

Monocular number


This is one of the most important factors that are used in the comparison of monocular. This refers to how wide you can view in the monocular.

When buying a pair of monocular, you need to ask yourself what the number means.

The smaller the number, the narrower the field of view while a larger number means that you will have a wider field of view.

For hunting monocular, you need to consider a wider field of view. This is because you will be able to see the environment more clearly.

You will be able to spot your prey more clearly whether in motion or quiescent state.

For instance, if you have a monocular that comes with 8x42, this means the device can bring object 8 times closer; and 42 determines the size of the objective lens, your field of view, and how much light you gather.

So, if you want to be hunting early in the morning or late in the evening, then you should go for a larger objective lens.

An objective lens that features numbers that range from 10 - 25x42 monocular will be a perfect fit for your hunting activities.

Do the Monocular Come With a Lens Coating?

Lens Coating


One Important thing you should always look for in your lens is how they are made. You need to consider this carefully. The ambient light transmission in most monocular is lost through reflection resulting to poor contrast and glare.

So, always look out for the ones that come with a coated optical lens system.

This is because optical lenses increase light transmission, reduce the loss of light, and reduce glares on images, result to bright and more vivid images.

So that when you are using them in the field, you won't get a headache, or an eye strain.

You also need to check if the coating is applied correctly and uniformly. Also, check if the effects of the coating are lost.

Size of the Objective Lens:

Monocular size


The Size of the objective lens is of paramount importance to choosing the best hunting monocular. This is because as a hunter, you are most likely to hunt under low light conditions which may be during in the evenings and mornings.

So also choose the right brand that will light the image as bright as possible under low light conditions.

I will advise you to go for a lens that comes with a larger objective diameter even though they are likely to be expensive. Well, it all boils down to your personal preference from small, medium or large objective lens.

For me, I think an objective lens that comes with 40ml and above in diameter will be perfect for a hunting experience.

So, these are just a few things you want to look for when you are purchasing a monocular.

I hope by now you have gained more knowledge on how to choose the best monocular for your hunting adventures.


From the above analysis, I think the most remarkable key features of the Polaris Optics Explorer have made this brand the exact instrument for hunting and bird watching.

Polaris Optics Explorer 2

Editor's Choice:

Polaris Optics Explorer

  • This is because it comes with excellent field of view and a depth of field
  • Offers a brilliant range of view of about 1000 yards away.
  • You can see things 12 times closer and get clearer and brighter field of view in 50 millimeter length
  • No matter the weather, you will get to see your images clearly.
  • Even in low light conditions, you are sure of seeing images in clear and bright view.
  • The Polaris Optics comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Fog and waterproof

I hope you have learnt a lot from this post on how to choose the best monocular for hunting adventure.

So, what do you think? I would love to read your comment below and know your views and experiences as regards to these products.

Don’t forget to leave me your comments and I promise to answer any question you may have. You can also share this article if you find it very useful.

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