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Hate to quit the hunt early due to cold feet? Check our 5 best heated socks for hunting.

They promise to keep your feet warm and toasty all day. We’ll also answer the question: “What should you look for when buying heated socks for hunting?

Sounds good? Let’s get started:

Best Heated Socks For Hunting Reviews:

1. Hotronic Heat Sock XLP One Mens:

Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Surround Heated Socks Set


The Hotronic is the best heated socks for hunting.

Your feet will definitely be cozy and comfy all day long through the frigid conditions and high winds.

Key Features:

1. Ultra Comfort:

Typically when using battery-powered socks, you feel some discomfort from wire wrapping around your toes.

The Hotronic features no-wire-under-foot and with much more warmth. It gives you a comfortable feeling all day sitting in a blind.

The socks are thin enough and warm enough to not have to layer up with the heavy, bulky layers of traditional winter socks.

What fabric does the Hotronic use?

Hotronic uses synthetic blended fabrics (74% nylon, 20% Spandex, 6% Merino), the best material for heated socks.

It guarantees:

  • Your toes are warm and toasty since the wool INSULATES HEAT and cold perfectly.
  • Anti-static: no electrical charge. It means it’s safe for use with these battery-heated socks.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all-day
  • They remove moisture fast when you’re on the move.
natural wool


Improves blood circulation

The toe-surrounding heat technology blocks the cold outside and improves the blood circulation in your toes.

You’re able to stay up on a stand platform for hours with no issue, since it gives you happy, warm feet all the way down to -4 F degrees. Cool right?

2. Breeze to use:

Using Hotronics is a piece of cake. You adjust the 4 heating levels via:

  • App control (or)
  • Direct control

The app control is handy if you need to adjust the heat without uncovering your socks.

Controlling the thermal directly on the sock is a breeze. Just press hold to cycle through the 4 settings. The LED light shows you which setting you are on.

Here’s a bonus: Power Boost mode

This highest level offers an extra boost of warmth, warming your toes up for 3 minutes before returning to level 3.

It’s pretty helpful in case your feet start getting cold.

#Pro tips:

Don’t wait until your feet get cold.

You should turn it on level 1 while your feet are STILL WARM. This will keep the distribution of warmth around your feet, rather than losing it and trying to gain it back.

3. Outstanding battery:

The lithium battery is lightweight (2.68 oz), compact, and easy to mount on your cuff. There’s a flap to cover the batteries to stop them from dropping out.

The cool thing is that the battery is placed up high so that it sits clear of your rubber hunting boots.

battery - Hotronic Heat Sock XLP One Mens


How durable are the batteries?

Unlike other brands, the Hotronic features an OUTSTANDING battery. It can hold 90% of its initial capacity after two years of non-use.

It saves you money from needing to replace the battery every couple of years.

Honestly, it’s the best battery-powered socks on the market.

How long do the batteries last?

The mega battery lasts up to 18.5 hours on the lowest setting.

It’ll keep you in the hunting stand longer and give you more opportunities to tag a deer.

Who doesn’t love that, right?

Instead of a 1 year warranty like other cheap brands, Hotronics provides 2 years warranty.

They stand behind their product and offer peace of mind to their customers.


No heel heating

There’s no warming zone around your heel.

Long charging time

The battery needs 5 to 6 hours to charge fully. You should charge them up the night before.

Pretty pricey

Yes, its price tag is a little on the higher side.

But, if you weigh up the cost against the ability to cut out the winter misery, it’s worth every cent.


  • Ultra-comfort
  • Excellent warmth distribution
  • Outstanding and long lasting battery
  • A breeze to use
  • 2 control options (app or direct)
  • Uses wool in its material
  • Hand and machine washable
  • Durable for 4-5 years


  • Pretty pricey
  • Long charging time
  • No heel heating zone

2. Lenz Heat Sock 4.1 Toe Cap:

LENZ 4.1 Toe Cap Unisex


The Lenz Heat Sock is the warmest rechargeable heated socks for late season hunting.

It’s a game changer for staying warm and toasty all day without running out of battery.

How? Keep reading to find out below.

Key Features:

1. Game changer for cold feet:

Whilst heated insoles heat your feet from the bottom, the Lenz socks warmly surround the entirety of your toes.

Like the Hotronics, the Lenz runs the wire down the toe cap and leaves you with pleasant feet.

It is a huge difference if your feet are sensitive to the cold.

The battery pack attaches directly into 3 snap points on the sock cuff, holding it in place. No need to worry about it popping out on the move.

How comfortable is it?

The Merino Softtec fabric (mixed with 10% merino wool) traps heat, improves flexibility, and prevents pleasant scratching for your skin.

Wearing these heated socks feels like being cozy at home in your slippers.

Are they thin?

The heated socks are less bulky than heated insoles. However, it’s a little bit thicker than conventional slim socks.

It’s not a big deal if your boots are wide. Or having that little bit of extra room that you would normally allow for thicker socks.

Otherwise, simply replace the insole in your shoes to leave wiggle room for your toes.

Lenz Heat Sock - 2


2. Decent App Control:

You can adjust the heat settings via a phone app or by pressing a physical button.

Whilst the physical button cycles through 3 heat settings, the phone is more adjustable, offering 9 intervals of warmth.

Lenz Heat Sock app



If you set it to level 3, it runs up to 10 hours on the first setting.

However, raising to level 4 is totally on the 2nd setting. It is really hot and drains the battery down to 5.5 hours.

Handy app

The phone app is pretty convenient.

It’s easy to turn the socks off to save battery when you get warm and comfortable enough.

No need to unfold the sock to adjust it.

The best part: INTERVAL TIMING

The interval setting on the app is the key to staying warm all day.

Let me explain:

Instead of manually turning the heating levels on and off, just set the interval time to a specific level (3 or 4).

And leave it running for 1 - 20 minutes.

For instance:

You run at level 4 temperature for 3 minutes.

It will routinely run 3 minutes on, 3 minutes off, and you end up staying warm for an entire day without eating up your battery.

interval timing

interval timing - Via

3. Good battery:

So how long does the battery of Lenz socks last?

The slim battery runs for a shorter time than the Hotronic, only lasting up to 10 hours on the low setting.

Who needs these heated winter socks?

They are beneficial for hunters who suffer from Raynaud's Syndrome and want to get warm for a short to medium period of time.

Longer than that period? Get 2 or 3 additional batteries to extend your warmth on freezing days.

Did you know?

Lenz is a German brand that has been innovating in textiles since 1987. Without doubt, we can say that their electric-powered socks are failproof.


Pretty Costly

The Lenz heated socks are cheaper than the Hotronics, but still a costly investment.

But think about it:

I’d rather spend extra money to prevent getting frozen than quit my hunt early due to cold feet.

In the end, you already invest so much time and money into hunting, so quitting early would be such a waste.

Less comfy

The Lenz socks are less comfortable than the Hotronics.

Why? Because you can feel the heating element under your feet.

Besides that, they don’t warm up the heel area like the Snow Deer brands (mentioned below).


  • Impressive warmth and comfort
  • Decent app with interval timing
  • Fair battery life
  • German-made
  • Machine washable
  • Cheaper than the Hotronics


  • Still costly
  • Less comfortable

3. Fieldsheer Men's Premium 2.0 Merino Heated Socks:

Fieldsheer Men's Premium 2.0 Merino Heated Socks


The Fieldsheer Premium is our choice for the best value heated socks.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to save your feet.

What makes it stand out is that it’s 35% Merino wool, keeping your feet toasty and comfy even in freezing temperatures.

Key Features:

1. Breathable material:

Merino Wool Fabric Blend

Instead of using 100% polyester fabric like other cheaper heated socks, the Fieldsheer contains 35% wool.

The improved material guarantees your feet are more breathable, comfy, and super warm.

Do they wick away moisture quickly?

Don’t worry about your feet sweating up a storm while tracking an elk. They release moisture fast, which helps in reducing odor.

Say goodbye to cold feet.

Never get cold and numb toes again.

How? The hidden heating element warms your front toes up constantly and prevents poor blood circulation.

The best part?

You can wear them like conventional long socks without using the battery. The blended wool keeps you cozy through the middle of the day, without needing to purely rely on the battery.

Cool right?

wear them like conventional long socks

wear them like conventional long socks - Via

bluetooth app control

bluetooth app control - Via

2. Good heat control:

Like the Hotronics, these battery powered socks provide 4 heat settings via a handy phone app or by pressing the physical button.

The phone app is super convenient, and pairs with the socks via Bluetooth.

How long does the battery last?

The curve-shaped battery runs up to 10 hours on standard mode.

Although shorter than the Hotronics, it's still enough for hunting all day.

3. Fits the bill nicely

These battery operated socks are designed in the USA and will fulfill your foot warming needs.

Did you know?

Fieldsheer is a high-tech clothing brand that has been working the heating apparel market since 1978.

Their products are featured in several popular outdoor magazines and well-known publications, including The Wall Street Journal. They really know what they are doing.


“Die-fast” battery

Don’t expect the battery to be amazing. Being a more affordably-priced product, the battery quality drops reasonably quickly.

Less comfy

Unlike the Hotronics, the wire element under the toes is a little uncomfortable after wearing them for a few hours.


  • Super warm and cozy
  • Can use with/without battery
  • Easy to use app
  • 2 control options
  • Designed in the USA
  • Reasonable price


  • “Die-fast” battery
  • Less comfortable

4. Dr.Warm Wireless Heated Socks:

Dr.Warm Wireless Heated Socks, Remote Control 2600mAh 7.4V Rechargeable Battery Heating Sock


If you don’t have great circulation and want to try the self-warming socks without breaking the bank, Dr. Warm is a good fit for you.

Frankly, it’s the best remote-controlled heated socks keeping you warm for hours.

Key Features:

1. Pretty Comfy:

The Dr. Warm heated socks instantly boost the warmth around your feet, covering a large area.

Just turn on the button at the top of the cuff, and have your feet defrosting within 30 seconds.

heat fast


Remote control

Other heated socks are paired with phone apps, however the Dr. Warm socks feature a remote control.

My dad loves it since it’s a simpler, low-tech option.

When he walks to the treestand, it's convenient to crank the heat up via the remote control before the cold starts to set in.

remote control



You can turn it on/off easily to save battery without needing to feel around your pant bottoms for the button.

2. Thick comfy socks:

These battery socks are pretty thick. You might find it snug putting on your boots or layering up with thermals.

So, be sure to have a little extra wiggle room in your toes so that they can distribute heat well and your feet stay comfortable.

Besides that, these socks are pretty comfortable for all day use.

3. Short battery life:

The battery life is short, running for only 8 hours on its low setting.

However, recharging is fast. Plug it in the charger for 4 hours, and you’re good to go.

The heated socks are machine washable.

Remember to take the battery out and put the socks into the protective mesh bag before washing.


Made in China

This is 100% Made in China products. Don’t expect a long lasting quality for such a low price.

They are a good fit to try battery heated socks without breaking the bank.

Less comfy

The material does not contain merino wool. It’s less comfortable and less warm than the Hotronics.

Also, you still feel the wire under your foot which is less comfy.

Less ergonomic design

The remote control has no battery light indicators. The battery might suddenly stop working without being aware that it is running low.

The physical button is pretty sensitive. You might accidentally hit it while climbing to the stand without knowing.


  • Warm and cozy
  • Optional remote controller
  • Pretty thick
  • Fast charging
  • Machine washable
  • Low-cost


  • Made in China
  • Less comfy
  • Less ergonomic
  • Short battery life

5. Snow Deer Electric Battery Socks:

SNOW DEER 2023 Upgraded Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks


Undoubtedly, Snow Deer offer the cheapest heated socks for hunting on our list.

You can’t beat the price for what they offer: warmth, foolproof design, and long run time.

Key Features:

1. Ultra Comfort:


Snow Deer are warm and cozy around your toes and heels during cold temperatures.

Unlike typical heated socks, Snow Deer features no-wire-under-feet padding that is soft and comfortable.

The microfiber is so tiny that you don’t even feel it.

So, there’s no need to worry about the wire hurting your toes.

Dry fast

The CoolMax material DRIES 5X FASTER than traditional cotton.

It comes in handy on rainy days when you need it ready for the next hunt.


The elastic socks are unisex, designed for both men and women.

Bear in mind that they may be a bit thick to wear inside your hunting boots.

Ensure there’s some extra room in your boots to fit it, or it’ll be tight.

Convenient smart controller

The One Touch smart controller is a big upgrade.

Instead of hiding the controller inside the socks, the Snow Deer separates and moves the controller outside and above the battery.

Want to adjust the heat setting? Just push the side button, and you’re set.

No need to take the battery or your phone out. It’s that convenient.

Even more:

The newest model added a battery cover to stop it from coming out when moving around.


2. Foolproof design:

The Snow Deer comes with 3 heat settings:

  • Blue led (low)
  • White led (medium)
  • Red led (high).

Operating them is straightforward. Just push the controller button to cycle through the 3 settings.

It’s that easy.

3 heat settings - SNOW DEER


3. Good battery life:

The batteries use UL Certificates 7.4V, which is safe and long lasting.

The 7.4V lithium battery is rechargeable and lasts longer than the standard 3.7 V or 5V ones.

It can run up to 10.5 hours which is more than enough for a half day sitting on the treestand.

However, you’d better get a spare one (sold separately) if you want to extend your hunt.


Made in China

These budget friendly socks will last only 1 season or 2. You get what you pay for.

Hand washing is recommended.

The manufacturer says you can put it in the bag to machine wash it.

But, if you want to extend its life span, wash it by hand gently and air dry it out.

Unstable battery

The battery is not so reliable. You might get a shorter running time than described.

No app

It’s pretty annoying since there’s only 1 physical control button.

No phone app. No remote controller. In this case, the lesser cost equals lesser functionality.


  • No wire under feet feeling
  • Unisex
  • One button design
  • Easy to use
  • Good battery life
  • Cheap
  • 5x dry fast


  • No app
  • Short battery life
  • Made in China

How To Choose the Best Rechargeable Heated Socks For Hunting?

In this section, we’ll show you how to pick a good pair of socks for staying warm under frigid conditions.

Stay tuned:


heated socks batteries

How long do batteries last in heated socks?

Typically rechargeable heated socks can hold warmth from 4 to 8 hours, depending on heating levels.

The higher setting, the faster the battery drains.

So you should pick heated socks lasting +5 hours on standard mode.

How to extend the battery running time?

Here are a few tips to extend your running time:

  • Turn the heated socks on the low level while you’re still warm
  • Routinely turn them off after you’ve gotten warm enough
  • Pack additional batteries for the hunt
  • Leave a bit of toe space so that the socks can distribute the heat


no-wire feeling

Remember to pick the top rated heated socks with a no-wire feeling (the Hotronic, for instance).


Most heated socks hide the wire under the toes and cause an uncomfortable feeling to wear them for a long time.

Even worse, they hurt your toes which may impact or cut short your hunting trip.

One other note: the more compact and lightweight the battery, the more comfy it is to put on.


heated socks - material

What material is the best for heated socks?

The synthetic blended wool is the best material for heated socks.

Since it takes advantages of both synthetic (spandex, polyester, acrylic) and wool, it results in a sock that is:

  • Comfortable
  • Retains warmth
  • Fast Drying
  • Quick sweat wicking
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Stretchable


heated socks - price range

How much do heated socks cost?

Well, their price ranges from $40 - $250.

What distinguishes the best from the cheap is:

  • What materials they use
  • How comfortable they are
  • How long you (really) stay warm
  • How durable the batteries are

You get what you pay for. Choose what your wallet can support and what your situation demands.

How to Wash Heated Socks?

handwash or machine washable

Well, there are 2 basic ways to wash electric heated socks:

  • Hand wash with warm water and soap
  • Machine wash: remove the battery, put them into a mesh bag, and run them on a delicate cycle.

Air them out after washing. Do not tumble dry.

In my experience, you should do a hand wash to prevent ruining them and prolong their life span.


Our final choice for the best heated socks for hunting is the “Hotronic Heat Sock XLP One”.

Hotronic XLP ONE PFI 50 Surround Heated Socks Set


Here’s why you must grab a pair of socks now:

  • Ultra comfy, with no-wire-under-foot feeling
  • Advanced synthetic blended fabrics
  • Super warm and toasty
  • Safe to use
  • Wicks moisture away fast
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Easy to use
  • Handy phone app to control them
  • Consistent warming
  • Outstanding, long-life battery
  • Up to 2 years warranty

So which self heating socks do you prefer? Hotronic or Lenz?

Let us know below!

Need some extra support to keep warm in the field? Check these out:

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