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Are you looking for the best deer attractant on the market that will make the deer stop by your trail camera so you can take photos of them, but none worked?

Well, I have been in this same situation until I got a grip on what actually works.

That is why we have deeply reviewed the top rated deer attractants that will instantly lure the deer to your desired location.

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Best Deer Attractant Reviews:

Below is a list of the 6 best buck attractants that offer amazing performance compared to other brands we have tested.

1. Evolved 41304 Buck Jam Honey Acorn - Best Deer Lure on the Market

Evolved 41304 Buck Jam Honey Acorn


Buck Jam Honey Acorn  is a mineral lick gel that contains sweet fruit flavors which deer enjoy licking.

How to use:

  • Step 1: To attract deer instantly, you can choose to pour the gel directly on the ground. You should make the area free of debris as the gel will soak into the ground.
  • Step 2: Pour over logs, stump, or any matter which is decaying.
  • Step 3: You can also mix it with your grains and feeds.

Ensure you spread the feed over an area of 20’ by 20’.

This is best when the grain or feed you wish to give the deer is not commonly found in the area.

The buck jam will soak into any area where it is poured.

This makes it a long-lasting attractant for deer. The deer will keep coming back to try and lick off gel that has soaked into the soil depth.

Pro Tip:

For the best results, any location you choose to spread the gel should be close to a source of water, in this case, a natural source.

Also, avoid selecting a place where human activity is high.


  • Can be mixed with grains, feeds or poured on the ground.
  • It can work for extended periods of time since it may creep into the soil
  • Makes a new type of feed attractive to deer
  • Deer and other animals love it and keep coming back for more
  • The Jam smells good and produces a pleasant smell


  • It attracts bears, raccoons and other animals
  • It might turn white after some days on the ground

2. BB2 Deer Nutritional Supplement / Attractant 20 - lb. Bag

BB2 Granular Attractant is a protein based formula which gives off an aroma that reaches the nose of a deer long distance away.

The Deer Nutritional lick comes with nutritional ingredients to give the deer mineral they need to stay strong and healthy.

BB2 Deer Nutritional Supplement / Attractant 20 - lb. Bag


How to use:

Once you have prepared your site and pour the supplements on the ground, make sure you refresh the deer supplement sites every week for better results.

However, if you have a site that has a lower population of whites herds, then you can refresh it every two weeks.

You can also apply this product to your mineral site as you want and we do recommend you augment this mineral lick by introducing feeds to make it more effective, making the deer a constant visitor to your site.

Pro Tip:

Ensure you check the weather so you know it isn’t going to rain for a few days as this supplement seems not to do well on moisture.

When visiting the site, wear clothes that cover your scent to prevent the deer from noticing your presence on the trail.


  • It promotes antler growth
  • Its long range makes it easy to attract a deer herd when you need to take an inventory
  • Attracts deer throughout the year


  • It may get rotten in the area you place it
  • You may need to replace within weeks of placing it

3. Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Block:

The Deer Cane (block) comes with a high-quality mineral supplement that lures deer by freeing a strong smell vapor trail.

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Block


How to Use:

As with many deer attractants and supplements, you will need to create a mineral site, or if you already have one, you can use it.

To make a new mineral site, create a spot with a diameter of 4 inches.

On this spot, you can then place one Deer Cane block or two.

Since the site is still new, you will need rain to work on it for the site to be activated.

If you cannot wait for the rain, you can simply mix the contents of the Deer cane block with water and apply to the soil.

This makes the action much faster.

The moisture then causes the block to minerals to spread into the soil.

A scent is also released which will attract the deer to the location.

To get the minerals on the site, the deer will lick the soil. You may often have a situation where a buck will try to make the site its territory by rolling on the site to leave its scent.

This single deer will cause other deer to visit the site over time.


  • The blocks can provide minerals for an extended period


  • Deer use them more in the spring
  • It may lose its effectiveness during the hunting season

4. Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Black Magic

The Black Magic deer is a well-known deer attractant that is enriched with aroma and flavors of crushed berries.

The attractant is packed with phosphorus calcium and sodium to boost the health of the deer.

The big advantage to black magic is that you don't have to mix it with water.

And the best part is that it mixes up pretty well to unleash mineral vapor trail, which will keep attracting deer to that very location.

Evolved Habitats Deer Cane Black Magic


How to Use:

Once you place this attractant on the bare ground, it instantly releases vapors to lure deer to the mineral site.

Based on our testing, the attractant is very easy to use and quickly attracts deer to keep coming back for more without any maintenance on your part.

I have had great success using it since the deer love it compared to natural minerals.

Most times, I do find out that the deer had dug a hole, looking for this mineral lick.

Pro Tip:

For a better result, we do recommend you put it on the ground early, so it gets mixed up on the ground better to get great results.

One of the issues with Black Magic Mineral is that raccoons love it too.

They are a huge attractant to raccoons also.


  • It requires little or no maintenance and replenishment
  • It instantly attracts deer to that particular location without any form of mixing
  • You can use it during any season of the year
  • Produces strong Cherry Smell that attracts deer


  • The mineral lick is mostly preyed on by raccoons.

5. C'mere Deer Corn Coat Super Fine Powder, 3-4-Ounce

The powder form of this product is designed to be used with grains, protein pellets and most especially with corn.

C'mere Deer Corn Coat Super Fine Powder, 3-4-Ounce


How to Use:

All you need to do is to mix the powder with the corn or any grain you wish to use as feed for the deer.

After mixing, you place the combination in a feeder and allow the attractant to do its work.

The powder is made to be mixed with the grains, but if you wish, you can also use it independently.

In such a situation, all you need to do is apply the powder to the ground, or a stump.

The powder then acts as an attractant which invites deer to the location.

The frequency of which you will have to use the powder depends on the population of the herd in the area.

This may also be determined by the period, either the scouting or hunting time.

Pro Tip:

During the hunting period, you may need to apply every day, while during the scouting period, you may apply weekly.

One sure thing is that you will need to apply as soon as it is consumed but you can prolong the consumption time by spreading it over a wide area.

This makes it longer for the deer to find all the spots.


  • Can be stored for up to a year
  • It doesn’t cause the grains or corn to stick together
  • It can be used in a feeder
  • It may attract other smaller animals


  • Any location it is to be used needs proper water drainage
  • It may clog your feeder
  • It only aids in consumption of feed, and it is not a substitute

6. Lucky Buck - PoundM20 Apple Flavored Deer Mineral and Attractant, 20-Pound Bucket

Lucky Buck Mineral is a fantastic apple flavored deer attractant that is enriched with great taste, but designed to limit the number of minerals the deer will consume.

This is actually to make them look healthier and their rack stronger with smelling like an apple pie.

We are satisfied with the performance of this product due to the tremendous success received from it.

I had seen some deer digging in the same area where this mineral was placed.

I was able to see great results after starting off in the first year in the early spring.

Lucky Buck - PoundM20 Apple Flavored Deer Mineral and Attractant, 20-Pound Bucket


How to Use:

The Lucky Buck is easy to use. To use it efficiently, uncover the bucket, and dump the mineral on the ground.

Make sure you add a main trail on it or a log if that is available too.

After that, you can set your trail camera, and that is it. You’d be surprised by how it will instantly attract deer to that very location.

Just like other brands, the Lucky Buck mineral lick is still preyed on by other animals like raccoons, birds, and squirrel.

But they will eat just a little of what they need.

Pro Tip:

For a better result, you may want to use this mineral year round so the deer can keep coming and have stronger and growing hacks.


  • Produces Strong apple flavored unyielding smell that deer can easily sniff from a long distance
  • It doesn't require any mixing it with additional supplements
  • Deer love it and provides them with strong and better rack


  • Just like other brands, it lures almost all types of animals

Local Regulation

states that allow baiting for deer hunting

States that allow baiting for deer hunting 2016

You’d agree with me that most times we do get anxious to bag a buck. Sometimes, we might even end up bending or breaking the rules.

Most local regulatory body for hunting in the United States recommend that you carry out your hunting activities during the designated times.

They also suggest you do not put more bait or deer attractants than what is allowed.

Why is this important ?

In some US States, baiting deer illegal and violations can cost you anywhere from 30 to 60 hundred dollars. You could also get up to 180 days in jail and your hunting license revoked.

So you want to make sure you find out the rules about the use of deer attractants as it applies to your locality, no matter it's public or private land.

How to Make Mineral Lick?

Mineral Licks are great attractants that keep deer on your property.

That means they don't have to leave to a neighboring property, or wherever they can get the nutrition.

You can create a homemade mineral lick and use it as a bait to monitor your deer and take photos of them to know the number of deer in the area.

Here is how I started making my own mineral lick which produced better results.


  • Get a stock salt
  • Fine granular salt
  • House salt
  • Trace mineral
  • Di-calcium phosphate


  • 1. Dig 6 to 10 inch depth hole in the ground.
  • 2. Mix all the mineral mixtures.
  • 3. After that, pour the mixture into the hole or on the ground you have prepared.
  • 4. So the next thing is to set your trail cam next to your deer mineral lick placement to get a view of the type of deer you are attracting.

How to Prevent Other Animals to Your Deer Feeder:

How to Prevent Other Animals to Your Deer Feeder


There is nothing more frustrating than the next morning, and you just find out that raccoons and other animals like squirrels have eaten your feeder and disabled your solar panel.

Well, I'm not going to lie to you. If you are using corn feeder as an attractant, the problem with it is that raccoons love them.

Several times they have raided my corn feeders for quite some time now. What I did was to construct a six-inch heat duct pipe.

So what you basically have to do is to take the pipe and screw it to the leg of your feeder to keep the coons from being able to crawl through the pipe and land on the feeder.

Another good thing about this heat duct pipe is that they were overly broad for the raccoons to be able to wrap their arms around it which will prevent them from climbing it to the top.

Final Verdict:

A dear attractant is one of the best ways to attract deer to a desired spot or location.

They are also a means of providing the buck right minerals and nutrients for healthier growth and stronger racks.

The deer attractants mentioned above are the most trusted mineral licks we have tested and we highly recommend you give them a try and see how it works.

However, our editors’ choice and overall winner of the best deer attractant goes to Buck Jam Honey Acorn.

This mineral lick offers incredible performance and attracts deer to that particular location like magic. The attractant also:

Buck Jam Honey Acorn


  • Works for long periods since it can creep into the soil
  • Makes a new type of feed attractive to deer
  • Attracts animals and they keep coming back for more
  • Produces sweet and strong smell that can attract deer from a long distance
  • Allows you to mix it grains and feeds
  • Soaks easily into any area where it is poured

We’ll love to hear your thought and experience using deer attractants.

And if you have questions about any of the products mentioned above, feel free to leave a comment down below.

We’ll be right in time to give you a prompt reply.

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