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Clueless about which one to choose for the best compound bow? Keep on reading and we will provide you with insights on some of the essential factors to consider. The second half of this buying guide, on the other hand, will tackle five of the best options that can be taken into account, as well as their most notable features.



Draw Weight

Draw Length

Brace Height

IBO Speed


Bow Weight

Editor Rating

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package

Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package 70lb RH A5CZ21007R

5 - 70 lbs

12" - 30"


310 fps


3.6 lbs

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30'' Compound Bow

55 - 70 lbs.

25" - 31"


270 fps


4.4 lbs

Southern Archery Supply Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package

SAS 25-55 Lb 20-29'' Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package With 3-pin Sight, Arrow Rest, Quiver and Arrows

25-55 lbs.

20 - 29”


235 fps


4 lbs

Diamond by Bowtech Core Right Hand Compound Bow Package

Diamond By Bowtech Core 40-70# 25"-30# Right Hand Compound Bow Package

40-70 lbs



322 fps


5.90 lbs

iGlow Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

30-70 lb Black / Camouflage Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow +3 30" Arrows / Bolts 175 150 70 55 40 30 lbs Crossbow

30-70 lbs






What is a Compound Bow?

The first compound bow was made by Holles Wilbur Allen of Missouri in 1966. Pulleys or cams and bends are the main components of the compound bow. When the bow is fully drawn, it is able to offer mechanical advantage, which means that the user will have to exert lesser effort while still being assured of power. With this, there is no wonder why many beginners in archery prefer the compound bows.

There are numerous advantages that can be yielded from the use of compound bows compared to other types of bows. For instance, they have impressive velocity, distance, and accuracy. In addition, compared to traditional bow, it is also known for being better when it comes to durability. Even if they are exposed to high temperatures and humidity, they can last long. Because of all of these advantages, there is no wonder why this is the preferred type of bow in the United States and in other countries as well. Even teenagers all are able to choose a best youth compound bow for their own.

Types of Compound Bows

When looking for a compound bow, the following are some of the options that you will be confronted with:

  • Single Cam: It is also known as one cam or solo cam. There is a round idler wheel that can be found on the top. Some of its advantages include being quiet and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, compared to other designs, it can be more challenging when it comes to tuning.
  • Hybrid Cam: This type of compound bow comes with two cams that are asymmetrically elliptical. Some of their advantages include being effortless to tune and also easy to maintain, just like the single cam. Proper orientation and timing, however, will be critical in the use of this bow.
  • ​Twin Cam: Also known as two cam or dual cam, they are equipped with two cams that are either elliptical or round and situated on each of the ends of the bow. Impressive nock travel, overall speed, and accuracy are some of the things that make it better when compared to its counterparts.
  • Binary Cam: The construction is similar to twin cam, but the main difference is that the two cams are not slaved to each other. Their velocity is very high, but one of the most common problems with them is that their design is complex. This requires the need for more maintenance and tuning.

Tips for Buying a Top Compound Bow for Beginners

To be assured of making the right choice, the following are some of the things that you should keep in mind:

  • Gather Feedbacks from Other People: To have an idea how one option is better than the other, you should read online reviews or ask for opinions from people you personally know. With their experiences, it will be easier to weigh the pros and cons of the options that will confront you.
  • Look Beyond Price: While it may be tempting to pick the cheapest option that is available in the market, this may make you regret the choice that you have made. A compound bow should be seen as an investment. Therefore, you should not mind spending more if this is tantamount into being able to enjoy better quality.
  • ​Know your Dominant Eye: You need to determine whether you need a compound bow that is meant for left or right-handed users. The decision will depend on which eye is dominant. If your dominant eye is the left, a left-handed compound bow is the best choice. On the other hand, if our dominant eye is the right side, the compound bow should be made specifically for right-handed shooters.
  • ​Consider Technical Specifications: Draw length, axle-to-axle length, draw weight, and brace height are just some of the specs that matter. If you are unsure, make sure to talk to the seller to know which one is going to be best for your needs.
  • ​Know your Skills: Before making a decision with regards to which compound bow to choose, another thing that you should do is to have an honest assessment of your strength. Your energy will supply the strength that will be needed by the bow, which is why you should choose one that you can handle comfortably.
  • Consider the Warranty: The warranty will be a reflection of the commitment of the manufacturer on the quality of the product. This means that if they are confident about their product, they will have more extensive warranty coverage. With the warranty, you will be able to have the compound bow retuned in case of defects that are not caused by your negligence. The manufacturer, on the other hand, will have it replaced or repaired.

Top Picks for the Best Compound Bow Reviews

1. Bear Archery Cruzer Ready to Hunt Compound Bow Package

Whether you are young or old, a beginner or a seasoned archer, you will never run out of reasons to love this bow. Among others, one thing that makes this impressive is its versatility. It has adjustable draw weight, which can be modified from 5 to 70 pounds. It also has adjustable draw length, which you can set from 12 to 30 inches.

The compact design of this bow is one more thing that we find to be impressive. Because of its lightweight construction, even beginners will not have a hard time in having it handled. This also makes it excellent in terms of portability, making it easy to bring it anywhere you will be using the compound bow.

This model comes with a double cam system. Some of the advantages of the latter include being able to deliver quiet performance.

The presence of a string suppressor and stabilizer should also be commended, making it a notch above competition. The latter also makes the compound bow perform without making a loud noise, while also making sure that the arrows will be released smoothly.

This compound bow has a maximum speed of 310 feet per second. While this is pretty much acceptable for beginners, for more experienced users, this may seem to be a bit of a limitation.

​Things We Liked:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Quiet performance

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Can be slow for professional archers
  • A bit expensive

2. Southland Archery Supply Rage 70-pound Compound Bow

While Southland Archery Supply is manufacturer that is not as popular as other companies, this compound bow is still preferred by some people because it comes with an affordable price. This will make an excellent choice for entry-level compound bow.

The product is designed with compressed ABS limbs, which is one thing that we loved about its construction. It may be a bit heavy, but it does not disappoint when it comes to durability, providing you with the assurance that it will not be easily prone to wear and tear.

When it comes to technical specifications, it is not as impressive, but decent enough for beginners. It has a speed of 270 feet per second. It has adjustable draw length from 26 to 30 inches. Meanwhile, it has adjustable draw weight from 55 to 70 pounds. The overall weight of the compound bow is 4.4 pounds, which makes it a bit heavy.

The dual cam system is one more thing that should be highlighted. The cams are made from aluminum, which makes them excellent when it comes to quality and functionality.

This compound bow is not necessarily quiet. To address this problem, however, the manufacturer added vibration absorbing stabilizer and string dampener. This minimizes the sound that is produced, making it useful for hunting.

​Things We Liked:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Designed for beginners

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Quite heavy
  • Manufacturer is not popular

3. iGlow Camo Archery Hunting Compound Bow

With the economical price of this compound bow, it is indeed proof that you do not have to spend a lot for a high-quality bow. This is one of the budget-friendly options that can deliver acceptable performance, but should never be compared with what you can expect from the higher-end models.

For a beginner, the speed is already acceptable. It can shoot at 310 feet per second, which is pretty much the average for compound bows that fall within the category.

Weighing 4.4 pounds, this is definitely not a lightweight compound bow. Beyond its weight, however, there are certain benefits that can be enjoyed. It has adjustable draw length, which can be modified from 30 to 70 pounds. The adjustable draw length, on the other hand, can be set from 25 to 31 inches.

The compound bow comes with a string stopper. Although it can be heavy, we have seen words of praises with regards to its shock absorption. This is vital to ensure the comfort of the user of the compound bow.

At its price, it even becomes more affordable because there are already 3 aluminum arrows included. This may not be the best arrow, but it is free, so it is still a huge plus!

​Things We Liked:

  • Easy to setup
  • Beginner-friendly

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Arrow quality can be improved
  • A bit heavy

4. Southern Archery Supply Adjustable Quad Limb Compound Bow Package

With this compound bow, the draw weight can be adjusted from 25 to 55 pounds. On the other hand, the draw length can be adjusted from 20 to 29 inches. This offers flexibility, allowing users to have it adjusted based on their preferences.

It may not be made by a popular brand, but this can prove to be an exceptional choice because of its excellent construction. It is built with compressed ABS limbs, which is one of the reasons why it is going to be durable. With such material, you can expect the compound bow to withstand long-term use without negatively affecting its functionality.

If you are on the lookout for an option that can prove to be perfect for budget-conscious archers, this should be on the top of the list. This is one of the cheapest options that you can find. Its price is even made more practical with the fact that it comes in a complete package. It already incudes bow sight, pee sight, arrow set, arrows, and quiver.

Lastly, this is also a preferred choice because it is perfect for junior archers. It is a good way to get kids started in archery. For sure, they will love the bow as it is user-friendly.

​Things We Liked:

  • Shoots well
  • Affordable price

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • A bit flimsy
  • Unpopular brand

5. Diamond by Bowtech Core Right Hand Compound Bow Package

This compound bow weighs 3.2 pounds. Compared to most of the bows in the competitive landscape, this is lightweight. With such handling the bow will be easy, even for beginners. This will have a huge impact on the accuracy of the shots.

With this compound bow, users will be able to make certain adjustments in a snap to make it suited for their individual preferences. It comes with 25 to 30-inch adjustable draw length and 40 to 70-pound adjustable draw weight.

One more thing that makes this exceptional is the fact that it is ready to use out of the box. Meaning, once it is taken out of the packaging, there is no more need to deal with complicated assembly as it can be immediately used.

Are you looking for the best value for money? You have another good reason to have this model chosen above all others. A purchase of this model is already inclusive of arrow rest, sight, string loop, quiver, rest sling, stabilizer, and peep. There is no more need to purchase accessories as all of the basic things needed are already provided.

​Things We Liked:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Affordable price

​Things We Didn’t Like:

  • Poor string quality
  • Some parts are made from low-quality plastic


best compound bow infographic

Best Compound Bow Infographic


With too many choices that will confront you for the best compound bow, it can be challenging to pick which one is the best. Price alone should never be a sufficient reason to pick one product over the other. You should also find out which the best arrow for recurve bows or compound bows is suitable. Nonetheless, at the end of the day, keep in mind that it is still your personal preferences and individual needs that will matter.

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