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Looking for an accurate tracking system to take your dogs out into the woods?

In this guide, we’ll review 5 of the best GPS trackers for hunting dogs.

Once you set them up, they’ll give you peace of mind knowing your puppies' location, direction, and distance, without needing cell reception.

Ready? Here they are:

Best GPS Tracker For Hunting Dogs Reviews:

1. SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0:

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 GPS Tracking + E-Collar System


The TEK Series 2.0 is the best GPS tracker for hunting dogs.

This dedicated tracker offers the most accurate tracking, reliable training, and longest range for dogs over 8 lbs.

You’ll be able to keep total control of all your hunting dogs while enhancing the chances of scouting out a lot more birds.


  • Battery life: 12 hours
  • Weight: N/A
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Cell service needed: No

Key Features:

1. Gives you peace of mind:

The Tek 2.0 works like a virtual dog walker, giving you peace of mind while tracking your hunting dogs.

It tells you exactly:

  • Where your dog is
  • How far away they are
  • What they’re doing (on point, treeing or running)
  • Which direction and how fast they’re running
  • And much more…

How so?

By turning the handheld device on and checking through the colored topo maps, the arrows will show you their pin-point tracks.

If your hound is chasing rabbits within 10 miles of you, the dual satellite systems (GPS and GLONASS) update their position IN REAL TIME.

So it will give you a lot of confidence, and allow you to let your dogs explore the woods even where there’s no cell service.

keep peace of mind for tracking hunting dogs


digital compass


How can I get to their location?

Just activate the electronic compass, the handheld GPS device shows you which direction your dog is currently in relation to you.

Follow the arrowheads, and you won’t need to worry about losing sight of your hounds while trekking through the thick brush ever again.

In fact, from our tracking test, it only showed to be a few yards off. Pretty accurate.

How many dogs can you run?

Well, this GPS tracker can keep track of up to 21 dogs per controller.

If you're running a bunch of bird dogs, just pair additional e-collars and you’re set.

Do I need to pay for a subscription?


Unlike Garmin trackers (mentioned below), this GPS tracking bundle offers a lifetime and free-to-download color topo map, without a subscription.

This one-time purchase saves you a lot of money when used extensively.

Versatile for training


2. Versatile for training:

Training your dogs with Tek 2.0 is pretty versatile.


The dog collar gets your dog’s attention back when he’s wandering in the woods by providing:

  • Built-in 99 stim levels
  • Optional vibration and tone

Also, if your puppy chases a buck and encroaches upon a roadway, you can make corrections immediately.

make correction for dogs


Is it easy to use?

Yep! Getting through the functions with the handy buttons is as easy as pie.

The scrolling wheel is well thought out. It's like a computer mouse, making the navigation intuitive.

Besides that, you can quickly leave waypoints on the road without needing to use a hunting app.

SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0 - controls

The best part? Voice update

Instead of constantly looking at the tracker to know if your dog is on point (found something), the voice update keeps you informed of what’s going on via earpiece (not included).

Besides that, if you have big dogs running outside of your preset boundaries, the geo-fence keeps you notified by sending a voice alert instantly when they approach it.

So, it’s quite relieving knowing that they’re still close by.



voice update


Bear in mind:

The voice update might be annoying as it will be constantly notifying you of what’s going on with your dogs.

Plus, it drains the battery on the controller pretty quickly.

3. Long battery life:

How long does the battery last?

Let’s take a look:


Charging time

Lasting time

GPS collar

4 hours

24 hours

Handheld gps device

8 hours

12 hours

Controlling a big group of running dogs all day is no problem.

Here’s the deal:

The battery on handheld devices is INTERCHANGEABLE.

It means you can carry additional ones for swapping out in the field, extending your bird hunting trip.

On top of that:

The 2-in-1 charger is pretty handy, allowing you to charge both the handheld GPS and e-collar at once.

It saves you a little bit of packing weight, and charging time.

Chronicle your hunts

The standalone GPS tracker provides an outstanding “journal”.

It allows you to view the waypoints and paths that you’ve traveled.

So you can review where you either “bagged” or “missed” your prey, and utilize that knowledge for your next hunts.

Chronicle your hunts


Did you know?

SportDOG contributed $30,000 from its Conservation Fund to support Delta Waterfowl for hen house building and maintenance. By buying their products, you can support conservation efforts.(source)



The whole GPS tracking system is pretty heavy and bulky, especially the collar.

Your dog might not like it.

Charging collars challenge

Imagine you’re running 5 collars… Charging them at once will take up a lot of space.

Re-calibrating each time before use

What a shame that the digital compass needs to be recalibrated each time prior to use.

It’s a pain in the ass if running multiple collars, since it can take a lot of time.

Not the best screen

The screen is not bright enough for aging eyes. And, it’s pretty hard to see under sunlight.


  • Giving peace of mind while tracking your hunting dogs
  • Reliable for both hunting and training
  • Know the direction and distance in real time
  • Allows for up to 21 dogs
  • No subscription required
  • Easy to use
  • Voice updates
  • Handy geofence feature
  • Long battery life


  • Bulky and heavy
  • Need to be recalibrated each time of use
  • Not the best screen

2. Garmin Alpha 200i with TT 15X Dog Collar Bundle:

Garmin Alpha 200i/TT 15 Dog Tracking and Training Bundle, Handheld and Collar,


This is the most advanced dog tracker and collar setup on our list.

It’s like the “Cadillac” of GPS dog tracking systems, with a bunch of powerful features.

Compared to the Tek 2.0, this package offers a bigger screen, better mapping, and a longer battery life for dogs over 60+ lbs.


  • Battery life: 15 hours
  • Weight: 19.9 oz
  • Range: 9 miles
  • Cell service needed: No

Key Features:

1. Tracking 20 dogs on 1 screen:

Using this Garmin tracking system, keeping track of 20 running dogs at once is not a big deal.

Once you pair the TT 15X dog collars with the handheld GPS, you’re able to view all your running dogs on ONE LARGE SCREEN.

It’ll show you clearly: their distances, directions, and speeds all at a glance.

Unlike a typical tracker, you don’t have to switch back and forth between each collar profile to find out where your Pointer is.

The result:

It saves you time, plus gives you peace of mind regardless of the environment you’re in.

Tracking 20 dogs on 1 screen

See all dogs at glance (Via

big touch screen

Big touch screen (Via

How to control the handheld device?

Unlike the Sportdog, you have 2 handy ways to control your handheld GPS tracker: touchscreen and/or buttons.

Big touch screen:

The Alpha 200i offers a 3x bigger screen than the Tek 2.0, up to 3.5”.

The responsive touchscreen works similar to a smartphone, helping you to get through the device functions in a quick and easy way.

Also, it runs flawlessly for gloved hunters. Reading this handheld unit in daylight is pretty easy.

Handy manual buttons:

Imagine your big bird dog is preoccupied with chasing deer through the dense woods.

The separated buttons make it easy to have your dog making corrections in the field.


  • Just scroll through the side buttons on the handheld unit to your targeted dog
  • Push the “tone” button to recall him
  • A “beep” sound on the collar will draw his attention back to you quickly. It’s that easy.

Besides that, you can also use “vibration” or “stimulation” buttons.

18 Levels Of Stimulation

18 Levels Of Stimulation (Via

tone or vibration

tone / vibration (Via

What if my dogs go out of range?

Like the Tek 2.0, the geofence sends you a “buzz” whenever your Beagles cross over the boundary you preset.

In that case, just recall them back quickly. So you don’t have to worry about them running out towards any roads or forbidden property.

How accurate is the tracker combo?

In my test, I got a chance to run it on my Brittany breed at 2 miles away and found it’s just 5 yards off. Not bad, right?

How long does the battery last?

Well, the handheld GPS tracker has a 25% longer battery life than the Tek 2.0 (up to 15 hours with inReach enabled).

It lasts even longer (up to 20 hours) if you turn off the inReach functions (mentioned below).

On top of that, the collars themselves run up to 80 hours.

In my opinion, it’s more than enough for pheasant hunting from dawn to dusk.

outstanding for mapping and navigation


2. Outstanding for mapping and navigation:

Unlike the Tek 2.0 which features only topo maps, the Garmin Alpha 200i offers both topo and birdseye maps.

The birdseye map provides a much higher resolution of routes, trails, and stand locations… at NO COST.

The big screen makes navigation through these detailed maps a breeze, even for hunters who wear glasses.

topo map

topo map


Birdseye Map

Is it better than a smartphone?

Obviously, it can’t beat your iPhone for speed and navigation.

But they still give you a slight hunting edge by allowing you to zoom in and out, view contour, elevation, traits, terrains etc…

What if I need other maps?

The extra memory slot allows you to download additional maps and expand your view.

If you need HuntView™ Plus or Topo U.S. 24K (both sold separately), just download them to a microSD card, pop it in the extra card slot, and you're good to go.

Keeps you connected 24/7


3. Keeps you connected 24/7:

The Alpha 200i is the only GPS tracker which integrates powerful inReach technology, and works as a backup emergency device.

It gives you and your family peace of mind while hunting in the backcountry, where there is little to no cell coverage.

Here are some key features of inReach:

  • Two-way messaging: keep in contact with your loved one via texting. And, it works in areas with no cell service.
  • SOS button: a life-saving feature, just in case you get injured or stranded in the middle of nowhere.
  • 24/7 connection via iRidium - the largest commercial satellite network, that runs 66 satellites around the world. Super reliable.
  • Leaves breadcrumbs: shares your location along the way, so your wife can track your locations at 10 minute intervals (for example).
  • And much more…
leave breadcrumb

leave breadcumb (Via

interactive SOS

interactive SOS (Via

Wait… Is it free?

Nope, the inReach features need a paid subscription.

If you want to save some money, I advise you to choose the Garmin Alpha 200 version that comes without the inReach functions, or check the Garmin Pro 550+ below.

Is this Garmin dog tracker bundle worth it?

Sure, it's like a CHEAP INSURANCE PLAN for both of you and your hunting dog(s).

You won’t need it until you lose the puppies or get lost in the wilderness, and you’ll wish you had bought it before.

Picture this:

At the end of a hunting day, you get back home, slowly walk through the front door with the weight of the world on your shoulders and tell your kid:

“Sorry Honey… I lost our puppy. He took off out of sight, and I couldn’t find him again...”

TERRIBLE, right?

Grab this GPS tracker right now, and save your dogs’ lives while you still can.

Did you know?

The Garmin Response team has handled more than 10,000 inReach SOS alerts since 2011. So, they’re very reliable when it comes to having your back in the field.


Bulky and heavy

The whole setup is pretty heavy, weighing up to 19.9 oz in total.

Hanging the big handheld GPS device around your neck with a lanyard might be a bit uncomfortable, especially as the hours pass.


Get this clip, snap it to your vest, and you’ll be pretty comfy all day.

Garmin Carabiner Clip Accessory


Hard to use in the rain

If the touchscreen gets wet, it will be less responsive, making navigation a bit challenging.

Not compatible with OnX or Basemap

This tracker system is compatible with Huntviews and Topo 24k maps only. It means you can’t sync it to your OnX or Basemap account.

Overwhelming for beginners

This tracking setup may well include too many features which might be a little overwhelming for beginners.

My advice:

Only focus on what is important to you.

The handheld device allows you to keep the most necessary features while removing the rest.


Yep, this is the most expensive GPS tracker package on our list. But, in the end you won’t regret spending those few extra dollars.


  • Tracking and training made easy
  • Wide touchscreen (3.5”)
  • Control via both buttons and touchscreen
  • Customizable buttons and features
  • Strong signal pairing between controller and transmitters.
  • Able to categorize collars into groups
  • 25% longer battery life than the Tek 2.0 (up to 15 hours with inReach enabled)
  • Geofence available
  • inReach technology
  • Topo and birdseye maps compatible
  • Public land boundary
  • Pairing with Garmin Explorer app
  • Extra external storage
  • Garmin smartwatch pairable


  • Expensive
  • Bulky and heavy
  • Hard to use under rain
  • Overwhelming for beginners

3. Garmin PRO 550 Plus Dog Training and Tracking System Bundle:

Garmin Pro 550 Plus, Dog Training System with Simple GPS Tracking, Collar and Handheld


The Garmin PRO 550 bundle is primarily designed for training, but still able to track 3 dogs, without any extra bells and whistles.

It’s like a base version of the Garmin Alpha 200i for 40+ lbs dogs.


  • Battery life: 24 hours
  • Weight: 7.8 oz
  • Range: 9 miles
  • Cell service needed: No

Key Features:

1. Simple reliable tracking:

The Pro 550+ offers a simple and solid design with “Big-Mac-funtional-buttons” and a basic digital display.

So you don’t have to switch back and forth through the touchscreen to issue corrections for your dogs.

Not only that, it’s an ideal option for:

  • Non tech-savvy hunters
  • People with aging eyes who find it difficult to navigate through a small screen.


effortless correction


Digital display

Instead of featuring a large screen, the controller comes with a compact, easy-to-read digital display.

Using this device, it constantly updates your dog’s direction and distance every 2.5 seconds.

So you’ll be less stressed, knowing you can keep them nearby.

However, you won’t know what they’re specifically doing in the field, such as treeing, on point or running.

digital display

Digital display (Via

Wait… How can I use a map on such a small display?

Well you CAN’T directly use a map on this unit.

But if you pair the controller to the Garmin Explore app on your phone, then you’ll be able to track your dogs like with a traditional GPS map.

Cool, right?

Garmin 550 plus - tracking dogs on app

Tracking dogs on app

Handy controls

The buttons are easy to control for big hands. You don’t even need to look at the device.

Also, it comes in handy to use it in the dark with one hand.

2. Effortless Correction:

This is a standalone device for training dogs incorporating vibration, stim and tone correction.

Here’s my favorite: Big toggle switch

Just flip up and down the toggle button to switch the dog's collar and make corrections.

You always have a quick and easy way to correct your canine if he’s out of sight.

Garmin 550 plus - switching toggle


3. Incredible battery life:

The battery of the Pro 550 Plus runs 2x longer than the Sportdog Tek 2.0, at up to 24 hours.

Once paired to a TT 15 dog collar (or mini TT), tracking 3 dogs at 4 - 9 miles for the whole day isn’t a problem.

Is it compatible with other Garmin devices?

Yep, the Garmin Pro 550+ is fully compatible with the:

  • Garmin Fenix 3 smartwatch
  • Garmin Tread Navigator
  • Garmin Handheld Montana 700 Series

They improve your dog tracking ability while cutting down on weight.

24 hours battery


Less customizable collar names

You can not name your dog's collars, but instead distinguish them by colors, such as red / green / blue.

3 dog limit (maximum)

If you run more than 3 dogs, you MUST grab a separate transmitter, which can be a real pain.

Poor black color

Imagine how challenging it would be to find this unit in the dark, if you accidentally drop it on the hike back to the truck after shooting hours.

I’m wondering why they don’t use yellow or orange colors at such a high price tag.

Less durable display

I love the durable coating rubberizing that it has from top to bottom, except on the digital screen.

It’s not shockproof and can be a little easy to break if dropped on the trails. So be warned.

Small yardage font

The font size (feet / yards) at the end make it hard to read for older hunters.

Besides that, it automatically changes from feet to yards when your dogs are out of 100 feet range. It means you have to constantly note the yardage change.


  • Simple basic tracking system
  • Handy controls
  • Easy to read display
  • Great customer support
  • Able to pair with phone for mapping
  • Compatible with Garmin smartwatch, navigator and Montana gps
  • Incredible battery (24 hours)
  • Effortless correction


  • Less customized options
  • Limit to 3 dogs per controller
  • Easy to break screen
  • Small yardage font
  • Not included lanyard or tether
  • No built-in geofence
  • Pretty costly

4. Dogtra Pathfinder 2 - Hunting E Collar GPS Dog Training Collar with Remote:

Dogtra Pathfinder 2 GPS Dog Tracker e Collar


The Dogtra Pathfinder 2 is the best mid-range GPS tracker for hunting dogs.

It provides a functional dedicated controller, while allowing you to track your dogs on a GPS map.

And you don’t have to opt for a monthly subscription.


  • Battery life: 8 hours
  • Weight: 14.3 oz
  • Range: 10 miles
  • Cell service needed: No

Key Features:

1. GPS Tracker on your phone:

The phone app is very easy to use, allowing you to pre-download the MapBox map and track your dogs in close to real time.

The best part?

The map is free to download and use with no cell reception, plus NO SUBSCRIPTION is needed. It saves you some extra money for long term use.

GPS Tracker on your phone


Here’s my favorite features:

  • GPS map: it gives you peace of mind knowing where you hunting dogs are.
  • Track recording: You can review how far your dogs run. So you know when you should rest them after a long day of hunting.
  • Geofence: keeps you notified and automatically sends a recall beep when your dogs run in and out of a pre-set range. If the dog’s a bit stubborn, vibration and stimulation modes can be used to draw him back.
  • Compatible with smart watches, such as the Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Series. So you can keep track of things from your wrist too.


Compatible with smart watches


Is it easy to set up?

Yep, pairing all devices together is easy. All of the devices respond instantly.

Is it accurate?

Well, I must admit that it’s not top of the line accuracy, coming in at around 30 feet off. However, it’s not a big deal if you don’t hunt in high grass areas.

And you know what?

The bright night light on the e-collar is a big plus, finding your puppies in low light conditions becomes a no hassle job.

2. Basic controller:

The controller is pretty functional with an e-collar button.

You can set it either for vibration, stimulation or recall beep via the phone app. And it works without pulling your phone out of your pocket.

basic controller


But there’s a problem:

If you run multiple dogs and need to switch between dogs to make corrections, you have to get the phone and remote controller close together before looking down at the phone display.

It takes more time, more weight and more annoyance than with the Tek 2.0.

3. Affordable price:

Though it’s not as reliable, durable or handy as the premium GPS trackers above, the cost comes in at 30% - 50% cheaper.

Even getting additional collars doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

And again, you don’t have to opt for a monthly subscription.

compare price of Dogtra PathFinder 2


Short battery life

The battery life on the controller is pretty short, lasting up to 8 hours only.

So be prepared to charge it as soon as you get back your truck.

Less durable

The most pricey and weakest device of this GPS system is not the e-collar or remote controller, but your smartphone.

If you’re using a high-end smartphone, accidentally dropping under rain is nothing but DISASTER.

I’d rather spend some extra dollars for a dedicated GPS tracker than to risk breaking my iPhone out in the woods.


  • Basic controller
  • Strong signal collars
  • No monthly subscription
  • Offline map
  • Track recording
  • Geofence
  • Compatible with smart watch
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price


  • Short battery life
  • Less durable, reliable and handy than the Tek 2
  • Not too accurate
  • Dependent on phone for tracking

5. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs:

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs


The Tractive is the best budget-friendly GPS tracker for hunting dogs.

The collar device works like an Airtag plus GPS, detecting and sending your dog’s locations to your app via a cellular network.

You don’t have to spend a fortune tracking your dogs in STRONG cell coverage areas.


  • Battery life: 7 days
  • Weight: 1.23 oz
  • Range: N/A
  • Cell service needed: Yes

Key Features:

1. Like Airtag + GPS collar:

The GPS dog collar keeps your hunting dogs 24/7 connected.

It auto transmits your dog’s location to the nearest cell towers every 2-3 seconds, and displays it on your phone.

So you always know where your puppy is in real time.

Like Airtag + GPS collar


2. Virtual fence:

If your puppy is out of your pre-set virtual fence, you’ll get instant notification via your phone and smartwatch (both not included).

Besides that, the light and tone option comes in handy to locate your hunting dogs easily. It is helpful if he’s hiding in the tall grass.

How long does the tracking battery last?

The collar unit can run up to 7 days per charge.

Even more: you can extend it for an extra 10 hours if you stay in a good cell coverage or have a low level of activity.

virtual fence


wellness score


Additional wellness score

The collar unit also acts like a Fitbit device for dogs.

It provides lots of helpful tracking scores, such as sleeping score, activities score, calories burnt…

And you can track how well your dogs perform daily.

3. Subscription required:

This GPS tracker requires a low cost subscription, starting at $13/ month.

Unlike the Tek 2, you don’t need to invest a big upfront cost. So if you’re on a budget, this will be your best fit.

Subscription required



Not for hunting in backcountry

While the collar unit can work without cell coverage, the phone app needs GOOD cell range to get your dog’s location.

So if you plan to hunt in backcountry states that have little to no cell towers, I advise you to pick one of the Tek 2 or Garmin dedicated GPS trackers above.

They’re much more reliable and durable than this low cost tracker.

No correction commands

Obviously you can’t issue corrections to recall him back with such a cheap GPS tracker.


  • For tracking only
  • Virtual fence available
  • Long tracking time
  • Additional wellness scores
  • Low subscription cost
  • No controller needed
  • Durable and waterproof


  • Not for backcountry hunting
  • No correction for training
  • Can’t track multiple dogs at once
  • Dependent on phone

So What’s Now?

Well our final pick for the best GPS tracker for hunting dogs is the: “SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0”.

editor's choice: SportDOG Brand TEK Series 2.0


Here’s why you must give it a try:

  • Accurate tracking
  • Know the exact distance, direction and what your hunting dogs are doing
  • Track up to 21 dogs at once
  • No subscription required
  • Easy to issue corrections, using: vibration, tone and/or stimulation
  • Voice/hands-free updates
  • Geofence availability
  • Long battery life (12 hours)
  • Replaceable battery
  • Good price

So which GPS tracker do you prefer? Garmin, Sportdog or Dogtra?

Let us know below…

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