One of the most popular debate is whisker biscuit vs. drop away arrow rests.

Well, let us try to break down these two types of arrow rests, see if one of them is better than the other, and if so – why?

  • Which one is faster?
  • Which one is more accurate?
  • Which one is better for hunting?

Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest

Whisker Biscuit arrow drops can be seen as a relative newcomer to the world of competitive hunting since 2003.

18 years is more than enough for these rests to significantly impact bow hunters of all ages and experience levels, especially amongst absolute beginners.

Lots Of Variation

Lots Of Variation

So, what makes whisker biscuits so special?

Well, they offer a lot of variation for a start, which is usually hard to find in the lower price segments.

No matter:

  • What type of bow you use
  • Firing in what kind of size, posture, or body type you have places like parks that are intended for bow shooting
  • What is your preferred shooting technique?

You will be able to find a unit to match your desires.

Ease Of Setup

Also, this type of rest makes drawing and shooting as simple as it gets. The arrow always stays securely in place.

It does an excellent job eliminating common mistakes and knee-jerk moves usually present with hunting novices.

Furthermore, it’s very easy to change the windage and elevation with a simple Allen key.

Beginner-friendly Whiskers

beginner friendly

Toarge extent, these excellent properties can contribute to the “whiskers” that lent the name to this popular type of arrow rest.

Essentially, these whiskers are nothing else than a bunch of synthetic bristles that form a perimeter around the arrow, holding it firmly in place without much room for wobbling.

The level of support and protection you get is truly remarkable.

All these things come at a very affordable price which makes whisker biscuits a perfect choice for beginners.

Little Room For Mistakes

Overall, there is very little chance that if your compound bow is suddenly moved or bumped, the arrow will knock out of place. The same goes for the situations when the arrow is not pulled back with a proper form.


budget friendly

Since they don’t feature any complex mechanical parts, Whisker Biscuit arrow rest usually scores some pretty affordable prices.

That makes them all the more appealing to hunting beginners.

Ease Of Maintenance

The absence of the mechanical parts within the whisker biscuit rests the sheer ease of maintenance.

Yes, you can clean these bad boys in a matter of minutes.

And lack of moving parts also means fewer things that can break as time goes by.

Speed And Accuracy Are A Bit Compromised

As for the drawbacks, Whisker Biscuit rests have some, albeit small, influence on the speed and the accuracy of your shots, usually at longer distances (50 yards or more).

Of course, this is the result of the direct contact between whiskers and the fletching.

So, you will, most likely, need to re-fletch the arrows after a couple of consecutive shots.

Finally, whisker biscuit rests aren’t as durable as you might expect frequently. You will notice the low build quality and need to replace them regularly.

Drop Away Arrow Rest

Drop Away Arrow Rest

Drop Away rest has a much longer market presence than the variety we have just covered above.

They have been a common staple at hunting tournaments ever since the late 1980s. Such a loyal following must have been earned.

And to be quite honest, drop-away arrow rests are doing quite a few things right.

Excellent Speed And Precision

For example, since they are made from a spiral wire, drop-away arrow rests leave more room for arrows to pass through. So they interfere with the speed and accuracy for less than Whisker Biscuit rests.

Minimal friction (your arrow won’t touch anything during the shot) translates to better performance - up to 3-6 feet per second.

But it doesn’t mean losing any FPS as well. To top it off, you won’t have to replace the fletching regularly.

So if you’re shooting from 40 yards or around this distance, you’ll notice this for sure.

On the other hand, if you’re shooting for targets beyond this distance, you won’t feel the difference due to the projectile dropoff.

It gives experienced hunters a lot of room for grouping shots and precise takedowns. But, what suits the experienced professionals doesn’t necessarily work for novices.

Tip utilizes this arrow rest type; you need to have a pitch-perfect shooting form and technique.

Steel Construction For Outstanding Durability

Be that as it may, another great advantage of drop-away rests comes in their enhanced durability.

Sure, the metallic construction and moving parts require a bit of maintenance, but regular check-ups go a great way in improving the accuracy and overall performance.

Your aim will be more consistent as this construction is so forgiving - even if you take an imperfect shot, the chances of landing it are higher.

Now, let’s move to some fewer flattery topics:

Mainly Aimed At Experienced Hunters

Mainly Aimed At Experienced Hunters

As we already mentioned, more room for aiming leaves more room for an arrow bouncing off while moving.

So, if you want to go with this type, be sure to nail down your drawing technique.

And then are the mechanical parts:

The more of them you get, the higher are the chances that some mechanical failure will send your shots off the mark.

Spicy Price

Finally, we have to mention the price of these beauties is yet another reason why these arrow rests are primarily used within the circles of passionate hunters.

It can be 2x - 10x the price of a whisker biscuit rest.

Once again, this can be assigned to high-quality mechanical parts. But, they are high-quality, so you at least know what you are paying.

Steep Learning Curve

learning curve

Aimed at professionals, beginners will significantly harder to master and use efficient drop-away rests, especially if a shooter comes from whisker biscuit rest.

On the other hand, the difference in performance might be worth taking to master this mechanism.

While on this topic, the most common issue beginners face is the cable problem on drop away, which is more challenging for a beginner to solve.

Keep this in mind before making your purchase decision!

Comparison Table: Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away

Now that we got an opportunity to take a good look at these two groups, let’s put everything we learned so far in one concise comparison table.

Whisker Biscuit

Drop Away

Arrow speed




More affordable

More expensive


Lower durability

More prone to mechanical fails


Less accurate

More accurate at longer distances


Less noise

More noise

Now What?

Looking at the comparison table, we can see that Whisker Biscuit vs Drop Away arrow rests are pretty tied when it comes to the areas where they have an advantage over the other.

They are pretty split when it comes to the features they excel at.

The Whisker Biscuit rests are more affordable, more secure, and far easier to use.

On the other hand, drop away rests are more precise at distances over 50 yards and ensure higher arrow speed, but they are also more expensive and have a steep learning curve.

So, it’s a matter of personal preference.

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