What Makes Bowhunting Special

Hunting using bow and arrow is something we usually come across whenever we watch epic movies or series. Archers prove to be an asset in battle because they have a good vantage point where they can observe their opponents even from afar. There are a number of archers that have gained fame especially in the world of fiction. There’s Robin Hood and Hawkeye to name just a few.

Archery in its form takes finesse. There are actually exercises to help with your form and be a better shot in the world of archery. It simply proves that the art of bowhunting is not an easy task. Not only is it a form of exercise but it also takes a lot of determination and precision to be able to achieve a good shot.

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Nevertheless, despite the intricacy of this hobby, there are still some advantages that make bowhunting special in its own way. There are certain attributes in life that one can only experience if they practice bowhunting and here are just some of its perks:


Organizations nowadays resort to wildlife management by means of hunting to preserve the population of a particular species. Overpopulation of these species, most of them are considered pests to farmers, may lead to an imbalance which can be detrimental to other species at risk of these predators. However, this is still under dispute as many ethical issues are at stake when it comes to the natural preservation of wildlife.


Unlike hunting with guns, bowhunting has lesser legal limitations. However, there are still requirements needed before you can participate in this type of activity. It just so happens that fulfilling these paperworks is not as tedious compared when you take part in gun hunting. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that bowhunting is safer than its gun counterpart. It is equally as deadly as gun hunting. That’s why you should have presence of mind whenever you are out hunting no matter what your weapon of choice will be.


Contrary to popular belief, not all people in this world are stuck at home with their electronic devices. Millions of people are actually participating in this type of recreation. In fact, there are some bowhunting contests held in different regions all over the world whose weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

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Bowhunting has longer season compared to gun hunting. Hence, enthusiasts have more time to frolicker in the woods and enjoy the rush brought about by hunting. The stretch on the season also enables thinning of the crowd. There’s no rush in bowhunting season, leaving a particular region in the forest all to yourself without any disturbance from other hunters.


When you participate in bowhunting, naturally you will be exposed to the wild. You will get to embrace nature at its raw and primal form. Hunting has long been part of human’s evolution and being able to do that at this era can be very euphoric especially when you are left in the wild. Taking a breather and forgetting about the hunt for a second won’t hurt you as you try to appreciate the beauty bestowed on this world.


From learning which bows to use to the names of the different animals you are allowed to pursue, bowhunting proves to be an educational experience even for a beginner. There are times when you are faced with challenges while you are hunting which will give you more lessons compared to the ones enclosed in the 4 walls of a classroom setup. Indeed, bowhunting has a way of opening your eyes on how huge the world really is and that there is still so much more to learn from it.


Who needs Facebook when you can meet new acquaintances through this exotic hobby? Whenever you join contests or just out for a hunt on an impromptu basis, somewhere along the road you will meet another hunter just like you. Before you know it, you are already swapping experiences and notes about bowhunting. In fact, there’s even an online forum wherein other hunters are sharing each other’s learning experience.

Truly, there’s something unique and special with bowhunting. The experience can be nerve-racking and at the same time bewitching. The distinctiveness of this experience makes it a cut above the rest.

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