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Two Most Important Things in Shot Performance

Shooting using a bow and arrow may seem like an easy task. You just have to follow the three fundamental steps: position your arrow, draw, and release. But to have an accurate shot, it is not as easy as 1-2-3; it takes more than that. Proper position and correct posture should also be considered. Even the slightest change in your posture can greatly influence the accuracy of your shot, and can affect your performance. What is even more difficult to do is to shoot suddenly with only seconds to get to your shooting position. It’s almost impossible unless you have been doing it half your life.

In order to perfect your shot performance, you have to consider your body position and posture. How much draw weight to apply, how to position your arms and your head when shooting, how to balance your body while holding the arrow, etc. are just some of the things to put in mind.

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If you are already a seasoned hunter, then you understand the importance of these things, but if you just started hunting, then you have to acquaint yourself with these two most important things to hone your shot performance.

Learn How to Calm Your Nerves and Relax Your Hands

If a painter, pianist, and sculptor need a steady hands to create their masterpieces, a hunter needs a relaxed hands when shooting. Most bowhunters and archers spend most of their preparation time on their tools, equipments, plans, skills, and strategies. They often forget to include their body’s competence to execute all the plans accordingly.

You only had two places where you made contact with your bow: your hand on the bow and your other hand used to draw the bow. The tension you put on both hands affects your shot performance even before you release the arrow from the bow. The amount of tension on your bow hand can change the flight of the arrow. If your bow hand is tense before you draw, it can create excess torque and twisting once you release the arrow. Even though you use the finest bow and arrow, it is still not enough if you do not know how to control the tension in drawing the bow.

Have you ever tried shooting at a target, but no matter how you convinced yourself that you applied the right strategy and technique, still you cannot get it right? Alright, you got the right technique, you follow the steps carefully, but how about your physical and mental state? Sometimes, your body releases too much tension if you are physically or mentally stressed. It is recommended to go bowhunting, only when you are in your best condition. Chances are, you might not get any game at all or you just put yourself in danger.

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Work on Your Balance

The key to an accurate shot is the proper balance. Without it, all your preparations will be put to waste. Imagine yourself being taught how to ride a motorcycle. You are taught how all the buttons work, how to pull the clutch, etc., but when the time comes that you need to actually try it, you remember you did not know how to balance. That’s just plain stupid.

There are two things that you need to pay attention to when trying to find your balance: your body stance and the position of your head. How you position your head is important; it would affect how you hold your bow and make your draw. Your head should be over your body to prevent tension in your hands and arms. If you failed to do this, it will cause pressure on your back. To perfect your head position, practice with a partner and ask them to assess the position of your head from behind. The top of your head should be aligned with the center of your body. This may look so stiff at first, but you’ll get used to it.

You have to be prepared in all shapes and forms. Keep your balance and relax your hands to achieve a hundred percent shot performance.

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