Elk River

Elk River is a short film led by filmmaker Jenny Nichols that follows scientist Arthur Middleton, photojournalist Joe Riis and contemporary artist James Prosek as they interpret elk migrations through their individual mediums – data driven science, photography and original painting. As they travel deep into the heart of the rugged and beautiful landscape of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, they work with landowners, ranch managers, outfitters, guides, agency biologists, an unusual mule named Rosie, and many others to walk in the footsteps of this awe-inspiring animal. Elk River premiered at Mountainfilm in Telluride May 27-30, 2016.

The Crow called the Yellowstone River the “Elk River.” It seems they thought of the Yellowstone landscape as one defined at least as much by its extraordinary animal life, as by its geological wonders. We do, too. Today, elk are our guide in re-imagining Yellowstone as being inextricably connected to a wider world through its diverse animal migrations.

Our Elk River film project is supported by the Bole and Klingenstein Foundation, the Duncan Fund, and  Mary Anne and Bill Dingus.

The full film is now online on National Geographic Short Film Showcase!

2016 finalist
VIMFF Finalist
Official selection 2017
Wild and Scenic 2017
Les Bois Film Festival
Big sky Documentary Film Festival 2017
New York Wild Film Festival 2017
Kendal Mountain Festival 2016
7BWF Brecia Winter Film
Ojai film festival
2017 new zealand mountain film festival
adventure film festival 2016
PTFF Port Townsend film festival 2016
DC adventures film festival 2016
telluride mountain film 2016
Doclands official selection
Wasatch mountain film 2017
American Conservation Film Festival
Planet in focus
Fresh coast 2017
The film 1
The film 2
Yale school
Wyoming Migration
Buffalo Bill Center

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