Finding the right crossbow can be time-consuming, but what’s even worse is deciding between just two.

Now, we have the TenPoint Vapor RS470 and Ravin R29X - and both are outstanding crossbows.

However, What’s their difference? Which one is better?

To answer that, we spent more than 10 hours research and dived into the details of each feature.

So, continue scrolling to find out who wins in the TenPoint Vapor RS470 vs. Ravin R29X competition!

What are TenPoint Vapor RS470 & Ravin R29X?

TenPoint Vapor RS470

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Hunting Crossbow Package with ACUslide


First of all, TenPoint has been one of the well-known brands in the hunting field for a long time.

They have been in business for over 27 years. TenPoint is the blue blood, honorable crossbow outfitter that’s been working for us for decades.

You can always count on TenPoint being there for you as long as you have your Vapor!

What makes the Vapor RS470 genuinely stand out is how simple the crossbow is to cock.

It achieves incredible speeds and is easy to use - and the crossbow is adjustable to your liking, too.

What’s more, it’s compact and suitable for most hunters!


  • 5-pound draw effort
  • Ultra-fast
  • Compact
  • Light trigger


  • Difficult assembly
  • Kind of heavy

Ravin R29X

RAVIN R29X Sniper Crossbow Package


Then, we have Ravin, another fantastic company with excellent hunting equipment. But they are a bit young. In 3 years, Ravin has already sold out once and changed hands. They might’ve had to have investors’ buy-in.

Ravin hasn’t been on the market long enough yet to judge long-term durability and reliability - not that we have any doubts about that. It’s just a fact at the moment.

Ravin’s R29x is a powerful weapon - no doubt about that. It achieves a magnificent speed of the shot.

It’s lightweight and relatively simple to figure out. What’s even better, R29X is super-lightweight and therefore easy to carry for hours!


  • Super-lightweight
  • 12-pound draw effort
  • 2-stage trigger
  • Excellent speed of the shot


  • Very expensive
  • Noisy

Ravin R29x Vs. Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 at a Glance:

TenPoint Vapor RS470

Ravin R29X


470 FPS

450 FPS


Reverse draw

Forward draw

Draw Weight

225 lbs

230 lbs

Draw Effort

5 lbs

12 lbs

Kinetic Energy

191 FP KE

180 FP KE


8 lbs

6.75 lbs

Trigger pull

3.5 lbs

4 lbs


31” L x 6.5” W (cocked)

29” L x 6” W (cocked)

Cam rotation

404 degree

340 degree

Ability to Remain Cocked


Less than 8 hours


EVO-X Marksman Scope

Tatical 100-Yard Illuminated Scope

String life

1300 shots

400 shots



5 years


  • 6 arrows with broadheads
  • 1 quiver
  • 1 cocking handle
  • 1 case
  • 1 sling
  • 1 string wax
  • 6 arrows with field tips
  • 1 quiver
  • 1 cocking handle
  • 1 case
  • 1 sling
  • 1 string wax

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Vs. Ravin R29X: In-depth Comparison

It’s time to compare each feature of these two models to see who wins each category. That’ll help you better understand what might be a better fit for you - and your lifestyle.

Also, a comparison of the features will help reveal the clear winner of this duel - so, let’s get on it!


Speed comparison

Speed is the principal feature of any crossbow; it determines whether this bow is suitable for hunting small and big game or limited to a specific type of prey.

Tenpoint RS470 Speed

When it comes to the Vapor and the R29X, both of these crossbows fall into the fastest crossbow list.

TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 achieves the magnificent speed of 470 FPS, as the name indicates. To reach these speeds, though, you need to go with the 370-grain arrows.

The Sling-Shot technology enables this crossbow to go well over the industry standard for shot speed.

Ravin R29x Speed

On the other hand, the Ravin’s R29X is a little slower - it reaches speeds of around 450 FPS.

It isn’t slow by any means; it’s still an incredible speed. But keep in mind that you’ll need 400-grain arrows to reach it.

The crossbow hits hard and buries the arrows deep into your prey, achieving an ethical shot every time.

The only issue is - this crossbow is pretty loud when firing, making a noise of 108 decibels!

It’s fair to say that Vapor is winning this category.


size comparison

When it comes to the size of the crossbow, the R29X is winning this round:

With the length of 29 inches and the width of 10.5 inches uncocked - and only 6 inches cocked - this is a tiny crossbow.

It’s very compact, and it comes with an ultra-compact riser made out of 7075-T6 aluminum to ensure durability.

Because of the relatively small size, this bow is easier to handle in cramped spaces, such as ground blinds and treestands.

On the other hand, the Vapor is 31 inches long, making it a reasonably long crossbow. It’s pretty narrow, though, with 12 inches of width uncocked and only 6.5 inches uncocked.

Because of the length, it could be too difficult to use by someone with a more petite frame.


weight comparison

s for the weight needs to be a determining factor for everyone, especially those with a small frame or who are dealing with a persistent shoulder injury.

Crossbows that are too heavy could cause cramps and will be too heavy to carry around all day, even when using a shoulder sling.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Weight

The Vapor is the heavier one, so R29X is taking the lead in this section.

Vapor weighs 8 pounds, so it’s over a pound heavier than the R29X, especially the back part of the crossbow.

However, keep in mind that some extra weight will add reliability, as it can make your crossbow feel more steady.

Also, this crossbow absorbs much more recoil on each shot because of some extra weight in the back, which is a nice touch, too.

Be that as it may, it can be too heavy for some people to carry all day.

Ravin R29x Weight

R29X weighs only 6.75 pounds, making it a perfect suit for someone with a more petite frame or physical limitation.

It’s lighter, and thanks to the compact dimensions, this crossbow is much easier to maneuver.

If you walk around long distances, you can feel the weight of the crossbow, nonetheless.

Crank System

The crank cocking mechanism has been a hit ever since it first came out.

Compared to rope cocking mechanisms, crank systems take off more of the drawing effort - making loading the crossbow a breeze.

Usually, the crank systems are so efficient that you don’t feel more than a few pounds of the actual drawing effort.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 ACUslide System

Now, the RS470 comes with the ACUslide cocking and decocking system.

This system does an amazon job, and it reduces the drawing effort to only 5 pounds, meaning anyone can draw the string without any issues.

Moreover, you can easily engage in lengthy shooting sessions without getting tired.

The ACUslide system is whisper silent, and it’s completely safe. Thanks to the internal braking system, you can hunt worry-free of any dry fires or potential injury.

The system also prevents the cocking handle and the bowstring from moving if the handle gets released at any point during the cocking.

What’s more, the crank is adjustable, so you can extend it to get more leverage or store it to the buttstock efficiently and conveniently.

The decocking part is a breeze - and let us tell you about the trigger latch.

The trigger latch increases 48% greater accuracy downrange, and it automatically catches the trigger box and anchors it in place at full draw.

The trigger latch is made of solid stainless steel, meaning it’s durable and will virtually never get damaged.

The latch makes sure the trigger box goes back to the same spot shot after shot. That enhances safety, too, because the trigger box cannot accidentally disengage and go flying down the flight rail.

Ravin R29x - Versa Draw system

On the other hand, Ravin’s R29X features the Versa-Draw cocking system.

The system works flawlessly, stays silent, and reduces the drawing effort to merely 12 pounds.

Now, 12 pounds is not much - but it’s still a bit more than the drawing effort of the Vapor RS470.

With this system, you can quickly and safely cock and decock your R29X, and it ensures fantastic downrange accuracy.

It also features the Trac-Trigger firing system that is built into the stock design for maximum aesthetics.

This system also prevents free-wheeling, meaning that you can use this crossbow worry-free about any injuries.

Thanks to this system, the R29X can stay cocked for around 8 hours at a time. That gives the hunter the ability to prepare everything beforehand and wait patiently for the perfect moment to shoot.

However, the Vapor RS470 excels in this category, as it can remain cocked all day without any issues!

Cam System

Ravin R29x HeliCoil Technology

The R29X crossbow features HeliCoil technology. And its name comes from two helical cable grooves on both sides of the cams, which coil the cables away when the string is drawn.

The technology steadily changes the position of the cables, preventing them from overlapping and allowing for an over-rotation reaching almost 340 degrees.

The more significant rotation, in this case, enables a longer power stroke and allows for a faster speed of the shot - in the case of Ravin R29X, it’s 450 FPS.

The coiling action also keeps the cams level during each draw and shot cycle, significantly improving accuracy.

There’s no crossover of the cables like in a typical compound crossbow!

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Reversed Draw

The Vapor RS470 features a reverse draw design, meaning that the cam is at the end of the crossbow.

This design allows the cams to rotate 404 degrees every time. The limb pockets are positioned towards the center of the bow, which has a practical reason why:

  • This position reduces the weight in the front of the bow, giving the hunter a steadier feel.
  • It also makes the bow incredibly comfortable resting on the hunter’s shoulder, in addition to providing improved balance.

Feeling In Hands

TenPoint’s Vapor RS470 feels superb in your hands, as it has excellent handling and balance.

However, Ravin’s R29X feels much better, in our opinion. The grip, trigger guard, and trigger configuration are unbeatable on the Ravin.

Stock and Forearm

Tenpoint Vapor Rs470 Stock And Forearm

The Vapor RS470 features a Tex-X, cutting down on the overall size and weight of the crossbow by half a pound.

That enables the RS470 to stay compact while packing more power - and fitting more hunters in the end.

Tex-X comes with more rigidity and comfort to the crossbow, and it is more versatile.

This stock is an excellent choice because it comes with a new cheekpiece that will mold your cheek - and is very comfortable because of it.

Ravin R29x Stock And Forearm

And on the Ravin R29X, we have very sleek stocks. These are integrated into the Versa-Draw cocking system, and they offer great comfort to the user.


Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Barrel

micro trac barrel


As for the barrel, the Vapor RS470 features the Micro-Tract barrel with two separate tracks.

It has an outer track, as well as an “inner track.” That allows the arrow to rest cleanly on the inner one, without the string ever coming into contact with the barrel - which is a neat touch.

This design reduces the amount of the string-to-rail contact by half, helping the string stay intact for longer.

The string life is estimated at over 1300 shots because of the design and the reduced friction!

Ravin R29x Barrel

The R29X, on the other hand, features a frictionless flight system. And because of it, the R29X offers a serious hunting advantage - particularly at longer ranges.

Also, it provides an advantage in specialized situations like box-blind hunting and spot-and-stalk hunting.

The only flaw of this frictionless flight system is that it doesn't prolong the string life much.

You’ll still need to replace the string every 400 shots - more often than you would if you had the Vapor.


Ravin R29x Accuracy

One thing we’ve learned when shooting a Ravin crossbow with their stock arrows is that they’re exceptionally accurate with the barrel-less design.

It offers a 3” grouping at 100 yards, which is impressive - but do note that you shouldn’t hunt prey at these distances.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Accuracy

As for the RS470, it offers a tight half-inch grouping while shooting off-hand at 25 yards, which is pretty impressive, too.

In my test, both crossbows shoot accurately.


Ravin R29x Scope

ravin r29x scope


Ravin R29X features the Tactical 100-Yard illuminated scope. This scope is attached to the jack plate using the adjustable elevation mount, enabling you to fine-tune it according to your liking.

However, with the high price this crossbow comes with, Ravin truly should upgrade the scope to something of higher quality.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Scope

TenPoint Vapor RS470 scope


On the other hand, RS470 comes with the EVO-X Marksman Precision scope. This scope is illuminated, offering the hunter a crystal-clear view in low-light conditions.

You can adjust the reticle to anywhere from 20 to 80 yards using the 10-yard increments, too.

This incredible scope comes pre-installed and sighted in at the factory.

So, it requires minimal adjustment to zero in - meaning you can go ahead and hunt within 20 minutes of the crossbow arriving!


Ravin R29x Trigger

Ravin 29X comes with a crisp and light trigger that ensures smooth shot execution every time.

It only has a 1-pound 6-ounces pull weight, so it’s a breeze to shoot with it.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Trigger

s1 trigger


Vapor RS470 comes with the famous S1 trigger, which requires more effort to pull - 3.5 pounds.

The trigger is crisp, and it ensures consistent shooting.

With this trigger, you feel in great control of the crossbow - and that enhances your accuracy and, consequently, your hunting success.

This trigger comes in two stages:

  1. The shooter will take up all the slack in the trigger until it reaches the breaking point.
  2. Then the trigger stops until the shooter applies enough pressure to activate the second stage.

In the second stage, the string is released - and the bolt shoots out.


Safety features are principal for crossbows; they ensure the bow won’t get damaged in an accident - and that the hunter won’t get injured.

Ravin R29x Safety

Now, the R29X comes with the standard anti-dry-fire feature, ensuring the crossbow doesn’t fire without a bolt in.

It also features auto-trigger safety and safety wings - which are a nice touch to the overall safety features.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Safety

The RS470 packs more safety features than the R29X, though, which makes it a clear winner in this category.

It comes with certain safety advantages thanks to the ACUslide system.

Vapor RS470 has an anti-dry-fire inhibitor and auto-engaging trigger safety.

It also features a pass-through foregrip and glass-reinforced nylon safety wings to make you feel comfortable and safe hunting with this crossbow.


Accessories certainly aren’t a must-have - but they are a nice touch to every crossbow package out here.

Some handy accessories mean you don’t have to go back to the hunting equipment store and buy accessories you didn’t realize you needed.

Because they’re included in the crossbow package!

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Accessories

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Accessories


Now, the Vapor RS470 comes with some great accessories:

First of all, we have 6 EVO-X Center Punch arrows, which feature helical vanes, and what’s even better, they have a straightness of about 0.001”.

For those arrows, you also get 3 EVO-X Centerpunch broadheads to be all set for your first hunting weekend.

The included detachable quiver can hold up to six of your arrows.

Then, you have the Stag Hardcase and a TenPoint shoulder sling to make carrying the crossbow a breeze.

We have talked about the fantastic EVO-X Marksman scope, which is pre-installed on your bow.

Along with everything else, you get assembly hardware and the owner’s manual.

What makes everything even better is TenPoint's lifetime warranty to keep you worry-free at all times.

A lifetime warranty is always a great sign. It shows the manufacturer’s confidence in the quality of the product!

Ravin R29x Accessories

RAVIN R29X accessories


The Ravin R29X comes with several accessories, too, but we feel that TenPoint’s accessories are a bit better.

First up, we have 6 Ravin arrows (0.03” stiffness) with six field tips. They have a 400-grain weight and are less straight and tough than TenPoint bolts.

Then, there’s the Ravin 100-Yard illuminated scope - which could be of better quality.

Along with it, you get a detachable quiver with the mounting bracket for you to use on the go. You also get a removable Ravin draw handle.

The best part about it is the Ravin 5-year warranty, which will suit you just right in your hunting times.


Assembly can be the worst nightmare for newbie hunters and those using a crossbow for the very first time.

There’s nothing worse than getting excited about it arriving, only to realize that your crossbow came unassembled.

Even with the best instructions, it can take hours to put your crossbow together. That is where you may come across some issues with your Vapor RS470.

Tenpoint Vapor RS470 Assembly

Yes, Vapor comes completely unassembled - but it luckily does come with a good instructions manual and the assembly hardware you need to assemble your new bow.

However, it can be rather hard to put together if you have never done it before.

To top it all off, you risk potential damage to your new bow because of the lack of experience in the field.

If you do come across issues with assembly, it's always better to take your crossbow to the local store and ask for help rather than cause irreparable damage to it by accident.

Ravin R29x Assembly

Hunters would undoubtedly benefit from an assembled Vapor RS470.

That is exactly where the Ravin R29X stands out compared to the Vapor.

R29X is delivered fully assembled and put together, basically ready for you to start hunting.

The only thing you’ll need to do yourself is zero in the scope according to your needs.

It shouldn't take more than two minutes, though.

After assembling the elevation mount on the crossbow and the scope on the mount, you’ll have to make sure that it’s correctly sighted first.

It should take a maximum of 5 shots to sight in the scope fully.

After comparing all the features in extreme detail, it’s time to claim the winner.

Without a doubt, these two crossbows have a lot to offer to the hunter - they are both accurate and an excellent option for hunting.

However, we feel that the TenPoint Vapor RS470 is still winning compared to the R29X. It is slightly more affordable and safer, making it the better choice.

TenPoint Vapor RS470 Vs. Ravin R29X: Stand Out Features

In this section, we will cover all the stand-out features that make these crossbows special.

  • Upgradable gear: Ravin crossbows come with the option to upgrade to higher-quality parts. You can replace all of its components, from string to cables - and everything in between.
  • Ravin rollers have to be maintained: if you don’t maintain your Ravin rollers regularly, they will start to stick and develop flat spots. Different weight arrow-point combinations can also affect how well the Ravin rollers perform.
  • Picatinny tail: All the new TenPoint crossbows have the Picatinny tail sloped down at the front. That’s where the Ravin 9 had an issue because it was set up for long-distance shooting. Because of that, any hunter that wanted to shoot closer than that ran out of vertical scope adjustment. These issues caused Ravin to come out with the Jac Plate to correct this problem, as the HHA Optimizer was out before.
  • Durable string: TenPoint's crossbow seems to have an extra layer for better protection when looking at the serving. Looking at the crossbow in the uncocked position from one cam to the other one down the string, you can check if the line is level or humps up as it crosses the rail stock. If it’s level, it will reduce the downward pressure, helping the string last longer.

Bottom Line:

To conclude, we have thoroughly reviewed and compared the Vapor RS470 and R29x to see which one is better.

TenPoint Vapor RS470

editor choice: TenPoint Vapor RS470


Use the Vapor RS470 if you want the safe, silent, light cocking and decocking, perfect performance, and best quality accessories every time.

It’s a great choice if you want some extra comfort, and you don’t mind a bit of a challenge during the assembly.

Ravin R29X

Editor choice: ravin r29x


However, use the Ravin R29X to start shooting right out of the box, with no hassle during the assembly whatsoever.

It’s also a great choice if you want an extremely compact, powerful bow.

What is your winner in the competition TenPoint Vapor RS470 vs. Ravin R29X? Let us know in the comments below!

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