If you are involved in the exciting world of archery, then you are probably familiar with the next dilemma: single cam vs. dual cam bow?

Since everything has its own for and against, that is the case with this particular topic too.

So, let’s not waste any more time and do thorough research.

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What Are Single Cam And Dual Cam Bows?

bow cam

Single cam and dual cam bows belong to a group of modern compound bows with intelligently designed cable system or so-called cam system.

The cam is a small wheel that is mounted on the top or bottom limb.

Typically a single bow is equipped with one idler wheel on the bottom while a dual cam bow has two symmetrical wheels.

What Is The Purpose Of Bow Cams?

purpose of bow cam

If your bow does not have cam or cams, holding a bow at full draw can be challenging since you have to pull the full weight of the bow.

That is where the cam system jumps in and makes it easier. Now you can do a full draw with less weight.

Long story short, the cam system allows cables to store more energy for propelling the arrow.

That process is called bow eccentrics, and it enables the archer to do less work when pulling and holding the bow.

There are different types of bow eccentrics coming from more complex models.

But for now, we will focus on those types that come from using the single cam and dual cam bows.

Single Cam vs. Dual Cam Bow: What’s the Difference?

You will need to learn all the differences in performance between single and dual cam bows to be able to choose the right cam system.

Single Cam Bow:

single cam bow

Via northamericanwhitetail.com

As I already said, single cam bows have a single wheel on one of the limbs and a less solid back wall.

They are the most popular choice for compound archers.

That is not shocking information since they are more reliable than dual cams considering they are less demanding for maintenance, so they rarely go out of tune.

Even if it happens, the bow is less affected by tuning issues, and it will cost you a lot less to fix.


Keeping in mind that they don’t easily go out of the tune, the bow is more accurate, and your arrow won’t go astray easily.

Meaning you will aim your target with more precision.


What is really important in bow hunting is not to spook your prey away when you release the arrow.

The single bow is much quieter, so it increases your chances of hitting the target.

Draw Speed

This type of bow is significantly slower than a dual cam bow.

So if and when you need to achieve a more aggressive draw, you will need to put a lot more effort into using a single cam bow.


  • Shoot and aim with more precision
  • Single cam bow will save you some money and nerves since it rarely goes out of tune
  • Quiet as the wind, so it suits better for the bowhunters


  • The back wall is less solid
  • You will need to work hard to obtain aggressive draw bearing in mind how slow this bow is.

Dual Cam Bow:

dual cam bow

Via Walmart

This type of bow is equipped with two perfectly symmetrical wheels on the top limb and two elliptical cams on the bottom limb.

This symmetrical build provides a more solid back wall.

Construction Advantages

The back wall is a point from where you feel that you can’t pull the arrow anymore, so it helps to prevent over-drawing.

That will help you maintain a good archery form since you will be able to figure out with ease when is the right time to stop pulling.

Accuracy & Maintenance

The dual cam bow is frequently prone to slip out of tune, which means it is not as accurate as a single cam bow.

Also, this tells you that it is a bit more complicated and expensive for maintenance.

Power & Projectile Speed

Having two cams is what makes this bow a star.

Thanks to those two wheels, the bow allows more energy to be stored and released when shooting with less effort input from your side.

Arrows shot out from the dual cam bow have a straighter path, and also they are a whole lot faster than arrows shooted from the single cam bow.


Releasing the arrow is not as smooth as with a single bow cam, so it definitely produces more noise, which is not recommended if you are engaged in bowhunting.


  • The solid back wall will prevent over-drawing
  • Invest less energy yet shoot more aggressive with faster arrow flight
  • Best choice for competitive shooters


  • Noisy
  • Less accurate

Which One Better?

I don’t have an accurate answer to this question solely because it mainly depends on your preferences.

If you are a competitive shooter, it is logical that you will choose dual cam bow over a single cam bow every time.

The reason is that your requirements are leaning toward speed more than toward accuracy, and vice versa for a bowhunter.

So I can tell you with ease that these two types of bows are virtually the same in overall appeal and versatility with minor differences in performance.

What cam do you prefer? Leave a comment below.

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