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Shooting a Bow Using your Instincts

It is said that our instincts are more powerful than a beast, especially if we use it the right way. Our instincts are our emotions and logic working together in order to adapt to a certain situation, and if we put this into practice, we can call on that instinct anytime we want – rather than just triggering it due to adrenaline. In archery, good practice of instincts can help an archer become instantly focused and alert whenever they start to hold a bow.

Here is a guide you to master the method of instinctively using your bow to shoot targets, which can be used for survival or simply for the sake of sport.

Get the right bow for yourself

Types of Bows

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You should first get the bow that you will use. There are different types of bows out there. Try them out for you to find out what suits you the best.

The nock point comes in various forms depending on the type of bow that you will be using. If you’re a beginner, be sure to get those that meet the rules of archery for you to maintain a good shooting form later on. Once you get used to the form of shooting, you can adjust the nock point according to your preferences. On the other aspects of the bow, you can choose various lengths, weights and forms that are good for archery. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with the bow.

Grip and Stance

Once you find the right type of bow, you can finally focus on your stance. Do the right form that can give you instinctive shooting skills. In order for you to learn the right posture, you need to stand with your feet at shoulder width. Be sure to put your non-dominant leg in a forward manner as well. The bow must be gripped tight with your non-dominant hand as your dominant hand will handle the shooting power. Once the right grip is done, be sure to position your wrist, arms and hands in an aligned manner.

For those who don’t have molded grips such as longbows, you need to do a different stance in order to do the right way of shooting. Grip the handle the of the bow using your non-dominant hand’s palm to do the right stance. You don’t need to point your finger to the target because all you need to do is to do the right angle and power when shooting. You don’t need to do alignments compared to bows with grips which is why it’s easier to learn from these bows when  shooting instinctively.


Once you made the correct posture for your desired bow, you can place the arrow under the nock point. The arrow must be properly positioned by placing it on the same side as where the bow is positioned. The bow should remain like this, and must be angled in a way where the arrow will never fall off. This provides easier handling later on so that you can be ready when shooting instinctively; therefore providing a faster reaction as well.

The strings must be gripped firmly with your fingertips. The strings must be specifically positioned near the first joint only, but not on it. If you only use your tip, you can perfectly shoot the arrow and it will smoothly go straight or curved depending on your desired angle. Also, never use the bow without any arrow in order to prevent quick breakage.

Arrow Stance

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Start Shooting!

Once you’re done with practicing your stance, you can finally go and shoot the bow. Anchor point is needed when doing this. Remember the position and keep your bow stance aligned to your face. This provides consistency and better focus on your target. Now all you need is to draw the bow back to the anchor point as you apply force and simply release it to make the arrow fly.

This a basic guide. Mastering them will get your closer to shooting with your instincts in a snap of the finger. Remember that you need to be more accurate when using the bow and aim well before releasing the arrow. Practice is the key in order for you to do better as you keep on learning more and more.

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