SA Sports Fever Crossbow Review

SA Sports Fever Crossbow


SA Sports is one of the leaders in the industry of producing budget-friendly outdoor gear.

This company is famous for its quality, despite the affordable price range.

The Fever crossbow is one of their bestselling items ever since it came out.

The value-for-money feature comes up more than anything else!


  • Hidden compartment for accessories
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very accurate at shooting
  • Lightweight & easy to carry
  • Integrated broad wrench
  • Shoulder sling included


  • The string isn’t too good
  • Not including cocking device in the package
  • Medium-attached bolts and trigger

Product Features:

The first thing we wanted to talk about is that most crossbows are intended for a specific hunter type.

That is precisely the reason why the SA Sports Fever crossbow is so special - because it’s suitable for beginners and experienced hunters.

Good value for money is also one of the key features of this crossbow.

If you aren’t looking to spend an awful lot of money on your new crossbow, you'll find that the Sports Fever weapon will serve you just right during your hunting weekends!

It’s good for target practice, and it’s suitable for small and medium games.

The perfect prey for the Sports Fever would have to be turkey and bunny!

Things To Consider Before Buying:

When you’re buying a crossbow, you will come across various problems, especially if you’re looking for something a little more budget-friendly.

The ideal person for the Fever would have to be someone that doesn’t want to get the checkbook involved to buy a crossbow.

Beginner Friendly

The affordable price tag makes this crossbow the ideal choice for someone on a budget.

What is even better, the Fever is perfectly suitable for beginners and experienced hunters.

So, even if you are just starting or already know your way around crossbows, you will find that the Fever is up to par!

Compact Size

Someone with a smaller build will certainly appreciate this recurve crossbow because of the compact size.

It’s light and small enough so it can accommodate people with a more delicate frame!

Features & Benefits:

Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 5.1 pounds
  • Length: N/A
  • Width: 26.5 INCHES
  • Shot speed: 235 FPS
  • Power stroke: 1.5 inches
  • Kinetic energy: 50 ft-lbs


Like most crossbows, the Fever comes unassembled in a box.

What we liked is that it’s relatively simple to assemble, even if you’re just a newbie in the hunting world!

Have a check below video or the manual

Build Quality & Design

The first thing that comes up when we’re discussing the design of the Sports Fever is the fact that this is a recurve crossbow.

The recurve design, in essence, means that this is a quiet, reliable, and a rather compact crossbow.

Compact crossbows are more convenient when you’re hunting in narrow and cramped spaces such as a ground blind.

Larger ones will leave you with no room to navigate and try your best to hit your target.

The traditional rifle stock of the Sports Fever gives it a sturdy touch, and it makes the crossbow more user-friendly.

traditional rifle stock


The design included a cranking cocking device port, a well. You can attach a cocking device if needed - since it’s not included in the package.

cocking device port,


What we liked a lot is that the Sports Fever comes with a Picatinny rail.

It enables you to attach various accessories, like a mono tripod, for steadier and more accurate shots.

The quick-attached quiver design allows you to get your arrows in your crossbow easier and quicker, so you don’t miss a shot ever.

Thanks to the molded in-stock broadhead wrench, you can fit your broadhead easier and safer.

broadhead wrench


Also, you have a hidden compartment on your crossbow to fit small accessories, like extra string and broadheads.

hidden compartment



large palm grip


What is so great about the SA Sports Fever crossbow is that it’s so safe.

It comes with a big hand saver palm grip - so it keeps hands free from flight track. What is even better, you can replace it if needed!


The speed of this crossbow is 235 FPS. That is a pretty decent speed of the shot, considering that this is more of an affordable crossbow option.


The accuracy of this crossbow model is rather good - it’s perfect under 30 yards of distance.

The draw weight of the crossbow is 175 pounds, which could be better. However, this draw weight simply isn’t enough to take down a buck ethically.

The 4x32mm multi-range scope is good enough for short-range shooting.

However, if you want to do more than just practice, you should replace the built-in scope with a better option.


The accessories the crossbow comes with - like the shoulder sling, are very convenient.

However, the SA Sports Fever crossbow comes without a cocking device. So, you will either need to buy one or use cocking rope to help.

Social Proof:

I searched all over the web to see the reviews and people’s experiences using the SA Sports Fever.

After a thorough search, I was almost surprised to see how many people have had a positive experience with this budget-friendly choice - just like me!

So, let’s check out some of the reviews:

SA Sport Fever - Social Proof 1
SA Sport Fever - Social Proof 2
SA Sport Fever - Social Proof 3

Alternatives For SA Sports Fever Crossbow:

For some reason, the Fever might not work for you and your requirements for a crossbow.

That is precisely the reason why we looked for some similar, affordable crossbows that may float your boat better!

Check out solid alternatives from all around the web:

Barnett’s Whitetail Hunter 2 is the absolute top-selling crossbow made by this company.

It’s rather lightweight, has a fantastic shot speed of 350 FPS, and the price is budget-friendly - what more could you ask for!

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Warrior G3


The Warrior G3 is a great crossbow - for a slightly higher price, you get better specs.

It offers decent shot speed, good draw weight, and great quality bolts. However, keep in mind that the Warrior weighs a total 7 pounds more than the Fever!

PSE Archery Fang


PSE Archery’s Fang is one of the favorite affordable picks for a crossbow.

For a somewhat higher price, you get solid specs.

The astonishing shot speed and fantastic draw weight come at a price - the crossbow weighs more than our top choice!

centerpoint sniper 370


The Centerpoint’s Sniper 370 is easily one of the top choices among the budget-friendly crossbows.

It weighs almost 3 pounds more than our top choice, but it has a shot speed of 370 FPS!


SA Sports Fever Crossbow

Wicked Ridge Warrior G3

PSE Archery Fang

Centerpoint Sniper 370

Shot speed

235 FPS

320 FPS

405 FPS

370 FPS


5 lbs

12 lbs

7.3 lbs

7,9 lbs

Draw weight

175 lbs

155 lbs

205 lbs

185 lbs

Bolts included

Yes, 4 aluminum bolts

Yes, 3 Instant-Detach Quiver bolts

Yes, 5 Quiver bolts

Yes, 3 carbon bolts

Safety mechanisms







Is The Fever A Solid Option For Hunting?

Yes, the Fever is a good crossbow for hunting small and medium games. It has enough power to take down a deer!

What Is The Maximum Range Of The Fever?

The range for an ethical shot is 30 yards, which is rather decent.

You will find that the crossbow is still accurate at longer distances for shooting, just not hunting actual prey.


To conclude, the SA Sports Fever crossbow holds up even after a thorough review.

SA Sports 647 Empire Fever Pro 175LB Crossbow Package 2


In the affordable price range, you may have to say goodbye to some accessories, but you can still purchase a good crossbow.

The Fever is truly one of the good crossbows.

If you are looking for a good crossbow but aren’t looking to spend too much money, this is the one for you!

What do you think of the SA Sports Fever crossbow review? Let us know in the comments!

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