Or maybe, you’re a pro taking advantage of the technology to help you with the hunt.

Regardless of your case, these rangefinder apps are definitely designed to turn your mobiles into a must-have deer hunting tool.

I am so excited to share with you some of the best rangefinder apps for android you will surely love.

These apps are super simple to use and smart!

Tons of hunters have benefited from them and it’s time for you enjoy them as well.

Here’s the list of Rangefinder app hunting you must be absolutely equipped with:

Rangefinder App Hunting

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting

Range Finder for Hunting Deer & Bow Hunting Deer

There’s no doubt that this Rangefinder app hunting should be on the list.

If you want to make a perfect shot when deer hunting, make sure you have this app on your mobile!

It lets you estimate the distance from your spot to the whitetail deer.

Do you like to improve your chances of success in whitetail deer hunting?

Then, why don’t you install this on your device?

Does it Work?

There are two things you need to do in order to properly estimate the range.

First, you need to adjust the height slider on the screen’s left side to the height where your phone is at. 

Second, point the crosshair at the object’s bottom.

When you do these, you can estimate up to about forty yards.


  • More affordable than costly store-bought rangefinders
  • No calibration required
  • Easy to download


  • Doesn’t work well on other phones

Deer Hunting Calls Soundboard

Deer Hunting Calls Soundboard

Looking for reliable whitetail hunting calls, deer grunts, and buck grunts without spending a dime?

You will surely love this rangefinder app hunting. It provides high-quality professional calls for effective whitetail deer hunting.

Clear, realistic and effective deer calls will surely lure your next hunting target and bring whitetail deer closer than ever before.

No need to spend your money for any fancy electronic caller because this app will do the hard work for you.

Turn your SmartPhone into your ultimate hunting tool with deer hunting calls dashboard today!

Does it Work?

Customer reviews will tell you that this rangefinder app hunting really works.

It is a great, easy-to-use tool every hunter should use for a more enjoyable deer hunting experience.

Whether you are a novice or a pro, you can use this as your efficient hunting aid.

You can also use this app to test your skill in bringing deer closer and train your very own hunting calls.


  • Free to download and use
  • Loud hunting calls and have excellent quality
  • Easily set your alarm or ringtones, notification, and default ringtone
  • Comes with a list of free deer hunting sounds and ringtones


  • Sounds can be a bit quiet for some users

ZEISS Hunting App

ZEISS Hunting App

Touted as the app for today’s hunters, the ZEISS hunting app features versatile functions.

Weather information, hunting diary and ballistics will boost your overall rangefinder hunting experience.

Its Field Notes function allows you to record a wealth of information.

This includes a record of your hits and shots, save photos and a lot more.

The hunt diary also shows the entire entries in chronological order.

Apart from your current location, you can also display the weather for the hunting areas you want.

The weather forecast also includes air pressure, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and precipitation.

This means that you can have all the information you need to have a more effective and efficient hunting experience.

Does it Work?

Thanks to its wide spectrum of amazing features, I can confidently say that this rangefinder app hunting definitely works!

It can so a lot of incredible functions and features to match your needs.

You can even easily record your tool in the app, as well as data, such as invoices and serial numbers.

All these are conveniently available when you need them. The ballistics calculator provides a precise shot.


  • Easily plan your deer hunt in the best possible conditions with the weather forecast feature
  • Weather warnings ensure your safety
  • Free rangefinder app for Android and Apple devices
  • Offers a wide variety of effective features


  • Needs stable internet connection to sign up or log in your account

Deer Calls and Tactics Pro

Deer Calls and Tactics Pro 2

All hunting learners and professionals like you can benefit from the most comprehensive deer call app for Smartphone users.

Released by RedSnake Enterprises, Deer Calls and Tactics Pro provides twelve of the most realistic and effective deer sounds and calls.

Not only does it provide efficient deer sounds, but also gives you professional advice on when and how to use every call.

It’s an ideal tutorial to perfect your deer calling technique.

It has a complete library of deer sounds and calls, so you can make the most of your hunting trips.

Does it Work?

You can absolutely maximize your hunting success using this mobile app.

Pick a call and click to play your selected deer call or sound right on your device’s speakers.

Its detailed view provides you information about what each call means. It even provides dates and descriptions of rut phases and tips and tactics for them.


  • Very Informative
  • Highly affordable


  • Not compatible with iPhone iOS 11
  • No Android support any more


There you have it! These will surely boost your hunting experience all the time.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced or a newbie in the world of deer hunting.

When you are equipped with any of these tools, you can have nice equipment that will guide in the process.

Did you enjoy the list of some of the shooting range finder app?

If so, share this article to help others with their deer hunting experience too.

If we miss a good rangefinder app hunting, let us know by giving your comment below.

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