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Crossbow vs Compound Bow Rust: Which is Better for Hunting?

Today I’ll make the ultimate comparison – crossbow vs. bow:What are the pros and cons?Who are they suited for?Which one is better for hunting?So keep reading: Crossbow Crossbow Advantages:Higher Arrow Speed & Kinetic EnergyCrossbows generally tend to shoot out arrows at much higher speeds than the classic bow. For crossbows, the arrow speed is between 300 […]

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Anatomy Of a Crossbow (with Pictures)

In this basic guide, I will show you anatomy of a crossbow with pictures. These are parts of compound crossbow and recurve crossbow, which are most common types in the market today.Crossbow parts: StirrupThe stirrup is the metal frame that is located in the front. The hunter places his foot on the stirrup when loading […]

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