Hunting Despite a Bad Weather

Hunting has become a recreational sport of its own in the 21st century where food can be acquired simply by heading to the supermarket and grabbing whatever you fancy. Without the need to hunt for survival anymore, hunting is nothing more than an optional activity one can take up as a hobby or as a collector.

Seeing as hunting is no longer a need, but a want, millennial hunters choose bright days with good natural conditions to head out with their weapons of choice; either rifles, shotguns, or arrows. But taking archery as a sport, weather must not be something that hinders the hunter, but something one must overcome for the perfect shot. Even football players practice out in the fields despite the weather, truly mastering their talents in whatever condition.

Why hunt in bad weather?

If there is a definite reason as to why one must at least attempt to hunt in bad weather (e.g rain, snow), it is the mere fact that sometimes prize animals come out during these times. Usually deer, whitetails to be specific, come out into daylight during the beginning or end of every storm, right before the true wildness of Mother Nature.

If one truly wants to capture these whitetails, they will have to come out when the rain starts falling, because when the rain falls, the deer comes out, and the hunters head home. Taking this chance where the demand for the deer fall along with the hunters who decide not to brave the weather, the opportunistic man must head out. There are some skilled hunters who actually choose these rainy days to go out and catch their buck and stags.

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Do: Choose the right equipment

There are some things one must be aware of before blindly heading out to catch game in bad weather. First off, you have to remember that not all equipment are built for the same conditions. Some bows will perform better in certain situations, while some arrows won’t. To be sure of which set to bring along with you depending on whether it is into cold weather or a wet one, you have to actually test them out for yourself. Connected to the second thing a hunter must be aware of, which is to actually test out their own performance in various conditions, the hunter has to go try out different kinds of equipment for himself, choosing the one that fits him, and the weather.

Do: Get comfortable with your gear

Another thing to be considered is the actual weather, and the gear one needs to equip or wear for it. In the case of cold weather, the hunter needs to choose clothes and hunting gear optimized for specific conditions. Whereas in rainy weather, the hunter needs to wear clothing fit for the constant downpour, protecting oneself from getting soaked.

In both cases, one must remember that functionality beats fashion, to avoid getting hypothermia or pneumonia that could prove to be lethal even with today’s medical technology. Again, proper testing is needed in real life situations, building experience with one’s gear also makes sure there are no unwanted surprises in the actual hunt.

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Do: Calculate your shot

Hunting in the rain can lead to blood trails being washed away before the hunter can go collect his hunt. To avoid losing one’s kill, the hunter has to make sure every shot is a well-calculated one, aimed at critical point like the heart or lungs. Then the hunter must watch the direction his game runs toward and then try to locate it by that path.

Do: Be wary of the wind

In both snowy and rainy weather, there is a key element that bow and arrow hunters will find to be a hard obstacle to surpass; wind. If strong winds are present, the arrow could fly off course, leading to an unsuccessful kill. Not only that, but in the situation where a hunter is perched on top of trees, strong winds can prove to be a danger to their hunting careers and lives.

All of these situations don’t paint a pretty picture for a potential hunter in bad weather. But rest assured, the satisfaction of snagging a good kill in intense situations can make any hunter a proud one. Bad weather is only as bad as on believes it to be. To be a hunter is to be opportunistic, but one must also remember that if the weather turns out to be too extreme, even the animals choose to have a day off.

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