'how to use deer urine effectively

How To Use Deer Urine Effectively

If you're wondering 'how to use deer urine effectively', then this guide is for you. You'll find out:

  • What doe/buck urine is working now? 
  • When to start using them: open, pre-rut or rut season?

Let's dive into it...

Why Deer Urine?

Why Deer Urine?

The reasons for using deer urine as a means of attraction within a deer hunting strategy are numerous.

Many of these reasons stem from the natural territorial and curiosity based behaviors that characterize whitetail deer as a whole.

Hunters can play off a buck’s territorial aggression by utilizing buck urine to enrage a others and entice an aggressive response.

Doe urine can also be utilized to capitalize on a buck’s drive to breed.

Likewise, a doe will readily respond to both buck and doe urine in a state of curiosity.

Deer, both bucks and does, will seek out what they perceive as a newcomer to their area.

What Urine to Choose?

When seeking to attract deer with the use of deer urine, the question of which urine to use is often raised.

With so many choices of deer urine on the market, but how deer urine is collected?

All deer urines are based upon the same principle.

They are collected from captive deer at differing times. This provides a variety of lures for a choice in effect.

Doe urine

doe urine

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Doe urine can be purchased in both estrous and non-estrous form.

  • Estrous doe urine is typically employed during the rut to entice bucks to seek out a doe that is ready to breed.
  • Non-estrous doe urine is used to create a curiosity response among deer. Deer will seek out other deer for herd hierarchy purposes.

Buck urine

buck urine

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Buck urine generally comes in only one variety, which makes selection fairly straight forward.

It is used to force an aggressive response from bucks seeking to claim their dominance.

No matter the urine you use, it is imperative to check the date on the urine’s packaging to ensure freshness.

With time, urine breaks down. This can lead to less than desirable results.

How To Use Deer Urine Effectively:

Although deer urine can be highly effective when employed as part of a deer hunting strategy.

Certain steps must be employed in order to be efficient in your efforts.

Step 1: Choose The Urine To Be Used

Before urine can be placed for attraction purposes, you must first select which urine is to be used.

When to use deer urine:

This is highly dependent upon the phase of the season in which you are hunting.

  • When hunting in the early or late season, buck or standard non-estrous doe urine is typically the best choice.
  • During the rut, few urines yield the results of the estrous doe variety.

Step 2: Gather Additional Supplies

When placing deer urine as a source of attraction, you will need to procure other items outside the urine that is to be used.

Supplies List:

  • Urine Of Choice
  • Scent Wicks
  • Rubber Gloves

Step 3: Choose Location For Application

You will need to find a suitable location that is within your effective shooting range in relation to the placement of your stand.

The wick will ultimately be placed on a tree branch at a height of approximately four feet.

Therefore, the location that you choose should feature a branch that fits this description.

Step 4: Place Urine At Location

Once all preparation has concluded, you will proceed to the location in which the urine is to be placed.

Recap of Placement:

  • Put on Rubber Gloves
  • Remove Wick from Package
  • Open Bottle of Urine
  • Dip Wick in Urine for 3-5 seconds
  • Hang on Predetermined Branch

Step 5A: Hunt Immediately

If the opportunity exists, it is always of benefit to hunt immediately over your freshly deployed urine.

Often times, a cruising buck or curious doe will pay a visit shortly after initially smelling the urine.

Step 5B: Or monitor

If you do not have the opportunity to hunt immediately, place a great trail camera, as to monitor your urine site.

By placing a trail camera at a distance of 20-30 feet away, you will be able to monitor all activity that takes place, upon your return.

Step 6: Freshen Site With Regularity

It is advisable to hunt the site in which you have placed the urine as soon as possible.

Upon revisiting the area, it is wise to freshen the urine wick during every successive hunt.

When heading to the stand, simply bring your deer urine of choice and rubber gloves with you.

Before climbing into the stand, dawn your gloves as previously described, and re-dip the wick into your bottle of urine.

Additional Ways To Use Urine:

Other options for the use of deer urine exist beyond the standard scent wick method. Among the most popular is the freshening of scrapes.

Scenting a Scrape

Many hunters will choose to pour estrous doe urine, buck urine, or a mixture thereof into a preexisting scrape.

Since bucks use scrapes as territorial markers, as well as for herd member identification purposes, freshening a scrape can entice a buck to seek out the perceived newcomer.

Scent Trail

Another alternative method of deer urine use is to create a scent trail.

This is done by dipping a scent drag into a bottle of deer urine, then dragging it across a typical deer travel corridor.

The trail that is created is ultimately placed in a way as to be followed by deer within a close proximity to a hunter’s stand.

This method is beneficial, as it can attract a deer from any point in which they intersect the hunter initiated urine trail.


The use of deer urine can be a highly effective deer hunting strategy at any point in the season.

Now that you know how to use deer urine, you will be better equipped to fill your tags this fall.

Feel free to comment or ask any questions you might have.

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