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How to Prepare Your Arrows Before the Hunt

Hunting season is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to practice your hunting skills again. Practicing your skills is not enough though; you have to prepare your gear too. One of the preferred weapons in hunting is using bow and arrow. This is perfect weapon for mid-range shots and long distance shots if done properly. If you only had a few game last hunting season you went to, it’s probably because you lack practice or you use the wrong arrow.

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Preparing your hunting arrow before the hunt is very crucial. You have to make sure that you got it all right to get as many game as you can. It’s high time to inspect your hunting arrows to prepare them for your next hunt. Just follow these useful tips on how to prepare your arrows before the hunt.

Check Your Arrow Weight

Light arrows are preferred by many hunters more than the heavy ones. This is because light arrows are faster than the heavy arrows especially with a flat trajectory. The disadvantage of using light arrows is that they have less kinetic force when hitting the target. Heavy arrows, on the other hand, fly slower but deliver more force when hitting the target. It is best to choose the right weight for you arrow. Choose the one that is not too light and not too heavy.

You can refer to the International IBO (Bow Hunting Organization) to help you determine the right weight for your arrow. You need to multiply the total pound of draw weight by five grains, before an insert or point is added. For example, if you are shooting a 60 draw weight, you might consider a 300 gain arrow. Multiply the 60 by 5 and you get 300. It’s as simple as that!

Check Your Arrow Length

Another thing to consider is your arrow length. To get the perfect length for your hunting arrow, have someone help you get the measurement. Ask a friend to make a mark an inch in front of the arrow rest while drawing your bow. Make sure your bow is facing in a safe direction to avoid accidental shooting. Once you get the mark, measure it; this is your arrow length. An arrow that is too short will drop off from the rest when you draw the bow. It’s better to cut a longer one since you can still adjust it later, rather than cutting it shorter than it should have been.

Arrow length depends on the length of your rig. It must be properly calculated with your draw length. You do not want to miss your game just because you did not have the right arrow length. There are things you have no control of, but perfecting your arrow length is not one of them.

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Check Your Arrow Spine

Aside from the arrow weight and length, your arrow spine is also as important. Arrow spine refers to how rigid your arrow shaft is. It is, in simplest words, the stiffness of the arrow. It must have the right flex or spine for the bow to make the arrow fly true. It is necessary to have the right spine, because not getting the right one means an erratic flight and poor shooting impact. Having the right spine is the key to an accurate shot.

To measure the best spine for your arrow, you just need two important numbers. First, get the draw weight of your bow in pounds. Second, get your arrow length; it should be in inches. After getting these two numbers, you can now calculate the spine. You have the manufacturers to thank for that, since they made it easy for you to calculate your arrow spine by visiting your arrow’s manufacturing website and simply input the two numbers. The spine will be automatically calculated and give you the best arrow spine perfect for your bow.

Preparing your arrows for hunting should not be that difficult. All you need is the right weight, length, and spine to hit your target accurately. Just follow the tips and you get yourself the perfect hunting arrow.

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