Hanging your bow on the wall can be challenging, as gravity could damage it if you hang it the wrong way.

I’ll tell you how to hang a bow on the wall properly and securely. Keep reading:

How To Hang A Bow On The Wall:

1. Rifle Rack:

Hold Up Displays - Horizontal Gun Rack and Shotgun Hooks Store Any Rifle Shotgun and Bow - Real Hardwood Harvested in Wisconsin - Made in USA

Via Amazon.com

Using a rifle rack is perhaps one of the easiest ways to hang your compound bow risers steadily.

For example, this Hold Up Displays rifle rack is a gorgeous hardwood rack that will look great in your hunting cabin or home.

How to set it up:

You will need the right tools to hang a bow with a rifle rack, including some screws and a drill.

  • Measure the place where you want to put it
  • Compare it to your bow length if you aren’t too sure about the dimensions to see if it will fit.
  • Put the hook on the wall
  • Trace the holes using a pen
  • Then drill into the wall
  • Screw the mounts into the wall

And that’s it - all you have to do is hang your bow on it.

2. Deer Antlers:

deer antler rack

Using deer antlers to hang your rifle or bow is a common choice for hunters.

You’re likely to already have a set of deer antlers in your home which you can use and save your time and money.

Note: you must place your bow inside the antlers, ensuring you aren’t hanging the bow by the string.

Also, ensure that you are placing the bow horizontally. If you don’t have a set of antlers in your home, you can use a set of metal antlers.

3. Surfboard Rack:

Surfboard Rack

Via Amazon.com

Like a rifle rack, you can use the frame intended to hang a surfboard.

Out of all options, a surfboard hanger is one of my favorite options in general.

I like that the surfboard rack is extremely easy to hang - just measure the space and drill the holes into the wall.

The best part?

There are many different options for a surfboard rack, and you can find just the one that suits your apartment or cabin perfectly.

One of my favorite surfboard racks is the StoreYourBoard rack. It’s minimalist-looking and looks well anywhere; on top of it, it is highly secure.

If you want to secure your bow and perfectly FIT your small room but still be accessible, consider using the surfboard rack.


It may be a bit more expensive than other methods, but you can rest assured that your bow won’t be too heavy for the stand and fall off.

4. Bike Hooks:

Bike Hooks

Via Amazon.com

If all the options you have in your home don’t work, consider using the bike hooks.

Bike hooks are intended to withstand more weight than your usual bow and arrow, so you can be sure that they won’t collapse under the weight of your recurve bows.

The Stalwart bike hooks are incredibly easy to install, as most bike hooks are.

These hooks are very small and cheap, but they stop sliding, so you can stay worry-free that your bow might be damaged when hung.

5. Guitar Hooks:

Guitar Hooks

Via Amazon.com

If you are looking for something very secure because you need that peace of mind, I advise you to check out guitar hooks.

Many are available on the market, they not only hang your bow safely but are great decor for your wall.

SNIGJAT guitar hooks, for example, come in a two-pack, so you can easily hang your bow on it, too.

You can also connect the cord to the hooks, but I advise against it as it can sustain damage from constant tension.

Why do I love it?

Guitar hooks are low-cost and pretty easy to install, and the SNIGJAT hooks come with all the needed supplies except a drill.

So you’re all set when it arrives to hang it up immediately.

6. Bow Racks:

Rush Creek Creations Rustic 2 Compound Bow - 12 Arrow Wall Storage Rack - 5 Minute Assembly - Handcrafted , 31.5” L x 5” W x 32.75” H

Via Amazon.com

You can hang your compound bow or recurve bow on these racks and save many hours for DYI.

Imagine you place it in the living room and show off your passion to your friends. They must be open-mouthed.

Have a check this option.

Important Tips & Tricks for Hanging a Bow:

tips for hanging bow on the wall

Hanging upside down

The principal thing to remember is that you should hang the bow upside-down while keeping it horizontal.

The bow may seem easy enough to hang on a wall, but the key point is to hang it without worrying it might sustain some damage.

With so many cheap but good bow racks available on the market, you shouldn’t experiment and hang the bow by the cam or string.

That can cause irreparable damage to your most prized possession.

Unstring the Bow

If you use a compound bow, you can hang it on the wall as is - but if you are a fan of recurve bows, I advise you to unstring the bow before hanging it.

Your bow will last longer and be safer this way.

Choose the Right Room

When choosing the room, you should find the right room regarding temperature and moisture.
The room should be cool (not too warm or too cold), as it can stretch your bow.

The humidity in the storage room should be around 8 to 9%, and the temperature shouldn’t be higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

If your house is prone to moisture, consider keeping your bow in a bow case to keep it safe.

Final Thoughts:

Now that you know how to hang a bow on the wall, as well as some tips & tricks, it’s time to put that knowledge to use.

No reason your bow should be closed away during the off-season - you should hang it or everyone to see!

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