Deer Processing Costs – How Much Should you Spend?

Deer Processing Costs – How Much Should you Spend?

Are you hungry for luscious deer meat but afraid of hefty deer processing costs? You don’t really have to be. Whether you are deer hunting for fresh meat or survival, you shouldn’t waste any venison. Deer meat offers delicious flavor and nice texture when handled the right way.

Therefore, the right processing method must be ensured. If you’re worried that the process will be expensive, don’t be. This article will eliminate any of your worries with a list of common deer processing costs today.

How Much Does the Deer Processing Cost?

The Real Deal About Deer Processing Price

The truth is, deer processing costs vary. Every company has its own list of price for the service it offers. Most companies thoroughly wash the entire carcasses before cutting and wrap your cuts to guarantee freshness. For your guide, here are some of the common prices for a deer processing service.

Some deer processing fees include:

Deer Processing Cost


75 dollars with hide and eighty dollars when you take hide

Cape Mount Deed

100 dollars

Grinding of boneless venison

$.70 per pound

Grinding & packaging of bones venison

1 dollar per pound

Stew meat cuts

1 dollar per pound

Pork added to your venison

1.99 dollars per pound

Beef added to your venison

3.49 dollars per pound

Sausage Processing Prices

deer Sausage

Sausages are made using only the finest ingredients in the market. They are vacuum packed to ensure its freshness. Smoked sausages are smoked in a dedicated smokehouse. These prices include:

Sausage Processing Cost

Summer Sausage – Cheese and Jalapeno Cheese (two pound stick

3.39 dollars per pound

Summer Sausage – Garlic, Plain (two pound. stick)

2.99 dollars per pound

Ring Bologna –Garlic, plain (two pound package)

2.99 dollars per pound

Mettwurst (two pound Package)

2.99 dollars per pound

Venison Jerky (two pound Package)

3.29 dollars per pound

Smoked Kielbasa (two pound package)

2.99 dollars per pound

Natural Casing Wieners (two pound Package)

3.19 dollars per pound

Hot Sticks –Extra Hot or mild (two pound Package)

3.29 dollars per pound

Polish Sausage (two pound Package)

2.99 dollars per pound

Snack Sticks or Hickory Sticks (two pound Package)

3.29 dollars per pound

Jalapeno Sticks (two pound Package)

3.29 dollars per pound

Fresh Products Processed at the Company

As mentioned, the butcher bill vary from one company to another. They also have their own set of rules with regards to delivery and drop off. Make sure you understand all these before taking advantage of any company’s service.

Fresh Product Processing Cost

Bacon burger

2.49 dollars

Italian Sausage

2.49 dollars

Fry sausage

2.49 dollars

Onion Sausage in bulk

0.50 dollar per pound

Fresh Bratwurst

1 dollar per pound

Fresh Bratwurst with cheese

1.50 dollars per pound

Italian roast

4 dollars each

So, You’ve Killed a Deer. What’s next?

Indeed, it can be so easy to take it to the butcher and leave all the hard work to their hands. But in case you want to do it on your own, it is important that you know how to take care of your hunting reward. Let’s first discuss the process of deer before delving deeper into the costs.

Just like what we’ve mentioned above, a deer can offer a lot of delicious meats when handled and processed the right way. So, after you have killed a deer, never make a mistake that many novice hunters make, driving around for hours with a dead deer in the car. The meat must be field dressed and cooled quickly.

Now, you’re not sure what to do with it when you already have it field dressed. You are excited to enjoy your deer meat but you are still undecided as to whether you want hamburger or sausage. Well, the best part of the deer must be reserved for you to decide.

What Kind of Roasts Do You Prefer?

What Kind of Roasts Do You Prefer

Do you like a shoulder roast or a neck roast? Or maybe, you prefer a hindquarter. If you like to have a bone-in roast, just ask for neck or shoulder. Your deer processor can take as little or as many roasts as you want from the deer. You can also request how many and which meat you want from where.

Getting Jerky, Sausage and Extras

deer jerky

The basic deer processing involves ground trim and prime cuts of meat. This is actually the most cost-efficient version of an expertly processed deer. If you go into an establishment, you must be ready to know what you really want to spend on extras. You may not want to put your entire deer into jerky or sausage. Decide on what you want to do with your meat and do not get carried away.

If you prefer sausage out of your deer meat, there’s a lot of flavor options to choose from. You can choose from plain, with or without cheese, medium, mild or hot and a lot more. Be familiar with what you want, but if you’re not sure, you can always ask for samples.

What About the Leftover Meat?

If you’re not getting your trim made into a chili meat, sausage or other, you must decide on what you want to do with your meat. You have a lot of grind option for basic processing and it will be more than just a hamburger. Make sure that you do not waste any meat, so think of other ways you can maximize it.


Deer processing and deer processing costs do not have to be too complicated or pricey. When you find the right service provider, you should be able to enjoy your meat without breaking the bank. The key here is to find a deer processor you can rely on.

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