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Hunting Boots – What you need to know

Hunting boots are no ordinary hiking boots. It is highly recommended that you invest in good hunting boots for your comfort on the hunting field. Here’s a guide on all the things you need to know about hunting boots. From buying to fitting guide, special terminologies on design, how to waterproof and descent your boots, […]

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Are Climbing Tree Stands Safe?

Tree stands are among the most important items in a hunter’s gear checklist. Designed by hunters for hunters, the ability to stay out of eye-level and off the ground provides a good vantage point for hunters. There are a couple of popular trees stand types mentioned within hunting forums and communities, and each one has […]

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20 Best Food To Take Hunting

​Backpacking into remote locations over hilly terrain can take a lot of energy. So you need to take in more calories.This guide will show you some best food to take hunting and tell you why. Keep reading: Quick NavigationHow Many Calories Do Hunters Burn ?What Can Happen If You Don’t Add More Calories ?Why Calorie […]

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How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting (13+ Tips and Tricks)

If you’re wondering how to keep feet warm while hunting, then this guide is for you. These 13+ ways are extremely cheap and easy to apply. Check it out: Quick Navigation1. Plan Ahead:2. Foods to Eat Before and During the Hunt:3. Reduce Perspiration:4. Use Foot Powder:5. Use Cotton Balls:6. Wear Layers of Socks:7. Take Along […]

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