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20 Best Food To Take Hunting

Backpacking into remote locations over hilly terrain can take a lot of energy. So you need to take in more calories.This guide will show you some best food to take hunting and tell you why. Keep reading: Table Of Contents How Many Calories Do Hunters Burn ?What Can Happen If You Don’t Add More Calories […]

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How To Keep Feet Warm While Hunting (13+ Tips and Tricks)

If you’re wondering how to keep feet warm while hunting, then this guide is for you. These 13+ ways are extremely cheap and easy to apply. Check it out: Quick Navigation1. Plan Ahead:2. Foods to Eat Before and During the Hunt:3. Reduce Perspiration:4. Use Foot Powder:5. Use Cotton Balls:6. Wear Layers of Socks:7. Take Along […]

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