Bows and Arrows: Evidence of Human Intelligence

Hunting in ancient times is the act of catching wildlife animals mostly for the purpose of acquiring food with the help of tools that can also serve as a weapon for fighting. One of these tools is the bow and arrow. It is considered to be more of a necessity and a need for people’s survival during the prehistoric period, but as time goes by, its purpose has evolved into a means of sport and trade. Moreover, this very tool served as evidence of the changes within human thinking.

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First bowhunting activity

Hunting can be done through using bows and arrows, may it be capturing a fish or undomesticated animals. It is said to originate in South Africa, specifically in Sibudu cave, way back in seventy thousand years ago. It was confirmed when South African archaeologist discovered a stone tipped arrow that is perceived to be crafted by ancient humans which date of its origin is said to be around sixty four thousand years ago. This period is considered to be as the Paleolithic or Old Stone Age, when it was believed to be the time of Homo sapiens’ existence (around 50,000-100,000 years ago).

Homo sapiens in Latin stand for “wise man” is recognized as modern humans. They were the former of Homo Erectus and the Neanderthals, whose standard of living doesn’t differ much greatly. However, they are considered to be the most dominant species for their ability to adjust in any conditions and for their cleverness.

Survival in old Stone Age

The Paleolithic era was known to be harsh and hard, causing the Homo sapiens to be resourceful and innovative ideas. Supposedly, ancient humans invent things out from scraps to make it more useful. A sixty four thousand years old stone arrow discovered by researchers is just one of the evidence of humanity’s mentality when it comes to showcasing their cognitive competency.

Hunting implication on intelligence

Hunting wildlife animals with a bow and arrow is considered to be a substantial ability in ancient times as they are able to demonstrate their cognitive abilities by shooting in a projectile motion which we know requires great intellect.

If you think hard about it, hunting is not that easy. It needs a deep concentration, a detailed and thorough planning, especially when it comes to choosing the right tools, and an enough amount of useful materials. This activity only shows their resourcefulness and their ability to adapt in such environment. This is a perfect representation of early human’s ability to learn in a situation so complex and intricate.

Studying how hunting molds thinking

Early hunting activity has given us a glimpse of how early humans think though no scientific explanation has yet been presented to explain how early humans are able to possess cognitive abilities like this. Paleontologists or archaeologists have yet conducted psychological analysis on Homo Sapiens. However, they were able to conduct a test on the relics in ancient times that have made them understand what kind of thinking is needed to create such a tool or piece.

It was helpful and little by little, it had helped archaeologists in linking such information to another that might later result in determining ancient human’s intellectual abilities, their practices and behavior. A paleontologist  proposed that the reason behind how ancient humans think and act more like of the modernized people as of present-day is due to a genetic mutation that comes about forty thousand years ago.

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Bows and arrows have long been considered to represent ancient human’s appreciation and understanding of arts and skills in prehistoric era.  Ancient human’s lifestyle may differ to the modernized people today but their abilities, when it comes to survival, is the same. As humans evolve, they showcase more innovative ways in coping and surviving in their environment. The recordings of human’s activities in the past only make people understand more carefully just how much they’ve changed.

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