4 Best Lighted Nock – The Definitive Guide

Lighted nocks for arrows are great hunting tools for locating your arrows when they hit a target. Aren’t they? But not all lighted nocks can get the job done as most of them are plagued with a lot of drawbacks and deformities.

You might probably wondering: "what is the best lighted nock that archers shooting out there?"

In this article, I will show you some tips for choosing a good nock and reviewing top nock brands that could be a good fit for you. But before that, check this out:


Battery (hours)



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Nocturnal-X Lighted Nocks

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Red / Green / Blue / Pink

8 - 50

18.5 grain

Red / Green / Blue / Pink


27.4 grain



21-24 grain

Red / Green / Yellow

Best Lighted Nocks Reviews

After a careful research, and a series of tests, we have reviewed the best lighted arrow nocks currently on the market. Take a look at each of them and see which one fits your hunting activities and needs.

1. Nocturnal-X Lighted Nocks

If you are looking for a Lighted Nocks that won't change your flight and still give you an accurate shot on target, then the Nocturnal-x is exactly the right fit for you.

Nocturnal-X Lighted Nocks

Editor's Rating:

One of its amazing features is the internal linear switch that allows for easy “on.” Thanks to the super bright LEDs that let you see and trace your target even in daylight conditions. The light gives you a clear view of where your arrow is located even from a very long distance at night.

Once you ‘on’ the light, it is going to stay that way for 24 hours. The battery life of this Nockturnal speaks for itself. Of course, it can last you for up to 24 hours, even when the light is constantly turned on.

Apart from this, we highly recommend this product for experienced and beginner archers who are looking for a top of the line lighted nock that will make their hunting experience a breeze. Be sure to check producer's size chart for your arrows.


  • Offers long lasting lithium batteries
  • Waterproofed and can withstand shock
  • Brilliant, consistently on super bright LCD light
  • Offers excellent visions on target
  • Sturdy design, last long building


  • A bit difficult to turn off
  • The fitting is too tight

2. Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nock

The best part ?

The concentric design of the Carbon Express is not only brilliant but also helps to position the nook in the arrow shaft to give you consistent performance. The Express LAUNCHPAD did a superb job regarding accuracy and precision. It flies so much like darts without any issues for as long as 62 yards. Isn't that amazing?

Carbon Express LAUNCHPAD Precision Lighted Nock

Editor's Rating:

However, just like every other product, it does come with its own drawbacks. First, the only way to pull it off is to pull the nook out of the shaft and then pull it to the end of the nook.

Secondly, the Express did not live up to expectation as it didn't offer a super bright light compared to most of its competitors. Of course, you will be able to locate your arrow at a considerable range with the help of the red glow. But regarding how bright the lights are in a long distance, the Express seems to miss the boat.


  • Features a precise contact point for accurate arrow release
  • Can be used on 0.244 and 0. 246 Carbon Arrows
  • Perfectly balanced and a lightweight design
  • Superior accuracy and visibility
  • Long lasting battery life


  • Not as sturdy as Nocturnal
  • High chance of breaking
  • Difficult to turn off
  • Not as bright as its competitors

3. Lumenok Signature Nock

What ultimately tipped us over this nock are the three red LEDs that can last for 40 hours to give you a clear view to trace your target and retrieve your arrow.

Unfortunately, this lighted nock seems to be more complicated, far larger than other nocks on this list. Well, the reason for this is due to the large dose of material and moving parts that was packed into their build and construction, making it a heavier nock.

Lumenok Signature Nock

Editor's Rating:

While this may be a bit of a downside, I wouldn't want you to count this as a deal breaker yet. Why? The reason is that the robust design coupled with its immense weight allows you to replace the battery easily and activate the LED once the arrow is triggered.

Of course, this function comes in handy for games like Deer, Turkey, Antelope and other small games that require you to shoot from a long distance.


  • You can easily replace the battery
  • Offers instructions on how to tighten and loosen the nooks
  • Comes with great fit
  • High-quality performance
  • Super bright and blazing
  • Easy to turn off


  • Quite heavy and complex
  • It needs a lot of modifications to get the right fit
  • Not as strong as the Nockturnal
  • Has a slight chance of turning off after hitting an object.

4. Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock

No doubt, Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nocks offer a lightweight nock with a beautiful design coupled with a bright nock light for a better view.

While the brightness seems to be the main selling point of this nock, it does come with a few downsides, making it the least product we recommend on this list. One area where there is a drawback to these nocks is that the nocks are built to a low quality and the design is of low standard.

Clean-Shot Out Lighted Nock

Editor's Rating:

Another noticeable flaw is that these nocks do not fit tightly to the strings. You’ll notice a slight movement of the nocks when they are attached. When moving the bow around, the movement is noticeable as the nocks seem as though they are going to fall out once you bend the bow forward towards the ground.

The last observation which defeats the purpose of the lighted nock is the issue with the light. The light on these nocks often goes off instead of on when they hit the target. This makes it function as a normal arrow would since it is unable to give the location of the target or the arrow.


  • Just like other brands, they are very bright
  • Easy on and turn off


  • The nock doesn't stay well on the string
  • It often turn off after hitting the target
  • Not sturdy enough compared to Nockturnal and Carbon Express

Benefits of Lighted Nock

This is the truth about illuminated nocks:

It comes with a host of benefits asides from making hunting game much easier for the user. The following are some of the additional benefits they offer. They include:

Locating Your Hit Easily

Most of the time, hunting is best at dawn, and it may be a bit difficult to observe if your arrow has hit its mark or not. Due to the heat of the moment, it could be a little tedious to remember the precise location of the target. This information is necessary to track down the animal or leave it till it's worn out.

A right lighted bow nock would ensure you can easily see where you struck your mark with ease and also provide you with the capacity to see the extent of penetration made by your arrow.

Find Your Arrow's Position Simply

Finding an arrow would help you determine if you hit your mark correctly or not. But sometimes this could be a very daunting task especially if your arrow gets lodged in the dark areas of the wood. When tracking an animal in the dark or during the day, light up arrow nocks can assist you in locating your illuminated arrow.

Show You Where Your Prey Is

Asides from knowing the location you hit your game, it is also crucial that you know the exact location it is headed. Although most hunters utilize the blood trails left by the wounded animal to keep track, the animal may sometimes vanish into the woods especially when it is dark.

A good lighted nock helps in correcting that as it helps you pinpoint your game with the light it illuminates. This would ensure you hardly ever lose track of your mark.

lighted nock - Exploring Your Bow Imperfections

Exploring Your Bow Imperfections

This is another great benefit of a good lighted nock. It can assist you in singling out issues with your bow before you take it out to hunt game. By taking a few shots off your arrow beforehand at the range, you would be able to observe if any of your arrows are inaccurate and your bow requires tuning due to the faint light it emits.

6 Golden Rules for Top Lighted Nock

To enable you choose the best illuminated arrow nocks for your hunting game, here are a few tips you should keep in mind before shopping for your products, that I picked and reviewed in later section. Keep reading:

Golden Rule #1: Consider the Battery Life

In most of the illuminated nock sold on the market today, the batteries they come with cannot be replaced. They are produced to be utilized and changed when the battery runs out. Although there are a few designs that come with replaceable batteries, it is a bit tedious to locate the batteries.

You also want to consider the battery life. A lighted nock with a battery that can't last through the day would not be an excellent choice for you. We recommend you choose lighted nocks that have at least 24 hours battery.

Golden Rule #2: Consider the Weight of the Lighted Nock

Before choosing a nock, ensure you pick one that keeps the weight in front of the center of the arrow for the best accuracy. You also have to consider the fact that you may need to replace or upgrade areas of your arrows when you utilize lighted nocks that place the total balance in check.

Not putting this into consideration may leave you with a lighted nock that has reduced accuracy.

6 Golden Rules of Top Lighted Nock

Golden Rule #3: What is the Color of the nock?

Ensure you select a nock with a color that can be seen with ease. Why is this important ? A majority of the lighted nocks available on the market come with a dim white led light which is filtered with a light plastic. These kinds of nocks are not easy to locate during the day as the light isn't bright enough

A blue, red or green LED which uses a clear nock is a better alternative as they are quite easy to locate in the dark or during the day. It is also best when it contrasts the environment and most times. Although, green or red is one of the most popular colors, a combination of them both or two other different colors would perform well as the best lighted nock colors.

Golden Rule #4: Check the Product’s Legal Status

When choosing a nock, make sure it is legal in all the locations you may want to hunt. The regulations pertaining to hunting vary by hunting clubs, counties and most importantly by season or state.

Golden Rule #5: Easy to turn “on/off”

If there’s one thing you shouldn’t joke with when shopping for a lighted nock is to always consider the ease to “on and off” the nock. Unfortunately, the light of so many nocks are pretty difficult to turn off, which often drains the battery life.

If you want your battery to last you for a long time, then you want to consider how easy it is to “on and off” the nock.

Golden Rule #6: The Ease of Assembly the Nock

The truth is most of the lighted nocks out there are very complex and complicated to assemble. To worsen it, most of them provide you with instruction manuals that are difficult to comprehend. So, before you hit the buy button, make sure you find out if the product is easy to setup and if they offer an easy-to-read instruction manual.

What's the Bottom Line ?

Looking at the above products, the Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks appears to be our clear winner of the best lighted nock on our list. The reasons why this particular brand happens to be our editors’ choice are because of the following:

  • The Nockturnal is sturdy and comes with the perfect weight
  • It’s has a slim chance of breaking off compared to others on this list
  • Battery life is amazing and can last you for up to 24 hours on a constant on
  • Offers the brightest color that can be seen with ease
  • It is very easy to assemble and setup
Nocturnal-X Lighted Nocks 2

In a nutshell, if you are just starting out or you are a professional bow hunter who is looking for a reliable lighted nock that will get the job done, then the Nockturnal-X Lighted Nocks is exactly the right fit for you.

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