Best Fletching Glue for Vane and Feather

Have you ever fletched an arrow and later discovered that the vanes do always rip off at various times? Trust me; I have been in this situation to the extent that I even got tired of the whole thing.

However, I discovered a perfect solution to this problem. And that was the use of best fletching glue. Not just anyhow glue, but the ones that had a tough and super impact without taking much time to bond.

In this guide, I'll show you what need considering for choosing fletching glue for your arrow and 5 details reviews of most popular brands.  Keep reading:

Product Name



Setup Time

Suitable for

Editor's Rating

1. Gorilla Super Glue

(Editor's choice)

Gorilla Super Glue 2


1 minute


AAE Fastset Gel Nock & Vane Adhesive 2


1 minute

Vane & feather

Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite


15 minutes


Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 2


10 minutes


BSI Maxi Cure Super Glue


25 seconds


What to Consider for Choosing a Fletching Glue

There is a lot of fletching glue on the market. But how do you know which one is right for you? Here are a few tips you should consider when shopping for a super fletching glue.

What to consider for choosing fletching glue

Choose the Right Glue

For a super hold, you want to go for adhesives that will stick and match up to the vanes. A great example is using Aae Vanes with Aae fast Ser Gel coupled with Loctite Super Glue for inserts. Judging from experience, this combination is going to give you excellent control of flow and firm bond.

Prep Vane Propperly

The key to successful glue usage is proper arrow shaft and vane prep. When you are putting vanes on wraps, your glue is only as good as the glue on the wraps. So extra care should be taken to make sure the shafts are clean before you install the wraps.

Setup Time

Before buying a fletching glue, you have to consider the setup time for that particular glue. Typically it takes a few minutes. There are some glues that actually takes longer time to cure and at the same time makes a powerful bond. Such glues do work amazingly well, but often get ineffective or brittle over a short period.

For such types of glues, we suggest that the shaft needs to be properly prepped by scrubbing with a green pad. After that, you want to wipe with denatured alcohol. Ensure you don't touch that particular area.


While some super glue may turn out to be a mess when used for fletching, due to excess application, we suggest you have full control of the glue when applying it.

Rip Off Easily?

Another about thing you have to take note of is the strength of the glue. You’ll need to find out if the fletch glue works flawlessly when fletching arrows and if it can be easily reglued. Find out if the Super glues are perfect for inserts and has the ability to hold up pretty strong.

Pro Tip:

Another key point we’d have you keep in mind is that when you want to replace vanes on a wrap, make sure you re-wrap it first. The reason is that the remaining adhesive on the vane would affect the strength of the glue on the new vane.

Types of Fletching Glues

Currently, there are two types of fletching glues on the market. They are Cyanoacrylate (CA) and Solvent-Base. Let's see fletching glue vs super glue.

Types of Fletching Glues




Cyanoacrylate (CA - Super Glue)

The CA glue is an acrylic resin that contains molecules that link up when in contact with water. You will notice that this glue whip around the chain to produce a plastic mesh.

The glue is typically thick and hardens up until its thrashing molecular strands fail to move.

  • They bond instantly and set quickly
  • Perfect for their near-instant curing
  • Although, they are strong, cannot withstand unfavorable elements like cold, heat and humidity, and temperature compared to solvent based glue.
  • If you want to refletch your arrow, they are most times difficult to remove.
  • It has a reduced holding strength

Solvent-Based (Fletching Glue)

On the other hand, Solvent-Based glues can easily run into microscopic crevices of a vane and shaft, producing a strong bond after it evaporates

  • It offers a durable bond that can resist any weather and shock conditions compared to CA glue.
  • Last longer than CA glue
  • Works great if you are just experiencing with fletching
  • One major issue with Solvent-Based glues is time. You have to give it some time to dry up before shooting. It takes a longer time than CA glue.

How to Use Fletching Glue


If you want the most in your glue, then pay close attention to your arrow and vane. The amount of a stable bond you will get from glue will be determined by how well it holds on the wraps.

A good glue on the wraps will hold the vanes and wraps together. One way to ensure this happens is to do a thorough cleaning of the shaft before installing

  • 1. The first step is to scrape off all old glue and vanes with a knife. Ensure you don't damage the shaft while doing this. But if you are not comfortable with this method, you can use an Acetone to get the remaining glue off.
  • 2. However, don't allow the portion to soak in as it may likely damage the shaft.
  • 3. After that, we recommend you put the shaft under warm water, and then use Green Scotch Brute to gently rough them up.
  • 4. When you are done with that, dry the shaft up with a piece of cloth or towel to get any residue of glue off the Green Scotch Brite.
  • 5. Clean the area with 98% Isopropyl Alcohol that has no oils or scents.
  • 6. you want to add a bead of glue on the vane about ⅓ of the width of the base. A few beads can also be added to the glue, after that you can evenly spread the glue, using a toothpick.
  • 7. Place vane in a jig, then press it into the shaft to ensure there's no movement. Ensure you let it sit for one minute to get the maximum bond required.

Best Fletching Glue Reviews 2020

We have reviewed the best 5 Fletch and Super Glues we have tested and can boldly tell you that you’re going to have a field day using them.

1. Gorilla Super Glue, 15 g

Gorilla super glue is one of the best super glue we have ever used without any hassle or whatsoever. The setup time of this glue is almost instant, and it Adhesion seems to blow other brands out of the water. You don't even have to sand the wraps and vanes to get an excellent Adhesion when using Gorilla Glue.

Gorilla Super Glue, 15 g

After applying it on the layer of the vane, we had to give it some few minutes to dry off, and then later tried to rip it off, but it was so stubborn that we didn’t even notice any budge.

One would think that a glue of this magnitude would be expensive. But that isn't the case with the Gorilla Super Glue as it is cheap and affordable compared to other brands.

The best part ?

Saving money

The best part is that you’ll get more glue from it than in most brands that come with a higher price. That means a bottle of gorilla super glue can last you for a long time than using other products.

Apart from the ability to work pretty well on vanes, it also offers a larger hole head for easy application. So that means you don't have to pass through the hassle of getting the gel off the bottle.

Setup time

The Setup time is almost instant that you can start removing the clamp after applying the glue in one or two minutes.

Pro Tips:

  • You have to shake before use. Otherwise, the glue would run out excessively, which will lead to reduced Adhesion. We recommend you shake after using it for 4-6 vanes or every minute.
  • With that said, you need to have full control while applying the glue to prevent putting way too much glue. However, if you have excess glue on your vane, you can wipe it off by using a Q-tip.


  • Produces stronger bond, and saves a lot of time
  • It works pretty well on vanes
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Setup time is quick and instant
  • The Glue spreads easily and nicely than other competitors.


  • Gets weaker after 6 months
  • It’s runny and thin compared to other brands

2. AAE Fastset Gel Nock & Vane Adhesive

Aae Fastest is an-all-purpose glue that is popularly known for its ability to hold fast on anything by sticking them together. Just like the Gorilla Super Glue, Aae will bond vane to an arrow shaft in seconds.

AAE Fastset Gel Nock & Vane Adhesive 3GR

As an-all-round glue, you can also use it on inserts, but make sure you are careful and quick as not to mess it up.

Another beautiful thing is that it also beads out effortlessly from its container without messing your vane. Our test revealed that it only takes 1 minutes to set up and will also let you use a single-clamp jig. That means you can fletch a bunch of arrows in less than an hour without the fear that your vane is going to rip off.


  • Works perfectly
  • Unlike other dispensers, the Aea provides an incredible small bead.
  • You can also use this glue on vane and feathers.
  • The bond is rock-solid


  • It comes with a tube that continuously oozes
  • It whitens and discolors some shafts when you use it to glue vanes on bare carbon.
  • After a year of usage, the bond might start losing its grip from the vane.

3. Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite 3/4oz - Best Fletching Glue For Feathers

This solvent based glue is one of the few adhesives that dries clearly, offers you more working time and works perfectly in low humidity. The Gel is designed for feathers and vanes on carbon, wood, aluminum and fiber shafts.

Bohning Platinum Fletch Tite 3/4oz

Editor's Rating

The fletch glue delivers a cure of 48 hours and a clamp time of 15 minutes. The unique thing about this Fletch glue is that it is durable, flexible even after drying up and comes with great bond consistency.

We discovered that it spread evenly because it is thin. So it needs a little more control not to have it running out excessively. The applicator nozzle is beautifully designed by giving you access to quickly clean it without building up clog or residue.


  • The bond strength increases over time
  • Holds perfectly well in low humidity
  • Offers great flexibility after drying up
  • Works perfectly with vane and feather


  • It can only work well on carbon shafts
  • Not too great for all types of aluminum

4. Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue

Loctite Ultra Gel holds a record as one of the best rubber toughened super glue that resists shock and vibrations. Of course, this super glue comes with a lot of durabilities.

Loctite Ultra Gel Control Super Glue 4-Gram (1363589)

The super glue can resist high temperature and can withstand most chemicals, moisture and freezing temperatures. It comes with a compatible bottle with more control, and the no-drip consistency of this glue is ideal for vertical application.

The Loctite is perfect for multipurpose use, including rubber, ceramic, metal, leather, wood, fabric, paper, etc.

I found the applicator easy to squeeze and the way it dispenses the gel with great accuracy is simply amazing. The best part is you can use them repeatedly after sealing and storing it in a cool place.


  • The Glue sets without clamping and dries clear
  • Designed to keep the glue off of you
  • The glue can last for a long time for reuse
  • The gel dispenses very quickly, and it’s thinner than most brands


  • Be careful on how you dispense the gel to avoid it dripping

5. BSI-135H Maxi Cure Super Glue

The BSI CA Super Glue is an excellent Gel for bonding plastics, fiberglass, metal and hardwood. With an industrial strength, this glue provides a solid bond of your vane to the shaft.

Bob Smith Industries BSI-135H Maxi Cure Super Glue

It dries up pretty fast and doesn't show any sign that it would bulge. It also offers great thickness and delivers excellent bonding abilities on plastic as well as other materials.

It's get better:

So many hunters have used the BSI CA glue in the fletching of vanes in carbon and aluminum arrow shafts. Although it is among the strongest we have used, it seems to be one of the least expensive. Ensure you cut the tip of the tube for a small opening of the GEL.


  • Less expensive
  • Dries up pretty fast
  • It also offers great thickness
  • Delivers excellent bonding abilities on plastic as well as other materials


  • Loses its grip after some months of usage
  • Can end up causing a mess if the tip of the tube is not carefully opened

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the perfect fletching glue that will solidly hold your vanes without them ripping off, then these are the best glue you can try to today.

Our editor’s choice and the clear winner of the top 5 glue on our list is the Gorilla Super Glue. This glue has been able to corner the market by delivery:

  • Instant setup time
  • Extremely tough bond on the arrow shaft
  • Cheap and affordable
  • Easy application without dripping or causing a mess.
  • Offers great flexibility and durability.
Gorilla Super Glue - 3

So, there you have it. Let’s know what you think about our list. We would love to hear your thoughts on the different best fletch glue you have had the chance to use.

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