5 Best Deer Cart (2021 Guide and Reviews)

In this post, first I'll show you 5 best deer cart reviews that can save you much energy to drag 200 lbs whitetail along with your hunting gears. Then you'll know how to choose a hauling cart. So check it out:

Best Deer Cart on The Market:




Weight Capacity



Editor's Rating

(Editor's choice)

Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart - mini image


500 lbs

45 lbs

Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game - 3


550 lbs


Best Choice Products Deer Game Hauler Utility Hunting - 3


500 lbs

30 lbs


Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart - Aluminum


250 lbs

21.5 lbs


Guide Gear Deer Cart 3


300 lbs

28.31 lbs


Best Deer Cart Reviews:

Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart

Via Amazon.com

High Load Capacity

The Hawk Crawler's chassis is built out of heavy-duty steel that can handle loads of up to 500lbs which is more than enough for hauling climbing sticks, logs, boars, bucks, and everything in between.

I've never had a chance to load it with that much weight, but I did come pretty close, and I'm happy to report that I didn't notice any bending or signs of damage.

I especially like the dura mesh sling since it allows me to carry more stuff. Slings are incredibly useful when hauling game since it prevents the legs and horns from tangling with the chassis. Unfortunately, the sling is sold separately, but it’s worth every penny.

Long Handle

The handle is quite long, which is incredibly useful because it makes pulling the cart easy to pull even when fully loaded.

I had a cart a couple of years ago with incredibly short handles. I shot a sizeable boar and had to drag it 3 miles to my truck with that cart.

long handle -

Via Amazon.com

I strained my back so much I had to call a friend to pick me up since I couldn't even drive my vehicle. This is why having a long handle of a cart is incredibly important.

Stable and big wheels

big and stable wheels - Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart

Via Amazon.com

The main feature of the Hawk Crawler is its big wheels and low center of gravity. They're big enough to pass over most types of terrain with ease and the low center of gravity keeps the cart stable and allows for heavy loads.

Thanks to the innovative axle design, you won't ever get stuck. The four wheels are attached to a pivoting axle that'll turn pivot the wheels a full 360-degrees.

Easy to fold up

The Hawk Crawler can also be easily attached to a bicycle or a motorbike. You can also easily fold it for easy storage.

When folded, this cart is quite compact, measuring only 31 x 42 inches. You'll have no problems fitting it in your car's trunk.

easy to foldup - Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart

Via hawkhunting.com

Some assembly required

The Hawk Crawler comes in a cardboard box disassembled. Thankfully the assembly is pretty straightforward.

I only wish Hawk included a couple of straps with the cart since it's almost unusable without them.


Unfortunately, the Hawk Crawler has a couple of issues. For starters, it's quite heavy, weighing around 45 pounds.

While you won't feel its weight on flat terrain, once you stumble on a rock or a tree stump, you will wish it was a couple of pounds lighter.

Furthermore, it's large size will cause problems in tight places since you won't be able to maneuver it without getting stuck.

  • Stable hauling
  • Giant wheels
  • Dura mesh sling
  • Large carrying capacity
  • Expensive
  • Quite heavy
  • Hard to maneuver in tight places
  • No straps included

Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer - 2

Highest Loading

The Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler is the only deer cart that has the highest weight load capacity on our list.

With a 20-25 lbs lightweight design, it can haul loads that weigh up to 550 lbs weight, thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction, which delivers plenty of strength for transporting heavy loads.

A little bit bulky

The welded square tubular-steel design folds down for easy storage, while its 2 buckle straps fix deer firmly on the cart.

But our test revealed that the cart is a little bit bulky, even after folding it. And that can be a pain, bringing it with you in your truck.

Leader Accessories Super Mag Hauler Steel Hunting Deer Game Cart 550lb Capacity

Part of this bulkiness is attributed to its heavy-duty frame, coupled with the tarp, which isn't as sturdily built as I expected.

Large wheels

But the Leader deer carts redeemed itself by offering 20" puncture-proof tires with spokes and steel rims.

portable deer cart

The large wheels will go over small logs and other obstacles smoothly without flipping off. Do ensure to keep the spokes tight, so they don't get lost.

  • It is seriously well-built
  • Easy to pull even in loose sand
  • Can be used for hauling other hunting gears
  • Comes with the highest weight capacity of 550 lbs
  • The tarp isn't well built
  • The straps are a little bit cheesy
  • A little bit bulky

 Best Choice Products Deer Game Hauler Utility Hunting Accessories Gear Dolly Cart, 500 lb

For starters, this hunting cart comes with the same weight capacity and solid steel construction as well as a heavy-duty steel axle, which is sturdy enough to pull 3 large mule deer over rock, sagebrush, swamp, and hills.

Best Choice Products Steel 500lb Capacity Folding Large Deer Game Hauler Cart Dolly for Game, Gear, Hunting Accessories

High loading

Just like the Rage Powersports GAME, the Deer Game Hauler offers a 500 lbs weight capacity and Brown powder coated finish axle for extra durability.

You will still get the same 18.5-inch solid rubber wheels, a minor assembly without the use of any specialized tools and an included 2 buckle straps.


But one of its drawbacks is that it is a little bit heavy, weighing about 30 lbs as opposed to the Powersports GAME cart that weighs only 16.6 lbs.

But the Deer Game Hauler moved a step up by featuring removable wheels for easy folding and transport.

  • Removable wheels for secure storage and transport
  • Setup is a breeze
  • Folds up pretty well for easy storage
  • Durable and sturdily built to haul heavy trophy game
  • Heavy weight design
  • A little bit noisy
  • The tires produce some kind of smell

Guide Gear Deer Cart

Every deer carts need to have a low center of gravity that places the weight over the axle to prevent it from tipping off and for smooth movements of your game.

If you’re using a game cart like Guide Gear, that has already been taken care of for you.

Low center of gravity

With a low center of gravity function in place, you can simply load the deer in the cart so it gets balanced over the axle with less weight on the handle.

It also offers you steel frame design that folds flat for easy transporting.

Medium weight

It also comes with a lightweight design of 28.31 lbs and with a 300-lbs weight capacity for hauling big games, ladder treestands, or other hunting equipment.

Another great thing about this deer carrier is that it doesn’t come with wheels that can be punctured.

portable - Guide Gear Deer Cart

Via sportsmansguide.com

It provides a puncture-proof 16-inch solid rubber wheel that can easily roll over shallow streams, downed trees, and other harsh terrains.

However, I’ll advise you not to use it on a muddy ground because of the small wheels that are on it.


Also, the pins are not that sturdy as they tend to push out when loaded down.

With that said, the cart still stayed ahead of the curve by offering you with 3 durable lashing straps to hold big bucks and other hunting supplies for extra security when trudging through uneven terrain.

  • It centers the weight over the axle with less weight on the handle
  • Comes with straps to hold your hunting tools in place
  • Sturdy frame design
  • Great to use for the toughest terrain and hillside
  • Easy to set up
  • Folds down nicely
  • The thin wheels can't move over a muddy path
  • A little bit noisy
  • The pins are not sturdily built

Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart

The Gear Guide Aluminum Deer cart really smoothens the process of carrying downed deer with ease by delivering a balanced design that has zero weight on the handle.

Durable deer hauler

It’s incredibly durable and features a silent puncture-proof, 16" solid rubber spoked wheels, that can conveniently roll over rough terrain, small streams, deadfalls, and uneven paths.

Medium weight

Even though this happens to be the only cart on this list that's made of an aluminum material and a lightweight design of only 28.31 lbs, without exerting much energy dragging trophy game.

It’s still amazingly strong and solidly constructed to be quiet as you haul your trophy game to your truck.

Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart

Via sportsmansguide.com

But I noticed that while the wheel is big enough to maneuver most terrain, the rubber wheels smell terrible. If deer get to smell the cart, it might probably run off.

So ensure you leave it outside for at least two days before bringing it to the woods.

Medium Loading

Also, the Guide Gear Aluminum Deer Cart can haul up to 300 lbs, which is on the low side, considering how sturdily built it is.

So, regarding weight capacity, the Aluminum Deer Cart seems to be on the middle of the chart.

Compact design

But don't count it all out yet, as it appeases its fans by offering a frame design that folds like a pancake for easy and a compact storage in your vehicle.

Good overall

I must say that this game carrier is not perfect to haul deer in all terrain; however, it can still handle most obstacles thrown at it.

That said, I also noticed that the hitch pins, which holds the wheels and locks the axle in place are flimsy and not well made.

  • The cart is lightweight and sturdily built
  • Easy to set up
  • Well balanced and zero weight on the handle
  • It stinks bad
  • The rims aren't as strong as we would desire
  • A little bit noisy
  • It isn't easy to fold up for easier storage
  • The pins aren't high quality
best deer cart

How to Choose the Best Deer Hauling Carts:

How to Choose the Best Deer Hauling Carts

So, what are the things you want to keep in mind when shopping for the best game cart for deer hunting? Below, are some important factors to keep in mind.

1. Weight of Deer Cart

Make sure you consider the weight capacity of the cart you want to buy.

If you are going to use the cart to pack other hunting equipment like stand, backpack, bow, as well as to haul your game to your truck, then you want to go for a deer cart that is strong and weighs about 200 lbs to 300 lbs.

But, if you plan to bring back a lot of deer with you, then you need to invest in a big game cart that has heavier frames and can accommodate loads that are up to 750 lbs.

2. Straps to Cover Big Bucks

To prevent your kills from topping off the cart, you want to go for a game cart that offers a robust strapping mechanism.

Ensure that the straps it comes with are strong enough to hold big bucks and other equipment firmly as well as to give extra security when hauling it through uneven terrain.

3. Large Wheels

If you want your cart to trudge through bumpy or rugged terrains without any hindrance, or being stuck in the forest, then consider buying the one that features large wheels.

Our research and experience show that deer carts with large wheels roll over most logs pretty well.

Apart from that, they are very easy to drag over all types of rugged terrain and do not sink on muddy grounds.

4. Well Constructed

One of the critical features of well-constructed carts is that they have a low center of gravity.

If it’s too high, then there are chances that the cart will tip over and cause unneeded stress on the axles and wheels, especially when moving on uneven terrain.

I have seen some old cart that sat too high, and couldn't go 50 feet without tipping off.

This is because the weight of the cart sits high above the axle, which is likely to tip over easily and cause you undue stress and discomfort.

So, ensure you go for the best deer cart that has lower gravity and also comes with angled wheels that won't tip over if you mistakenly bump on a molehill.

5. Durable Frame

Aside from that, the frame of a deer cart is as important as its overall construction. We recommend you go for carts that are equipped with solid frames and sturdy wheels.

A game cart with a solid frame will serve you for a long time and will be readily available for your next hunting trip.

6. Frame Material

Deer carts are mainly made from two materials, which are Aluminum and Steel.



Aluminum Frame

  • Desirable
  • Lightweight
  • Can't load heavily

Steel Frame

  • Tough
  • Resilient
  • Heavy


Carts that come with aluminum are very desirable and lightweight. This type of carts can easily trudge through rugged terrain and survive the deadly blow gotten from such journey.


While carts made of steel are very tough and resilient to harsh conditions, they can't survive the same extreme limits as aluminum without ripping or cracking off.

The best part is that aluminum doesn't rust as opposed to steel.

But one of the main reasons why most of the best carts we reviewed are made of steel is because steel is harder and tougher than aluminum.

And that is a crucial factor to consider when hauling big games out of the woods.

Steel is Herculean strong and less likely to warp, bend or deform under weight, heat or force. It is two times denser than aluminum.

And this is why we recommend going for a deer cart whose material is made of steel for a better hunting experience.

foldable deer cart

7. Foldable Cart

Still on the frames; aside from it being sturdy and reliable, you also want to keep an eye out for carts that offer frames that are flexible and can fold into two or three parts.

Pro Tips:

If you want to use your game cart to haul a lot of hunting equipment, then a three-part frame will be an excellent fit for you. If you’re going to use it to transport games only, then go for a cart that features two-part frame.

8. Quiet

You also want to make sure that the deer cart you are choosing is quiet as a mouse. You don't want a cart that produces deafening sound as you move your game through the forest, which is quite annoying.

In addition, this will startle other prey in the wood and drive them out of that particular hunting location for good.

9. Easy to Set Up

Before picking a deer cart, make sure it is dead easy to set up without the need for any specialized tools. Complicated carts can be a headache to assemble as they may be time-consuming.

While making your decision on which cart may be the best one for you, consider how easy it will be to put it together.

The Bottom Line?

That’s my take on the best rated deer carts of 2021. These game carts may not be the best for everyone or for every hunting terrain, but from my view, they’re certainly at the top of the list no matter how you slice it.

And if you're a little bit confused on which one to choose from, I recommend you try out the Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart.

Editor's choice:

Editor's choice: Hawk Crawler Deer and Multi Use Cart

Via Amazon.com

This deer cart became our editor’s choice by being the only game cart that offers a stable hauling design, with the ability to transport game weighing up to 500 lbs.

Did I miss your favorite deer cart?

I know there’s still a lot of great hidden gems out there. If there are any significant deer carts I missed that you feel needs to be added, let me know in the comments. I’ll check it out.

I hope you found these reviews of the best deer cart useful. If you have any feedback about this list or want to know why I chose one game carts over another, drop your comments. They are open!

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